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Wow, you took the time to review this white noise in full detail.

 This is like transcribing lyrics and interpreting a latest Wenge MM générique (kiekie, bro if you are reading this thread please don’t take offense)  ;D


Jamaique: Am I joke to you?

I'm too dead haha

Wow, you took the time to review this white noise in full detail.

 This is like transcribing lyrics and interpreting a latest Wenge MM générique (kiekie, bro if you are reading this thread please don’t take offense)  ;D

None taken lmfao

This is pretty much why I wrote this. To kinda balance everything out on a neutral level.

Sorry to everyone for always being critical when it comes to songs but come on our artists are failing us with constant release like this. We all have different taste in music and don’t prefer the same thing but this can’t be it. This is pure mumbling shit with some 808 drums added to try so called modernize his tcha tsho music ermm nahh

JV I definitely respect your opinion here and alongside I agree with certain bits immensely. I remember watching Koffi do a preview of the song with his guitar. I wasn't fond of the lyrics at all... The whole repetitive "Je t'aime" chorus made it look as if he was running out of ideas. We all know that Koffi can do better. Hence why I gave a 7.5. If this was "Autoroute" ft Carine... Definitely I'd definitely give a -20/10.

Personally I liked "PYGMALION" for how the beat sounded, cause I thought... Hmmmm that's hot! But of course Koffi can do better. And that's on period.

As a huge Koffi and Clan QL fan this song is an absolute waste of time. The last good or I would say decent song he released is Alidor and that says a lot. I can’t stand his mumbling singing and Cindy has to go. She’s to blame for the crap Koffi gives us

Hence why I said that this song could be a LOT better! And the last decent song was definitely Elegance (The video version) in my opinion. Cindy seriously needs a solo career! She's been in QL for time now!

For some reason you thought this crap deserves a review wow. This isn’t even a song, just him and Cindy fiddling around with their knickers in their home studio. This is just pure disrespectful to his fans.

Have a read... I recommend it. You'll see why I did it.

This takes me back to my YOOOUNG days! I'm telling you! I was only 1 when this came out! The 2000s we such a brilliant time to be alive!

« on: February 14, 2020, 08:24 »

Firstly, I wish you guys a Happy Valentines Day. What's my opinion on Koffi's song "PYGMALION"?
Well for starters, this song actually slaps real good! I really love how Koffi is experimenting here. In his words, he calls it "TchaTcho Urbanisé". Reason being, is to market towards a younger audience and if course following the current trends of popular music. Which I find really clever to do.


I'm not gonna lie to you, the lyrics were pretty minimal. Especially in the chorus." Je t'aime, je t'aime je t'aimerais". However in contrast to my criticism, I love how catchy this is! It isn't exactly Fouta Djallon but the lyrics still speak of love! What I found funny was that in the little bridge section Koffi was calling out to Rihanna to "Check her WhatsApp"? It didn't seem to match what the song was talking about. He should keep his lyrics to talking about love, instead of creating a bridge where he's suddenly talking to Rihanna by random.


I truly admire the guitars used in the song, especially the introduction, it sounds so Spanish! It kinda gave me Flamenco vibes.
The fusion of Trap and Rumba elements are a massive factor to what makes this song great. It is rather monotonous the majority of the time. It would've been nice to have heard maybe a solo at the end similar to "Je T'aime" from ABRACADABRA. I'm not a massive fan of Koffi turning to autotune, as it tends to be overused but if this means fitting with the genre, so be it.


To summarise, this song shows that Koffi is not afraid to mix different genres and market to a different audience. By keeping the song under 3 minutes, by keeping what what is a near pop structure and of course as already mentioned, going by today's trends of having a Rumba sound, mixed with Trap beats. Similar to Naza's song "Ouh Lala", Dadju's song "J'ai Dit Non" and Fally's song "Nidja". If I were to compare this to the proper Tcha Tcho era (late 80s), then I would say that. Within the albums of Rue D'Amour, Henriquet & Elle Et Moi, I would say that Koffi had a more lyrical direction and more meaning and definition to those songs and more lush melodies. That was the Tcha Tcho sound from the 80s.

My favourite songs from the 3 albums are: Mosika Na Miso (or Claudia Likulia in the "Stephie" 1991 reissue), Mal-aimé, Djino & Expérience, Roseau, Tcha Tcho Du Sorcier and Mannequin (I love belting out that song).

Fast forward to almost 30 years later, we have what is the 'Tcha Tcho Urbanisé' sound. With Pygmalion, the lyrics are more simplistic. Funnily enough, that's how a typical pop song stands on. A good beat and simplistic, meaningless lyrics. However, the song is still good. It still has the typical Tcha Tcho guitar that remains Koffi's trademark. Which is good as it goes back to his origins. I feel like, in order to make it more "Tcha Tchoish", the lyrics need more depth and there needs to be more stronger melodies within the arrangement. And more guitar variations than just a constant loop.

To conclude, I would give this song a... 7.5/10!
Have a listen and make your judgement!
Good tune, but I expect better. Especially when it's KOFFI OLOMIDE! A man who's spent 42 or 43 years doing what he does best.
In the contrary, it was SO MUCH better than the "Trash that shall not be named" that he put out with Carine Mokonzi back on Christmas day. What a terrible song that was.

What do you think guys?

Congolese Music / Re: Albums scan pt2
« on: February 13, 2020, 10:50 »
Me being a massive fan of Alain Makaba's work, I never knew that he did the solo of "Zaintoin". I only thought that he did the solo to "Esakola".

Wow, what a throwback. 1982-83 is my guess

This looks more like 1985-1986 because Koffi looks exactly like that here!

Because in these periods of Ngounda and Lady Bo, he was neither the same

Exactly so!

Wow, what a throwback. 1982-83 is my guess
This looks more like 1985-1986 because Koffi looks exactly like that here!

Ohhhh so this is the "Stephie" he was singing about in Stephie, Spaghetti and Aspirine, and the "Stephanie" from Sef? Hmmmmm

...and the guitar distortion effects!!!

The drum quality of Shalai and Trop C'est Trop by Extra Musica needs to return!

« on: February 07, 2020, 15:16 »
Jesus! This is the Qutier latin Bebe Kero? He looks way way different
Tonton Kero more like LOOOOL

« on: February 05, 2020, 13:53 »
Kindoki paid off apparently
Oh hell...

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