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If we do get an album with annoying, out-of-tune guitars, you're right in that most fans will eat it up because of the artist (or despite the artist, could go either way) but a vocal minority will be like 'oh eza album ya ba faux chanteurs, ba faux guitaristes, ya faux groupe, nayokaki muziki te, ba melodies te, 100% makelele'. Something has to change before this nightmare happens. How about bringing the folkloric roots back to the music rather than biting off the Kapaya effect? At least back then, guitarists had their own touch.


Are you happy now ?
Does he have any relationship with Emeneya? Cause this is a pure King Kester song, man it is so sad that we lost him that fast, anyway finally Seben, I really don't like these Rhumba trend great song by the way

I believe he's Emeneya's brother.

Both songs have a funkier rhythm than you'd ever find in our music. Makes me wonder why Samaritain didn't result in a new wave of young soukous-funk bands. This must be his first foray into world music.

I dunno! I think he is hyping it. What’s the actual date?

Who knows? Balle de Match has been in developmental hell for about a decade, so most of us are still sceptical about the release date. This has been the farthest JB has progressed with BDM since he announced it, but I'll only believe that it's actually coming if I see the tracklist.

Nah, the Warriors already became crazy a long time ago. They be the same kind of fans you'd find on the worst side of Stan Twitter.

And I thought Werra's A La Queue Leu Leu era hairstyles and Koffi's Effrakata era cornrows/braids were hard to compete with in terms of audacity. He should've worn that hairstyle during Bercy or at least leave it uncovered, he could've set a new hair trend ;D.

I've been thinking of experimenting with my hair and seeing this pic has given me inspiration. What would my local barber think?

I've been waiting to hear this album for so long! Out of the Dakumuda albums I've heard so far, this is probably my favourite. I like how in Question Mark, one of Lavignora's members led the song while Dakumuda, the bandleader, sang like he was just another member of the band.

I believe this album came out in mid-to-late 1998 or early 1999 because the cries used here were at their peak during this period. All that was missing was 'A Kibinda! Eeeh!' lol. I could be wrong, though. Maybe those cries were a local success back in 1997 and Lavignora was just ahead of the game, using those cries well before the big 4.

It's possible. Maybe that the pressure of him was to high, because of being presented as former songwriter of Koffi and Wemba in the press , but him in reality being up after 3/4 solo albums while his fame came with Signature, him still wanting to prove that he's a big songwriter by writing all songs credited to him, but still not a massive rumba hit coming.

 However, don't forget that arrangers like Maika Munan make a huge difference. A song can have less meaning, but due to the composition becoming a big hit.

Who arranged albums like Signature and Yo Nani? True, I wished Felix worked with Maika Munan. He helped Wenge Musica with Solola Bien, I believe he's better than Al Nzimbi. They should of asked for his help on A La Queue Leu Leu.

Nobody surpass each other. Every arranger has his own style. Maika Munan was good, but at some point his style became monotonious, because he was almost every back in the mid-90s. It's mostly to better to work with 2 or 3 arrangers.

Signature was done by Philipe Guez, Djudjuchet and Cultura itself. Yo Nani, I don't know. But it may Philpe Guez. I don't really like Yo Nani except the two generiques, Complexe and Kito Epula. Wazekwa sung bad on many songs, alot of hors gamme. I wonder how they didn't notice that.

Solola Bien was also arranged by Philpe Guez and Djudjuchet. Maika didn't do every thing on his own.

A La Que Leu Leu was an excellent album like Kibuisa Mpimpa which also arranged by Al Nzimbi. It's just that the huge amount of mabanga and messing up the drums by trying to match it with the programmed one. You can see that Djudju's absence left a void. Did you know that Djudju almost missed out on Kibuisa, because of Al Nzimbi trying to gossip to Jean Pierre Saah that he's a bad drummer (Al Nzimbi having a huge obsession with programmed drums and still being mad about Defao's Tremblement de Terre being done live because of Djudju while him being the arrranger)

Yeah, Phillipe Guez arranged Yo Nani. His arrangements on the rumbas sound similar to the rest of his work from 2002-04. I have the album, but I only ever regularly spin Dose Unique and Kito Epula. Maybe Hemedy.

So Djudju almost didn't participate in Kibuisa Mpimpa? I've been imagining that album with the programmed drums from A La Une and frankly, it's not really the same.

I'm planning a related post on this, but if Al Nzimbi ever worked with Koffi Olomide, would he give Champion/Titina/Cambodge room on songs like Au Secours, Gilba and Danao? I find that Al works better on albums like Kibuisa and Tremblement de Terre, because I find that his keyboard work blends best with live drumming.

Before the singing part on Fimbo Ezui Ezui came in, I was about to praise Dakumuda and Lavignora for releasing a 20-minute generique. I even made a meme out of it lol. I believe this album was recorded via a mobile studio in Kinshasa because the snare drum sounds like the one on Jugement Dernier by Wenge Kumbela.


He also jumped on a Patrouille des Stars instrumental on one of his first albums.

Watch Lacoste announce a double Stade des Martyrs for 2023. Does Jipson seriously think he's got enough songs for an entire Stade Tata Raphael?

Ah yes, this one. The world wasn't ready for a Zacharie Bababaswe album, that's why it never dropped ;D. Plus, who would want to listen to Zaccle le Nduleman going off and ranting for an hour or less? Did he still have enough people watching his interviews and videos at the time?

Congolese Music / Wenge Musica 4x4 - Live at Pullman Hotel
« on: July 09, 2022, 23:59 »

Just came across this live stream, and anyone who wants to jump in can feel free. Nice touch with the Pentagone outfits.

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