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Plus he did had vocals on Magie, Mansouri S., Sylvekou and Meslian. Don't listen to this non-sense YouTuber Anastasio Esono Ada.

It's strange that Sam didn't get the opportunity to sing a vocal in Magie while having a song. Was that because the songs were prepared and he it was already decided who would put vocals before he came ?

People (myself include) used to think Aladji's vocals were his I don't where it comes from.

Aladji only did one vocal on that album. I found this interview about Sam was talking about "Magie" era.


Good morning friends. I am from Colombia South America. I speak Spanish. I like African music: Benga, Soukous, Ndombolo. Highlife ,,,,,,,,. I like to collect African music in fact the previous images that I uploaded are from the albums of ndombolo that I have. Each folder has subfolders.

Is it possible to upload all the music you have? Like on OneDrive or something? I mostly want Quartier Latin Academia - Sanction and Viagra please??? Please reply back

« on: October 14, 2018, 09:41 »
Good song, I would love to see music video of this song.


Ah bon. I was listening to this album when I was at college, doing my homework. It just popped up in my head. It's been 13 years since I listened to this. I thought this was album was nice of course backing stars were incredible. I used to have this cd from my parents. They weren't a fan of this album

I notice the young Sam Tshintu who did not sing a note until 1997's Ultimatum album.

Yeah he didn't have a vocal in Magie. He only sing in his song Shambouyi(he didn't have a vocal in it too it's sad.) which Koffi allowed him to put in the album due to the respect he had for him.

C'est dommage. He would fit perfectly in Magie but he was said in another thread that he was sidelined because he was busy with his exams while the songs which made the cut for Magie were composed or rehearsed. A lot of people (myself include) used to think that Aladji's vocals were his.

Then who was singing vocal #4 on Magie track? I know Aladji's vocal was on vocal 5. Between vocal 4 and 5 are very very different.

Beginning of the video, Mopao playing guitar solo....FIRE!!

Ahh I see. I always thought it was released in late 1993 now I know the release now. What ever happened to Duc Herode??


Le Duc Herode feat. Koffi Olomide & Q.L.I. dans "GLAMOUR" Year: 199?

There are 9 tracks of the album.

I'm digging this. Dope my brotha!

Congolese Music / It's been 4 years since Babia Ndonga's passing
« on: October 09, 2018, 07:13 »
It's been 4 years (October 8, 2014) since Babia Ndonga's passing. We miss his beautiful singing voice. RIP Babia (1974-2014)  :'(

His vocals:

Best members in my view

Do Akongo (nephew of Dizzy Mandjeku)
Lebou Kabuya
Beniko Popolipo Makiadi
Fally Ipupa
Felly Tyson
Eric Tutsi
Deo Brando
Montana Kamenga
Lola Muana
Sam Tshintu
and some others

I would love a album where we could hear Fally Ipupa and Koffi Olomide sing alongside Suzuki. It would be nice to hear those three together. It would create something special.

I know. It sucks that didn't happened. Now Fally is on his own

Champion Djikapela, Beniko Popolipo & Do Akongo. This because of their big contribution to Quartier Latin and Koffi's carreer.

Beniko Popolipo was the brain behind the rhythm of many songs (Parking Ya Baba, Micko, Andrada, Number One, etc.), he was very important for the progess of Rocky Blanchard, Lebou Kabuya, Felly Tyson, Ridens Makosso,... who he coached and they are all till this day grateful for that till this day. He helped Koffi with leading Quartier Latin who were back in 1993 very young (some 21, 22, 23,..) and difficult to handle with.

Do Akongo was the guy who brought the Zebola-rhythm to Quartier Latin which came the identical rhthm of Koffi & QL. Which later on also other artists used in their albums. Ferre for example in Jao Ndombele. The same Do Akongo gave Koffi excellent songs as goshtwriter (Sos, Automate & Spaghetti for some examples). Himself released also excellent on his name songs like Fois Cent, Sens Inverse, Avion, Kot Kot & Coucou in Quartier Latin and Koffi's albums.

Champion Djikapela, because he's an excellent drummer and far better than Coco Tchomba & Kaps Kapangala. He was one of the rare drummers in big bands who was hitting all pieces of the drumset while most Congolese drummers only focues on the snaredrums. Back in the days Koffi had always to invite Djudju-chet Luvengoka to drum for him in his solo-albums (Noblesse Oblige & V12). Because Coco Tchombo & Kaps Kapangala were very limited as drummer. But since Champion Djikapela, he never had to call Djudju again. Champion used to drum for Lavignoria Esthetique and Koffi was amazed about the way was drumming and send Binda Bass to get him in Quartier Latin. Alot of people were calling him the copycat of Titina Al Capone who was then drumming Wenge 4x4, because he was always smilling when he was drumming and was like Titina hitting al pieces of the drumset. It would have been nice if he stayed long in Quartier Latin like his friend Binda Bass. I liked that Kompa-style doing on the drums before Koffi did his entrance in the Licoln Center or when the dancers came in Olympia. I also liked the way how Koffi, Somono, Mboshi, CNN and presentator Consty Eka were screaming his name Champion!!!!! Esthetique!!! Stoumy !!! Djikpela!!! and then him replying by hitting the tombs. I wonder how Coco Tchomba felt when he heard Koffi screaming Champion very hard in the beginning of his song Boussouno.

Esthetique euh !!!!!

You can feel that Champion know also to play other styles than Ndombolo & Rumba. I wonder why he's not very active like Simolo Katondi and Djudju-chet Luvengoka as session drummer. Because he's very good. The way Somono mentioned his name in Loi, Koffi Olomide letting him dance in the videoclips of Ultimatum and Loi made him be the most famous drummer of Africa. He name was more known then the singers of Quartier Latin and all atalaku's. It's sad that Champion didn't use for a soukous or coupe decale-career or something like to become a big star like Awilo Longomba or Diblo Dibala who were both instrumentists.

I liked his songs alot. Number Two (which was normally dedicated to his ex'wife but Simon Mbongo bought which the being dedicated to him) and Retour Riva.

You can never go wrong with Esthetique. He is always the beast to this day! It's good to see that he's doing well. Let's not forget his singing skills which cracks me up lol

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