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Agreed, but I think he loves the spotlight too much to reduce his public appearances.

I don't expect much in terms of quality from Koffi these days, so this wasn't as bad as I thought it be

Congolese Music / Re: Can Someone Please Explain...
« on: Today at 00:51 »
So the first departure was for papers, not because of a fallout with Wazekwa? Cause they seemed on good terms when they went to record Signature

Congolese Music / Re: Can Someone Please Explain...
« on: Today at 00:29 »

You'd think it be difficult to work and be intoxicated at the same time, but musicians continue to surprise me lmao

Was Karmapa an official member? Because he sang on Yo Nani and Signature, but never toured with the group.

Also, I bet Felix Wazekwa was hurting hard after Signature since most of those guys stayed behind in Europe lmao

I'm surprised Koffi didn't train them harder for choruses, because they sounded great on albums.

Congolese Music / Can Someone Please Explain...
« on: March 29, 2020, 23:43 »
I'll never forget the rhythm guitar on this song! Wazekwa played so casually but melody is honey to the ears! Especially the chorus of "ah, bon"! There's something so relaxing about this song. If only I knew what the conversation was about? Sometimes it sounds like a track purely for dedications, maybe Werrason should of done this for A La Queue Leu Leu kiekiekie!

Felix must have really liked the concept enough because he repeat it again in Signature with Adolphe Dominguez.

The guitars and drum passage were good, but it felt like a waste of minutes on the album. I'm biased because of all the songs they could have cut down, why Miss? That sebene sounded like it was gonna be fire!

All jokes aside, do yall really think Lola is a good singer? Like unironically lmao

They got so much history, I don't believe it's possible for them to really fallout for good lol

They keep making wins! I'm really proud of these guys

Congolese Music / Re: WHO IS BETTER AT DANCING?
« on: March 29, 2020, 16:29 »

Papy Bastin's favorite artist when he was growing up was Kester; he had his hairstyle, attitude, and sang like Kester when he first joined Extra Musica in 1998. Roga Roga advised him to listen to the tenorist from Wenge BCBG to train his style into something more dynamic so he can avoid criticism of being a copycat of Kester. Which probably explains why he was left behind when the group went to Paris to record Etat Major, because people forget that Papy Jah, Papy Bastin, and their mi-soloist were in the group when it was time to record Etat Major...they got left behind.

Congolese Music / Re: I'LL BE HONEST
« on: March 29, 2020, 14:40 »
I'm just gonna stick with Choc by Nouvel Horizon lol

Yes, Fally's fans have very bad memory lmao

@Mfumu Vata

Did CNN intend to replace Tutu Caludji as tenorist atalaku? Because I recall that concert where he finished things off with his cries from Volte de Face @ 1hr 22 minutes.

I feel like he would do well in Cultura had Papy Louange not been around. What do you think? It's a shame he never found another band given his talent

@Mfumu Vata

Was the album recorded live with Pitshou switch from mi-solo to lead guitar at ma-kiliba? Or is it multi-tracking where each part is recorded separate then edited together.

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