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« on: Today at 13:54 »
guys we cant really compare we have seen papa wemba do wonders for a congolese artist we have witnessed  him having his career pretty much behind him and unfortunately now his life is gone aswell so we can assess all what he has done,fally is still at the point of aiming to do in a different context,and in a completely different so called world music realities aint the same at all and fally himself says he is inspired by papa wemba but will be trying to make his own mark
the only thing so far i really see in common between both is how controversial their choice was to people,even emeneya for the nzinzi album got criticized seriously
What were the reasons behind the criticism of Emeneya? I have notice that he wasn't really considered as a big artist by the musicians except by Werra.

that guy youquote mentioned is actually iniesta
God I am so confused so he is the same guy at 00:17?

« on: Today at 13:10 »
I didn't put Papa Wemba because honesty I have never lived his era of musical success worldwide the only album that I have ever listened was the one with Al Pacino and Mogratana with very young dancers I don't remember the album's name I guess it was A Là Une or something and there was the typical sign of Papa Wemba with the hands up, and with song like Kinzaki, and cries like "Mamma Mia", " Soki mwana kulutu alakisi mosapi petite frère keba suka nde mabe" and then the other one was Show Me The Way a sungle along with that song who start like a prayer: "Koluka elongi na Yawhe, na ba mpasi na nga..." So I can really be honest about Wemba influenced me or my way of views like Koffi, Emeneya, or Fally did but I think it only generational.
I know Papa Wemba was big because when he died and I saw people from all Europe talking about his death but I think that even though you think Fally is still little to Papa Wemba I think that if he will keep singing in Lingala and do Rumba and Generique he will easily be bigger than Wemba

Congolese Music / Re: WENGE BCBG... NEW SLAVES???
« on: Today at 13:01 »
The other thing that shocks me is why fans in Congo do not Boooo at the the mikulis when they are on stage.
EMO the leader figure in Congo is seen as a semi-god if something is wrong it is never fault of the leaders but is to blame on the Chef D'Orchestre and the other members that's why you will never see Werra booed at LA Zamba or JB not getting booed at concert

« on: Today at 12:53 »

Talking about French and Belgian Congolese I was absolutely mesmerized by this song che the last minutes from 2:47 until the end.
By the way this guy is on Youssoupha's label (Tabu's son)

The live version is made in the same day that Fally came in wow

Me too I start to loose the count after the entrance of Iniesta which I think is the gu y who dances well from Lacoste and Goldberg, now I don't recognize much people even from the starters like the guy doing the part of the dancer in Zenga Luketo who is also a singer the guy at 1:01 that dances on your left until 1:04 smiling


the former-members of the Zaiko-generation of 1971-1974 gained alot of money by making reunion-albums and concerts in the '80s and '90s.

They remained bothers without complexes. Grand Job & Quattro+1 are two really fantastic albums; I play both all the time.

There was that on Clan Wenge album with Tata Dominguez & Lacoste (Kuma kukiele, 2001), but let's be real it meant nothing at all. The sad part though was it sounded better that Dominguez's first album. He handicapped himself by not recording in Europe

With Clan Wenge I meant Werrason, J.B. Mpiana, Blaise Bula, Makaba & Masela. Imagine if they recorded in 2009 a reunion-album and to counter the power of G5. They would have then gained alot of money.

I saw Kuma Kukiele like a preview of Affaire Tonya Tonya. Kuma Kukiele was like a zong-zing album. I remember that Maison Mere-fans saw Serge Mabiala & Didier Lacoste as traitors when the album was released.

If Aldophe Dominguez had a serious manager instead of Jacko Sayala, he could have brought a mobile-studio to Kinshasa and record the album the way Somo Trop of Papa Wemba and Sponsor of Wazekwa were recorded.
Why don't they do it? Their pride is useless they still think is 90's and they are stars but Xally, Ferre are taking over so I really don't understand their pride

What I find really shocking beside how the girl was killed is the fact that actually a guy over a dream found the guy's home and FiCarrè's daughter, anyway I really don't know how can a guy can do something like that especially to a lady that you are with so sad.
She was so beautiful

« on: October 18, 2017, 11:39 »

You can love or hate Fally, being a fan or not being a fan but you have to recognize that he is the only Congolese guy who is breaking barriers after Emeneya and Koffi, Emeneya was very strong in Japan while Koffi really broke the barriers in a lot of African countries but Fally is slowly becoming worldwide, for the people who doesn't know Clique is a YouTube channel where people mainly French but even internationals famous one are getting ng interviewed over their career in life, man I wish all the Congolese artist could take the same road of Fally

« on: October 18, 2017, 11:26 »

Wow Lobeso almost lost all the members, I think the reason is simple absolutely no money, how can you start a career when you aren't able to pay and I think that what got people tired of Lobeso is the fact that he is too much of a temper bad temper guy
Anyway the guys are saying that Elvis steal their cries and uses all the cries of Wenge MM especially the one from 7 Jours

