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I pray that they release it this month, I am pretty sure that those guys now have cries that can make 5 generiques without repeating.

Awilo still has it, I wonder why he is not a big legend in Congo.

I thought this album would release in the summer.
Why do you always stress yourself over albums? You should already learn by now with our artists they will release when they release when they want to, the days when they released every year is over.
Kkkkkk thank you, learning and accepting this will bring immeasurable peace lol. i have learnt.


Is it possible to release a hit generique without experienced atalakus in the group? Or has it been done before……..I feel like thats what most of these generiques lack besides proper mastering.

Can someone share so that we can verify whether it is her. We need to remember her in prayers.

my man is fed up eyinda kaka lol but i understand him not even 3 months 6months after he came it already started around his name while all he ever wanted is for them to elevate their game and get back where they belong and especially the part about his daughter they did him dirty,the guy is facing the biggest drama of his life after the loss of his dad and you have the coach with his meanest possible looks out there using him to get authority and respect from the rest of the squad
For me the problem stems from the club because all of the things that we’ve seen Ronaldo say so far it’s what Ibrahimovic, Mourinho, Sanchez who after completing his first day at training with United cried because he realised he made a mistake leaving arsenal and let’s not forget 12 players wanted to leave in the summer with only 6 letting their contract expire. That club has a serious problem
True…….you can’t have more than 6 players all complaining about one thing and being the wrong ones no……I learnt this from Mourinho’s interview.

Ronaldo should have just left cause part of his ranting is mixed him not being able to accept his decline, thats natural he is 38 he can’t perform the same.


If this isn't someone purposely giving himself a 12 then I don't know what is ;D ;D. He is so done at United
as much as he feels betrayed, to me all this shows the difference between Messi and Ronaldo, Messi is a blessing to the game of football.
Lol Messi is way more subtle and sneakier then Ronaldo he just like his Dad Guardiola just hide it, when Ibrahimovi came Messi was unhappy because Ibra was playing at Messi's position so he started to ask to Guardiola to put Ibra on the BENCH so he could go back to his original place, go and read his demand to stay at Barcellona after his club did everything for him, and tried to bring him a lot of great players, Messi just knows how to navigate the media way more then Ronaldo who like all Portuguese people really can't hide his true feelings and just tell you how he feels with no sigarette coating while Messi is just like Guardiola watch these videos of Eto'O and others

But you rarely get Guardiola get talked about for this. Messi the same he has many shit he wants to say but keep quiet
on point with Guardiola, thats who the videos are about mostly , he has issues with certain players and it’s visible. Messi part is entirely wrong lol, he is just not like that.


If this isn't someone purposely giving himself a 12 then I don't know what is ;D ;D. He is so done at United
as much as he feels betrayed, to me all this shows the difference between Messi and Ronaldo, Messi is a blessing to the game of football.

Congolese Music / Re: The track list for Fally’s Formule 7
« on: November 11, 2022, 19:05 »
1. Eternite
2. Centieme Dossier
3. Mal Accompagne
4. Bakalos
5. Noctambule
6. MH
7. Alliance
8. Astana
9. Coeur Amoureux
10. Doc Jeff
11. Mayday
1. Amour Na Yo
2. SL
3. Date D'Anniversaire
4. Honorable
5. Science Fiction
6. Je T'Aime
7. Par Terre
8. Kit Complet
9. Zany
10. De La Ranta
1. Bloque
2. Bafana
3. Se Yo
4. Garde du Coeur (ft Charlotte Dipanda)
5. Marlene
6. Lady D
7. Disqualifier
8. Seul Amour
9. Lelo Bokoyeba

Fally Ipupa - Formule 7 Tracklist
None of the titles sound Generique like……….if there is no Seben I will officially unfollow him everywhere kkkkkkk

« on: November 11, 2022, 18:14 »
there is rarely a well elaborated perfect response bro,that is africa not europe or america were many times by the first week max all is perfectly established,i know you miss him and thats what makes you wonder
but you know how it is with us africans an artist can die from a severe flu or kidney issue or poisoning,and people will see AIDS or spiritual death
so you wont be getting the most perfect response unless you get in touch with the doctor himself
all his colleagues and family said allude to him being poisoned by somebody
So all African countries are just the same, literally same thing this side.

« on: November 11, 2022, 18:11 »

Is it me or the recent clips are having more and more the artists disconnected with the models,its like them clips are about three things showing the singer here and there then on some spots show the models then show a lot of the nice environment of clip 
its beautiful overall in the eye,but i feel like some disconnection somewhere
True!! Very true……..Nigerian directors are confusing people, you will be trying to keep up with their great visuals then you end up unnecessarily overdoing somethings as a director.

20 years ago, a legendary moment has been made. In South Africa, at the Kora Awards, Koffi Olomide has won 4 awards for his album Effrakata. The only person who won 4 koras on the same day.
1. Best Male Artist in Central Africa.
2. Best Video of Africa
3. Best Arrangement of Africa.
4. Jury Special Award.
He & Quartier Latin has been also nominated for Best Group in Africa too, but Makoma took that award.

Congratulations to him for those awards & let his career prosper many years more.
If Koffi is not the greatest musician of all time in Africa who is? According to what we call good not what whites want us to call good.

The saltiness in his reaction  ;D
He should have just let him entertain people, he should just focus on his career and ignore Fally rivalry cause Fally miles clear now this makes him look like he is too bitter.

Why not release it today? So we will have bill clinton and KOFFI dropping at the same time.
bill is releasing?

« on: November 04, 2022, 19:55 »
Whats this really? All my fault anyway, the word Dodod in my country translates to human sh*t lol…….. I will end there

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