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That's a bad choice in my opinion

Who got this album for me to listen to? it's nowhere to be found on the internet please

Never heard the album, is it good y'all?

nobody fucks with fabro here? idk but most of his rumbas are good or very bad i don't know if it's only me


Great rhumbas, but there are few songs that sound the same. Not nearly as bad as Boitre Noire, where it felt like the next song was a repeat of the previous song.

Regarding the generiques - I still haven't listen to one in-full to this day. Very basic sound and they're all uninteresting. I skip them and get straight to the rhumba.
i feel the same not gon lie. my biggest problem with the album is the length of it, like how do you even think making 33 tracks is going to keep people interested

How Would you rate the album NOW if you were to do it in /10 ?

Congolese Music / The last Good Koffi Olomide album?
« on: May 01, 2018, 16:10 »
I think it may be Bord Ezanga Kombo, his albums after that were quite meh

Congolese Music / What's Fabregas best album in your opinion?
« on: April 20, 2018, 09:26 »
2012 : Amour Amour
2014 : Anapipo
2016 : Je Pense (Poison et Antidote)
2017 : Cursus

i think it's Temoignage

Looking real bitter

Good post Cavalier Solitaire

QQJD is the album like Kibombanda say is like Wine there are different flavors for different occasions for your enjoyment just excellent and deserves this Trophy and there are o many to come.

For me Congolitude, all the volumes have hits and I cannot choose as Ferre did very well on splitting songs so that you can enjoy all 3 albums

QQJD an album of 33 titles with at least 25 very very good songs which is an amazing achievement the real critics are now recognising
What's the songs you didn't like on QQJD?

What y'all think?

It's a habit of Congolese artists to record late in the night. In the day they will hangout with their friends and fans or sidekicks. I remember Werrason had arguments because of that with le duo d'enfer.

Interesting read. what book is this?

It was a rushed job. The snare drums sounded like tin cans way Al Nzimbi presumably tuned it. The bass and solo were muffled, good luck hearing the mbonda amd rhythm clearly on some songs. Usually Al Nzimbi and his French assistant were masters at getting arrangements right.'s-'a-la-queue-leu-leu'/

Acoustic quality was a joke compared to Group albums - Internet, Affaire d’etat, Victoria Eleison’s Nouvelle Odre & Somo Trop Disc 1

that's very unprofessional on how they handled this album smh

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