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Yeah this one is true, I argue to learn and understand what I don't, I have...... Thanks a lot.

I don't think there will be anything like Loi again and also I think its:

Ferre 2007-2013/14
Fally 2007 - present

Ferre hasn't made much impact with generiques recently

Generique wise Fally outshines Ferre 100%, I am sure that is the reason why Fally is more popular than him.

« on: May 22, 2020, 03:22 »
Oh ok thank you very much.
Yeah its muffled I think he used audacity,.

Yeah I had not seen this but was award ceremony, you can check all performances here everyone was hype, you can tell by them screaming even before they start singing lok....... Despite this being a rock solid performance, during this era Congo was Africa's darling. Check Awilo's performance where he gave Mandela his award.

One thing I have learnt from today's threads (Thanks to you all) is that we should seize comparing these guys, they are all legends in their own way and our facts in comparing mostly base on our preferences.

I was really touched to see that video of Werra holding (Ferre, Celeo, Bill, Heritier, Ndombe, kakol on drums) that itself is a huge incomparable achievement imagine how successful those guys are today

Look at koffi most relevant since 90s,charismatic, creative till today...... His product Falky is one of the richedt and most influential in Africa, has a group with more than 35 people producing hit after hit

JB_Mpiana has a group full of old age men, they trust him, they have a good life through his leadership.

The list goes on......... Where else in Africa can you get this.......... Yes there has to be someone better than the other but I think those are just moments and preferences

Wow Thank you...... This guy is really excellent, if there wasn't a thing called Extra Musica and Roga roga in Brazza this would be mind blowing (but they all sound the same) him, roga, tresor mvoula just 1 and the samething....... Extra Musica Nouvelle horizon has to find they are own direction or else they will be doomed.

Honestly from my own point of view, Roga Roga is losing to the band (especially if they get a good atalaku) I just don't think Araphat can make good combination with Zaparo de Guere

Jesus Christ Werrason was once dangerous yoh...... This is one of the most solid performances from Congo....... So so creative and happy.
Is that Kene Kene?
Heritier was money making machine for Werrason.

Besides that guys, if you listen to this guy's generiques they sound much better than those from Extra...... His atalaku is just something else. I would prefer him ten times more then Roga roga who has all of his recent songs sounding similar

On behalf of Southern Africa Koffi Olomide and Awilo Longomba were the most influential this side and Extra Musica. Funny thing Werrason is even behind

1)Koffi Olomide
2) Pepe Kalle
3) Kanda Bongoman
4) Awilo longomba
5) Arlus Mebele, Sakis, Werrason

Fally got popular because everyone remembered him from Koffi, and its from 2010 they are the only 2 Congolese who had successful conerts in Zimbabwe, Werrason flopped.

Sometimes I eish Boko Haram could come kidnap JB and his team, force them to release that album and market it at gunpoint........ Seriously he is not taking us seriously....... We have been listening to nonsense generiques from Werra, Ferre, Robinio etc while he is quiet with interesting teasers in concerts.

Kkkk Brigaden Sarbati deserves respect lol
Diego sounded great here.

« on: May 21, 2020, 20:07 »
Guys is there any guitar line as interesting as that played by Kapaya at the end?........ This is just classic.......... If there is something similar please drop the videos for me......... I respect and love flamme for this....... I wish I could get concerts where he played it live.

Faked his death? Why? How?........ Bercy is something else........ You can even tell by that tatoo on his forehead.

Whom did he kill and why?

Wow the concert comparison makes it so clear and easy to tell who is the best....... Thank you kkkkkj

Very nice!!
Wish all musicians could do this its really an interesting concept.

« on: May 18, 2020, 11:17 »
Who else got LaZamba as crazy as Bercy did on his test against Lobeso and Prince? That was just too much........ Sarah also did on her first appearance with Kapaya's line

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