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Cavalier this story is getting very bad for Koffi day after day. People seem to pay attention to the female dancers but I remember a video way back Bouya Mayola who is one of the pure petit ya Koffi said Koffi had to run because he was also accused of rape toward a juif girl who was a friend of his niece which pushed his case to the top of the pile and now even crossing to Brazaville our neighbour will be the end because interpol have had enough because the man has been given many chances to present himself but he chooses not to WHY???

Putainnnnnnnn Ferre Gola Le Padre apart from Vieux Santos and Vieux Kabongo to the rest here you go Putainnnnnnnnn kie kie this is a Wenge story kie kie just enjoy and danse

Manzambi94 don't be fooled by self claim fans on the net we know some pretend to be but read carefully between the lines you will know how a fan can cuss his own artist with sentences Ferre suffers from short men syndrome that is a personal attack you expect from the other camp but not your own kie kie PUTAINNNNNNNNNN

Ngulu alingaka bosoto ata osokoli ye kie kie oko souffrire pona Ferre kie kie Putainnnnnnnn

Archos kie kie not a good generique but the experts are spending  their time to listen to all even now we are being told eza piment now belongs to......kie kie the street cries from Congo street kids is now being claimed by the infulamable kie kie you will all dance to this its getting in apart Vieux Santos and Vieux Kabongo the rest here you are Putainnnnnnnnn Ferre Gola we are dancing NZOTO EZO LUKA MB8NGO BALULA

Le Padre Ferre Gola Putainnnnnn apart Vieux Santos na Vieux Kabongo the rest here you go kie kie you're a true Artist kie kie you seem to cure people's deafness for real you're Jesus de nuance kie kie thanks a large percentage of your fans are from Wenge era who knows and appreciate your music kie kie A Very fantastic video, animation on point going well with the choreography and good acting very well done

Ruth Nzele well done

Hey Mr Matebu olingi batio yo cas kie kie let us enjoy go produce an artist who will do better generique than this with your ideas and let Ferre make his music how we enjoy it kie kie Ferre Le Padre

Le Padre Ferre Gola kie kie apart Vieux Santos and Vieux Kabongo kie kie you need to be a Wenge generation to understand kie kie

Beautiful video I see Ilunga doing Emoro's part from Papa Wemba's film La Vie est Belle and Adebayor nzambe ya Bandal mon petit with Ferre there is hope like I always tell you keep it lock.

Ruth Nzele nice animation NZOTO EZO LUKA MBONGO BALULA your time has arrived very well executed. Blaise BATELA ekoti

Nice and easy dance moves very dansable

Ferre Le Padre well done

Congolese Music / Re: This troll again....
« on: June 25, 2018, 20:21 »
Manzambi94 How you guys mention Marchouse when Ferre is the only artist in Congo who has no journalist, youtuber who will defend him cause he does not like that and he knows he has strong individuals in his band even listening to Ilunga the message get across.

you talking about generique which had success because the band leader had a voice on it kie kie we will learn on this forum. Did you hear Jb on ndombolo? Did you hear Koffi on Loi? The longest successful generique of 21century Vimba did you Nioka Longo?

Congolese Music / Re: This troll again....
« on: June 25, 2018, 19:04 »
You have just confirm what I have wrote being exposed, playing lots of concert etc... does not mean the artist is making money like I said go follow mr international with kosa leka let Ferre do his thing that is why he has the best album, the best group and true fans who do not need lies to make himself bigger than he is.
Mokolo boko yeba eza lelo te kie kie kie

Congolese Music / Re: This troll again....
« on: June 25, 2018, 18:17 »
Kie kie here they go internet music expert of congovibes telling Ferre how to run his band and when he says this has to be done as if they contribute a dine to him kie kie it surprises me this forum if anything to do with Fally we get excuses after excuses but the expert find faults with Ferre kie kie luckly Ferre has fans who understand and appreciate the guy.
 Ferre has released a 33 songs album with hits and they are preparing the release of 4 video clips plus the generique as many fans and the likes of Machouse want their songs released on video which costs money and Ferre has not disappointed brilliant videos with no producer all coming out his own pocket but you get people who think they are smart to run a music band but would not be able to run even market stall kie kie

If you cannot wait for his projects you can go and follow Mr international with all his kosa leka and leave Ferre alone kie kie kie Congo vibes music experts

The old man is finish kie kie you went on interviews even your entourage claiming not to have paid attention to Karmapa with Caligula kie kie what some people have missed the song Caligula portrayed the behavior of this man to a T with his case it hurt right home well done Karmapa you got an answer and we are tired of the programmed rumba you keep bringing out how your fans become deaf with your monotonous sounds kie kie nothing new should have had a better diss track cause Caligula beats this

QQJD Live Ferre amaze me how when he is serious can sound the same as on the record. A fantastic show

Mvulusie, Archos, CM Prince you 3 have given me the joke of the day wasn't it Fally who said we ain't got time to listen to them kie kie 1st knock out was him getting Marc House arrested while you using Naty Lokole and Nana Moduga to do his dirty work but the insults weren't hurting as much as Ferre's camp while FVicteam artists making thousands of video's nobody listens to only laughing then they get together with Caligula Koffi to attack Ferre 2nd round defeat 1eme soins Koffi called Ferre weed smoker Ferre attack back and as usual ba tantine run quickly to the justice system. Fally still feeling the lost turns to Vincent, Jazz, Terry Mombaya, Franck Stemay to minimize Ferre's status cause no one around him has the charisma, presence to be taken serious like the Marc House but these guys have also flopped as usual because a GIRL CARINE MOKONZI's was hurting more but the funniest thing is Fally has understand for the likes of Ken and Manicke who if i was a Fally's fan i would not like to be associated with because kie kie kie how can artist put 100% effort to destroy the carrier and life of CARINE MOKONZI by getting her sacked so Ken ans Manicke can get some air time cause lets face it Carine vs Ken/Manicke kie kie kie even Stevie Wonder will choose Carine. You need to watch the video below to see how Fally has now shown himself out for the real him the big hypocrite which lets wait and see kie kie

The lyrics says all you are the one Artist they are all fighting kie kie

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