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« on: October 19, 2017, 04:39 »
When Fally will have crossed over the Atlantic then we’ll say he’s crossing barriers. Fally is somewhat big in France but you gotta realize he is just following suit, Koffi and Quartier Latin opened up a lot of doors so its much easier for Fally to come in. I was in France around 2000 and beyond and I dont even think Fally is bigger now than Koffi was, and like Matebu said there was no social media around back then. Oloko Yo is not gon break barriers breh

« on: October 17, 2017, 23:54 »
Please, I would like to know what he(Ekokota) has been up to since he is no longer doing music.

 Roberto, Djuna Mumbafu, and Nono are the fathers, in my opinion.

Oh how could I forget to include the great 3615 Code Niawu? So popular and influential throughout the late 80's -90's. He has by far the biggest album resume of any atalakou

Can somebody give me any more info on this Code Niawu individual. I believe he did anition on the first wenge aile paris album but im not a 100%. Was he signed to any bigger band at any point ? And also unrelated how come I hear so much about Bana Odeon and yet have suxh a hard time finding anything about them on the internet lol

Congolese Music / Re: Are we biased
« on: October 17, 2017, 23:36 »
Talking about documentary films here is one for Mzee Papa Wemba.

lol, if ever a documentary did a giant disservice to the lead figure this is it. Bad example because the BBC made Wemba and Congolese Europe look like lies, cheats, and steals with no morals.

@Matebu isnt that crazy that thats pretty much the only documentary on our music? (other than the few documentaries about Franco of course)

Agreed. Im in the states so anything I can do let me know as well archos. If anybody has any connections as far as editors and publishers that would be nice as well.

Congolese Music / Are we biased
« on: October 17, 2017, 05:12 »
I live in the states and get to listen to a lot music from all over the world and have still yet to find anything as close to what we can do with the guitar. Just wondering if weMre biased when we say that because of the fact we grew up with the music lr are we really a few light years ahead? Are we buggin or what? Wish we had europeans on the forum and people from the rest of the world on the forum so we could really get to the bottom of this

Completely agree with Mozambique94. Im in the states and hip hop used to have the same problem. There hasnt been a billboard top 10 that didnt have a least 5 songs from hip hop/r’n’b and yet the style was still so undocumented. They just now starting to get things right after realizing that the people wanna know. Now you have the likes of Tupac movies, NWA movies, Bobby Brown and New Edition and many more to come because although people dont expect it those projects usually go far beyond expectations as far as success(Prime example being the NWA movie). I’ve though long and hard and find it baffling that for a genre of music that is by far one of the most popular in the world, we dont have a movie about Koffi, Nothing on Papa Wemba since la vie est belle which was 30 years ago, No wenge movie, not even a freaking ZAIKO movie. Not even one back home from a small production. Its really unbelievable. Archos write your book fam, the people wanna know trust me.

And Trevor Mvoula

Wow didnt know he recruited Doudou to the group. And I feel like Arlus Mabele more known in west africa and such than at home. I just never heard anybody in the fam ever play any of his songs I had to get on the internet to find out about him  :D

Congolese Music / Titanic vs Intervention Rapide
« on: October 04, 2017, 17:51 »
You’re lonely on an island and can only bring one of those two albums for God knows how long. Pick wisely.

What was wrong with his attitude ? I never knew too much about this fella

Did this amlbum have a big impact at all or was BCBG winning by a long shot at the time. Was anybody back home at the time or in Paris?

The BBC documentary Wemba did that year, also was a PR disaster for him. The filmmakers screwed him with the language barrier, making him look like a source of Congolese troubles in Europe

That shit was hilarious lol they had my mans recruiting thieves on camera. Those vultures lol

Yea, still one of craziest documentaries I've seen. He was shown kissing and speaking sexually to his side chick(s) on camera too while Mere Amazone was preparing him a meal. If I was his manager I would've said hell no, don't release it.

Every time I watch it, I get a little disappointed in Vieux Bokul (RIP). His words of wisdom didn't match a lot of his actions.

is it the one a lady is requesting for mabanga?

Yes I believe thats what it was. Might have been something else though. But either way Kuru Yaka wanted her to prove herself lol

Its a song from brazza right?

Archos is there any way you could do a little thread about the little groups of the 90s that influenced a lot of the sound like station japana and shora mbemba and the likes

There are quite a few past threads on this topic. The subject comes up every few months

Damn I didnt know Ima have to get to diggin lol

2003 man this was a bad year for congolese music. The ngulu affair had a huge impact in our music. Sonodisc's bankrupt. JPS arrest. Damn.

Indeed, all the excesses of prior years caught up with everyone that year. Any medium to major concerts were a flop.

Wemba went broke very fast paying for his defense; so technically he could've avoided prison time by paying the €30,000 fine (it's funny how donors can disappear when you need them). The Madames na Poto were helping him more than the rest. When he got out, he knew that 80+ band that was Nouvelle Écriture could not be sustained

The BBC documentary Wemba did that year, also was a PR disaster for him. The filmmakers screwed him with the language barrier, making him look like a source of Congolese troubles in Europe

That shit was hilarious lol they had my mans recruiting thieves on camera. Those vultures lol

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