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and now most of the pro-x pages are conveniently posting this well cut interview of joss diena with ado 2 years or 3 ago
At this point is Cindy actually worth all this hassle? All jokes aside, she was a nightmare for the guys in QL during BEK era and now we have the drama surrounding her Fally and Didi stone, is she really worth it?

You are a Koffi hater
Dude grow up
That's exactly you are when you accuse me.of being bias towards Koffi, one person's opinion of an artist doesn't mean to be bias or hating an artist, keep that in mind next time you say that I am bias against someone.
Kiekie this is coming from the same guy that called Werra a b***h the other day and always calls Koffi stupid and a B***h. Go up to someone in the street and call them those things and see what happens

Surprisingly a decent interview

But na filet is boring

Ehhh you two are easily by anything and it shows. It’s not the 90s anymore El Paris basila kalaaaa! It’s over, who’s gonna check for el paris

Ahhh Lebou Kabuya Papa na shandy we miss you.

« on: February 05, 2023, 21:09 »
People need to stop treating Alia like a saint.

Wasn't Koffi married when he started his affair with Aliane? Wasn't  he married when Didi Stone herself was conceived?

Didi Stone is acting like a spoiled child with no manner. But that's on Koffi; he did not raise her well and treated her like some angel. So Here we are. Normal result.

This is an immoral family. Koffi and his band. Old man is going out sad.
You're telling the truth. Didi is spoilt and the worst part is kids of this generation are agreeing with her actions it shows how lost this society is with people agreeing to disrespect your parents publicly.

Decompte Finale for sure

Congolese Music / Re: Apparently Mustapha Gianfranco passed away
« on: January 26, 2023, 22:38 »
Nooo, he lived a tough life for the last 20 years ahh rip Mustapha hadji

He needs an album release
Why are you so obsessed with everyone releasing an album?

It's like Bill's on a self-destructive mission to ruin his own legacy. He had an opportunity to get back on the map and reunite with his bandmates, but he fucks it up because he can't swallow his pride.
He thinks all of this ass licking to Fally will give him a feat with him and make him become relevant again but Bill must know that Robinio is there and Robinio's career isn't really going well despite him being the most close associate to Fally, that's why because despite Warriors making a big fuss on social media they don't really support anyone except Fally and furthermore people still care about good music and that's why Celeo, JB and many other artists who are away from drama are having way more views then Robinio damn even Innoss have more views then Robinio and he drops once every month while Robinio have always him or some of his porte parole go and rant on the Tvs but that doesn't translate to success, Bill fall will be so hard if he keeps going and yes when was the last time Fally had a feature with a Congolese solo artist,  after his Quartier Latin days? Yes Never
Robinio is doing just fine, In Kin his music is played at bars and clubs. Ermmm Fally has done a lot of features since leaving Quartier Latin, He did feats with Montana Kamenga, Cindy Le cœur, Celeo, Roga Roga, Shella Mputu, Gaz Mawete, Innoss’B, Charlotte Dipanda

1. Legende
2. Balle De Match
3. Formule 7

« on: December 30, 2022, 20:25 »
My song!! It should’ve been titled “Koffi and Quartier Latin - Tshiboless” these guys are ready to be stars.

Loool this was the beginning of the end. Kibens was so different from all the musicians from other bands, if you notice he never changed his look he always had the same low haircut style, never grew braids or dreadlocks which everyone else was doing, never had earrings. He looked awkward to rival that generation of guys he was more suited from the 90s era and would’ve been a better fit to rival of Sam Academia generation in Latino or Defao Big stars. But not that generation of Fally in Latino or Ferre era of Maison Mere.
Kiekie this is so true, he was in the wrong generation. The previous generation would’ve fit him better.

« on: December 30, 2022, 20:23 »
Ahhh for goodness sake

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