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Candy Nkuku aka Cindy le Coeur

I knew that it would end that way. If you hear the name Bendoson, you already know that the band will not last long. 3/4 years ago there was also similar project with the same guys along with Gessac and I also think Joss Diena. But it went nowhere.

Bendo's departure means the end of Bana Viva, because now they dont have a charismatic leader. They need to associate Reddy Amisi or Stino Mubi if they want still to exist.  Reddy will never accept it because he already has his own Casa do Canto and he likes money. Stino Mubi is Europe-based and he won't leave his wife and his grandchildren to be in Kinshasa for months to just do that humilating matolo and  receive peannuts from kinshasa-concerts. If he would accept, I already see him making a dirty plan to get Pompom, Apocalyps and Vieux Stella Uomo "chien méchant" out from the band to be the only leader and get full control.

Stino really wasted his time in Europe. I am sure that he would gave done bigger things than Reddy in Kinshasa if he accepted to come back in 2001/02 with that album that he prepared with Alex Azulino that never came out

Its really sad. If it was

Congolese Music / Re: Marie Paul with Zacharie Bababaswe
« on: January 29, 2023, 22:45 »
Apart from what happened in 2001, it looks like Zacharie Bababaswe and Marie Paul are real friends. I dont know how the relations of Zacle and Marie Paul were when he was part of Ecurie Yoshad of Kongolo Mobutu and I don't remember hearing Zacle receiving shout-outs in Le Monde Envers or Couvre Feu. But it was Zacle who motivated Marie Paul to go back to Kinshasa in 2004 when he had private problems, all musicians of El Paris having abandoned him in Paris and Marie Paul being homeless for a moment. Zacharie Bababaswe became his manager and they were planning a show at Olympia for 2005 that never came.

 I wonder what happend that made Zacle stop managing Marie Paul at the same, at the same time he was also managing Marie Misamu and Bill Clinton Kalonji.

I laughed so hard when Shaka sais it, because I was excepting for something serious about money or documents, but he came with that hahaha and he was still looking serious


She said that Gode left Koffi because of Fifi. But they reconciled at that some point, because she later received songs from Koffi and even had a child called Rocky and ended up by returing to Kinshasa and to live at Montfleury when the was house finished. In their last years singers of Quartier Latin would often sing her name as "maman Rocky". But later ending up by leaving because of Koffi beating her often.

I remember also Rossette Kamono saying that they were locked up at his house in Paris, because of Koffi going to Switserland with Gode (but Ado then blocking the sound when Rosette named her) and Koffi beating Fifi saying that she's just his sidechick (according Rosette it was because of jealousy when hearing that Fifi's dream was to become a pornstar and record pornvideos like them).

The story the way Fifi moved in at Koffi's house in Bandal, is almost the same like that of Claudine AC Milan. But Claudine ended up by leaving Montfleury and Gode still being with Koffi but also leaving not long after that.

Champion is a drummer that's able to play a like kind of music (Zouk, Rock, Traditional music, etc.). He hits all drum pieces and often likes to do demonstrations. In his last interview he said that the drummer of Kassav inspired him alot. I wasn't surprised when he said that, because I was wondering it already myself and I think that I already talked about it in the past on this forum, by posting videos of the way Champion drummed the moment Martin Sinnock presented Koffi at Licoln Center and in the first seconds of the intro female dancers danced at Koffi's Olympia

But I found it strange that he didn't name one of the Viva drummers or Titina Al Capone, because he used many of their paritions.

Most drummers during the early 90s were limited. Many were following the style of late Meridjo Belobi "Machini ya Kauka" which only focussed on the snare drum. Meridjo is the one who introduced the Cavacha/Machini ya Kauka drumming style in Congolese music which everybody plays until this day, because before that everyone was just drumming the Soum-Djoum style of our first drummer Seskain Molenga (I feel that people dont give him enough credit for it and giving it all to his former boss Tabu Ley Rochereau). However, he had also many drummers who were using all drum-pieces such as Djudju-chet Luvengoka, Richacha Balengola, Awilo Longomba, Otis Edjudju and other that I forgot. Titina Al Capone was the of the new generation and because of him, it kind made of a rebirth because many drummers started then to follow his style which was using hihat often, doing demostrations with the toms coming with multiple partitions (changement de frequences).

