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the bad luck fally has (and somehow created for himself) is that fans of several fans of other artists will never accept to vote for him even for pride of our country because they know or think that if he wins him or his journalists will come to bellitle other artists so they'd rather  he loses so he does not get even more cocky(according to them)
this is just like francis kakonde rightfully said in a recent interview,our musicians and their fans if they want proper unity should fight for trophies for the pride of DRC and not for their own pride in order to mock rivals,if there was that unity DRC could win far more trophies

Yes that is what drives me mad about Congolese fans, I mean Fally has 30 m views Ferre 5 Werra 3 Fabro 9 Felix 2 Koffi 13 on their most viewed video which is 63 million of views but no one of the fans will support the other one and that's said, I mean these are the things who pushes music behind, just think about the Koffi, JB situation or the Blaise Bula Werra situation JB will probably beat you if you talk about Koffi in good way in his presence, and Koffi only accept guys from big groups only if they insult their former boss so he can weaken their former boss and so on, a huge number of strategic and Macchiavellianic tricks.
And @Matebu, I don't think he meant to say that (Mâitre Gims) I think he meant to say that being a Muslim he feels more close to Syrian than Congolese (ironically even black Muslims in Arab world are treated like shit, getting beaten up if the Arab team is loosing in African cup or getting sold like slave when there isn't a government) he has grown up in France though so like Mbappe and many other Africans born in France they don't have a strong connection with the homeland, for Batshuayi I think his parents are to blame, because if you feel Belgian just say I refuse DRC without making all those rants on how much Belgium you are, I mean if you stop to play football, and maybe you will not earn as much as you were doing when you were playing your wife will be still there? Yes Eboue case really hit me hard like my uncle said, first find love and money will come.

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Despite Nicodem being the most loved member of Wenge after Kakol by Werra he didn't get any visit from anyone in his birthday when he did the party, the only guy who was with him was Kakol, what that meant? I mean it is very weird that a guy from Wenge makes a birthday party and have journalist, sportsman and many other people to join but not his colleagues, what is the problem between the rest of Wenge members (except Kakol) and Nicodem?

There are 2 things in life you need to be very self discipline with and they are people's money and women respect those 2 and you live a peaceful life. Poor Baby Ndombe you should have been stronger than that or just do what Heritier did go after the sister in law and you get the pass kie kie
He never touched Mampata and is true he never did, MM administration can even say you killed someone if they want you out, remember that Administration of Wenge stole money from the KoYimbi Ko Zenith belonging to the musicians, always gossip  Werra about musicians and will have no problem insulting people they will probably to or robbed money Werra give them to as soon as they leave because they made their life uncomfortable, you know what Bill thought was in 2003? I will never leave Wenge is my home, and it was the same though of Brigade, Lobeso, Kapaya and many others who left because Wenge it is not good as it seems from the outside.

Does Dadju count as a Congolese Musician or a French Based artist who's Congolese? I hear elements of Congolese music in his work but for the most part it sound Banku/Afrobeat. Anyways, I'll support  :).
, Maitre Gims doesn't even have French nationality yet

Yet he believes he should be viewed as a Frenchman and not Congolese, smh. That’s why Congolese diaspora is currently pissed at him.

If you’ve been in a country since age 2 and still denied citizenship, then it’s should make you prouder of your true origins.
He never said he was his origins he only said it is unfair to not being considered French despite the impact he had on French music he said "I feel a strong connection both with Congo and France I feel I am a European and an African artist because I represent both" he never said he didn't like being Congolese the guy who really hate being Congolese and black it is Michy Batshuayi the Chelsea player who said "I am black only because of my parents, I am born here (In Belgium) grown here (in Belgium) and I have never been to Africa so as a man and as a Sportsman I will always feel and be Belgian"

Does Dadju count as a Congolese Musician or a French Based artist who's Congolese? I hear elements of Congolese music in his work but for the most part it sound Banku/Afrobeat. Anyways, I'll support  :).

Both, I mean Ckngolese-French artist mainly do French music but uses rap, trap or afrobeat or orchestra as Maître Gims do, they are definitely Congolese national and mind wise, Maitre Gims doesn't even have French nationality yet

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Anyway I don't understand what JB is thinking about, from 18th minute (new material) the sound has been terrific, I don't understand what he is waiting for I mean what's wrong with this Noko? Fabregas had 4 albums between Soyons Serieux and BDM while JB is stretching songs since 5 years.

