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« on: January 20, 2019, 16:56 »

If nobody has heard from him since Palais du Peuple, he probably quit music as a profession.

Usually musicians would either be recruited elsewhere or become a session musican, but it seems like he may have not have been lucky enough for either to happen.


Could you reupload the booklet for Shalai? The other forum post doesn't make the picture viewable


That was Etats Unis?! He was fantastic here!  Wow, his voice has changed a lot! I can see why you're not impressed by him ever since he joined Roga Roga...

It's so weird how little footage of Extra Musica's live performances there is on the internet. No Palais des Sports...very weird


I couldn't dance like that on the streets, much less film them kiekie! I would die of second hand embarrassment, they're literally obstructing traffic  ;D

Can you translate what Arafat is saying at 6:45 and onward of N'Julie? That was one of my favorite animations of all time!


At the 5 minute and 30 second mark and onward, the man singing around the children for the clip of Ndzima is the atalaku Arafat 2500 Volts.


Did Les Pipiyus exist at this point?

My older sister is a huge Extra Musica fan, I know she has their DVDs. When I see her this weekend, I'll look into uploading them to my channel and forwarding the link to the forum.

In the meanwhile, enjoy friends!


Werrason never struck me as a savy business man (look no further than his tenure of being in charge of finance in Wenge 4×4). Many music artist in America are short changed from their publishing for the same reason, but with the internet maybe things will change since people are have access to reading about music contracts

Alerte Generale was produced by the label N'Diaye.


So has holds the publishing rights to Solola Bien, Kibusia Mpimpa, and A La Queue La Leu, if it's not Werrason?

Damn, so none of these guys really reads contracts smh

Eh, I'm indifferent towards this band. It's been the same old tired songs since La Main Noire...

Rio Kazadi is a faux chantuer @ 51 mintues lmao


Is Aladji still alive? I haven't heard anything about the guy since Magie.


I never understood why JPS production would bother crediting the singers and musicians of Masion Mere as being the authors of songs for group albums (Solola Bien & A La Queue La Leu) if it's only Werrason that got paid royalties.

It always seems like slave labor if you're in a group, unless you're a leader.


If she was dancing like those vixens in those old Dr. Sakis video, I wouldn't be complain kiekiekie

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