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Congolese Music / Re: I NEED NEW MUSIC
« on: September 20, 2017, 20:14 »
I've been a enjoying recent releases from a lot of Europe based artists and West African artists, but this is rhumba and traditional; you seem to be a sebene guy however. Correct, or no?
Yes, even though I like traditional music a lot I go crazy for Bayuda Du Congo (Tshiluba Folklore), Mabele Elisi (Mongo/Lingala Folklore) Swahili Folklore and KiKongo One especially with songs like Zenga Luketo, Wumbanzanga, Matali Yo, Nioka Mubi and Kintueni

Congolese Music / Re: I NEED NEW MUSIC
« on: September 20, 2017, 20:11 »
Did you download this?

Nope but I will now

Ya Jesus De Nuance buaka bana ya Afrika ba yoka great Ferrè do like that every time fire Bercy keep Ruth and call back Kirikpu and your generique will be mainstream

« on: September 20, 2017, 20:04 »
Manzambi, Kalombo is the guy with the green shirt and red hat and has the song Formol. Cousteau is not a good singer he's like Deptichso he has some type of look and swallows his voice and can dance. Fally doesn't care for his band so that's why the best talent aren't shown much.
Uh I now remember his song wasn't in the best voice nut he is like HERITIER great songwriting and ability to put a good song on it and I can't say for the video because I didn't watch it all and I can't judge a guy for a minute video on Insta while rehearsal but he is a very good dancer even though he can't really do much since Fally is the star.
Yes Fally has always said his is group of accompaniment this is why the guys are extra shy on promoting their ownsongs they feel it is an honour and a blessing working with Dally so their happy being their personal singers

« on: September 20, 2017, 19:59 »

CM prince and Archos, even JB has the younger dudes with him like Josky and Quado and promoted the two brothers and Meatreau when he was there. Let's not forget that JB also brought in the trio of Mignon Abraham, Djino and NF which brought  energy. Fally has brought in no one, still the same old faux chanteurs with declining dance skills. How would splitting up a group help and which one would be at concerts.
JDOG Fabregas, Ferrè, Fally and Heritier has a new system of being a leader it is all about them so it really doesn't matter if it is the same group of guys or a new one every week the star will be always Fally before of the group album I didn't even know the existence of some.members outside Alvarito like the guy who they called ancient and made this awful song I have pur up I even forgot his name
It ils Boto anymore the system Of leaders always recruiting Luke JB, Werra or Koffi

« on: September 20, 2017, 19:52 »
Do it man :) I will try to write the lyrics Of the 3 generique

The same Gabbana who said in 2009 that he would rather rotting in garbage can than returing to Koffi, during his first test at La Zamba, where he was humilated by the Maison Mere-singers and chased away by the Maison Mere-fans.
There is a video of it??? Anyway Gabbana should have gone solo long ago except for creating Musselu in Ingeta and for have made a vocal in the Papy Kakol song with that enigmatic: " Musikuna Muntu Yandi Mosi Ndwekele, Yambula mwana ngani kasala Ndwekele" hasn't made much of buzz there in maison mere he only got humiliated even when Werra  called him (referring to him as Musselu lol no respect ever) and ask him to sing a part of a song whom Gabbana didn't know and got humiliated by Werra  who made all the singers sang that song and saying that Gabbana is not a serious guy

More than one he can't accept that he is in his 50's and can't really keep up the level of the more younger guys he recruited

Oh s*** Monica is dead? Wow of what she is dead? That is so sad.
Ye it was a very slim band but a good one JDL, Seguin and Rio were normal and Kibense was making great songs, Iloved that album since this days an that song Le Baron mmmm sweet, there were some A++ song in that disc like J'Suis La solo JB with the Bebe Cherie acting like Geisha on the video and the same Le Baron "Tango, tango tango yo opesaki nga maloba..." and the sebene part with Genta and Cellulaire with Caludji as a dancer who made a great vocal on BK Le Senateur the song of Richard Mukena and then what about Lekasopo you can feel is a Genta song on the first second of the seben: "Ya Pathy eeeeeee ya Moleso" with kibense on the "rumba" part doing that crossover between Congolese and West African (Malian/Senegalese/Togolese) song great album but not very managed well in terms of promotions Temoignage who got out in the same period earlier or later I don't remember had way more success with Werrason advantaging of the super hype he created around Roi David and Celeo finally having the number one spot after years of being over shadowed by Bill

