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« on: January 28, 2023, 18:45 »
I’m also gonna perform at martyrs at the end of the year, 31st December specifically so save the date lol.

Sorry to steal your thunder bro, but that'll be after my double Stade des Martyrs this Christmas. Then I will bring the all-day Fikin back on New Year's Eve with tons of special guests ;D.

To think that we were all like 'Arteta out' 2 years ago. We just needed to give him time, we gave him time and now we're top of the league. Any other club would've sacked him earlier, but the board trusted him and it's paying off. Let's hope that he keeps up the good work and that the season ends on the highest of highs because this is the first time in forever that Arsenal seriously look like champions.

Yes, I was nervous during yesterday's match lol.

If he's that serious about proving a point to his petit and 1-upping him, he needs to worry about U Arena first.

Congolese Music / Re: Albums that will be 25 this year
« on: January 20, 2023, 15:41 »
Does anyone have that Bozi - position eyabani and patroullie des stars?

@Sydo has both albums uploaded on his Youtube channel.

Why are people surprised by this? did you not see the dvd cover he did for 13eme apotre? I'm ignoring it because he always gives himself wild nicknames some being controversial. It's obvious he has a God complex

You just reminded me of the time he called himself Vieux Ebola; he's got so much audacity lol. What a dark time that was.

This is the same man who called himself Mopao Sarkozy at one point, so I'm kind of unfazed. That said, Africans are probably the most religious people you'll know and Congolese people are no exception. Chances are that some of the religious leaders and pastors will have something to say about that. As you said, it worked before so it might work again.

Congolese Music / Re: Albums that will be 25 this year
« on: January 19, 2023, 22:01 »
Man 97-98 is my favorite 2 years of music. The competitiveness of albums and following concerts  by so many artists was something we never saw before and probably will never see again

How about 1999? That year was a great time for our music as well.

Congolese Music / Re: Albums that will be 25 this year
« on: January 19, 2023, 21:59 »
1. Nouvelle Ecriture dans L'
2. Koffi Olomide & Quartier Latin - Droit de Veto
3. Extra Musica - Etat Major


Reddy Amisi - Etoile
Wenge Kumbela - Jugement Dernier

Is it me or is every irrelevant artist becoming a Warrior? If Diego's gonna speak out against Werra, he might as well announce his departure from MM if he hasn't already. Or does he want to get 12'd?

Muan'oyo azo rever. Just because his old boss played at a packed SDM for consecutive years doesn't mean Heritier will be that lucky himself. Planning is one thing, how many seats can be filled is another.

It was probably so that he could keep his name out there while people were waiting for Longue Histoire. He did put his name back on the map with Mboka Mboka so chances are that he believed that if he didn't release anything in 1999, the momentum would slow down. In other words, Never Again may have been released for the sake of releasing new music, almost like it was filler to tide people over until the main event.

Would Wenge Musica count? They were already established but they became Congo's biggest music sensations with Kin e Bouge, stayed on top with each album release and broke up a year after Pentagone. Then again, their case could be different because unlike all those other bands you mentioned, they weren't exactly instantly successful. Maybe Werrason and JB would count because they were at their overall peak during the first 5 years of their post-4x4 careers.

Balle de Match
Formule 7

It's like Bill's on a self-destructive mission to ruin his own legacy. He had an opportunity to get back on the map and reunite with his bandmates, but he fucks it up because he can't swallow his pride.

With all the Stade des Martyrs dates being announced, you'd think we're back in 1999. It looks like Fally and Heritier are bringing concerts back to SDM the same way Emeneya made SDM concerts a thing 25 years ago.

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