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Bercy you have badly handled the situation it was an accident but unfortunately your best friend Richard has died.

My condolence to his family but lets tell the full story as the post has been posted without explanation of what happen only Bercy has killed his friend.
Bercy came to pick up his friend so they can go to one of the bar  called Metro Bar which they did and on their way back as most Congolese people know you will have lots of shegues and others asking you for money so they were surrounded and Richard being his close circle open the door to give money but Bercu stupidly accelerated and his friend fell out of the car instead of stopping he then reversed maybe to get him but instead his friend Richard was still on the floor he over runned over him which is the reason he died which is probably internal bleeding as the guy was still alive from 3 am-5am puking blood which is very strange no one took him to hospital nor Bercy himself.

All this sounds like tooo much drinking and luck of judgement which Bercy has failed big big time should not have run away there were witnesses here in the uk the same thing happened to Harry Redknapp one of the English manager here but his wife did not die lucky this types od incident happens a lot but don't run away is an accident but unfortunately someone has died and on this case his close friend and we all know where some people will turn it into sacrifice

Matenu is not a hard one if you are a music expert.

Shame we don't have them on our music industry because the ones we have are easily bought by artists so their judgement cannot be taken serious

One is a classic Insecticide and the other a hit Pharmacien.

A classic song is a hit song plus a longevity song that does not date and still sound as if it was recorded in that era and you listen to Insecticide this where Ferre is soo strong he loves making classics like JB said ba oeuvre which are classics

A hit is a song that you dance and listen to but after a year or so it becomes just one of those songs and Pharmacien is one of them was a hit when it came out but after became just one of those songs

You only have to observe when the song is played and the only song that Koffi still plays from that album and how Koffi is like a baby lost it takes him places and I can only imagine if one day Ferre was to sing that in front of him with the voice and instrument

« on: March 09, 2018, 17:59 »
Le Padre Le Padre yes yes what a great show liking the saxophone idea brilliant this is what people like they pay their money and enjoy a great show. Fantastic

« on: March 06, 2018, 19:16 »
This was the same day where his artist performed on the same show and he came after. On the show he talks about the coming album which will be called 1ere soin which will be a group album and here we get some of the exclusive of some of the songs from Chico, Balotelli, Vibration & co.
Ferre really loves Chico the amount of time this guy has left and return is incredible this is why I say his artist get the limelight so quick and some thinks they have made it but its a long way to go.

he also does some of the QQJD songs but mostly him giving the limelight to his artists nice move Le Padre liking the songs and Vibration damn bro I am looking forward to this song

Very impressive how he can do all them very well even Lokwa Kanza but the Cindy voice control just brilliant. My country Congo is  sooo blessed with talent but we lack the support but enjoy

Happy Birthday Herve Gola aka Cher de poule Maman Marie's son, Aigle Jaune's Husband longevity and God bless and add many many more ahead

Unfortunately true and this reminds me of the Felix Wazekwa situation. Bercy such a talented guy but uncontrollable and very stubborn he is one of the few artist who is not scared of the leaders and will say what he feels but this side of him gets him in trouble often by lying when needed. The group are preparing a concert on the 8th and everyone need to be concentrated and 1ere soins is coming what a bad timing for you Bercy but good luck for the future

JDog yes quite interesting but wait and see

« on: February 23, 2018, 18:20 »
God bless you Brother he who goes to look for his bread shall not perish but concur Nice to have you back

This was on Sunday a great energy, very nice zwag, beautiful voices wow this is why the big guns are after your artist if you watch them you see the enjoyment they have while singing or dancing and this is the key cause it draws to them very well big up to Ferre who seems to pick certain categories which always works
watch from the start to 17min

and below Ferre promoting his shows coming up on the 8th March in show buzz the venue everyone is going to now a days and some acapella of some songs of QQJD enjoy great

He also talks about black box which might be released by its producer and also from June they will start work on the group album which already  I have seen a video of a guy claiming Rice Matadien and Djanny Pacha have taken his songs but not paid you know the rest kie kie

« on: February 18, 2018, 08:38 »
Kie kie kie CM Prince on the internet world we can claim to be who we want but I will let you in a small secret Feere is a childhood friend we go back from Ngiri Ngiri also known as Ngoto so we know each other well

On this video this is actually filmed in Goma a city in the west of congo DRC where we have become used to seeing very bad images of that region so I am very happy to see the very beautiful scenes of this  beautiful region you can see why others want to occupy that region but we won't let them

That is the famous lake Kivu such a nice place and the strangest thing is there is high number of these westerners there you won't believe their numbers but are never caught in these fights that happens there

« on: February 17, 2018, 21:59 »
Another brilliant song going together with a brilliant video.

Ferre bravo QQJD has not disappointed brilliant songs with fantastic videos now please release videos for Fautif

Here is a video of the situation why Heritier was detained due to his friend

Heritier has been friend with Fiston Palangi for a long time who use to be one of the guard around the presidential circle and left but he has been taunting people as you can see on his social page showing off with guns and co so he must have became dangerous so they have been looking for him without sucess so the police decided to arrest Heritier as he will know where to get his guy and as we are speaking the guy was arrested and Heritier was freed

But on another note my country has become a shithole for real seeing people now showing off with guns shit

In December we lost one of our little brother who was sent back to Congo years ago and he was killed by gun things are getting very scary for real

A longer version

The live concert at the festival organised for the peace at the west of our country Congo in Goma yesterday 09/02/2018

Ferre please learn swahili as you said to Marc Tabou as you seem to be loved a lots by these language speaking people and with the toucheze song is fire
Look at how QQJD songs are being sung by the crowd fantastic the album is doing is thing and the jetset team always on point Bravo

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