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« on: September 16, 2019, 16:43 »
So ..what was the beef between the those two chicks...i. I hope they were not fighting on who is daddy's favorite daughter?
I thought I red bad, but now I wonderstood tht you were speaking of Didi Stone and Fally wow that was wild lol.

« on: September 16, 2019, 11:44 »
Why Master Virus acting like a teenage girl fan? Be a man don't comment like you were a groupie Master Virus

lol fally's answer explains why
So commenting on another persons post is suddenly a groupie? Lol people on this forum really like making any post related to Fally negative
Would you comment like that on a grown man pic? With those love emoticon?
I will let Riley tell you what that seems

Master Virus you gay

« on: September 16, 2019, 08:39 »
Why Master Virus acting like a teenage girl fan? Be a man don't comment like you were a groupie Master Virus

Hmmm well thats so obvious.. Not surprised, they are all stupid in wmm from the leader to the fans ( yeah i said it shoot me) Excuse my French.
But i was actually talking about his peers in bcbg helping him in this matter..
I will act like I never see the part about the stupid fans.
Anyway it is probable that JB will help Ali in any way possible. I think him and Wazekwa are the most loving and caring leaders towards their musiciams/employees. Except for Abraham and Djino and Chai who left becauee they all wanted solo career (Chai said that he left becauee BCBG never helped him whem he was sick. Mmm fake to me since JB helped even Caludji through all time he wasn't a member Calludji even said that) all the BCBG guys left because of Seguin and JDL if not they would have been there forever. In fact despite not having an album in almost 9 years Fusee, Tolbert and all the young members who have been smart enough to avoid priblems with Seguin are there, JB also helped to fund Deplick's first albums, without wanting to be mentioned. I think that if Ali will ask to JB he will give and I think also Heritier might took him in his group and/or help him. Do not count on Werra. Which is the last member from WMMM who went solo that got a shoutout or an handout from Werra? You have guessed well nobody.

Heritier is much criticized but I think after Fally and Ferré, the best musician we have in this generation is well Héritier.

Some say he shouts when he sings, you only have to listen D de D, j'aime mon mari, cure d'ame, de luxembourg ....

Yeah, Heritier is a great musician.

Even though I used to be more of a Ferre guy, I tend now to think that Heritier is the one with the potential to give us the great rumba album of the era.

Ferre is more talented, but Heritier seems to be smarter in the way he's trying to approach his music. This is at least the impression I have.
Yes. He is great at understanding his limit and find people who can fill his void for example Abeti Faux wouldn't be the same with the voice of Jackie Love pr 5eme Vitesse where he wonderstood tht he had to let Ambulance made the whole generique to humiliate Werra since Ambulamce was the number 1 atalaku 2 minutes ago by Werra. I think he will be like Werrason not like Fabregas (who have took the Generique mindset of Werra) but more like the guy who sings not very much and let others shine

At least can they assist him in this matter?
Let me explain again how MM works.

Ali made a massive mistake way back in time.
Leaving for joining BCBG.
If you remember when that Atalaku who was presented in a private rehearsal (to replace Ambulance) Werra told something like " I have massive trust in Kakol, Ali could have been chef d'orchestre but lost some credibilty when he left for BCBG"
The fact that he went to Heritier reharsal in full war with Werra and Ali signed his death sentence with Werra.
Usually Mbonda Player are the least respected members in the groups and (I hate to say it) but Ali is too much good and gentle so he can be fooled or desrespect easily, I mean no Heritier or any guy post Golden generation would have accepted to go 9 months without getting payed. For example Deplick (despite Werra knew he wanted to leave) ask 300 dollars to Werra and Werra gave it to him, but I doubt that wpuld have ever happened with Ali.
Congolese people and usually MM especially really, really, really like to humiliate/diminuish people who are in struggle or in need this is why you have seen massive support for Koffi when he basically kicked somebody and you have people beating the shit out of thieves forgeting that they are in need.

