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Nooo.. How can Ferre with all his money take Matadien's clothes? This doesnt add up. Why not just buy the same clothe? In any case Matadien in his letter talks about going on leave to rest like any employee is entitled to leave every year in the Code of Employees for the country.

Congolese Music / Re: Congolese Tracks To Spin at a Wedding?
« on: April 18, 2018, 20:13 »
Heritier Wata - J'aime mon mari
JB Mpiana - Grace a toi German
 Ferre Gola - Kamasutra: during honeymoon  should not miss. Lol

So far everything i expected from that jb werra thing has happened except one which is seeing them together to settle things down

Explain more Papa. Tolingi toyeba.

chai's album was ready loooooong ago,but he was not finding a producer,knocked kofficentral door where he was indirectly told he had to attack jb  to endear himself to label properly which he  declined then tried to ask jb and jb explained to him that he'd help him if needed to find somebody maybe now he has found somebody
he was also advised to knock his friend fally's door but people around him like with robinio well before all his generiques told him it would "embarass" him to be produced by a musician of his generation
I wish he has found someone to produce him. Loved the generigue "Mibaramo". Doesnt wnat to be embarassed like the way Lacoste would go round saying am producing so and so album. ;D

I think he wants to come back for good, This band will kill us with blood pressure!

Apparently the title of the video on youtube  (which seems to suggest that Chay has gone back to being a member of BCBG) did not go well with Chay Ngenge Ibuba who responded on his facebook timeline by saying "Chay ngenge azongi te akendeki ko assiste na concert ya groupe na bango sans probleme toujour pona ko garde ba bon relation na papa na ye". Then someone reminded him that "Mutu ozo benga papa alobaki boza bana na ye teeooooo. Ye bana na ye eza daida soraya...(The person you are calling Papa said you are not his children, him his children are Daida and Soraya...). LOL... That interview seems to have ruffed up a lot of pipo. Papa Cheri should find a way of making amends or atleast make it clear what he meant.

Is the album now ready for release. Posted this on 6th April...

Eish. I feel for the dancers.  No-wonder abuse will never end for as long everyone is treated like that. Mafia style of running things. So am guessing if you are not humble enough to do those things you are sent to do then your chances of breakthrough are next to zero no matter how much talent you possess.


He says he is at home at the moment and will be working on miel's album,he was once again pissed with how in recent days kakol again got them to work with a bad singer who paid for his test and who failed tremendeously in front of werra
So prospective artists have to pay to test?

This lady also. SMH... And to think proven artists like Chai Ngenge struggle to put out their music while attention seekers like grace mbizi are obviously backed financially to put out such music.

Congratulations Le Padre. He’s made an album that will only better with age.
True. A great album its gonna be with age.

And with that group album coming out, Ferre can only go one way and thats to the top. Critics will always be there. And those young men will benefit greatly from the exposure am seeing at Jet set. And like "Presida Ilunga" says the lazy ones will fall off on their own from the group.

Congratulations Ferre Gola "Moto ya yambo" on this achievement. Now on to that next group album.

« on: March 30, 2018, 17:28 »
Hugo Tanzambi "Kwele Kwele" died in 2007. After being hit by a rocket. That was during the time that Kinshasa wasn't  safe, due to fights of MLC soldiers against those of Kabila. But there are rumours that the governement killed him.

Fredy Movadi is now an evangelist.

Serge Kassanda "FMI" is now more on the background. But still sometimes supports artists. It seems that the governement is against all Congolese bussinessmen. They only like to support forgeiners or politicians who are pro-kabila. Hence why all businessmen are wanting to enter politics. Nothing works in DR Congo. For almost everything you must go trought someone who is pro-kabila to start something big or to get protection, otherwise you will fail in your bussiness.
Mawa trop. And now the Kabila guys want to kill Gecoco Mulumba as well for being a very harsh critic of the Kabila regime. I saw some really horrific pictures recently of him in hospital  after an alegged poisoning incident by the regime.

« on: March 30, 2018, 14:14 »
Wapi Freddy Movadi, Serge Kasanda, Hugo Tanzambi na Jose Mukeba?

but jdt is jb number 2 lol changes his mind as fast as bolt runs, he is lucky also he is not "that " popular,moleki nzela is 10 years old now if not 11  he'd get hammered if he had made himself more popular

True. I remember he released that single "silikoti" me thinking now we gonna get an album and then he went dead silent. If he were consistent JDT would be at the level of Ferre and Fally musically.

Maitre Archos heard General Defao say "BOKEBA JDT MULOPWE AZA KOYA" When do we expect this project from Papa Popy? Sounds like it will be fire. Is it the same one which he has been holding onto for some time now?

No wonder Papa Cheri has a soft spot for him. So Heritier never completed High School after joining Maison Mere?

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