« on: September 20, 2017, 19:34 »
I mean when you are a donor who played k for a songs for publicity and you don't see it published or a fan who is waiting for 6/7 years of course you will put out negativity, lately with my Congolese friend of Brazza I put Je Ne Te Calcule Pas and he said: " Who is this? It sounds great" and I have answered it is JB and he replied "Eeeh JB asila.naye kala" lol it means JB is already over. That is how people perceive JB.
For the negative comment the main factor is that people are mean out there, you can be MJ but they will still throw S*** on you trying to get a little relief on their life that is the reason of the negativity, I can understand being mad but focusing your hate on JB? That's too much.

« on: September 20, 2017, 19:28 »
Guys!!!! What is all this scepticism on the way of F'VICTEAM.
I cannot say anything about Papy Kalombo since I don't know who his and for Coustas he is a good singer and for the dance moves lol he s not the leader so he needs to stay tuned with the choreography like Willy Zola he always dances Mutuashi/Ndombolo type of dance but he gets always popular praises and multi time in Fally's own videos more than the others, for Atele he forces a lot but he manage to get it and Junior yes Junior is so bad at singing e always try to sound in a note he can't reach being annoying but you know Coustas and Junior will never be kicked by Fally because they have something female fans of Fally and Daddy Kimberny plus Monsoh love the handsomeness.
For the dance moves it is a freestyle and maybe only Fally came with the freestyle and as I said earlier Fally will not be happy sharing the attention with singers, this is why he prefer Willy Zola when he needs to share space in Original, in Libre Parcours #2 it is always him, Nathan Munkala is a great singer and dancer but he is not displayed much like he should because he is shy, fat and not very good looking

Congolese Music / I NEED NEW MUSIC
« on: September 18, 2017, 08:12 »
I think I nave downloaded every congolese song in the web band on the podcast world so I ask Yii if Yii nave sone songs of the level of Lokolo to feed me

« on: September 17, 2017, 23:14 »

his fans send him this art and he posts it. if he doesn't promote himself in this way who else will?? he totally gets the social media thing and he's using it well. i did have to chuckle when i saw the one that said 'the greatest'. its all marketing lol
He is way too much full of himself lately this is why he doesn't even try hard on his songs his fan will support him no matter how bad the quality of the music is and the other thing is that it seems like he is the only guy doing things all the people he has in his Orchestra are treated like employees who only do work but don't need recognition, that's why Alvarito and Gattuso left I would be pissed after years of serving Fally to see my songs not promoted and being punished even though I made a lot for your career

« on: September 17, 2017, 23:10 »
I am objective, I gave you a list of the few African artist of this generation who really got well the crossover thing and Fally simply failed at it  in USA and at the same time I have a lot of Fally's songs on my phone I'm rotation, but I am honest too about his results I said in a post the last month that Fally is really starting to taking over in France but he needs to do a lot of work to be known worldwide and for Arsenal mmmm I will not say anything I don't want to argue too

Manzambi I'm not even gonna argue with you arsenal had classic rhumba's if fally isn't known in America then is anyone from his generation known over there too he's trying to cross over there to make congolese music more popular not just him but heritier too and ferre but fally goes the extra so just give the guy a bit of a break he does try and we can all agree he's not greatest to me I've gotta say it's koffi to be honest

« on: September 17, 2017, 21:59 »
there is a dj in kinshasa who sung on this beat and that song was a big hit in Kinshasa along with Pakadjuma and Danse Ya Bangala, but i forgot the title.
Pakadjuma is being very popular in the Atalaku world too, in Lokolo and in some animations rejected by JB by Ben Laden the Pakadjuma and the prostitute subject is very present

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