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Congolese Music / Re: IF YOU WERE A MUSICIAN...
« on: February 19, 2018, 13:12 »
I'd still use youtube granted the video is good. The payments suck but as a musician you don't really depend on this to recoup your income. It gives you the visual promotion for work later on like appearances/performances where many musicians make their money today. The other services are pretty much only audio which doesn't get attention like a video. Not to mention youtube is probably the most used service listed. Look at it as an investment.
That's true basically with 10000$/€ I have checked that it would have been 1.3 million of coverage 897€ who will rise up to 3.6 million views if the music is mad good with approximately 2484 €... 8000 Euro down the investments but as you said people will start to know you and could lead you to live which is the thing that gives you real money since the artist himself decides how much money he will take.

« on: February 19, 2018, 13:06 »
It is on his FB page I didn't put any comments because I don't wanna get blocked we all know how much Fally is sensitive to critics

« on: February 19, 2018, 13:05 »
Werrasonique you are not aware of the current situation in Wenge, no Europe, no French or Europan fans under 40 (except me) Wenge lost his identity of live music orchestra and people are more interested in Fabro, Ferre, Fally, and so on most of my friends doesn't even know Werra is out and when I make then listen songs they say he lost his identity, I mean the fact that people constantly go it means something is not going, most of the people who left Wenge Bill and Ferre to start didn't even want to leave and Wenge could be the big first group in Congo, if you check all the interviews except for Fabregas (who wanted to make his album months before going out) whole the ex members of Wenge didn't want to leave Lobeso left because he was kinda became the laughing stock of Wenge (village boy, guy who only speaks in Mongo) Brigade because he was badly beaten by Heriter's pals, Heritier because he didn't feel enough freedom, Eboa my god Eboa how many times Eboa has been treated like shit? In the series of Sous-Sol him and Kene were left behind in Kin with family to feed and not even a cent left by Werra.
You can not be only hyped by the music without watching the condition of the people who makes it.
If Anti-Balle left after one disc, if Ambulance and Bill left after being the number one it means something, Wenge ekufi I repeat it I give 3 years max to Jamaïque de Kisangani for leaving, MARK MY WORDS.
Like I said that 7 Jours would have been a success Jamaïque will last three years in Wenge MARK IT

Congolese Music / Re: IF YOU WERE A MUSICIAN...
« on: February 19, 2018, 11:08 »
I'm a huge fan of Tidal. So I would side with them, but I would want to get my music exposed more
I think I would sign for tidal too but at the same time, at least in Europe, Tidal is not very used by the consumer.
Spotify is the application that everyone uses but the problem with Spotify is that gives you less money and for YouTube it is easy by sponsoring get million views but money is even lower and you have to come with a crazy good video for getting a very good number of views

« on: February 19, 2018, 10:59 »

« on: February 19, 2018, 10:58 »
Matebu be happy about this movie, finally black american are starting to know themselves and finally they are starting to respect Africa Jaymaxvi pure Congolese taught Michael B. Jordan some lingala and that is the right direction I mean the starring on Creed that says Nalingi bino nyonso? Is huge tomorrow we could see Kendrick Lamar featuring Ferre I mean we already seen Fally and R. Kelly so the sky is the limit.

Congolese Music / IF YOU WERE A MUSICIAN...
« on: February 16, 2018, 17:45 »

If you were a fresh musician, with no financial help, but with 10000$ or Euros after a lot of work to invest in only one song's promotion would you spend that over the promotion of that single on Spotify or would you make the video and promote it only on YouTube knowing that this are the payments?

This article was published over a year ago and it had interviews with both fally and ferre separately and they were both dissing each other but the question is was it real or not because before the recent polemique they never spoke of each other that way even though some of the stuff they're both saying about themselves sounds like something they would say lol

P: How would you describe yourself?

FG: I am a legend in the making and a captain who leads the new youthful generation of Congolese rumba safely.

 It is true that there are predecessors, but despite this I remain the team leader as far as doing unique rumba with a difference goes.

P: What of Fally Ipupa?

FG: He is a colorless musician. We know of many artists who do music for fame and money as opposed to doing it for passion. This kind of music normally lack longevity.

P: Between the two of you who rules musically?

FG: I am undoubtedly the best young Rumba artist Congo never had. My classic vocals, unique voice, rhythm style and ability to sing nearly all voices of Congolese musicians is a plus.

P: What’s your relationship with Fally?

FG: It’s no secret that I and Fally Ipupa do not cope. We have never been friends. After all we come from different mentors- I from Werrason and him form Koffi Olomide.

P: Given a chance would you work with him?

FG: If he has something valuable and mature to offer then I would consider working with him.  After all, I have received many requests from several artists across the globe who are interested in working with me.

P: How would you describe his music?

FG: I strongly believe that a good artist should be able to know and understand what good and serious music entails, and that is where originality, creativity, presentation and longevity comes in.

 It’s unfortunate that a number of popular musicians are known to churn out songs that are wanting, however, it is normally short lived.



P: If you were in his shoe what would you change?

FG: Fally should strive to sing and I mean sing well as opposed to concentrating on twerking his waist.

P: What makes you different?

FG: The secret lies in my melodies. Unlike my peers I use a lot in my guitar rumba besides trying to modernize my music by  coloring it with R & B, reaching out to larger audience.


P: How would you describe yourself?

FI: I am the most admired Congolese musician with swag and a favourite to many female fans. Truth is, my rivals are still in their musical diapers as far as international fame goes.

P: What of Ferre?

FI: Ferre who? Like I said my rivals will always remain in their position as I am happy to be in front of them.

