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« on: Today at 21:23 »
Kabuya Vs Bill
Kabuya vs Fusee
Brigade vs Kabuya vs Fusee
Genta vs Brigade
Lobeso vs Goldberg
Jamaïque vs Brigade
Jamaïque vs Bill
Celso vs Genta (at their prime, now it would be pain for ears as they both lost their voice)
Anti-Balle vs Bill
Anti-Balle vs Kabuya
Ambulance vs Bill
Ambulance va Kabuya
Brandon vs Brigade
Ambulance vs Brigade

Bercy showing remorse and says that he wouldn't leave his friends Richard and that he is really feeling the loss because he was like a brother to him. It's weird how Bercy said he left behind one child but Carime reminded him his mom said he has three.

Is he stupid? Your best friend just died and your preoccupation is to answer journalists like you won the world cup???
Kindoki eh
It is wrong in so many ways, if he was innocent (which is not, you can say whatever but that guy killed him intentionally) he would stay there and stay to mourn his friend with his family that is what a true friend does. Now I understand why Wazekwa, Werra and Ferre treated him like this.

Congolese Music / Re: Ethnic groups
« on: Today at 08:15 »
So Fally is Mungala? I'm a bit confused since it was spelled Mangala and I thought most tribes were Mu- singular Ba- plural.

If he is mungala it kinda makes sense why I thought he sounded like Maman Eyenga in KO-KO-KO lol. They speak really deep lingala.
Mangala is the ethnicity let's assume I am Fally I am a Mangqla of ethnicity, but for calling one Mangala you say Mungala moko boye a Mungala Bangala moko boys some Mangalas
In KiKongo instead
Ki means of Ki Kongo means of Kongo but Mongo originally means Kingdom so KiKongo means Of The Kingdom so for the Bakongo is the same the only thing that changes is the prefix on the ethnicity in fact we are BaKongo as ethnicity

« on: March 18, 2018, 16:23 »

Just listen the energy he put in Kotazo/Debarquement, Emeneya was really one of the best artist Africa and world has had, it is sad that he passed away.

Bercy is the result of having too much freedom to do whatever without being disciplined, Wazekwa did everything to educate him, but now Bercy faces his own childish behaviour, if he will be took he will go in prison for at least 20 years, and for what? Killing is so wrong and your homeboy how perverse is that.


Interesting observation. Do you think there's a culture in Congolese music that prefers artist or bands to be formed locally as opposed to being imported? Perhaps that explains the difficult start of Damien Aziwa and company.
I don't think is necessarily, preferring local artist but the fact that Congolese people , since only 30% of population got internet now a days and in the past was hard to know what was happening real time overseas, prefer physical copies of CD than internet and beside that it is easier to follow a local artist instead of follow the guy making albums in Europe

Congolese Music / WENGE'S
« on: March 16, 2018, 19:25 »
Being a very hard fan of Werra and enjoying JB as well, I really think that if you want to be important in the future, you need to be in WMMM, simply because BCBG's singers are too much loved by JB, not only Seguin, but Genta, Josky and all of them basically get everything without much effort, most of the people of BCBG unless they have problems with Seguin would never leave and think solo career is suicide, while on Wenge, Werra can help you in many ways but if you are not talented you will get booed or not taking seriously, like Robinio that really was a marginal members since he is not a very good singer.
And I think this is what leads MM's alumni to be more successful.
Simply because you need to know the hunger for then appreciate eating, if you have already a lot to eat at home, you will never leave your house, on the other side, if you don't eat at your house you'll rather die once you are out then being without food.

The man with the "golden baritone" as a BBC journalist once wrote:

Si je savais ca, Faute ya Visa, Juste un Peu d'Amour, Colonisation, Ya Jean... ah Madilu Multi-system was too good. RIP
You are wrong Ferre is following the same path, maybe the sound is a little bit different since music kind evoluted a bit, but I can easily say that Madilu, Papa Wemba, Csrlito, and Evoloko's heir is definitely Ferre.

