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I agree with you, I think Jamaique is only good at doing other people's work. He has not done any hot calls since he arrived. The truth is that right now, Kansonda Mwansabo is arguably the most entertaining Ataluku WMMM has. He has the right energy and balance than both Jamaique and Golbert. Gobert is actually more creative than Jamaique but lacks stage presence which Kansonda has. I watched the last rehearsal and Werrason didn't seem so pleased with Jamaique's lack of punch in his calls, he tried to invite Golbert but fans demanded Kansonda and he did a very good job  with very nice new calls. I also hope they recruited that guy from Idiofa, he is creative and good.

I actually think Jamaique will leave after Morote. I actually foresee Jamaique and Dinara leaving.
I don't know about Dinara I don't know him enough to say if he will leave or not but tbh if Jamaïque leaves where will he go? He doesn't have the same buzz he had when he entered and also he isn't Bill neither Celeo, and neither Brigade so if it was hard for these three who are the most known (In Maison Mere world can't say much about the Full QL Atalakus I say Full because I know that Brigade partially played in QL) imagine how it will be for Jamaïque to have a solo career, by the way who is that Kasonda guy? Is he the guy that resembles Roi david that Werra tested in that Eastern Congo city?

If Jamaìque wasn't lazy and JB Wasn't lady Fuse Vs Jamaique could have been a great Atalaku rival duo, like the one of Bill Vs Caludji or Brigade Vs Celeo if Fusee was in Maison Mere he would probably have the same level of success of Brigade or even more I don't know why Jamaïque doesn't perform at the level we all hope for


or a tribute song to mothers like papa wemba did to maman nyondo
for all the criticism jdl rio and kibens get i think they really did their best  work since th or internet especially in terms of chorus
It could be but the problem is that without the video no matter how good the song is it won't get the same traction that a song with a video did, for example the video Na Suka Wapi of NOUVEL HORIZON is at 2 milion

While the audio version is at 20 k

yeah of maison mere first then stayed in europe and joined les marquis,but first and foremost a childhood friend of ferre
she went on mission and got sick there and passed away
Missione for?

« on: March 19, 2023, 16:21 »

3 months since his last song but he is out here acting like Fally's spokesman this is just sad


that must be super super tough to endure
she went if i am not mistaken to a week of work in poland for her job and never returned alive
good brotherhood there from ferre,had a lucrative wedding concert in kin but cancelled to stay by his friend
may God give picasse strength
RIP to her t h the comments under the video make me sick, I wonder when did Congolese people pass this limit of mocking a person cause they cry over their homeboy's girl death, like it is sad really sad

Congolese Music / Re: Sarah Solo leaves WMMM
« on: March 18, 2023, 03:11 »
According to WMMM blogs, Sarah Solo has offucially resigned from WMMM. Wishing her succes!
She did a terrible mistake by Leaving a steady musical career in Ivory Coast to go back to Congo, anyway Werra needs to check himself, how many peoole left not cause of Werra but for toner musicians? Prince for Kakol, Brigade for Heritier, Sarah for Bicorine Arc En Ciel Makaba, Ronaldinhi also for Kakol and so on? It is crazy, Werra can't complain about his musicians being lady and unproductive but then not doing anything to stop the talented ones from going, JB despite all of his flash after all this years is still respected because he had a strong core who gave him a great album to rely on, but Werra 's relevancy is fading away because aside from the generique there is not a single Werra rhymba, Sebene song that the public are remember8ng


Like in the soyons serieux days he got his legs attacked by mbasu and he has now recovered and is ready to restart working
lol his reflex to  always do the microphone gesture despite being handed a microphone is funny,you can feel that he's still got his street group memories very fresh,when there were barely microphones,the bassist had to turn to the wall to produce bass sound and things like that
Where is mbasu?


