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Rich discussion.

Speaking of which i would like to know who arranged Kabose's "Grand Samaritain" song?

« on: January 10, 2018, 08:33 »

The later banned Nkila Mongroso dance was the dance of 2003 after Koyimbiko started to die out

This track literally took over the airwaves in Zambia when it came it out. I mean radio,bars and night clubs it was all over.

Congolese Music / HOW TRUE IS IT...
« on: January 09, 2018, 11:33 »
I have read somewhere am just not sure what site that was and i think even Werrason himself was asked about it i think on one of his tours to Kenya that he has performed in front of a "200'000" strong audience in Kikwit and he agreed. Now my question is it true that he has performed in front of such a big crowd or it was just to create buzz of himself being a phenomen as he would call himself?

Good singer but seeing from his body language in this concert and many more even in Maison Mere he really doesn't  look like someone who has that extra hardworking spirit and that belief and confidence to succeed. He will most likely remain underground.   

The third generic extract sounds like it will be "fire".

« on: January 08, 2018, 12:05 »

Thanks I get it now.

for those who wonder,here is what was the hierarchy of wenge 4X4

administrator-founder,didier masela ndudi
administrator-financial director noel ngiama makanda
administrator-artistic director alain makaba kayele
administrator-president jean bedel mpiana tshituka
vice president adolphe lodi ebondja
chef d'orchestre blaise bula monga(marie paul being formerly vice chef d orchestre)
secretary charles kisolokele sewolo
vice-secretary elliott mondobe maluka
 manager  jacky mikondo "kija brown"
spokesmen roger ngandu bikila and in last months blanchard mavuzi
Melesi mingi Maitre Archos.
But why is it that only Didier Masela is called founder? Wasn't Werrason also founder together with Didier Masela?

« on: January 04, 2018, 13:36 »
Very nice rumba i should say.

« on: January 04, 2018, 06:52 »
I don't why Congolese musicians try to sing in English. It really pisses me off

Exactly my thoughts. I wonder what will happen to the promotion of the great album QQJD now that the focus will be on proving that he can also do a so called world album. SMH.


I have seen the post about him and I went on YouTube listening him and this guy is great give him a shoot he is super talente

Definitely is super talented. Just seen a clip where he says he wrote some of the hits such as Double clic, nourisson, sopeka azmak for Fally.

Just asking...
Why is it that the so called "new stars" don't thrive once out of the shadows of their bosses?
The last off shoots that have succeeded according to me is Ferre and Fally. Otherwise we have guys whose barks are bigger than their bites
I think that the fact are two, the solo thing when Fally and Ferre left was not this frequent, Fally and Ferre left because they felt that they could be the next generation star which they became, while the others Bill, Celeo and many others left because the system was becoming too much oppressive.
The second fact is that they are too many guys, too much, in Nigeria you have P-Square and many also, but there aren't orchestras there aren't 15 musicians per bend with 8 singers singing 30 sec for song, yesterday Robinio left, Today Fabro Left, Deplick left, Heritier left, Metrau, Left, Abraham left, Abel De Charme left, Brigade, Lobeso, Tresor Nzinga, Isipa, Djino, Capuccino, Soleil Wanga, Supersonic Miracle, Jipson, Bouro Mpela, Kapaya and many others very memorable member left their orchestras and the majority of them have limited amount of money to promote themselves if they don't have a label, how can you emerge? You need to be the next Michael.Jackson to reach the height of being the next soloist artist in this generation

I hear you.
I have stated going solo is part luck part hard work part network  etc. All these have to align correctly for you to succeed.

To some extent i agree with JB Mpiana on the part of luck, talent. Maybe JB Mpiana can be faulted when it comes to exposure since group members go for a long time (like is the case now) without any new music out from them to expose their talent. But then again i think BCBG is very active in terms of having concerts so the exposure is there just maybe not as expected.

The other reason why i think Fally and Ferre have proven to be successful is that not only are they talented in their own right but are also hungry for more succesful. This is what the others lack. I mean people like Celeo, Bill, JDT etc to me seem to be comfortable with the little fame that they  have achieved so far so they dont see the need of being visible. Then you have the other guys who are determined to make a mark like Deplick, Kabose, Chai Ngenge etecetera  but lack the financial muscle. All in all how successful one becomes is not down to one reason but all things such as determination, financial backing, luck and talent being in one's favour. But like they say "success has many fathers but failure is an orphan".

Congolese Music / Re: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018 FRIENDS
« on: January 01, 2018, 20:33 »
Happy New year to you all. This forum is really informative. One of the best if not the best information forum I have belonged to.

Congolese Music / FUNNY CHARACTERS
« on: December 29, 2017, 11:39 »
Bouro Mpelasi and Suzuki were real characters in this generation of Quartier Latin. Even Mopao was surprised with that dance by Suzuki at 7:03 minutes. Sadly they dont make this kind of music anymore at Quartier Latin.

As the title says, is the quality of music in terms of lyrical creativity reducing as the age difference between the leaders and artists within the group widens or increases. I could be wrong but in most groups or orchestras for example we are moving from the time when leaders and musicians age difference was a maximum of 10-15 years between the leaders and artists and were the relationship was almost that of elder brother or buddies to now were the relationship is almost of that of father and son were the father is not to be collected when you feel he is not doing the right thing but to be obeyed and whatever he proposes is what is to be done. A few examples of what am trying to put across is for example Wenge Musica 4*4 was a group of buddies doing music not only for a living but also for fun and were they could relate at a personal level without feeling like an opposing view might end up being seen as disrespect to the other. Another example is the Quartier Latin of the generation of Sam Tshitu, Modogo Abarambwa etc and the current group of Mopao. I feel the fact that the relationship is almost that of father son it has the effect of not bringing out creativity from artists instead they just rely on the creativity and name of Pere thereby the creativity is suppressed. I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts on this…. On a light note I have avoided giving the BCBG group example for obvious reasons. ;D

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