WMMM will never help Ali maybe some ex members will do it, but as long as you have gossipers like Sankara and Kakol Ali will not even have a cent.
You know the saddest part? If Ali die WMM members will be the first to show up in his funerals (like Ariel Shenney and Arafat)

Congolese Music / Re: New Zaiko?
« on: September 15, 2019, 08:43 »
The Generique are excellent. I really like how they isntrumentalized a KiKongo song which is like our Natiomal Anthem (I am a MuKongo) Ngiele Ngiele MunzilaKongo and how they tried to put more elements of KiKongo with the revisitatuon of the very famous KiKomgo song Ya Mbala it is a somg tht 90%of BaKongo artists take inspiration/revisit.

But the challenge is Heritier lost his voice midway in WMM. He started screaming and irritating and so his album won't be good????????????????‍♂️????‍♂️????‍♂️

Wow, what ignorance. Clan WMM strikes again
It is true. Heritier never has been a good singer to begin with. His voice blends well with instruments but he is no way near to the level of Fally or Ferre. Furthemore Werra before the fight they had gave Heriter a lpt of status amd contacts to be the Heritier we know today
That’s funny... weren’t you the one saying in the beginning that he would take over the number 1 spot?
Of Werra or music im general? The guy who will take the place of Werra is Fabregas. Ferre it is a great singer but lacks good atalakus to be complete and dominate the scene outside of Congo (he doesn't tour in Europe as much as Fally) Fally is the number one but except Innoss'B I don't see anyone taking his place. About Heritier he is a good leader. It wasn't easy to take semi-unknowm singers and Atalakus (excluding Brandon Avatar and Kunzardo) and make an Album like Retirada which is good for a first album, but Heritier for real he doesn't have a voice who cam sustain a concert long time or sing solo by pouring all of his heart.
The number 1 in Congo for me will be always Fally. He has too much connection and power to be dethroned. (and you know well I am not a Fally fan) Even though, the only threat for me is Innoss

bro are you basically saying heritier is an average singer only saved by  being werra's number2?
Yes. I never understood why (outside Werra's influence and his damcimg skills) got so much credit in Wenge MM. His solp career is way better than the MM one but Heritier haz evident limits when he sings

But the challenge is Heritier lost his voice midway in WMM. He started screaming and irritating and so his album won't be good????????????????‍♂️????‍♂️????‍♂️

Wow, what ignorance. Clan WMM strikes again
It is true. Heritier never has been a good singer to begin with. His voice blends well with instruments but he is no way near to the level of Fally or Ferre. Furthemore Werra before the fight they had gave Heriter a lpt of status amd contacts to be the Heritier we know today

Congolese Music / Re: WHAT IS FALLY SAYING HERE?
« on: September 13, 2019, 12:14 »
He is saying that Ferre is the best singer he have ever seen and maybe one day he woul be able to be like his master. He have also dissed Koffi callong him a faux chanter ????????????????
Plus there is Werrason at the end saying: "I can't even sing but I am famous"

Congolese Music / Re: Ali Mbonda is very sick and needs help
« on: September 13, 2019, 09:28 »
I heard him talk about going to see Vieux Verckys so that would organise for him to be getting royalty money from SACEM or sth of that sort for the songs that were credited to him in Maison Mere. Do Congolese musicians (not leaders) regularly get that royalty monies if so is it significant enough for someone to survive on it?
Lol no. The Song credited to musicians are a fraud what gives money to the musicians (not leaders) are the many donors and fans who knows that the song is of such and such for example Lobeso got mad gifts and money for his song Kata Fumbwa wich according ti credits in the CD is a song by Lobeso and Bercy, but (those name also aren't their real names so how you gonna collect money where the song is made by a guy that legally doesn't exists? In fact you will nveer see a leader credit his song as Werra, Mopao, De La Patria etc.) if you go to SACEM (Congolese royalties collected by Congolese offices aren't a serious thing) 100% the song will be credited to the leader so the leader will get the royalties and the A/C will only get those high increase in money the first time that the sing gets released. Furthermore as Archos said Ali Mbonda is even in a good position respect to other Mbonda players some people never ever seen money.

