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Unfortunately no.

The Palais de la Nation is squatted by La Présidence while Palais du Peuple is squatted by the two chambers of the Parliaments.

I've always said I don't give a damn about views and streams but this is embarrassing. How on earth is Tanzania that much ahead of us? That's a whole landslide defeat. Our artists need to wake up and see that this is not good, okay so it's 3 artists so I assume it's Fally, Innoss'b and Koffi, but the sad thing is the most views they get aren't even their rumba or generiques, it's their urban music that get more views, if they weren't doing that then we would fall down the pecking order even more. Then you have guys like Diamond Platnumz from Tanzania jumping on the wave and getting features from our stars that's also getting him crazy views on his own channel.
Our artists need to do better and realise that them not being active enough and also focusing on too much Rumba is killing the product and is doing us BAD service.
The worst thing is from guys like Koffi and Werra their most popular songs like Loi, Alerte Generale, Operation Dragon, Effrakata, have high views but not on their original channels.

I don't agree. This is an exploit for us. Tanzania and Nigeria are economically ahead of us, which means they have a way bigger number of domestic internet users.

Congo is number 3 despite a non existent internal market and very low rate of internet penetration.

If Congo had the same degree of internet as Tanzania or Nigeria, we would've been way higher.

People need to remember our country is very poor compared to other african countries. Our music is basically surviving with little means. So I think we can be happy with that position.

You can have it, but you need to take out Koffi and the Wenge generation.

It's good for him, but there is nothing HUGE about it.

Wow. He was really mad. Calling Aimeiia a Mario.


Diss song against Kwamy LOL.

One of my favorites. The concept is just beautiful. Listen to the lyrics for those who can.

Sad bolero

My favorite Lumumba tribute song. Franco was brave to this one during that period. Lumumbism was banned and Lumumba partisans tracked down.

Their music is getting more and more congolese and less Hip-Hop, which is good.

I really like the fact that there is no vulgarity or obscenity in their music. And they a re more successful than most of these bilengi singers.

Beautiful vid and concept as always

Congolese Music / Re: WTF Jordan Kusa
« on: February 12, 2021, 02:17 »
the last person who ran away and had to sacrifice for over a decade ended up being "innocent" hopefully for him he will too(that if he deserves to)
I see what you mean with the quotation mark but there are people who might read us so we should thourough on stuff like this.

Koffi has been convicted, so he's not innocent, even though he without shame lies about it.

And TBH I think he should've served time when we look at the thing he was convicted for ( sexual assault on minors). The sentence was very light, but he's a convicted sexual offender.

I hope for KUSA that he's not guilty but he needs to face the music. 

Why are you guys attacking him? LOL.

He did not attack Lofombo. He actually has a point, but he should blame the leaders more than Lofombo. Groups should also give space to musicians to get better. The knowlegde is not being passed on.

Congolese Music / Re: WTF Jordan Kusa
« on: February 11, 2021, 18:37 »
I don't think he got the money for a good lawyer. If he really did it, he should turn himself him.

If his plan is unfortunately to run away from justice, he might have to stay in Kin and not go back to France.

Congolese Music / Re: WTF Jordan Kusa
« on: February 11, 2021, 15:39 »
If this stuff blows out on social media; he's done. That Sheriff will know his whereabouts and might have the DA ask his extradition.

I knew Jordan ran away from the States but they told me that he ran from a child support case.

This is sad.

Congolese Music / Re: WTF Jordan Kusa
« on: February 11, 2021, 14:26 »
I'm sorry but it doesn't look fake.

So someone built an entire site impersonating a US Sheriff (which is a crime) just for Kusa? I doubt it.

I'm not saying Kusa is guilty but the wanted stuff seems legit. Has Kusa ever returned to the States since he left?

Congolese Music / Re: Blaise Bula & Ado Yuhe
« on: February 11, 2021, 09:48 »
Werra with the lame excuse. Zaiko was just too hot for them to handle in those days.

Eyi Nkisi, Eyi Magie. LOL.

Their first album was great. A classic. Everybody knew all the lyrics of all the songs.

Their music was even played in bars.

I'll look for it. It's a must have of that era. They owned 99/2000.  The late 90's had a lot of classics tbh.

Nathalie was so young and so fine. LOL.

I might be wrong but I think the "Recours à l'authenticité" policy by Mobutu had, at least partially, something to do it.

Mobutu wanted the music to be purely congolese, so musicians had to kick out foreign influence. So a lot of bands change their sound and starting to rely more on folk as a source of inspiration.

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