P: Between the two of you who rules?

FI: By now you are already aware that my music has achieved international recognition including winning many awards. There is no doubt that I became the first youthful Congolese musician to make history as far putting the newer Congo rumba music on the world map.

 Unlike Ferre Gola whose music that is more confined to Congo and some parts of Africa – mine is international- hence I remain ahead of my rivals.

P: What’s your relationship with Ferre?


FI: We have nothing in common apart from artistic platform. I get aggravated when people compare me to him.

P: Given a chance would you work with him?

FI: I would rather skip that question for now. Only time will tell.

P: How would you describe Ferre’s music?

FI: I love and support good music … but that does not mean that I am a fan of Ferre. I am a man of my own.


P: If you were in his shoe what would you change?

FI: I would strive to be more proficient by making sure that my music is well marketed and has a perfect distribution channel that is highly professional.

P: What makes you different?

FI: Unlike most of my peers who do pure rumba I am a versatile musician who specializes in modernized, contemporary rumba fused with various styles hence reaching out to a larger audience across the world
Fake, totally fake

« on: February 16, 2018, 17:41 »
what is happening is simply that he refuses to release albums for those he still has relationship with,for example chai jb helps him in any  imagineable way,house rents,studio sessions,rehearsal but he does not want to appear as a producer,which is also why deplick took a while to release despite jb's help,abel has not been in touch with jb at all since he left and like you can imagine,his flirting with koffi central has certainly been reported and reported as done deal
then again jb can be "strange" on treason issues all those who did songs of praise for kinuani(sandralina,afande,tutu ) are mentioned in every bcbg concert so maybe at some point they might be close 
in the case of abraham aswell he funded sessions and  trips all but considers it would not be logic to release somebody else 's work when he waits on his own to have somebody who will appear as the producer(more of a distribution/marketing guy in reality)
he has been asked that question often and he repeats that he is not interested to be a producer and prefers to help people behind the sceness
its not only maison mere,jb like some other leaders including werra and koffi funds behind the scenes albums, religious seminaries,comedies...
even in bcbg with giving permission to do solo albums,he says to his musicians i will fund you as much as i can but i am not a producer so its better to find somebody who is a producer or who is willing to handle the last steps as it has becomed common
jb is still in the logic of a "perfect" musical industry like in the past,with everybody doing his role
i can guarantee you if he did have another choice than spending those almost 200K dollars on the sessions over the years  he'd grab it

I see, I don't know why he sees things like this, people would be very happy knowing that he funds Abraham, Abel, and other ex-BCBG members and would have behave differently over BDM.
I mean now that I know that he really care about his ex members I can understand why BDM is taking this long, and even people sees him as producer it wouldn't be a big deal I mean Koffi once produced L'Or Mbongo so I don't understand why is fearing to be seen like that, that is extra promotion for him.

« on: February 16, 2018, 12:42 »
JB is getting ridiculous now, not only he doesn't want to release for whatever reason but furthermore don't even think at producing his offshoots, after not any of those (except for Abraham went to Koffi, why did he act like that? And why is quick to favour WMMM ex's?
He gave money to Deplick to fund his first album,  but at the same time Chai, Abel, Eric, and so on will hardly release any album, and JB will not make anything for helping them?
I ask you all why.
I would love to hear EMO's opinion because he is the most sincere fan of JB and Archos's one because he is the guy who knows him better and since most long in this forum

« on: February 16, 2018, 12:38 »
I thought Miel De Son had also left Maison Mere?

And where is Sarah Solo?
Maybe she left but If it is like that it would be bizarre not seeing her with no group, I think she have joined Heritier

"Frere" Dakumuda sung on this, like he was a member of Quartier Latin. This song was supposed to be a duet with Julio Iglesias (who was one of idols). But Julio refused Koffi's offer. I remember the press reporting that he wanted to invite him and Youssou N'dour for Monde Arabe.
Why Julio refused? It would have been a huge hit

Congolese Music / KANIAKA
« on: February 15, 2018, 00:47 »
What Kaniaka exactly means

« on: February 13, 2018, 12:47 »
In short she is saying she knows her and werra owe something to kakol for his now 21 years in the group and urged them to be united and told kakol that she knows it might annoy him to be seen as a bad egg in the group something wrongly but its also up to them to  naturally prove that what people say is wrong,and she says all that backbone of the group(kakol,bikorino,djino bass and co) should get her number so if they want something or they have a problem they are afraid to say directly to werra they can contact here especially when she is in kin since she pretty much lives abroad now
then the typical stuff of his artist of talking about haters and so on
Blind lady that doesn't sees what everybody sees and for Kakol, nobody told him to kick people out with nothing or making them feel unwanted, Kakol always says that leaving the group is a bug mistake but fails to say that he is the guy who kicks people.out so hypocrisy over hypocrisy.
Anyway I think that max 5 years and Wenge will totally lose appeal to youngsters and only old guys like Diego and Kakol will stay.

Ya Archos believe me brother I am the greatest fan ever of maison mere, but the situation of whole the jealousy between members and most of all of the greediness of Werra is becoming too much not much time ago a very important musician of Maison Mere (No need to say the name, I can tell you that he is still there since more than 5  years) asked me after I took his number for some musical project of mine if I could have bought him an instrument, and it is not a guy of a second team or a guy just came to test days ago, he played in Ingeta, he played on 7 Jours, and has a really high hierarchy on the list of Werra, so I cannot stand the hypocrisy in the movement, that lady is a great human being but her husband? Mmm not so much, Werra artist is a genius but if Werra man will keep like that MM will die soon, Ambulance going to Wata is a very clear signal of that.

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