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Was Michael Tshendu ever meant to last long with the group? Although he was in the clips, he never had any vocals to any songs from Intervention Rapide Force but Orphelin.

He was with Masion Mere during their European tour, but didn't record a single vocal for Solola Bien. I always thought he was a ngulu disguised as a member of a group, which Papa Wemba was known to do with his band.

Why wasn't Christian Mabanga more patient? He could have easily replaced Didier Masela after Solola Bien, but everything worked out since Mimiche was a great bassist

Hahaha Michael Tshendu wasn't a ngulu lol. You will never ever see ngulu on stage as musicians. If they just arrive in Paris, London or Brussels they start their own business, sometimes they also attend the big event as spectator. Michael Tshendu was a singer for R&B, Zouk, Soul songs in concerts before that the singers of Maison Mere arrives on stage. In the 80s Zaiko also used to have a singer for those rols (I forgot his name).

you can see him sing from 4:03 min

In Wenge Musica 4x4, Alain Makaba & Patient Kusangila were doing that role.

When Wenge Maison Mere was busy with recording Solola Bien, they said that Michael Tshendu would record his own solo album. Zacharie Bababaswe made it clear during the concert of Palais des Sports. But I don't if that album ever got released.

Christian Mwepu was used by Werrason to do nasty things to Didier Masela and ignoring him. Not wanting to give him the bass guitar if he came of stage, etc. and Werrason promising that he would give him two songs on Solola Bien as reward. Because they knew that Masela would leave Maison Mere soon. Then when they came in London they weren't rehearsing his songs and Christian felt betrayed. After that Didier Masela decided to stay in London (kind of left Maison Mere) and they went to Canada. Masela already called his friends there and those people went to beat him. After that they toured the USA and other cities of Canada, but they still weren't rehearsing his songs and Christian himself became also sick. So he decided then to stay in Canada.

I never knew Masela had a dark side like that sending people to beat someone else I thought he was a laidback person.

I don't know to be honest the last I saw him was when he was performing with Zaiko back in 1987 in Brussels.

The singer of zaiko his name is Gilbert Benamayi.

I hope someone uploads the maison mere video at vis a vis where the lights switches off and marie paul enters.

Is just Werrason angry reaction at 1:03:38  ;D ;D ;D

Congolese Music / Re: LES ASIATIQUES
« on: February 17, 2019, 19:34 »
I see. 1990.

I love how musicians got together for nzong-zing (I'm assuming it was nzong-zing), especially Carltyo. He was everywhere, it's unbelievable.

And which singers from zaiko participated? Malage, and who else? Or was it just Malage and members who play instruments ?

The musicians from Zaiko that participated in this album were

Vocals: Malage
Guitars: Baroza, Shango Landu, Motingia Jean Marie
Drums; Belobi Meridjo
Congas: Cele Mbonda
Keyboards: Alpha Kopeya
Animation: Doudou Adoula

Congolese Music / Re: LES ASIATIQUES
« on: February 17, 2019, 14:30 »
This album came out in 1990 and it was backed by Zaiko Langa Langa.

Congolese Music / Question: Is this drummer Djudjuchet brother?
« on: February 15, 2019, 22:45 »

They kinda look alike

Jeansan Sakoko missed his chance.

Koffi Olomide performed there in 2001 before Effrakata.

Okay, But academia did not perform there because I always get halls confused.

No, they only performed in Madeleine and Concert Nobles (during christmas 2000 when they invited Evoloko) both halls are very small. Forest National is very big, bigger than Zenith and its difficult to fill. Werrason tried to perform in Cirque Royal (3.500 seats) in 2001 but wasn't able to sold it out.

Wow very big like you said it was hard

Koffi Olomide performed there in 2001 before Effrakata.

Okay, But academia did not perform there because I always get halls confused.

Never saw the VHS, but I'm sure that it used to be on the market, because it's one of Wemba's biggest event in his musiccareer. People just quickly forget about since that it wasn't a Zenith, Bercy, Olympia or Stade des Martyrs.  The concert at Forest National in July 1999, was to celebrate his 50 Birthday and his 30 years in the musicbusinesss. He invited then King Kester Emeneya, Nyoka Longo, Les Quatro, Molokai, Viva La Musica "Cours des Grands" and other guests.

I was hoping to see it was papa wemba the only musicians to perform at forest national?

Was their a full vhs of this concert?

Are you sure it's LSC will have the square celling

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