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Is it under F'Victeam or he have already left

Kie kie kie when you call people stupid is a personal attack you try go out on the street and start calling people stupid and see what happens. You call people around Ferre stupid and this are the same people who have been with him since day one and Ferre has stayed relevant even the great of our music are envying him as he is doing things without:

Has not has a stablished producer as he does not like their contract
has not has a record label behind him

Ferre has produced himself with the help of people on QQJD (congovibes label stupid) and he is making money and he is looking after more than 40 people but he is label stupid wahou kie kie kie and you want me to read such crap no me I will respond AND PUT YOU ON YOUR PLACE like it or not kie kie kie
I nave never said that QQJD was a stupid album I have said the opposite when it came out but the two "leaked" songs are terrible furthermore how many time everybody here said that Tokos was a shitty album not even stupid but shitty album, but neither a single fan of Fally in this forum disagreed, just accept that artist are humans and can make mistake I have even written down explained and translated the lyrics of Judgement how could I have targeted Jugememt stupid when I have written down the lyrics?

Why is she walking around with her breast out ?
At what part?

Congo lost his last hope...
Killed by the CIA with the help of his best friend.
I hope Congo will change one day

Don't see constructive criticism we, sometimes, make on Ferre as a personal attack to him.
JV, myself and many others in thus group are die hard fans of Ferre Gola but at the same time we cannot act like we don't see somebody's mistake.
Take for example the most targeted artist here: JB.
How many times EMO, SLY, and many other guys in the forum criticized JB for his lazyness and his lack of management control? But we don't hate JB neither we are interested in blocking his career we are fans we have opinions, and if someone says that something is stupid it might be a moron but if it is more than one it might not be and if are a million people saying it mean it is right.
Ferre can say everything but not that he leaked the song while the director saying was a preview, come on.

???? I don't think that leaked can be referred to this song, Ndombohlino can be everything but wouldn't do something unrespectful like leaking a song of Ferre.
With that said I think Ferre is doing like this only to cover the huuuuge flop the song did.
Anyway if Ferre wants to keep being famous he really needs to stop mixing friendship and marketing, JB did that and is 7 years since the last group album, Werra did that and lost all the memorable members of Wenge ending with the flop of Ingeta, furthermore since Ferre cannot understand to publish first generuque when he only sings or at least if he doesn't put credible music over, he is loosing position to Fabregas, and he is lucky Robinio failed big time with Tika Ko, Ferre needs to wake up he can't be this young and make these kind of rubbish music like he did with that awful is your boy Ferre Gola

I’m shocked it’s this low... this means lots of African artists are making peanuts. Well if they’re even making anything, with all the dead production houses that came back to make streaming money. Now I really see why concerts and tours are vital

There have been responses saying that the YT amount is closer to $1000 (more if you have ad sponsors). People are also asking for his sources. He’s a popular rapper, so I’m pretty sure he’s accurate.

And the joke is Tidal pays much more because nobody has it past the free trial.

A congolese artist in a group will see this and say hold on, I barely see 50$ or see regular salary and have to beg and follow someone around after concerts and bother them for mabanga money but I can make 690$ on YouTube alone for one song week “ah bana kin nazo sala album...nalongwe na group po eza temp na nga”.lol
"Bana Kin, Bana Poto bana itasny (ye with this grammar) Ostrali, Belgio albom na bink ezo ya, bako sentir biloko tozo lambela bino tango tokobwaka ango sue le marshe yeeeeeee ekobeba"
Then sings something overly sexual or stupid like
"Cherie Yaka Simba micro" or "Mitu Mitu Mitu Mitu ya libel... Ha libonza yoyoyoyoyoyo" but ne will fail 90% of the time

Luke Ty Folla $ign would say B****!!!
For real artist make that little on streams????????? Naaah I can understand for YouTube but not for the Spotify thing stop fooling me Nipsy :'( how can I become a rich singer if a million streams is that little?

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Congolese Music / Re: WERRA AND HIS DARK SIDE
« on: January 13, 2018, 21:38 »
to be honest he is not the only one like that but he seems to be the most consistent in it
its parts of the codes of our music,sometimes things which happen pass from the big boss to somebody  then  the one who does the dirty job is  the 20 th person
leaders like to maintain some distance to those stuff as to look like they are angels
The crazy stuff, is they always get away with it, I wouldn't have known anything of Papa Wemba's dark side without this forum, andò forma the other leaders, I only speak about Werra because I am a huge Wenge fan, and I really hate how he destroyed what was one of the best group ever. All these dramas and stupid fight have really put Wenge back giving the opportunity to Fabro, Robinio, Fally, Ferre, Koffi and many other many advantages

« on: January 12, 2018, 19:53 »
And with somebody who knows werra's wife way longer than himself i fear some really embarassing stuff will be said if it continues
Walt Whaaaat?

« on: January 12, 2018, 16:57 »
Werra might be a good or a bad man, but what I have never wonderstood is the fact that he had never took position, starting from the money lost in a London tour for paying musician, continuing for the attack over Brigade's face made by Heritier, and going on with the Deplick 12 (douz) for finishing with the humiliation of Lobeso not only on the stage but throughout everyday's life (they were keep calling him villageois which means man of village but in a bad form like saying a guy who is from the jungle, only because he prefer to do mongo music over ndombolo one)
What is the reason that keeps Werra out.
I mean, since Wenge MM he never took any position in attacking anyone directly but only making people like Sankara and Kakol to defend him, and I can understand it, but what I don't understand is the fact that he have never took position, especially in the Brigade case, at the time Brigade was the biggest star in Wenge (way more than Heritier) and this is why Heritier did that, but Brigade said that when he told Werra everything, Werra were standing there like he was deaf and Brigade felt so much humiliated and disrespected he left.
The strange fact is that once Sankara unlikely most of the time he was there with an interviewer saying the bad thing Heritier had done since he left and so he started to say: "Heritier has never been a good kid to Werra he put pregnant, Mampata's sister, he threw that stone in the face of Brigade, the only guy that Werra is sad to have lost is Bill or Ferre" I don't remember what ye said on the end, but anyway I think it is more Bill than Ferre.
Anyway why Werra act like he was from Switzerland and act neutral? Without taking position on the band things his staff and his member does.

Congolese Music / Re: Hello
« on: January 12, 2018, 16:54 »
You are welcome pal :)

Actually no one, because, they always say we will make duet album and so on but it never happen

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