« on: October 17, 2017, 22:45 »
ROBERTO EKOKOTA WUNDA  was born in 1971 and raised in kinshasa in the area of kintambo were he started music in early 80's as a dancer in traditional groups playing what we know now as bonioma and playing mbonda aswell
around 1985 he will be trained to play shaker and start animation by late vieux obigo the creator of the word "atalaku" in the group bana odeon and he will quickly  learn his trade and in 1986 he will arrive in final of a competition between street groups in the group attraction babylone of kintambo along with the likes of patient kusangila and ali mbonda
in 1987 1988 when wenge musica is looking for an atalaku as full king who they had in the band did not convince them, werra will discover  ekokota thanks to his friend papy mavuzi (the older brother of blanchard mosaka) as roberto used to work with their younger brother "levieux" mavuzi and they used to live on same avenue as mampata and straight away he is invited to join wenge musica and take 1st spot next to full king and he will bring with him the style from bana odeon which is also already exploited in zaiko and empire by nono and djouna mumbafu
 while he missed out on first album mulolo he will participate on second album kin e bouger where he adds his first song ngoma maguy which is a song from bana odeon in which he anticipates wenge music getting "champion du zaire" title shouting it in the sebene part of that song
he starts earning himself a solid reputation as he matches djouna with his energetic style aswell as dance skills and he will confirm his status of one of the best atalakus of the country in kalayi boeing with "boma liwanza"and becomes a big favourite of the leaders of the group
as he will continue to shine in les anges adorables he welcomes another atalaku tutu caludji to complement him and will form with him a solid partnership
 in album pentagone he will be credited the generique which is also an old songs from bana odeon which he reworked but in this period he will start having a drop in performances as he faces a lot of problems with his throat and to add insult to injury he will have serious problems which will require surgery but in the meantime he is technically part of the team creating wenge bcbg as generique of titanic is credited to him due to start of generique coming from him
in early 2000's he'll go back to kin and brazzaville to try forming a band but it did not work out and he disappeared from then

so Roberto is his real name ? is he Angolese like Nyoka Longo, Manuaku, etc. ?

Wow is is that beginning only "totala ndenge titanic ezali kondida ooh" or also that part of "tala maman dileh, bana nketo dilooh" , which Theo Mbala and Mboshi Lipassa also animated ?

Man I would have seen him doing those Bana Odeon-Intro's in Anges Adorables and Kalayi Boeing, because I used to love their folkloric music. Did they ever recorded an album ?
Is Angolan* noto Angolese
Anyway who Is this Full King? Wow I habe neber heard of Jim was he so bad?

« on: October 17, 2017, 20:51 »
Yes you are right the problem is not for Jamaïque but for the other ones, do you remember how Heritier attacked Brigade over some stupid jealousy??? And do you remember how Lobeso got 12'd until he himself decided to leave MM for Atalakus might be the best move for their career but not the best for their psychology

Congolese Music / Re: Are we biased
« on: October 17, 2017, 19:23 »
Mwana Nsalu is right listen to Drake & Wizkid song or the Unforgettable song by French Montana ft Swae Lee which was turned in Uganda @ Kampala, the crazy fact is that is golden disc in Italy and Platinum in United States two of the most racist country
Being a black Italian all I can say is that everything that a guy with a white skin does and a black american does is considered as golden by Italians but whatever does an African guy is seen as shitty, for example there is a guy called Rovazzi who make comedy music and got 100 million views on YiuTube being white while a guy from Ghana who does the sa.e thing got death threat and can't do concerts anymore that's the racism in Western world so we have to get used to it

« on: October 17, 2017, 19:12 »
No that's not true because in 1997 he was already finished and he had not new cries. In concerts only appared animate old Wenge 4x4 songs and that little part he had on Masuwa & Top Modele. Werrason was at that time already looking for atalaku who could replace him.
Thank youuuuu he did animate on half of feux de l'amour but it was very little not even a min and yeah his throats issues affected him a lot but his time was coming to an end he had no new cries and that style of animation was pretty much gone by then and I've never heard anyone say that bercy prince and co wouldn't be around if ekokota was still active lol
So? What is the lol about? You have got your opinion I have mine

« on: October 17, 2017, 19:06 »
If the rumors are true, I really don't understand Emerite because he has Ambulance, Anti-Balle, Diego, Goldberg, Liboka as official atalakus (Liboka has been never used in 7 Jours) plus 2 atalakus as reserves without counting the constant tests that are made @ LA Zambia plus the guys who never perform so taking Jamaïque will be useless, I would love to see Jamaïque @ BCBG or from Koffi, or from Fally, especially from Fally the rumba album would be great with Jamaïque as a #1 Atalaku

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