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True that. But people should also see the humour side of things like Bibi when Papa Cheri says to her "tala lelo Bibi Kapinga ozalaki nayo pe Bibi Kapinga Ma Mission TV depuis okoma na Salvatora De La Patria ozwa pe en plein". 

Says everyone including those in power and those in opposition are all waiting for Balle De Match @4 minutes.
Aah Leader Charimastique.  ;D

Elliot Mondombe also reveals that he had initially given the Nolstagie song to Ferre but  that Ferre was not taking it serious which made him give it to Heritier who modified it and then Ferre became interested after it was programed and since he was Chef.

Speaking of Manda I just saw an interview with Nana Boduga were the members of Bana OK are refusing that directive by Papa Lutumba to give the band to Manda saying it doesn't make sense that Papa Lutumba could ask someone from outside to come lead the band when it has members  who can take over the leadership.

Exactly what Vieux Mondombe is advising that Werra for example won't lose anything by calling all his ex members to come together and do a "best of Maison Mere album" . It would actually benefit him more.
But I guess egos would not allow.

Obviously because of seniority that Ferre thought he needed to feature in the possible hit song that nolstalgie was.

So Vieux Elliot is no longer with the Maison Mere team. Nice details about the beginning of Maison Mere. It seems to me that Blaise Bula had a complicated relationship with Ya Noel to the point that they fought on the day that Wenge 4*4 finally separated. Lol 

« on: August 13, 2018, 11:37 »
One of the Common names in Rumba in terms of Mabanga, buys a Rolex for 12 800 Euros?. What business is he involved in? He seems loaded.

Congolese Music / Re: Bercy full participation with team Wata
« on: August 11, 2018, 09:04 »
Out of topic bandeko. Whats the title of Reddy Amisi song which is inspired by Micheal Jackson's "Bad?"

Reddy or you mean Stino’s “Mista” song and famous music video?
Let me check it. It could be one.

Congolese Music / Re: Bercy full participation with team Wata
« on: August 10, 2018, 14:39 »
Out of topic bandeko. Whats the title of Reddy Amisi song which is inspired by Micheal Jackson's "Bad?"

on arnake 'sright its michka and on olivier's left diego milito
his name is pignon he is surely there but seems like a backup

Thank you Maitre Archos. I always confuse Diego Milito between the two of them.

What are the names of the guys on either side of Arnake and Olivier starting at 41 minutes?

Also whats the name of this guy who sings the last vocal here in J'aime mon mari" and is he still around La Team Wata?

« on: August 09, 2018, 11:07 »
Bercy Muana and Chikito actually did this interview before Ferre said he would not take him back.

This is what i wish Ferre's handlers can "copy" from Koffi, Werrason and Fally i.e. engaging with the media whenever on tour. I know he speaks a little english but he could even use an interpreter. For as far i can remember almost all the times that Fally has been to Zambia for example he always addresses the media. It helps in visibility especially in the anglophone countries were you trying to build a new fanbase.

« on: August 09, 2018, 08:39 »
I hope the French have not already chosen a successor like they have been doing to their former colonies/francophone countries. They literally gave the Presidency to Allasane Ouattara, Ali Bongo, Faur Gnassingbe etc. Never mind who the people vote for. Mawa Trop.


- On your later trips ... if you bring a decent amount of money $100-200 to Matonge, you could put a full band together in one day and become a band leader yourself. Something I would like to do in the future.

@Ndeko Matebu you always crack me up with this. It has now gone down from $500 to $200 to put up a band.  ;D ;D ;D.

I have also been seriously contemplating making the voyage to DRC, Kinshasa to be specific in the near future, seeing that my Grandmother (only sad part is she died while i was young) on my mother's side was from Lubumbashi, Minga area and i have a number of relatives there. These pointers will definitely come in handy.

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