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Man it was great to see Papy Bastin back

Congolese Music / CELEO
« on: March 31, 2020, 13:59 »

Celeo had some really good songs

I have always felt like he could've been shown more respect and consideration in WMM, especially when Bill left, but it always felt at least to me that Werra was still trying to replace him or the Infamous 12 him. And getting out of the shadow of Bill isn't easy. Maybe I think what hurts him too from what I seen, I could be wrong. Is Werra not respecting his work or never mentioning him.

Simply because Werrason didn't like him. Plain and simple. Bill have insulted Werra so much in these years even more than Celeo with straight generiques (Miziki ya Koko Wana elala eeeee elala, the music of that oldie is sleepy is sleepy)


Lol that was so desrespectful

 and with personal attack and accuses like in trahison where he clearly sad that Wenge cheated him and tricked him when he wanted to stay there forever

 but only Celeo gets in trouble when he insults or answer back to Sankara and the many people teasing him, is not even Werra but Bill insulted Innoss how many times and no one said anything except for the comment on YouTube of an intervieww who got low views

Where he says that Innoss is a LiKwanga Nzala(which means a guy hungry for Kwanga) since he is runmed away from Goma to search for some food in Kinshasa and that he must not talk about him because Bill is a TV Musicians (implying that people actually tuned in to saw him) unlike Innoss who probably bought some views according to Bill

but when Celeo said something about Fally even Mbuta Likasu started to belittle Celeo.

Where Mbuta Likasu diss openly Celeo because he had a problem with Fally saying that he is not successful has low views is not known outside and think about Fall's success when he sleeps and that the only time people care about Celeo is when he starts to insult people. Forgetting to mention that Celeo has had many successful songs with one surpassing the 1 milion mark so

The other reason it is because Celeo was dark, yes it sounds crazy but is the reality, and since Bill was lighter Werra wanted Bill to be the face of Wenge
Another reason because Bill was more popular then Celeo is that Bill is a dancer and Celeo despite his trying can't really dance that well

And when you are in a show making machine like Wenge MM you can't be an Atalaku that doesn't dance at least that kinda stopped between 2004 and 2006 with Kene Kene and Prince being the last dancing Atalaku to become introduced to the scene

2:39 there is Kene Kene

from 2008 Lobeso, Brigade, Diego, and the many atalakus who came (yes Brigade was there till 2006 but got his shine in 2008) were not even close to being good at dancing

13:00 Lobeso and Brigade Dancing

8:22 Brigade and Prince and dancing until 9:00 mark

 with the focus being placed on guitarrist
 (Christian Solo, Luxembourg a.k.a. Kimbangu, Bicorine Makaba and Sarah Solo) because Werra understood that people didn't care much about dancing atalakus anymore.

Luxembourg 6:17

Arc En Ciel Bicorine Makaba

Sarah Solo

Celeo had many of cries and songs in fact J'En Ai Assez for Didi Kinuani is a great sing we can find in A La Queue Leu Leu where Celeo sings even Bill cries

But Werra sidelined him, because he was seeing Bill as the perfect guy to contribute to Wenge Lightskin, whi can animate in multiple languages, who can dance who can pulla choreography from nothing and that has that showman ship who makes you stay there. Celeo on the other wss dark, a pure atalaku not many dancing skills and got the voice very similar to the Atalaku of the rival band (BCBG) Calludji,

If you check from the 3:00 minute mark you can hear some crazy similarities with Celeo's voice

4:52 compare the voices


So if Werra pushed Celeo people would have started to say JB was the man because he had the original Caludni the same way people started ti trash Extra Musica because they say they have copied Wenge Musica's style like they did with many of their geneirque Shalai for example

I have never experienced Papa Wemba's prime so I can't judge him based on what he had done since I wasn't even born when he had success but I can say I love his Fula Ngenge A La Une Prohect and the joint AlPatshino made with Bill Clinton between Werra JB and Koffi well international Koffi Nationally Werrason the whole Congo knew him while JB I don't know I hadn't lived Titanic and TH success to judge him I do like his recent work but it seems that he have lost interest to push himself over the top

« on: March 30, 2020, 00:25 »



« on: March 30, 2020, 00:23 »
Which other generiques are this good on the album??

Ngwende but there are other generique inother albums who are great now I will share

Congolese Music / Re: WHO IS BETTER AT DANCING?
« on: March 29, 2020, 15:55 »
The guy dancing like he's drunk at 57:41 mark is Sonor Digital. Remember, back in the early days of Extra Musica he had his start as a backup dancer while he trained to become a better rhythm guitarist and bassist. In the months leading to the split, you can already see Sonor playing as alternate for Durell Loemba or Espe Bass at concerts before he settled in as Durrell's replace by the time of the split.