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the question people do not ask themselves about most ex bcbg musicians is do they try enough? the answer is clearly no,fabregas has more songs that all bcbg ex members combined,its not everybody who is destined to instant impact like ferre or fally,so they should at least try seriously,which they dont in my opinion,yes clearly they could have benefited from more exposure but there are far less promoted guys who had success,solo career is about luck,talent,hardwork and determination while  most ex bcbg members either still have not released like abel,sunda,zakoko,chai and abraham yet to give the full album or what they do is they pxxx off to europe as soon as their first try flop and lose interest and hunger,while maison mere guys will not allow you to forget them even if they flop they still try to bounce back
....Making it in music of congo relies so much on exposure from the big boss. Secondly, the other factor is good promotion like in the case of fally and fabregas. Ferre Gola has made it purely on exposure by werrason when he was in WMM and also Koffi tried to expose him in the short time he passed by QL. JB Mpiana could have had solo artists by now if he didn't make his band look un attractive by sticking too much with his old guard of 1998 (Kibense, JDL, Rio, Chai, Seguin etc). He should have deliberately made them redundant and allowed for Nono Fuji, Abraham, Gino, Sakoko, Zulema, Atshuda, Soso, bebeto etc to take complete charge.

Emo kindly define exposure
I think EMO meant getting enough time and songs for being seen by public, Fabregas, Deplick, Heritier all had songs to get their selves exposed, Brigade was the leader of Atalaku once in Wenge and for Lobeso he had a song with Bercy who made him won best animator of 2016 while BCBG, yes they have songs, but they rarely have time to expose it since time between albums is waaaay longer than the average of Congolese releases

Has any Francophone artist won a BET Award in the past?  That Best International Act category looks like a joke. It has nearly twice the nominees that the other categories have.
Not yet, the problem is that Congolese people really don't know or take serious BET and for other Francophones the same, for Congolese and Francophone people is more important to play at Olympia or at Zenith rather than winning BET's

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he was actually asked about that,and he said he used to be in contention with bogus who was not handing it easily so he learned from that not to reproduce it,i believe it explains why he has not gone solo or edge close to it,because a looooot of people are advising him to do it  but he is not(yet) in that mood of being bold to strenghten personal glory then leave on hype so he tells them he is happy with how he is  at the moment
mono n Abraham should have left at kipe yayo...these two would b strong by now. Jb never promotes artists n he rarely drops music so all his artists fail when they try solo

JB is an old type man, with an old type mentality, yes there has been plenty of people who went solo before Fally and Ferre, but in modern era they started the trend, which was improved by Wenge MM ex alumni, beside them, a lot of musicians including JB himself, think that you need to stay in a big group and never go, because it is better being paid or having mabanga and album money for a limited space rather than go solo with no money and hard finances to face, do you hear about Abraham or Chai right now?


Whoever you will vote make sure Congo will go forward, a little example of how powerful Congolese music can and will always be.


kiekie, he looks older than Wazekwa, Koffi, & Karmapa but is a 5gen artist

Is the pondu effect lol, anyway how could he be cool with Werra after all he made to baby ndombe

10/10 I don't know how people may say that it is not perfect, I mean 33 songs is the right number, since Congolese music have a very short number of songs.

I believe ndeko @mvulusi has the complete opposite viewpoint from yours regarding this album. :D

10/10 I don't know how people may say that it is not perfect, I mean 33 songs is the right number, since Congolese music have a very short number of songs.

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How blind mono Fuji is, is beyond me. How does he wait for kibense and rio to reach 100 yr???
He prefer being treated badly, but having money and fame, instead of going solo and becoming like Chai

i think moving with miel makes a little bit more sens in terms of full freedom,in team wata there was mandjeku who is one of the chefs while with miel he would be an automatic chef,surely he could try to go back to maison mere one day given his record of u turns but i guess they had enough of him, i just realised from the second trip of wenge in europe in 1992 only four musicians remain very active in kinshasa till today,jb,werrason,ali mbonda and maitre ficarre,thats quite a lot of time by the maison mere standards
I think one of the reason Ali left MM, is the fact that he wasn't getting the credit and the respect that Kakol got, Kakol is way more little than him, but Kakol is the Orchestra Chef, have crazy authority over the youngsters and his own colleagues, while Ali has a lot of times being in the negative spotlight like when he rant about not having a car when Gilles Massua came, or when he fought Lobeso, he was probably mad that Werra kinda "forgot" him over Kakol and you know how musicians are, he will have a lot of freedom with Miel, but the problem is that Miel isn't the best solo artist out there and he will rarely becomes a strong solo artist unless he does something Fabregas did.

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