This was when he just joined and the koyimbiko dance was not fully developped yet,this made me remember anecdote from marchouse that in those days when it was kabose's turn to dance celeo was winding him up with big stars' animation "eh eh eh eh tate mame swabiwutu"
Tbh I wish I see more of this in Comgolese music it is too much waist based and there isn't enough creativity and taking up of the space around rhe dancer. Anyone who tried to revolutionize this aspect has always been called out as a Fake Xongolese or as a guy who he is trying to do Breakdance I remember I don't know where if in the Fally video or Ferre video but there was someone saying finally some easy dance routines to follow bot some breakdance

About the problems of money, Makaba & JB Mpiana themselves weren't saint. The musicians that followed them in Wenge BCBG thought that they would getting paid well after the experience they got in Kenya where they got paid by Makaba (this incident was one of the main incidents that created the split of Wenge). But when the tour ended they got peannuts all almost everybody being unhappy. Guys like Alain Mpela and Aimelia being frustrated. In 1999 the same thing happened and rumors being spread that Tutu Kaluji and Alain Mpela were about to leave (BCBG fanatics always claim that Tutu was manipulated by Aimelia) because of the way they were mad about the small amount of money they received despite the hard work they did at Zenith, Olympia and the first part of TH recordings. But influent donors and fans shorted it out quickly and they ended up by returning to Kinshasa and perform at Stade des Martyrs.

If you had to choose between BCBG and Masion Mere, which group was worse about paying musicians? In my opinion, Werrason is worse because he lost more musicians for that reason that JB Mpiana. JDL, Kibens, and Seguin are still there after all these years. I don't think there's anyone in Masion Mere that has lasted as long as Heritier or Kakol, everyone generally left because of money

Mmm tbh I don't think anyone from the original camp or even those who came after loke Ferre, Bill, JDT, for Werra or Tutu Caludji, etc. Of Bcbg could have predicted that Werra's children would dominate the Congolese music industry if we are talking about Ndombolo is like the world cup you know will partecipate but hardly you know who will win, like they didn't know that JB would be the one paying good and werra the Maboko Makasi one also who could have rpedicted that most of Werra's Childrenc would become the successful ones? It is crazy because even if now Lacoste seems like a crazy old guy rafting about things he had a very good run after he left Werra when he put that Medicament song ans made his solo career with C'est Par La La Solitoom, and introduce (well didn't it riduce because it was something Ba Mongo, Folklore group who is believe to be the original Batu Ya Mangala the guys who speak Lingala, used to play a lot especially RIP Mabele Elisi with Mimi Mongo)

Man imagine this song coming out now with The Success of Bokoko and everything if people liked it then imagine bow.

With that said I think that Werra not paying any of those guys kinda became a blessing in disguise for them because if you think about it Bill got a very lucrative contract with Skol and has had some success in his solo career and his lack of a steady solo success is due to his bigheadedness and the believe that he doesn't need to work like he used to do in Maison Mere

Celeo also had some hits from the recent Kombe Kombe to Wenze Ya Minzemba

yeah the one who was "petit na bango" in fvicteam has now to make a whole dialogue to pretend to test him,while he literally left deplick just because people said it was a step back,current fabro is no better
I wonder what's wrong with this Kasangidi guy, he had way better chances at a stable  life with Deplick then he has with fabregas if Fabro can keep him, he would be a great addiciton but tbh Fabregas needs ti call some of the isntrumentalists back he has Vegeta, Showme and now even Kasangidi but he can't translate their talent into music like he did with 3jours, Phrasologie, Archinuance, Ceda Capo, Platanguangi etc. If Kasangidi was smart he would have gone to Heriteor even go to Europe.

According to Elliot Mondombe there were already tensions since the days of Anges Adorables volume 1&2 but they still being together. The conflict got worse during the 1996-97 Europe about Wenge 4x4 either well or not recording an album and their staffs of Europe making it worser by reporting to both guys Werra said this about you, JB said this about you. The conflict became on higher level because of fashion. Every tour when Wenge 4x4 returns to Kinshasa they have a new look, for example Cris-Cros & Versace in 1993, Pentagone in 1996, the Kin E Bouger look in 1992, etc. Werrason and co decided to come with Japanese brands. JB wasn't there because of still being in Europe to finish his album. Then when JB returned to Kinshasa he imposed the "Bana Mindele" look. Masela & Werrason weren't happy with that. From then it became really war and the band being split in two. It was really difficult for the musicians. Because if you weren't in Werra & Masela's camp you had a problem as musician and the same if you weren't in JB's camp. Musicians then being spy and reporting to both musicians what they were saying about each other.

