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He only went for his voice why did koffi leave him behind?

I don't think he enjoyed being in quartier latin he looks like he wanted to kill someone.

So they disbanded in 2002?

This is when Nzaya Nzayadio released his solo TVG with Manda Chante and he left Choc Stars.

It's a shame that this disbanded in 1995 it was a mixture of Aurlus Mabele and Pepe Kalle with Djouna Mumbafu.

Congolese Music / Archive; Lubumbashi Stars du Zaire Live (1994)
« on: October 16, 2018, 17:32 »

With the arrival of Schola Miel

I think it's at the Palais Du Peuple if I'm correct.

I just was interested in the location and why the clips were filmed inside  ;D ;D ;D ;D

Talking about Nsele being an attractive place but there's another location where Madilu filmed the clip Sa Majeste I know it's not his house but where was the location and there are any images of galerie la fleur?

Mobutu was a scary person after that Defao is making a video in a location where people were buried very curious.

They were many artists filmed at the grand hotel even the gardens. I remember Defao filmed Amour Interdit in Nsele correct if I'm Nsele is out of the area Kinshasa?

Must have cost a lot of money to rent out a shopping centre just to film clips.

Was galerie la fleur a hotel or shopping center?

Thank you I wanted to know the locations I don't know if there is more images of the locations.

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