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Congolese Music / Re: RIP DMX
« on: April 09, 2021, 19:46 »

Congolese Music / Re: V12
« on: April 04, 2021, 16:18 »
Which month and day in 1995 did the album drop ?

It will be the 26th anniversary soon do you think koffi will do something special ? Like a album of songs that didnt make the cut

Congolese Music / Re: V12
« on: April 03, 2021, 22:47 »
Which month and day in 1995 did the album drop ?

Congolese Music / Re: KOFFI & FALLY NO BEEF
« on: March 17, 2021, 16:28 »
With no beef how will I have my stew?

Congolese Music / Re: TOP 10 QUARTIER LATIN SONGS
« on: March 17, 2021, 12:10 »
1. Petit Na London (Willy Bula)
2. Dulcinee (Eric Tutsi)
3. Ma Fille (Willy Bula)
4. Miss Nicole (Sam Tshintu)
5. Likombe (Bouro Mpela)
6. Urgence (Binda Bass)
7. Aquarelle (Jordan Kusa)
8. Tendrement (Lola Muana)
9. Julia (Beniko)
10.Tous Pepele (Deo Brando)

I see how much love Detresse is getting on here and i don't get it's just an okay song its not better than Petit na london lets make that clear lol

Congolese Music / Re: Congolese need to focus on this
« on: March 14, 2021, 11:28 »
what an artist really gotta ask themselves is what a "stream" is worth before thinking about how much money they get from the different music platforms

that would be dope. can somebody put more info about them on their page on i couldn't find any info about them

« on: March 07, 2021, 13:53 »
This movie is for the tik tok generation kids that were born in 03 to like 2010

African artist should've been done that type of release, two singles = two videos not release a album and record music videos to all of the song on the album. Quality over Quantity

Congolese Music / Re: Whos the choregrapher for these videos
« on: February 27, 2021, 23:59 »
All those videos video hadn't any choregrapher, because they are just following the dancesteps of the cri's. Each cri has his own dance. All dances are mostly created by streetbands in areas like Bandal, Ngaba, Kimbanseke, Ngiri-Ngiri, Masina, etc. or sometimes even coming from village, being an old dance that used to be danced by are ancestors. Many people just think that dances like Helicopter, Tchaku Libondas were created in the late 90s. But in reality they are recylced dances of the 70s who orginated from the Kongo-tribe, where they were dancing it in the village during funerals, weddings, birth, etc. and those who emigrated to Kinshasa bringing it with them. The same for many dances who orginate from the Mongo-tribe, who were later used in the 80s and 90s.

Only the part of the female dancers in Generation Bercy and Ultimatum had an choregrapher. In Generation Bercy, it was the late dancer Monica Celeste who made those dances that Patience, Sandralina and Chouchou were dancing, creating also the dancesteps they used in the rumba's Babou and Logique. Koffi regretted her departure, because in a 5 months she spent in Quartier Latin, she contributed alot.

In Ultimatum it was dancers Nono ba Diamants who brought those dancesteps. She stole those dancesteps from her master Mbuta Muntu Radja, where she used to dance before joining Quartier Latin (her ex'boyfriend Somono also came from there). They rehearshed on those dancesteps, but she decided to go back to Kinshasa before the clip got shooted. Mbuta Radja Kula was really furious at Koffi, when the videoclips came out, because it were his dancesteps and they danced it without his authorization (not knowing that his ex'dancer Nono brought it to Quartier Latin). Radja Kula created many dances in 80s and 90s, they were danced by all bands (Wenge, Zaiko, Quartier Latin, Big Stars, etc.).

In Congolese music they rarely use choregraphers. Because every cri has already his own dance, that's a phenomenon that exist since the since 70s with Zaiko and Thu Zahina. They only use choregraphers for female dancers (having guys like Mao, Lambio Lambio, etc.) or when there are big events at Zenith, Bercy, Bercy or in Kinshasa at FIKIN, Cinemax (which don't exist anymore), Intercontinental.
Appreciate the info but what is a "cri" ?

Congolese Music / Whos the choregrapher for these videos
« on: February 27, 2021, 18:54 »

this song was lit until a found out the lyrics my goodness so depressing good song tho


Ndeko, these are questions for polemique  ;D ;D There's no Right or Wrong answer to that question. You can not compare Koffis style with other artists...different styles....

Best SOLO Albums of the 90s include

Feux de L'Amour : JB
Sans Commentaires: Madilu
L'amour Au Kilo : Mayaula Mayoni
Pile ou Face: Makaba

Not forgetting the following:
Emotion: Wemba
Azalaki se awa: Gatho Beevans
Romeo & Juliette: By Stino Mubi
Prudence by Reddy Amisi
Pentagone by Wenge
Pepe Kalle and Papy Tex had a few good albums

All These albums helped to cement Congolese music in the world in the 90s. Please listen to all these albums before chosing only one album....

There are also excellent 'Group' albums like
Confirmation by Extra,  Loi (number of vocales from all QL members), Pentagone and all Wenge 4x4 albums were outstanding, Ultimatum by QL,
appreciate the recommendations, Ive only heard Emotion and Feux de L'Amour

smh if your gonna make a statue of a legend make it right cuz that looks like Mao Zedong lol

Soukous ?!!! Koffi never made Soukous. Koffi only made Cavacha (back in the 70s), Tcha-Tcho (his own Rumba-style) and Ndombolo. I think that Dr Sakis's Cyclone of 1993, is the best Soukous-album ever, but that is my opinion. I'm sure that Koffi would be mad if you would say that to him, especially that V12 has his two best rumba's in that album (Fouta Djallon & Aspirine). Koffi often attacked Soukous-artists in his interviews in Paris back in the 90s. When Aurlus Mabele died he never made an instagram-post or little video about on Facebook, nor talking about it in interviews.

V12 is Koffi's best solo album, but not of ndombolo. If people will pick the best Ndombolo album, then they will mostly choose for Loi, Kibuisa Mpimpa, Effrakata or Kin E Bouge. Kin E Bouge was really the new basic and style of all albums that were released by youngsters in the 90s and old stars like Koffi Olomide, Pepe Kalle, etc. also inspiring from it. Because before it was always either you follow the Viva La Musica/Victoria Eleison-style or the one of Zaiko Langa Langa.

ain't ndombolo a dance? and tcha tcho just Congolese rumba? what's the difference between ndombolo and soukous?

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