As for the singer at 54:41, that's Kerson Saddam. He is originally from Z1 International, he sings at the very beginning of their generique from 2000. He was there in the group with Levyson as well, even touring in Europe with that group. I'm not sure what happened, but he left shortly thereafter. You can even see him in Extra Musica Zangul as early as 2002 since he interprets Papy Jah's vocals on the clips for Trop C'est Trop filmed in Brazzaville like Probleme Sur Probleme and 12 Balles. After Universal Zangul split, I'm not sure what became of him.

I think Kerson should have stayed in Extra longer because I don't know if it is me but I have never heard of him, Papy Bastin sounded a lot like Emeneya the blonde hair the voice, I wonder how his career would turn out to be if he had more originality in his looks like DouDou Copa that yes imitate Koffi but he imitates a Koffi's type of voice people tend to forget of Koffi

Congolese Music / I'LL BE HONEST
« on: March 29, 2020, 14:18 »
Patati Patata is starting to grow on me, yes it has some weird parts about bleaching the skin at the end but I like the Sanduku part a lot I think that those type of guitar licks are a killer to the song

What do you think about the song now that some time has passed

Congolese Music / Re: CORONAVIRUS MOOD....
« on: March 29, 2020, 14:16 »
We’re thankfully negative, but with the way the rate of infection is absolutely exploding in the metro NYC area.. hate to say it; it’s a matter of time....

Stay at home and never go out. I am glad you are both negative brother

« on: March 28, 2020, 21:24 »
So sad RIP

« on: March 28, 2020, 20:49 »
Guys for real you didn't know about this Generique? It has been on my playlist since the album came out. It is one of the best songs I have ever heard and I am glad y'all are discovering it now

You are right, but not only the video, but also the Music, the quality has dwindled. I was listening to Loi today. Only South Africa could match that quality. The congolese songs of 20 years ago were better recorded. And on top of that, 22 years of listening to clintonists is enough jamani? I don't remember a congolese style lasting this. Congolese music was evolving fast in 1980s and 1990s. Just do a simple research, Kofi is still relevant is East Africa because of two hits, Selfie and Papa Mobimba that have not been ruined by atalakus! Bill Clinton will remain bill, most of  his imitators are annoying.

Only guys born after the 1994 will try to do something innovative, if you were even a baby in the '90s or a teen and you end up in a big groups you will probably go very far if you act and speak loke Bill Cinton

Zaparo, Biraman, Ambulance (who naturally has a kinda Celeo/Djouna voice) Bercy in Jetset (who sometimes seems like Bill) Brigade in CNN, Gessac in 'S Grave  Bebe Kero, in QL, Robinio with that Atalaku that sounds loke Bill plus Showman who sounds like Celeo Ceda Capo, Zabalo of Fabregas, Vegeta who sound s like Bill and so on. You must be like Bill to get ahead

« on: March 28, 2020, 14:09 »
I don't know what it is but lately I am listening to aot of Brazza's music and I have noticed that Extra had always the best male dancers. To me the best are Sonor Digital and Finston Boko the guy who bleaches himself check at 4:55

 at the left of your screen next to the blonde dancer (that if I am not mistaken is Sonor's wife and Levyson's lover, it is true that she is the dancer Roga Roga slept with?) is Sonor the bald guy with the beard who also plays the guitar and right to the blonde dancer there is Finston Boko now Chef D'Orchestre after Sonor's departure with a beard and long braids, I really don't know how Finston haven't got taken to the A team by Werra, he is the perfect Wenge phenoype handsome with Looks good voice and excellent dsncing skills, yes vocally he strugges sometimes but Wenge had seen way more worse singer tham Finston for not making have a chance.

Since you have now have seen and know who they are

Check in these videos and tell me to you which is the best dancer

1:23 they are both on the right side

5:31 they are side to side on the left

Who is the guy on the 54:41 mark? He used to sing very well but I don't see him from ages

Who is the guy on 57:46 mark? He seems drunk as fuck

It is nothing that is related to the thread but I find it disturbing that Anastasio is posting multiple comments under the FULL DVD VIDEO Footage of Obligatoire that man needs help

From 00:38 to 00:43 he is the guy with the braids and an orange shit that get zoomed

Sonor is the bald guy at 00:38

So after these long footage of Evidence who is the best dancer

Sonor or Finston?

1. Clip in 4k
2. Fans in the comment section hyping up the song after they press play not even letting a second in
3. Willy Zola dancing with Fally for 1/4 of the video
4. Kabuya who will probably not be in the video or if he is in the video will look drunk
5. A crown or Fally reminding everybody he is the King
6. Boussole screaming or singing like he is about to cry
7. 20 milion views guarantee
8. Subtle diss to Innoss
9. A dance majority of his band could not dance
10. Beautiful dancers in the vide

« on: March 28, 2020, 09:47 »

I wish Fabregas became successcul over these type of pure Ndombolo songs instead of that Synthe sound, to some extent I feel that like his ex boss he is trying to tame that Emeneya style and making it his, for example heavy sytnhe sounds with some 2 or 3 moments of just pure Ndombolo. Yes his album flopped but I know he will come back stronger

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