Socoda is a Congolese  association collecting payments of artists’ rights and distributing the rights to the songwriters, composers and music publishers.

Singers of bands dont get paid, because the majority isn't affiliated. Those who are affiliated are mostly bandleaders and when the day of payment arrives. People working at Socoda just check the faces and pay them based on the way they like the artists. If you often attack them on television you will receive peannuts or and sometimes alot in order to let them shut your mounth, like they did with Reddy Amisi who used to come every week on the television to complain that they weren't writing on the letter for which songs/album they were getting money like SACEM and SABAM and when Verckys came to replace Blaise Bula, he wasn't complaining anymore while it was still the same system. Sometimes it also happen that they give chicken, oil, makayabu and bags with fufu to artists lol

Fally isn't a member of Socoda. If you would be, I would doubt that he would receive it, because at SACEM Koffi is credited as songwriter of all his songs (despite that they wrote something different on the credits those groupalbums). A few years ago, Actu de Net made a video about bandleaders (Koffi Olomidé and JB Mpiana) crediting all songs of group-album to their names which created a scandal. But Werrason the only one to not do that, maybe it had something to do with the contract he had with JPS, where he signed that he gave all his rights of his albums recorded at the label JPS Production to Jean Pierre Saah. One of the reasons why Serge Muloso (original songwriter of Vita-Imana) couldn't get the rights for the song Vita Imana after suing Ferre and writing letters to SACEM.


The drama around socoda will never stop. If it was in Europe they would arrest Nyoka Longo a long time ago for stealing 2,4 millions dollars and blacklist/boycott all his music, because to things he do. However, I dont believe that Adricha would be fair if he was in Nyoka Longo's place as head of Socoda. I think that he would be worser.

It's really sad to hear that Manda Chante and Sam Tshintu get more money from Socoda than Madilu and Tabu Ley while nobody plays Manda Chante's music nor that of Sam Tshintu at the same time every party plays atleast one song of Madilu (If it's not Si je savais ca, its always just un peu d'amour or magalie and ya jean) and Tabu Ley is still often played on the radio, especially on sunday. I really lost the respect I had for Sam Tshintu. Still dont get it why Manda is alot respected in the music-world, he doesn't do anything just making interviews and doing matolo. 

Congolese Music / Re: Apparently Mustapha Gianfranco passed away
« on: January 27, 2023, 02:33 »
What made Mustapha get into issues he had the last years ? Because when he came in Paris all girls were running behind him and according to former musicians of QL, he first didnt used to drink or smoke.

It was the most sold concert VHS after JB Mpiana's Stade des Martyrs for the first half of 2000 until Koffi's VHS of Bercy came out in the summer. But it still not on youtube. It makes me cry

It explains why Koffi kept inviting Djudjuchet when recording Noblesse Oblige and V12 and being extremely after recruiting Champion, saying loud that he has not to pay Djudjuchet anymore to participate to his albums.

Looks like preparations and recording of Magie left special memories on all singers that participate, almost all singers (Willy des Boules, Suzuki 16, Samilo, late Babia and Eric Tutsi) say in interviews that they either gave their best on that album or reachest their best level.

Congolese Music / Re: Apparently Mustapha Gianfranco passed away
« on: January 26, 2023, 22:54 »
Mawa trop. Rest in Peace

Congolese Music / JB Mpiana guest at the Ivorian NCI
« on: January 24, 2023, 22:13 »

I wonder what Fally-fans will say next about JB Mpiana when he's finished with his upcoming West Africa tour (Ivory Coast, Niger, Togo, Benin, Mali, Burkina Faso & Guinee) after claiming years long that his succes is "local"

the whole album in separated tracks and  the songs in their full lengts which wasn't case on youtube

I think that I need to start to pray that someone finds the VHS or at least film the video through its phone


Marie Paul paying tribute to late Tabu Ley Rochereau by singing Moussa, Assambalela & Mokatani ya Wendo and also Pepe Kalle by singing the chorus of Nazoki

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