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Generique is the intro/theme song of the album. In that track they showcase the main dances/animations that will be animated in other songs.

It is not easy to interview Mboka Liya, because he never answers directly. Someone like Paulin Mukendi or Marcel Landu could direct the interview better to get direct answers. I feel like I wasted my time, because Mboka Liya hadn't said anything. I though that he would talk about his time in Choc Stars, how Roxy Tshimpaka coached him there, the conflict with Fi-Carre when he joined to replace Makaba, the guitar-paritions he gave to them on Kalayi Boeing, his time in Big Stars when he left Wenge 4x4 after the USA-trip and how he came back when Japonais left.

So the story about Mbokaliya coming directly from Bandundu, not knowing Lingala and selling food on the streets before joining Malembe Chante's private band Select Music is fake? With Vincent Kasongo Kiamfu being Mboka's real name, was his father (beside's being a proffesor), uncle or granddad a tradition chief, duke or the king of the Yaka-tribe? Because I know that Kiamfu is a title in the Yaka-tribe.

I'm surprised to hear Mboka say that they prepared Madilu's Sans Commentaire album in Kinshasa at Studio Bobongo with Debaba and Malage de Lugendo. I wonder how that album would if they recorded in Kinshasa with the same materials. I won't be surprised if it was also the case with the '95-album, of them working recording pre-version, because some sebenes were played in the style Volvo-840 playes.(who used to play for Madilu before joining Zaiko). Sans Commentaire was a good album, but it was more Soukous.

Did JB Mpiana and Mboka Liya reconcile ? Because I feel like JB Mpiana gave him some money/gifts,since that he's talking postive about him in this interview which was not the case in the  interviews he made the last 10 years. Could it be that Mboka did some matalo like many former BCBG and Quartier Latin do with their ex'bosses. I see alot Maison Mere insulting him in the comments, I think that it they wanted to see attack JB like he used to do in his previous interviews. Mboka himself had difficulties to talk about his first departure from BCBG in 2000. Mboka left because JB Mpiana left him behind when he went with Kaludji, Mpela and Titina to do the mixing of TH, while normally Mbokaliya had also to be there to get his mercedes-gift and finish some songs along with Gentamicine and Fi-Carre, but JB Mpiana prefered to bring ngulus in their places and invited Caien Madoka to do that work (but he wasn't credited which made him furious). The time JB spent in Europe was long and them who stayed in Kinshasa started to have difficulties. The Maison Mere-camp was aware about that, especially about the way Burkina Faso, Fi-Carre and Gentamicine were mad for the way the stayed behind in Kinshasa, having also debts to mabanga customers. So they sended donors on the mission to lure them in Wenge Maison Mere and Mboka Liya being the only to accept the offer (being promised some money and a new mercedes which he would never get). In the VHS of Werra's press conference in London, you can see Sam Mpengo Bey at some point asking about Fi-Carre and Burkina Faso joining Maison Mere.

What Mboka said about his departure from Maison Mere was not true. Werrason beat him during the concert at Grand Hotel or rehearshal over there, because a fan called him to ask where his new car was (back at that time Werrason promised him a mercedes and they bought it in Belgium with Werrason also gaving a shout-out about it) because they spent already 2 months in Kinshasa, while Ferre, Bill and co already got their cars, Mboka who was fed up to being everything called about that  hardly answered that he still didn't got his car. Werrason heard it decided to beat him. That's the real reason why he left. Donors tried to calm reconcile them and if I remember well, but it didn't work and after Burkina decided to sue Werrason, but the lawsuit went nowhere. He tried to join Wenge Tonya Tonya, but Adolphe's staff adviced Adolphe Dominguez not to do it, which made Burkina Faso decide to form his own band Tout Terrain Musica recruiting Hadji Solo, Thierry Finite (Lacoste's copycat) and co until that he joined Nouvelle Ecriture the next year before rejoining BCBG two weeks after it.

I think with the new team they still can pull up better show.

Most musicians of that era, didn’t like Zaïko but just joined to come to Europe.

To think that they had alot of time to prepare the show. Because normally 2 months earlier but the concert getting cancelled because of visa's problems and the concert-promoter apparently still not having paid Zenith, but accusing their rival on tv for behind that.

The press gave an impression that their show was fanatasic and one of the best Zenith's ever. They are  one of the factors why Congolese music went down. Doing that just to get some money from them, expensive clothes and a trip to Europe. Every bandleader had his own militia.

Congolese Music / Re: Papa Wemba was on Saturday Night Live?!
« on: October 17, 2020, 20:29 »
He didn’t know how to speak English, when they were interviewing him, often and Japanse woman or Peter Gabriel would translate when in would react in French. Once he said in an interview that his mother always adviced him to learn English, but him not listening and later on he  started regretting when he started to do world music.

Congolese Music / Ferre Gola having problems with the DGI ?
« on: October 15, 2020, 17:03 »


I didn't like this Zenith

Is it Cindy Le Coeur singing in the chorus ?

It wasn't Zakoko singing, it was King Kester Emeneya singing. Aime Buanga recorded this album in Paris with Somono Dolce, Japonais, Nene Tchakou, Nono Manzanza, Cesar Loboko, Koumba Bellow and co. Few months after he went to Kinshasa and recruited Dolin Masengi, Jordan Kusa, Zakoko, Alvarito B52, Kaddy Bass, Pitshou Mina, etc. He gave concerts there and shooted a few videoclips with them. Zakoko's voice was close to King Kester Emeneya, which made Aime Buanga decide to let him sing Mikiliste in concerts. Thats'also why he put him in the Zakoko. He would later end up singing lead in the remix-version, that they recorded in Kinshasa.

Aime Buanga is normally as bassplayer. In Wenge Musica 'Bakolo Esthetique' and Wenge Musica 'Aile Paris' he used to play bass. He saw that Congolese people weren't really accepting instrumentalists as bandleaders, so he decided to switch to the singer role.

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