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Congolese Music / Re: Scans of albums booklet
« on: February 17, 2018, 10:41 »
I would like to know if attentat radio version has the same "24 pages booklets" of the integral version.

I was looking for magie cd last week in paris & i didnt found it, but i remember that the booklet was ugly as hell loool, imma let u know if i'll find this one.

i spend my whole last 2 weeks looking for "kibuisa mpipa, loi, attentat & force de frappe"... Im givin up. Even diego music dont have the originals.

no! the radio version hasn't got the same "24 pages booklets"
the two booklets don't have the same photos and the radio version have only 8 pages

^ yea, let’s try to restrict it to albums that are not on digital platforms so we don’t attract trouble. You can get 99% of Koffi, Fally, Ferre, and Wemba albums on digital media right now

Exactly but you have live albums like "JB Mpiana - Live à Bercy, Zenith 99,..." so I wanted to know if you would give a link for download them

Hey, can you upload your live albums please?

Ndeko, which member are you referring to?

If you guys make a list of album requests, then it’ll be easier for us to keep track

Hey man! I'm referring to you because you post image with few live albums

Hey, can you upload your live albums please?

Hey, can you upload your live albums please?

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