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Oh God.....Chai Ngenge next, then Abraham then Djino lol
The way these guys have flopped is insane, chai had a lot of momentum and a bit of buzz when he left in 2013 had he released his album in 2014/15 he could've easily rivalled someone like Lacoste but now it's too late that windows closed now. Abraham what has happened to him everyone had high expectations for him to finally be the first successful jb child but God knows what happened he could've rivalled someone like heritier but it's not too late for him. As for djino dissed bcbg way too much

These guys should've all just formed a band such a wasted opportunity
Why did Chain never released? And Abraham too, way too little efforts

Fally is always on fire when generique comes so I can't wait to hear it.

"Oko zonga maboko pamba a a a
Oko zonga maboko wololo wololo wololo wololo"

Hahahahah, poor guy, even though I am a Ferre fan, I am disappointed, by how he was treated, but he should have wonderstood earlier that African singers are just a tiny spot there.

I mean it's not bad to drink. But you have to have control of it. That is sad.

He was such a good animator. No one is close to him to advise?
Even if he had though, Atalaku do not care when people spoke to them, do you know Bercy? Everyone before the Maître Richard murderer told him that he should stop drinking and smoking and behave crazy, he didn't listen, short after killed his homeboy, now he behave like he was am Angel, but why waiting until something bad happens? That is what I don't understand.
Kabuya will die soon I mean he have got 30 behave like 18 year old who drinks alcohol for the firs time?

Congolese Music / Re: WORLD CUP 2018 THREAD
« on: July 16, 2018, 05:19 »
Some of the hardest periods of my life was briefly living in Tours in the middle of France

People from French provinces are know to be very racist again blacks and muslims. Some people said to me i was paranoiac to say that but i don't give a f... as a black man from Paris that's how i feel.

Yes indeed. Imagine getting the stink eye everywhere you go. That’s why that Twitter post from Khaled Beydoun is poignant to those in hard celebration mode. But such is life

Man I feel you. That's why I always say to myself I would not try to live outside the Paris or Île-De-France. It would be hard for me to handle those type of situations since i'm not the type of person who have a self control (i'm not saying to make me look like a tough guy lol) especially when someone stares at me crazy because of my skin colour. You know there are some people in Paris who think the same way  about Blacks and muslims but they rather keep it for themselves instead of express it loudly they know they would have to face consequences.
That's the shit that gets me mad, they live off Africa resources and they still have the gutt of being racist? Can't wait to see when France will be totally black and the other white left would be foreigners

 Wasted guy, Fally did everything to save him along with that Leader something (the guy who was a chegue that Fally saved) but Kabuya will finish like Petit Reagan even faster

The crazy part about JB is that can make everything literally everything become a buzz or am highlight except his music career, if he only kept the same energy and drive to music he would be in the same place of Koffi

Because you have said that about him and I don’t agree, you know what I’m going to do?.....JE TE BLOQUE !!!! ;D

The saviour of BCBG

Congolese Music / Re: WORLD CUP 2018 THREAD
« on: July 15, 2018, 20:01 »
lol, me celebrating a country that never gave a f about me.... congrats Les Bleus mokili mobimba

Since when France really cared about African people? Congo, and all the Francophone countries all be colonies until we fight for ourselves instead of jumping for France everytime we have the chance.

The crazy part about JB is that can make everything literally everything become a buzz or am highlight except his music career, if he only kept the same energy and drive to music he would be in the same place of Koffi

Champion Kutula, That generique forma partying andò Diata Bawu maybe

« on: July 14, 2018, 06:05 »
Guys we always say that Brazzaville's music lacks powerful productions, but how could we sleep on this song? Doudou Copa is the best generique maker in Congo Brazza, no doubt, 2:58 minute biloko ya ko kamwa

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