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Was Ponderation 8 a success upon it's release? I remember hearing the generique was creating buzz because of the young atalaku Regean, but he disappeared without a proper tour or follow up album. Did he not have a good producer for the album?

I don't think people really accepted the reserve members of Wenge BCBG as the true replacements for the people who left after Zenith of 1999, because they none of them ever celebrated the same way Aimelia and Blaise Bula did at the hieght of their success in the group. People slowly started to shift their attention to Koffi when Titina left, people paid more attention to Werrason when he poached Burkina Faso, and nobody really paid Chay Ngenge, JDL, or Rio the same attention that Ferre Gola, JDT, or Baby Ndombe got when they were members of Masion Mere.


Given Kabuya's drug problem, I doubt Fally will select him to perform at Bercy. But what about Alvarito Solo? I remember he left the band briefly for a personal trip in the US, but are him and Fally on good terms? Do you think Felly Tyson will appear?

I'm fairly confident that Koffi will arrive as a special guest...


To my knowledge, most donors are either businessman who use mabangas to promote their business or give money for the sake of vanity (Didi Kinuani & Adam Bonbole). While some are statesmen and socialites (the Sassou family) and others are either fans or friends to these musicans


If they listened to the reviews, the music would probably be better lol


I can't believe these musicans let a bunch of street holligans restrict them from lucrative concerts for almost a decade. That's like if a group of residence in Brooklyn tried to riot and block the Barclays Center from hosting concerts for musicans...the police would send units and shut down that protest with force and serious legal penalty.


If we're talking in general, what Werrason has accomplished makes him a legend and that will never change. He doesn't have to prove anything if he is making music as a passion, but if he makes music to compete against others than he does. It's a "what have you done recently" generation of music listeners and the optics of Fally performing at Bercy in spite of the combatants doesn't boded well for Werrason's reputation with the younger fan base.

Fally Ipupa has done a better job building his brand internationally. In my opinion, Werrason's current music is better than Fally but Fally does a better job promoting it. Fally Ipupa has been in certain foriegn media spaces that Werrason has yet to occupy.

In terms of legacy, the comparison cannot he made between him and Fally. But in terms of current popularity, Fally is ahead and if this concert goes well then he will surpass Werrason in CURRENT popularity NOT influence.

As for Ferre Gola, I'm surprised how far behind he is falling. Heritier seems to be at his heels if not already ahead of him, which I would have never believed if you asked me some time ago lol


If Fally successfully pulls of Bercy concert, than Werrason might be finished.

If Fally Ipupa performs a successful Double-Bercy or Triple-Bercy event, can we accept that Werrason is finished? We know how ruthless fans can be, but I can't see how Werrason could downplay this type of success.

If we're being honest, 7 Jours de la Semaine had enough impact to build up to Bercy or Zenith if Werrason was aggressive with promotion and touring. He's booked similar venues with albums of lesser quality.

Like Kester, Wemba would still be here if he took a break from music to focus more on health.


Is the combatants problem in Europe resolved? I remember much of the noise was because many were angry about our artist being pro-Kablia. But since Kabila is "gone", perhaps calmer heads will prevail.

To peform the entire concert without incident, maybe Fally should hire private security to ensure everything goes according to plan or his staff could negotiate a peace agreement payment with those combatants for the duration of his concert.


Is there anyone of Extra Musica that has a healthy music career aside from Roga Roga?

Why do people in Congo-Kinshasa give Congo-Brazzaville a hard time about the music? They have both given us great singers and musicans, the difference is that Kinshasa has beem doing it longer. I don't see the big deal.

Is it the way East Coast rappers in America look at the rappees in the South as unsophisticated?

Congolese Music / Re: Albums scan pt2
« on: June 11, 2019, 20:28 »

Would the atalaku Washington be considered a tenorist or a falsetto atalaku? He doesn't have too rough of a voice compared to Kerozene, but his voice isn't as melodic as Brigade or CNN.

In my opinion, Gesac was the worst atalaku that Quartier Latin ever recruited. Given his resume, people had high expectations when Koffi poached him from Wazekwa but he just screamed "c'est le moment" and gave Mopao that "Sarkozy" nickname...other than that, dude was trash.

Congolese Music / Re: Fally sur la route de Bercy
« on: June 11, 2019, 18:34 »
Congrats to Fally, I hope he sells out the venue!


Those songs that got him recognition are no longer what's popular anymore, so he has to go with what's popular now. Hopefully he's still got skills as a songwriter, because he wrote some great stuff for Extra Musica:

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