You had also an unhappy JB who was hurt, because of rumors being spread that he had lost his head and was tied up at home for occultism in order that Feux de l'Amour would get crazy succes. JB's camp accusing Werrason for spreading those rumors and being jealous of him. In the song Esau he would coming back on that, the way rumors were spread that he lost his head. In JB's first interviews after Feux de l'Amour release he would often being asked if those rumors were true or not. The conflict became only worser with the time going on and them at some point not talking to each other anymore

What was the problem initially about since the days of Anges Adorables? Was always about how the money was shared or who had the most authority in the group?

Also, do the members of Wenge Musica get royalties from the songs credited to their name? I'm not sure if they understood music publishing when they started music
Lol. Congolese-music it isn't Western music The SACHEM, ASCAP, BMI of Congo are corrupted and you will see people like Robinio get 10 20 times the amount that Tabu Ley family gets,  the song credited to groups musicians especially nowadays are branded as song by the musicians but at the end of the day always the leader song, Vita Imana still a Werra song, Eternellement still a Koffi's song  all the group album made by BCBG? (Jb's group not the full group with Werra etc.) All JB's songs

« on: March 13, 2023, 23:42 »
Well, Koffi did not like Jordan when he came in 1999 and used to leave him when he was on tours, and when it was time for Bercy, he left him behind. Jordan then came to Europe with everyone being confused with Koffi asking why he was here. Then when they were touring in Europe after Bercy, Koffi used to leave him behind hoping he would leave but Jordan was always following them. The police one time asked Koffi if he knew Jordan with Koffi saying no. Also when they were recording Force de Frappe, Jordan did not have a song. Jordan asked Koffi why he did not get a song when he came before all the others and had to convince Koffi to let him put a song on the album. Also one time in 2001 during a concert backstage, Jordan tried to joke around with Koffi, but Koffi said that he did not really want him there. During the same time, Koffi was in a beef with JB Mpiana and said to Jordan to insult Wenge BCBG back when Tutu Caludji said he was the real Mopao Mokonzi, but Jordan refused because he had his reputation almost destroyed so Koffi started liking him less. In 2002 you had the girlfriend drama that made Koffi mad and left him when they were going to Europe. After the Kora Awards, when Koffi went to Kinshasa for some interviews, Koffi said to Jordan that he was going to get a song on Affaire d’etat and tour with him in Europe, but Koffi ended up leaving him. Also during the same time Koffi was calling him a dog. Which made Jordan leave. When Jordan came back in 2004 he was less popular than he was when he left. One time Jordan talked to Aliya because they did not have some food but Koffi heard that and was not happy that Jordan talked to her. In 2005, during the GHK concert when Emeneya came during a rehearsal, Jordan sang all the Emeneya songs but not Koffi’s song which made Koffi think he was a spy. So during the concert, Koffi tried to ban Jordan from coming on stage but Jordan came in force. So when they were finished singing Riziki, Jordan said to Fally that he was leaving his group, then Fally said “stop joking” but Jordan said “oh yeah watch me” and jumped off of stage to go to his car and drove off. Jordan then made an album I do not remember the name of but along the lines of 7 ans cruelles translated to 7 cruel years but changed the name to Danger de Mort just to piss Koffi off. Then when visiting Fally during a concert he said to the crowd “that there will be a man with mad blood pressure” referring to Koffi. That is the story between Koffi and Jordan. Some say Jordan is the most 12’d person in Quartier Latin.

But why keeping him on Quartier Latin for so long if he wasn't loved? I remember that he had some space in Bilan as a vocalist and also had a lot of space with the group plus some seconds of solo dancing in Generation Bercy I say those because Effeakata is the only album that I remember of Koffi where Jordan was there

« on: March 13, 2023, 23:35 »

Full interview.
Loool those journalists are no different then kin journalists they love polémique, you can see Jordan was getting irritated with the constant Fally & Koffi questions. A bit disrespectful with them asking if Fally was made chef because he was the most talented out of all of them and asking if Fally was in ordering Ferre about.

So is he also a part of team Bleaching? Or is it just the lights flashing on him? Anyway Jordan solo career is strange it is like he never had a chance to fully prepare his solo career before controversy arised  plus that journalist accusing him of trying to sleep with her was the nail in the coffin.

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