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Congolese Music / Re: F'VICTEAM - HORS SERIE
« on: July 11, 2020, 23:39 »
Sebenes and generiques why are the new generation abandoning them? Is it too difficult to produce? Is Congo no longer dancing?

The young people are not interested in generique, neither in Rhumbas to be honest, the only people making success with Rhumbas are Fally and Ferre, with Fally that cna count on a vast African fan base, but if I must be honest. I have mever heard of a recent rhumba who have been played a lot by Werra, JB or even Koffi, furthermore people are really fed up with the way Congolese musicians (in the group system) deals with people you must understNd that also a huge part of Congolese people is very religious you gt Kimbanguis (15 milion world-wide) who do not want to even listen to music ya mokili which means world music because music is a distraction and christian congolese who only accepts God's music and to some extent they are right. I mean you have all heard in the forum the countless stories of leaders scamming people, not payimg them, sleeping with other people's wife to get them pregnant and then forsake them, musiciams ready to sacrifice members of their own family and so on. So families forbid people to go to make music or even to listen to it. What leaders must understand is that bakifier (the moral superior attitude) was a thing of the '90s now a days humbleness in musiciam is widely appreciated for example Bill who has been talking shit about Innoss is starting to get less and less respect compared to Innoss who never answer back in a direct manner to Bill.
And yes also difficult to produce. I mean it is not essy to take 50 people over 30 and make them stay with 100 dollars a momth or in sometimes not even a cent in the group, ther eis no 20 year old guy willing to accept that in Congo

They are lucky they turned off the comments...
Why? The song is actualy good Papy Kalombo delivers pretty well. I would have change the first guy singing after him with this one
D'Artagnan singing at the 00:54 mark

I see Mon Ami Guelord, the states is a weird place to want to continue a Congolese music career.
Any music that is not English based is death when you go to USA Akon, Shakira, Wyclef Jean and many others non English speaking artist have changed their language to have success in America. For example Shakira spanish albums have less success then her English songs, she didn't even sang in Spanish Waka Waka her biggest single.
Stromae the biggest french artist of his generation got very little traction when he performed in America

« on: July 11, 2020, 21:42 »
I will never touch this guy not even with my feet. The guy is strange a looooot.
Anyway Celeo must stop to be this nice to people, Celeo posted Bill song and Bill doesn't even put his brother tag of his his repost. Anyway Bill is weird. I think I will listen to the song once and stop.

he is from equateur and does mix between folk music jazz seben a little bit too but not like others
Merci Papa. Is the group Bayuda Du Congo still active musically? I like their mutwashi songs.
At this point am waiting for Ado to invite Burkina Faso Mboka Liya and Ekokota.

Wait is this guy the leader of Bayuda Du Congo?

« on: July 11, 2020, 21:35 »
I agree! I was doing my own backup choir on the On Est Ensemble section lol
;D ;D ;D Me too. I have got hyped up when he sang that unreleased crie of Brigade the video where Brigade was singing acoustique with a guitar "Nakobina tonakoboya"

« on: July 11, 2020, 20:11 »
It is nice to see Robinio and Tresor Nzinga singing Cellulaire cries, it wss a nice gesture by Tresor to sing not only his cries. I wonder why Koffi doesn't help to fund his career like he helped Fally and Fabregas, Tresor Nzinga has talent and with funding he could have a crazy run like Brigade had. Anyway it was a nice acoustique the only thing that was lacking was the backup choir, he should have called some people to make the choir

Congolese Music / EVOLUTION OF CONGOLESE MUSIC 1960 - 2019
« on: July 10, 2020, 21:05 »

« on: July 10, 2020, 20:55 »
Now I don't know why but Vital Kamerhe's process has not receved the national attention it should with that said, I have seen very few musicians who spoke up to defend Vital or even go on TV to say they were sorry for him. Robinio for example he was saying Vital Kamerhe le pacificateur in his Bina Na Nga song but I doubt he reached out for Vital, I took Robinio as an example but it can be any artist. Werra for example he was at an interview with Papy Mboma saying he call Vital Kamerhe Vieux ViKa when in need of something, has Werra pulled his money to take Vital out? I doubt it. What happens when Donors get in prison/lose money? Are the musician still that loving and caring with them or they just avoid them?

Congolese Music / Re: F'VICTEAM - HORS SERIE
« on: July 10, 2020, 19:30 »
Hmmm I hope generique will be there this all rhumba making is getting annoyimg, I want to dance not listen to love songs

you guys want me to beat my head like ado yuhe? hahahahahaha
 more seriously God allowing i will do it one day,i have a problem with writing which is that i tend to write better when i am inspired and  do a long part or the whole thing one-short,as soon as i start struggleing i tend to postpone a lot,i think i am naturally like that in all my life when i wake up and i feel something it goes smooth

Bro, I am still young but if I could once I will visit you to transcript your words if you need

in the early days of wenge before mulolo i had given one song to the group which was sang by jb werra wes koka and blaise but it did not make the cut like many other songs(jb had turned it into a song for the daughter of one guy from army who he wanted to date so it got kinda censored)
then after hi ho ha album i had come with another but nsone used glimpses of it in intervention rapide and jb used in internet it was already then a jb werra duet of question reponse
i used to love writing back then but i dont know if its age or what i had lost that patience to start then have a sudden lack of ideas then take days or weeks to finish
talking about writing put some respect on kibens lol even if he takes his ideas way too far sometimes lol but i have seen how the guy can  produce songs the same day back then easily just by watching tv

I know Werra will try to block you if you try to write a book about Wenge but please do it, like I have already said your wisedom is something needed in Congolese music.

Only in Congo

This guy needs to find his own voice, I nean Deplick is struggling a lot despite his talent because people can only see him as a copy of Fally and if Rnake doesn't change his voc tone he could loose some success and fame due to people saying he is just a copy of Ferre the same way they do with Deplick, but at the same tine when you have practiced so much on a voice is hard to let by

In Kelvis Nkoyi Arnake did something great vocally, I think I have paused that song a hundred times to listen it was too much beautiful

4:10 - 4:14

If Arnake can develop the same original style I have heard in those 4 seconds he might have a chance at being a successful act but if he keeps.acting like Ferre's son vocally he will not go anywhere

I saw on tv an interview where seguin explained that when he suffered his stroke he was going to bed to take a nap and everybody in his house knows that they should avoid bothering him when he wants to rest since he is often outside doing all sorts of things for himself or his boss,and  he went to sleep and at the moment he was falling from his bed jb was calling to ask seemingly reports of things he had to do  and usually he'd not wait until phone rings 3 times before picking when its jb,and he did not pick so jb called his bodyguard  to know why he is not picking and the bodyguard went to see whether he was taking a bath  for example which could be why he did not pick and did not find him and luckily seguin had not locked his door as usual and he found seguin lying on the floor spitting stuff and showing all possible signs of a stroke and he informed jb who straight away ordered to take him to any hospital which could treat him and he arrived there totally unconscious and was announced dead first then spent 4 days in coma
as much as  he  can have some behaviour to endar himself to his leader no way i would have wished him or any other artist in groups who does that death

Seguin should do something to control his weight because most strokes are due to Obesity and due to overwork which is something Seguin also has, I think he should just let blaise take the drumming role and become a figure who deals.with office and bureaucracies like Roger Ngandu because Wenge BCBG performs a lot and after having a stroke and having all those sounds comimg with high volume being a drummer is beter to rest.

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