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For me this is the best atalaku ever........ Congo had/has a star here. It doesn't matter which band he is with...... He is always on point

I don't agree about him being the best atalaku ever but surely he is the best atalaku in the post Bill era, I think that despite him being more famous in Congo with Werra and with his first big hit Edenda, his best work until now is in QL Fally and Koffi were the best fit for him, while Lobeso was a good match but was too much slow for Brigade's pace, Malewa was of slow pace while Brigade did a great job in Sous-Sol with fast pace.
With that said, listen to Caludji, Ekokota Roberto, and Bill in his prime or even Celeo with Ko Yimbi Ko if you compare the cries, the swagger and the style of delivery you will see that Brigade misses something to be in that conversation, but he deserves a lot of credit for having a successful solo career despite being an atalaku

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With traditional I don't mean satanist one but I  mean a more pure one, (one more strictly correlated to nature and ancestors) has this kind of help made bigger or better our musicians with music? Because unlike many popstars, despite having the same good/bad luck in their path to success, it is very rare to hear of a Congolese and furthermore a black African artist who suicide himself or is heavily depressed the way white people especially European and American ones are, for example Avicii who despite having all success, fame and money cut his neck with a broken bottle because he was unhappy.

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For the non lingala speakers it literally means break the bad lol

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I really don't know why Ferre is in this things but he really doesn't want to apologize or give any good praise to Brigade he sent two members of his Orchestra to insult him, in Congolese simbology this means that you are so little that I don't even answer you and I let my people kill you with words.
As soon as I opened the video I laughed hard because Brigadiers is waaay more little than Ferre in success so don't need to answer, but I think that Ferre wants to be the absolute boss and will answer whoever who will insult him like he did with Koffi and Fally, I am on noome's side, to me all beefs are stupid Ferre and especially Brigade should focusing only on music.
Most of the things Ferre's musician said are the no one listen to Brigade in Congo, which album he played that got accepted everywhere? He is ungrateful and so on.

Congolese Music / Re: Fabregas new generique Pincage
« on: May 18, 2018, 09:08 »
I will download it, without listening, because Fabregas has an excellent reputation, for generique, furthermore most of the young men born in 80's 90's generation are huge Koffiphiles with Wenge taste me too I am a huge fan of both

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I might have missed some.

"Sombela nga kwanga ya Ntolola epaj ya Moguila Guila" lol

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I can sense some Congolese guitar on the minute 3:19 - 3:36 do you agree with that?
Toofan are heavily influenced from Congolese music and you can hear Afrika n'Afrika ko which is a very famous Awilo Longomba line in Coupé Bibamba, once again the influence of Congolese music

Congolese Music / Re: FALLY... STOP IT, PLEASE!
« on: May 16, 2018, 18:39 »
The bottom line is that Congo music is dead guys........ Congolese are respected of what they did and less on what they do.I would suggest you let Fally post for his fans thats the point of those social platforms anyway, besides FALLY has more followers than any other musician in Congo so he can't fail them in both classic music and celebrity life style...... He had to keep one burning so that the day he gets to his classic he will know who is waiting.

Unfortunately Fally really doesn't like criticism and sees critics as hate, he always blocks people that his music sucks or that doesn't like his stuff.
His bigger part of fanbase doesn't really care about music they always support him, because most of them are female and are more interested in Fally sexy side, and even if he throw garbage, they will still support him

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Furthermore despite us being Congolese music lovers in the forum we tend to think that leaders in Congo are solo artist like singers in Europe and in America but in Congo despite the little guys like Mapipo, Innos'B it is impossible to see a leader who operates alone with no musician behind, Werrason is one of the best example of factory capitalism one big boss who puts the money with his employees working hard and making the most but with Werra tasting fruits

Yeah congrats to her, kind of weird Werra didn't go but sent Sankara and Nicodem. I'm sure she would've wanted her Dad.
He’s in Kenya. Making money so his daughters can go to school. Do you know how much school costs for one semester in the states? Ok then.
Hey easy Brazaboy, there is no need to be so aggressive

Congolese Music / Re: FALLY... STOP IT, PLEASE!
« on: May 16, 2018, 14:33 »
At his age, his former boss was making the best music of his career. But this guy is busy stuntin' on social networks and getting gassed up by his fans for the average music he's making.
100% correct, Effrakata was done when Koffi was in his 40s which is Fally's current age, I'm waiting for his upcoming album to judge him musically.
True but both him and ferre haven't produced classics like effrakata, v12, kibuisa, th, feux de l'amour, damnnn I could go on, their music is just average
Can you really say that about Ferre though? He’s been way more consistent than fally in my opinion
Yes I can. Consistent and producing albums of the calibers I just mentioned are two different things like I've said they haven't produced classics like those albums I mentioned, they both lack the qualities the guys from the previous generations have/had
The thing is simple, they aren't songwriters, period, if you don't know how to write songs like Koffi did how can you expect to make legendary songs like Fouta Djalon, Loi and so on? If Ferre and Fally take some intensive courses to be better in writing things might change

Congolese Music / Re: FALLY... STOP IT, PLEASE!
« on: May 16, 2018, 12:55 »
Stop following him on insta .. And stop being so involve in everything he does  could  be a better solution for you... That way you could avoid having headache each time you see his pic..just saying grand pretrrrrrre manzambi

It is not a problem of not following him, I like Fally but he relies too much on his superstar status instead of focusing on making the music that put himself up in Droit Chemin, you can be the King but prove it, if you make ugly song with R. Kelly than you are just a superstar

And you know if I tell him something he will block me :D

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