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Why like Congolese bandleaders like to take risks and not just apply normal visa's for UK ? Its the first the 4th time that I heard a similar story like that of Coréen. Imagine if it went wrong and that they arrested Bozi.

Going to Angola in the 1980s and 1990s was very lucrative. I think that it was the most lucrative country in Africa for Congolese artists when the war used to be there and also the diamondbusiness in Lunda going hard with guys like Congolese businessmen Tchatcho Mbala, Papito Mbala, Mukishi Mwana Lunda, Kazadi Zairense, Tshims Muluba, etc.  Koffi Olomidé and Papa Wemba returned back in 1992 back with big money after having performed there.

Isn't there any positive anecdote about Madilu ? Because the last 4 years, I've only hearing bad stories about him. Former Empire Bakuba musicians always say that Pepe Kalle used to pay them well when going abroad, but I'm surprised that he didn't pay them during that tour like Madilu. Madilu was wrong by being mad at Beevans. It's crazy that although these stuff bandmembers still stay in the band. It's only when they start getting succes or going to Europe that they are about to leave.

Last month I was listening to Madilu's Pouvoir-album and it was weird to hear those VHS-sounds for 2 second in intro in a few songs.

Congolese Music / Re: Denis lessie - Leteta (Clip Officiel)
« on: September 26, 2023, 19:02 »
Hahahaha. I'm waiting for the song he did for Maman Tyna kiekiekiekie

Seeing BTS videos, made me think that it would be a clip with parts that Congolese people see as explict. But I think that they decided to take many parts out. I already saw JF Ifonge immediatly promoting the song, by talking about it.

I can’t wait for part 2. You can tell that Tutu Calugi is really Polystar’s childhood friend. The way he brought memories back about the fara-fara at Mulhouse and how they met in Paris. It’s a shame that nobody thought about doing a reedition of the album Promise Musica made nor that of the splinter-band, who recorded a band in Brazzaville.

Frère Aime Nkanu always deny to have sung with Gatho Beevans, but now after Pompom Miyaké and Alino Vimba, here Polystar confirms as third person that Aime Nkanu sung on an album with Gatho Beevans

Mbuta was  right by saying that those electric drum took the power of  the sebene up away on Gatho Beevans album.

I first never understood why Gatho Beevans’ abandoned his band to live in US. But now I got it. However, I could also move to Brazzaville like Werrason did and wait just for a moment to come back. Must have been very sacring for Gatho Beevans’ mother, the way AFDL-soldiers came to take their house. Almost all people that used to work for MPR or who were married, related to them were victim of those attacks by the kadogo’s.

So sad to hear that Bello Bongo already passed away. Its only this year that I discovered him, because I used never to pay attention to Anti Choc. He was so talented I liked the sebenes he played on the albums Bana Saint Gabriel, Les Yeux dans les Yeux  of Bozi and those Fara-Fara compilation volume 1 & 2. You can tell that he was a huge fan of Wenge 4x4 (Makaba, Burkina Faso & Japonnais).  I was surprised to hear that he was actually late Bongo Wende’s nephew. It explains why he had Bongo in his name. Having listened to all Anti Choc-albums of the mid-90s until Jeu Muké, I prefer him above Polystar, but everybody has is own tastes.

The way Coréen talks, looks like after decades he’s  still not over it that his understudy went to Europe before him and came back with a car. That must have been a big shock for Bello, your mentor/friend coming visiting you at your rehearsal after just coming back from Europe and talking to each other, then suddenly seeing him doing a test to take your spot. I wonder if he didn’t had a problem with Bozi or didn’t become big headed. The way, Polystar explained how he became sick when taking the plane to get in Europe, suddenly recovering when passing the mediterranean see with Mbuta hinting towards a spiritual attack, made me imagine how tense the tension was between the two guys. When Polystar explained how they recruited Chamberton, Theo Mbala and co, and Bozi deciding to fire the rest of band (Aridjana, Bongo Bello and co), reminded me of the interview Lady Miyembe did with Ado Yuhe explaining how they got fired from Anti Choc  “Boza ba père” hahahahahahah.

Polystar said that his first album with Anti Choc was Film Ebaluki. But wasn’t it Position Eyebani, because if I remember well I saw him being credited in the credits and also his sebene of Aller-Retour being played in the generique.

Many departures from always come minor incidents. If Bozi just gave Polystar to money to get his car his car from the . Then all that stuff didn’t happen. late Reagan was a big snitch lol.

It’s crazy the way people from Wenge Maison Mère often already preparing new musicians coming in when seeing that somebody is about to leave. Because they did the same thing with Jitrois, by contacting him in Europe when he was with Wenge Tonya Tonya. It looks like that during the time of Kibuisa, they had a feeling Japonais could stay in Europe for the way they recruited Burkina Faso and when coming in Kinshasa, Burkina Faso left not long after their return and Japonais was at some moment not showing anymore for a long time, even being linked to join Extra Musica Zangul. Then after Japonais, getting the name Coréen by Bill. (The japanese is gone and the coréen came). But it’s strange that Polystar didn’t get the spot as second solist and Flamme doing everything until Mogratana arrived.

Congolese Music / Denis lessie - Leteta (Clip Officiel)
« on: September 25, 2023, 23:38 »


Still looking for Madeleine new year 1994, LSC 1994, New York 1995, Paris 1996 and Madeleine 1996

Maybe he was not motivated (remember that he was anti-nouvelle ecriture) and just doing it for the money that gave him or it could be that he tried to do pronounce those kikongo-animation well by.

In Fin d'Exil he did animation as well. He sounded much better


Apparently Stino is also from Makala and used to be the best friend of Reddy's late little brother, before moving to Bandalungwa. Imagine how Reddy & Stino could have changed the vision towards their area and boosting it, by saying without shame that they came from there.


I totally forgot. Vieux Roger Izeidi has a book on the market about what he witnessed in African Fiesta and Afrisa. But since that most Congolese people don't like to read, he tried to talk about for a small part through interviews he did with Chouna Mangondo.

Why was the 1982-1987 generation of Viva la Musica that had singers like Lidjo Kwempa, Luciana Demingongo, Reddy Amisi, Maray Maray and co not really into Sape like that the precedant of Emeneya, Djanana, Debaba, Bipoli and co ? Was it because of them not really having Papa Wemba and Viva la Musica-artists as their idol before joining it or was it because of not having experienced the 1980 Europe and meeting those sapeurs in Paris ? I remember years later Papa Wemba complaining often in interviews about artists like Depitcho being called "Roi des Crocos" and Adolphe Dominguez "Le Roi Sapeur", but Reddy and Stino doing nothing to counter them.

However, when I think back about those old concerts in Europe back in the 1990s, I can say that late Cele le Roi and Gloria Thukadio were defending Viva la Musica well in Religion Kitendi. But them not having same aura like Reddy, Stino or even Jolu Mubiala.

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