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Congolese Music / Re: Surprising fact about Pouvoir
« on: May 25, 2019, 22:05 »
Musicians are difficult to deal with. Emeneya paid cars for his musicians and did everything to please them, but he only with 7 people in 2003. Adolphe Dominguez lost his head back in 2002 when alot of musicians decided to stay. He even let the rest of Wenge Tonya Tonya return by themselves and stayed in Europe to give the New Jack of Brussels alot of money to get for him Chibida Dumbu, Canard and Papillion back, but it didn't work.

I am reading these stories about the Late Madilu and how he used to treat his band members and must say his style of leadership is rather disappointing, like.  I know its mostly considered bad according to African culture to say something negative about a deceased person.
But in all honesty, I've never rated Madilu as an artiste very highly. I used to wonder why he got so much credit yet to me He was just another average guy, I know he has a big following and agree he was talented but I never saw nothing extra exceptional about him.
 Although dealing with humans can be tricky as @mvulusi96 has given an example of Emeneya, doing things for his band and they still deserted him, but if its true he did things like leaving his band stranded in a foreign country its was just rather shameful as a  leader and an injustice to those band members, its like taking away their dignity. Taking people to Zambia or wherever from DRC then abandoning them in a foreign country its just shameful.

My mum likes his music but rarely listens to it because she does not like his behaviour

Congolese Music / Re: Booklet of Madilu - l'Eau
« on: May 25, 2019, 00:21 »
Madilu prepared the songs in 1996-97 with Le Tout-Puissant (Rio Kazadi, Fofo Le Collegien, Ray Junior, Signoria and Adricha Tipo Tipo).

I thought Mwami Zea wrote this song

He used to be in Ok Jazz in 1989 Carlyto wanted to bring to Europe he said no.

There are two versions of this song this version is from the Muvaro album released in 1983 and Gilbert left Zaiko in 1987.

I know that woman her name is Maman Ntumba Buloba she used to sing songs with her husband Papa Buloba in the 90s.

Not only he was jealous of Koffi's success it seemed that Koffi was giving Emeneya a headache.

Guys, allow me to divert from the topic, About Bozi Boziana's Orchestre anti Choc. Been catching up on some old VHS clips of theirs "Pere Noel Confiance" Album to be specific then on further research I learnt that Lili Nedule passed away years ago. When was this? Was she ill or something? She seemed a much talented Lady.
Any Info on whereabouts of those Members?
Koffi Alibaba
Last time I checked Deo Brando, he seemed tobhave had an issue with Fally, I didn't  get much because the interviews were in Lingala.

I think Lili Nedule passed away somewhere in 2000/01 because she sung on Aime's Buanga album "Rabbi" Koffi Alibaba is in Kinshasa, Lapino is in Kinshasa he is a brother in christ. Betty Bis and Skola Miel are in Paris and Miss Flo is probably in Paris.

I saw the interview of that Emeneya said that the amount wasn't enough.

I read that Papa Wemba and Emeneya participated on Yondo Sister album they sang on the song Nyota (Which was dedicated to Yondo Syster who passed away) but they weren't in the same studio.

I think rejoined Victoria when Choc Stars went to Europe in summer 1984, it's sad how he exposed Emeneya secrets now I wonder why Emeneya never came to Viva La Musica anniversary or any invitation because Papa Wemba might steal Emeneya's powers.

My dad told me he would get secrets and plans from Victoria and tell them to Papa Wemba.

Luxeni Musengi said the same thing about Joly Mubiala after that died Emeneya. Saying that he betrayed Emeneya, etc. and that he hadn't the right to take Victoria Eleison.

Never knew Joly was a traitor I thought he was at his brother side.

My dad told me he would get secrets and plans from Victoria and tell them to Papa Wemba.

wow, serious ? The crazy thing is that after flop of Historia Musica, Emeneya said that Debaba rejoined Victoria Eleison during their performance at Studio Maman Ngebi in 1984, but he didn't show up. What happened ?

I don't know I think Emeneya said he was ill or something else happened or maybe he left for good but Historia Musica was formed in October 1983 or maybe 1984 but it flopped in late 1985 and he went to talk to Ben Nyamabo to join Choc Stars. My dad said "Azalaka muana mabe nakati na Victoria"

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