Career.... ozo ko Rond Point ozo
Abel has a very strange definition of success and career Soyons Serieux was 7 years ago, and he used the same line of Mbua in Robinio's line.
I can understand his anger but JB also invited Chain and took Caludji back so no need to complain, nobody told you to accept 14 years of free work

Congolese Music / Re: Ethnic groups
« on: March 15, 2018, 22:57 »
Mvulusi how it is the situation of KiKongo now? It is still used? Because one of my biggest fear being a MuKongo it is that KiKongo might disappear like many other African languages

Congolese Music / BLACK PANTHER
« on: March 15, 2018, 07:57 »
Talking about black panther (a movie based on African pride) I really found very lovely when Chad Boseman interviewed on Rolling Stones said that he inspired himself to Obama, Mandela and most of all Lumumba, I admit I have cried because I felt that somehow Lumumba's work wasn't vain, anyway what really pissed me off about that movie is that they were no Congolese on the Soundtrack, no Angolans, no Ivorian or Togolese but only commonwealth people, which is totally absurd, especially if you take Lumumba as the staring inspiration, Fally, Ferre even Fabro would have been perfect for that and could have given the antique spark our music needed, why does American people even though they know Congo (talking about black guys) don't consider our country for thus things?

Congolese Music / Re: Ethnic groups
« on: March 15, 2018, 01:48 »
Werra is a Bayaka which is a "under group" of Bakongo, since Bakongo has a mother lineage and back in the days people from the same ethnicity (ethnicity of Bakongo like Nelukeni, Kimpanzu Mbau etc.) couldn't marry between their own ethnic group, so whole the people who didn't respect that rule became Bayaka, from southwest a "second class Bakongo's even though has passed a lot of time, you will notice some difference between " real Bakongo" and Bayaka for example Bayaka are less strict and have less problem to enjoy life, while "pure Bakongo" are a little bit more sever and focus on things like school and really doesn't consider music or arts in general a big thing, a lot of Bakongo people most of the times are credited to the place of power or the place where intelligence plays a big part.
Then Werra's brother JB is a Muluba and they speak tshiluba which is an ethnic group in the east that is considered a bit like the funny guy, or sometimes the guys which are not to trust, can't reay described them since I am a Bakongo but most of the time they are very col layback and very active on the tradition for example there is a luba traditional marriage that if you broke up with cheating it will lead yo direct death.
Then there is Fally which is a Mangala/Mongo Mangala are the people who speak lingala, lingala that has been made popular by Mobutu that really wanted to make Congo with people who would not lost African language so he used is own as the lingua franca (Lingala) allowing the other three (KiKongo, Swahili, Tshiluba) to being used instead if french.
Mongo is like a very very difficult lingala with totally different words Falanga instead of Mbongo and so on.
They have the reputation of being very harsh if they have to say something to you without holding it back
Then Ferre is a Bakongo but he has been raised in Kin so I guess his mentality it is like a Mangala.
Then ar the Swahili people like Brigadiera and Capucino and they are very free in mentality, not strict but also not excessively layback, cool, chill easy, you can talk about them easily and it is very hard to hear them doing something bad since they always try to search the right road for things.
Lobeso, Mabele Elisi, Fally, I think are mongo
Werra is a Bayaka,
Metrau, Gentaa Bakongo
JB, Liboka, Heritier, Bill if I don't get wrong are Tshiluba
Brigade, Cappuccino are Swahili.
Not sure about the other leaders/singers/musician ethnicity

« on: March 14, 2018, 19:58 »
This guy really took seriously MABELE ELISI's group and is really making everything to keep alive the movement.

didier and werra have no problem but talk rarely as far as i know its often tata who when he is with any of them who brings the other into the discussion
makaba and jb are good  last year they ate at restaurant like 5 6 times  and makaba attended a bcbg concert but for whatever reason it was not recorded and not talked about only tolbert solo said  makaba gave him advice after concert and congratulated him for the way he plays 4X4 songs well
I have even saw once in a BCBG concert, very very long time ago (Kiyunguzuna period) where Masela attebdend the concert even playing the bass in the freestyle section of the part where dancers and singer dance.

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