Let’s look at this on the other all those years of being a musician, starting from Wenge 4x4 to Maison Mere, multiple Europe trips, you’re trying to tell me this man didn’t sort out his life to the point he can’t even afford to pay hospital! I don’t see how Werra and his ex band mates should take the blame for not helping.

ali had side business which collapsing due to being conned  by partners and later by visa "businessmen" he never recovered from that,if you look at it well he suddenly started looking more and more poor and in trouble from malewa suite et fin days
its like diego who was doing very good and was one of the rare atalakus to have a house to his name then lost relatives and took almost a decade now to bounce from it
What was his side business? Unfortunately in a poor country like RD Congo is being commed is very very very easy so I feel really bad for Ali. i get that 23 years are a long time to save money but Ali also have a big family and in Congo you are regarded bsd by society if you don't help your relatives.

The guy at the right have some sense though. In werra's visit at kisumu I recall how he was slapped by WMMM members when he said loudly Werra is finished that was 2016
Wait did he really said that? O.O wow that is some mad desrespect


In the summary the Family of Ali Mbonda says that they do not really like how Ali Mbonda was suspended and especially they didn't like the way (A dancer screaming at him. In Congolese culture being screamed by a younger person especially from a woman if you are a man it is seen as highly desrespectful) ans the reason (excessive visit to Heritier camp and the open praise to Heritier while Heritier was in full war against Werra) and they hope that in all those years where Ali Mbonda has been in Maison Mere Werra give him the money Ali needed.
I am still watching the interview I will translate it live

The guy in the left (He didn't say his name) said that is hurtfulto see a guy like Ali Mbonda who was there since Wenge BCBG 4X4 even before Maison Mere was created being seriously sick with no help by the guys he used to help so much, the thing made him cry. Howcome a group so big like Maison Mere can't give the proper medical cures to Ali Mbonda? Then he explains the reasons why Ali Mbonda left/why Ali was kicked out. It is actually the reason why Ali got sick, since his longtime "friend" and boss kicked him out omly because the usual gossipers told Werra that Ali wanted to join Heritier, actually there was a time whrre Ali Mbonda was going ti reheaesals concert etc. for r months without getting payed telling it to all the people in Bandal and asking his petits of Bandal to give him some money so he could have the gas to go at the rehearsals.
He served Wenge for more than 23 years alongside with Werra now Ali Mbonda is seriously sick but Ali Mbonda got forsaken by Werra. He said that we must give our musician value especially the leaders since Werra in particular wouldn't be in this positiom without his musicians(what I always say by the way). Ali risks his life in dangerous trips, slept abroad not knowing if he was retourning or not.
Ali is a dean (term that you give to peie who has been in a company for a long time). This family member of Ali doesn't want that once Ali is death all the people who should have helped him in life comes at his funeral with big suites and big words being hypocrites, if Ali will die it will be a shame and an honte for Wenge all the elders of Wenge know that Ali is their petit, and he is not refering only to Werra but also to JB Mpiana.
Even the journalist is shocked since it is not about the momey or the entity of the disease but about the reconaissamce that Werra should have for Ali

Lalu is the name of the guy in the left I think the guy at the right is a guy of Werra.
The guy on the right said that Werra said in a song that who is not with us is agaisnt us and is senseless for a guy like Ali Mbonda to go amd moan and cry in TV about the fact that he is sick when he had 23 years to collect the money he needed, he don't think Kakol would ever do the same thing Alidid and despite Kakol being an Instrumenralist he is a good standard of living (by stealing and bitching about other members) so he doesn't see Ali's problem, since Ali has put songs he has to have people that payed him to do the songs since he travelled everywhere with Werra he has to have money that he kept. He doesn't say like that for people to not help Ali, if anybody wanna help Ali help him, but we must understand that we must give our job as musicians a certain value and not spending money emdlessly to just wake up and beg to  when you are broke and sick. If the illness is really harsh Werra can't be the only guy to be blamed but l Wenge needs to get blamed. Ali got kicked out for a reason Werra indirectly told people that Heritier was not a guy to hang around with and in full polemic you go and present yourself at his rehearsals? Ali should have been smart and stay in We ge not contacting Heritier and since Werra kicked him out Ali should have know better and save the money because music by definition it is an unstable job and you sometimes will be up and sometimes you be down, if you have never saved, if yiu have never planned what are you gonna eat?
Werra already gave you a life and name and it hurts Werra members to see Ali but young guys shouldn't be the ine teaching Ali how to behave in groups.
Lalu the family member of Ali said that Werra should have gave him liquidation or something before firing him up because is unheard of kicking people out like that for some silly reasons

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