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Kila Mbongo isn't able to hit the high notes again when he animates.

I what to hear Regis Touba's version about Extra Musica, and the incident of Guy-Guy Fall in Mali. But he may refuse since that he became a brother in christ recently. Didn't Guy-Guy Fall leave just before the trip to Abidjan in 1997 ? Because I remember seeing him in some videotapes who came out after Confirmation, singing also lead on the songs they were preparing at that time for Ouragan (Mere S. & Reconnaisance). I don't really believe Roga's version, because why would Guy-Guy Fall attack Roga Roga in his songs Force de Frappe & Double Impact and interviews ?

Espe Bass had normally to do his solo album after Kindoki Sorcellerie (which they planned after releasing La Main Noire) and also Ramatoulaye or Sonor Digital (I don't remember), but for whatever reason Roga Roga changed his mind after 2 years. Then around 2015/16, he said that Levyson could record his solo album after 243, but it also didn't happen.

Back in 1997, it was a trend to get the nicknames "liberateur", "kadogo" and "cobra". Because back in those daysyou had childsoldiers (kadogos) of ADFL who entered Kinshasa and took the power,  Mobutu going in exil and LD Kabila getting the power. Cobra's were those militia of Sassou Nguesso financed by France to get the democratic elected president Lissouba out of power, after signing a oil deal with an American company and bring dictator Sassou Nguesso back who was defending France rights and French oilcompany ELF.


Roga Roga reacting against Quentin Moyascko and giving his version of Extra Musica's history. Giving a different story about Guy-Guy Fall's departure.

I like for way Wemba said that he decided took Al Nzimbi as arranger for his album Fula Ngenge, because of the way he arranged JB's album Feux de l'Amour. Today it's very difficult to see a Congolese bandleader admit openly, that he decided to took x direction because of artist y, taking z as arranger after listening album y. It was good decision for Wemba to give Maika Munan a break, because if he decided to take him again as arranger it would have been monotonous. Foridoles, Pole Position & Nouvelle Ecriture were all recorded in the same style, Maika was almost present everywhere (Koffi, Reddy Amisi, El Paris, etc.) and some songs were starting to sound the same for way he play keyboard, program drums and guitar. It became very quiet around Maika Munan after Reddy's Etoile until 2004. I think that Solola Bien was the last album he arranged until that Tabu Ley invited him. Congolese starting to work more with Philiphe Guez, Souzy Kaseya and Al Nzimbi as arranger.

lol, the way Djo K presented Papa Wemba. He was acting like a rockstar was about to come in.


Their first concert in Kinshasa when coming back Zenith and the short Europe-Tour, also the presentation of “Ba Fioti Fioti”.

1:27:00 Was Didier Masela about to join Wenge BCBG ?

1:20:53 looks like he cursed Reddy & Stino's solo career for that. He was really furious and kept saying it until they left.

lol, Dokolos and Jolie Bebe aren't a couple. Jolie Bebe lives in France and has his man, the same for Dokolos.In Empire Bakuba you used to have Emoro and after some years, Pepe Kalle thought that it would special if he also recruited a woman and they started from then to dance together. In 1992 Emoro passed away after performing in Bostwana. Pepe Kalle then recruited Dokolos to replace Emoro.

Tonerre de Brest didn't flop. It was a huge succes. It was well well promoted in the Congolese diaspora getting support from all journalist based here and also well promoted in Kinshasa, it was also alot promoted on the African diaspora media of France. The succes of Tonerre de Brest made Djuna getting nominated as "Best Male Central Africa" at the Kora Awards, but it was unlucky to have Werrason for Tindika Lokito and Felix Wazekwa for Sautez Deja in the same category. He had some concerts and toured around Africa with that album (Benin, Equatorial Guinea, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Angola, Brazzaville & Zimbabwe). For whatever reason, he wasn't releasing an album to continue the succes and he dissapeared slowly. In 2009 he wanted to make a comeback and started to record an album, but after a big car-accident when coming back from Angola, he needed some long time to recover. From that moment every time when he's about to make a comeback he dissapeard.

Djouna Mumbafu had everything to suceed after Pepe Kalle's death. He formed Delta Force along with Gode Lofombo and huge succes touring in Bas-Congo and going to Brazzaville, but leadership-war made Djouna leave the band after 3/4 months. After forming a new band he had still the fame giving succesfull concerts (Esplanade Palais du Peuple, FIKIN, being the guest of Wemba's concert at Stade des Martyrs, etc.). He had to bring his band to Europe in 2000 for a tour, but they didn't get visas after some calls from a jealous bandleader. It became to much for Djouna and he dediced to settle in Europe before returning to record Tonerre de Brest in 2003 in Kinshasa.


Bill claimed that BCBG stole his cri "position the tir" and other cris of Intervention Rapide, to destabilize him. But he forgot that they were all already animated in Wenge 4x4. Just watch the VHS of Wenge 4x4 in Kenya, Abidjan, YMCA and Inter. Also position the tir was Boketshu 1er's cri.

Bill Clinton lied alot many cries weren't even created by him. They came from folkloric bands based in Bumbu, Ngiri-Ngiri, Selembao & Makala. Himself going on his own there sometimes to get those cries.

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