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Since you are in kin, go to JB's house and slap him so hard and tell him to stop disrepecting fans.
I am starting to hate JB now, its not funny anymore. Can't he release even a single? We understand an album is too hard for him

Was the video deleted?

That generic "Monyato" sounds like its gonna be fire.

Bro where have you heard it. I am curious to hear. Zaparo despite forcing his voice (which is weird since he could sang easily with his own) really made a masterpiece with Na Suka Wapi he gotta be the king of the faux chanteur and I say it in a good way he is one of the few if not the only artist who can fake well his voice and actually sounding good

its at the end of the video posted here, and they are also performing it in concerts and its drivimg people crazy

Wooow this is great, even if the song is boring this formula makes everything interesting, I think the new generation lacks mostly that creativity and intelligence

That generic "Monyato" sounds like its gonna be fire.
It really is going to be fire, Zaparo seems to be growing more and more creative.......... Can someone kindly translate the cry for me before I go crazy over dirty or silly lyrics. Lol

June is a bit far lol, but as someone who enjoys BCBG music, I have mastered the art of waiting.

When is it coming out? These guys never disappoint generique wise. I am really waiting for this one.

I agree with his point about Olivier Tshimanga...he talks too much and he’s like a Ronaldo, trained hard to get to the top level but not a Messi who doesn’t have to train hard to do the stuff he does in games cos it’s pure talent.
I just like this example lol, its perfect.

The fact that out of the last 6 songs he has released 4 are tribute songs just pains me man...
hahaha those are signs of getting tired lol, its just too much now, he is acting like a funeral company ambassador lol

Not liking anything in this, let's hope it wasn't Bousole who had all the vibe cause this is lukewarm, Fally might be losing it generique wise, there is nothing to wait for from all those cris........... Alvarito Solo, Kabuya and Bousole should return.

Oh heeeell see what I mean about this guy, he just sits there and comes up with nonsense that has no direction and shouts it out..smh

Lol, I think that you’ve never been to Kin and have been following what was going on the last 10 years. People prefer foreign music above Congolese music right now and know all those Tokoss songs by heart. Congolese music is death in Kinshasa

Just un dance, Pesa posa, Champion, likolo........ I hate the genre but people love it lets not deny that lol, I have seen how people go crazy in concerts over these songs

I will not follow you on this one; in Africa, including Congo, Fally's traditional albums are more known and more successful than the world albums.

I mean, his so-called urban albums are fueled by feats. His solo singles flopped. Who's playing ca bouge pas and Message? They went and came. Even the Matt Pokora single flopped. If it wasn't for Daju, all the singles would've been flops.

The most ironic thing is that the most successful singles out of his two urban albums is Eloko Oyo, a folk song...

Congolese Music / Re: TOP 10 QUARTIER LATIN SONGS
« on: March 15, 2021, 21:22 »
1. Detresse - Didace le prof (Magie)
2. Sens inverse - Do akongo (Droit de veto)
3. Inchallah - Fofo le collegien (Affaire d’etat)
4. Ko ko ko ko - Fally ipupa (Affaire d’etat)
5. Dulcinée - Eric tutsi (Force de frappe)
6. Divisé par deux - Shella mputu (Danger de mort)
7. Calvaire - Bouro mpela (Affaire d’etat)
8. Fois cent - Do akongo (Ultimatum)
9. Juif noir - Ramazani
10. Ba lobiens - Gypson butukondolo (Danger de mort)

1. Piwawa - Koffi olomide (Affaire d’etat)
2. Rond point -Koffi olomide (Droit de veto)
3. Code pin - Brigade (Affaire d’etat)
4. Magie - Koffi olomide (Magie)
5. Force de frappe - Koffi olomide (Force de frappe)
6. Etage ya suka - Jean-Louis manzugidi (Pas de faux pas)
7. Ultimatum - Koffi olomide (Ultimatum)
8. Mbirime - Dolce parabolique & Baron Manoka (Ultimatum)
9. Droit de veto - Koffi olomide (Droit de veto)
10. Danger de mort - Koffi olomide (Danger de mort)
copy paste this one for me lol

« on: March 15, 2021, 18:10 »
Lets give the old man his credit, he is killing it on these feats, he has the voice...... Seriously if it were this lady alone, I wasn't going to listen to the song twice. He should do more of these to grow fanbase for his latest album. Koffi is the best artist to come out of Congo.
These are undeniable true legends but not everyone knows them the way they know Koffi.
Franco Luambo, Tabu Ley, Pepe Kalle, Emeneya, Abeti Masikini?

« on: March 15, 2021, 18:05 »
Very good song. I wish he would have done the Papa Mobimba dance. It would have been a good addition.
No no kkkkkk Papa Mobimba has been overused yoh!! About 4 songs lol.

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