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Congolese Music / Re: REVIEW OF BALLE DE MATCH
« on: Today at 04:08 »
He’s a well-known Congolese author

Can’t really believe this shit .. one of my fav artist from QL even though his passage was really short

Congolese Music / Re: Albums that will be 25 this year
« on: January 18, 2023, 21:25 »
Extra Musica - État Major
Patrouille des stars - Obus Kanga Bisaka
Wenge BCBG - Titanic

I’m thinking about the way Lacoste was on his knee to ask forgive during SDM  or when they asked him if he was gonna record an album krkrkrkr

I would consider him as a dernier fils if he take his music seriously by providing great quality work

« on: January 16, 2023, 23:42 »
Doberman ( Extra Musica Zangul)

Zimbabwe le docteur de la danse !

That man has a lot of confidence. I hope he can fill the stadium or he will become mpiakanabe

« on: January 13, 2023, 03:04 »
Wassup with chemin de fer ? Will vol 2 will be a mix of both ( balle de match & chemin de fer) ?


He starts the interview being very angry after bill's interview and says bill is not acting like a real man,he acts tough on tv but he has a severe complex towards him,he always thought that he'll be forever in his shadow and it hurts him seeing that he is still there standing,also that a real man does not need to do what bill is doing to try to get a featuring or how some journalists also have to go and do stuff before being given an interview to some artists(remember old posts i said that some even went at musicians house to wash dishes and things like that),when he needed a feat with fally he went straight to him and asked,same for ferre,same for koffi,he would never accept to be twerking for a while to get a feat
and that bill has to know that a real man is not just mouth,you have to have principles and stick to it like a big man not
he was asked about dynastie and said that it was a great idea from ferre,to think about reuniting them,and what he appreciated is that they were not there to be submitted to him,he fund studios himself,then gave a donor to some to buy their songs,and some came with their own
and they received what they agreed and henever stepped in to ask for a single penny unlike most groups of drc where if you put a song on an album you have to give back to the leader a certain percentage(going from 10 to up to the whole amount at times)
but unfortunately in hindsight he realised that many of the guys came with their conflicts from les marquis and from their common maison mere time(which is why like i explained in a post yesterday or the day before the recording process took way more time than expected because of ego issues)
the day they had to record the generique,he arrived late because of traffic and by the time he arrived bill have already done the structure of a generique,the generique was then made a bit longer so that celeo has space for 2 animations even if bill put 10,but when bill heard that space for created for celeo he wanted to come and put other animation on that space aswell
and to respond to bill who in his rant said to expose ferre that ferre and celeo that they were angry that he gave a shoutout to werra,he says dynastie is ferre's project and when him celeo heard that werra's name was mentioned he asked to the guys if ferre was aware,because if ferre is not aware and then comes and eventually decides to remove it(ferre is pissed and saddened that werra never took account of his previous shoutouts to appease situation way before it really escalated and even till today, and also he did two messages on consecutive years of happy birthday to werra and mampata which the maison mere guys refused to post while they posted for other artists who were then seen as being "the good children and petits" and people considering that he was not even interested by their birthdays while he did videos,and also recently the lack of support in his time of prison and his very late inclusion to the 4X4 project so maybe he would have thought that it was worth nothing since his previous efforts were ignored ) the few remaining" super loyal to werra" among those who participated in the project( like ali mbonda him bill and kakol) would have created big drama and left if it happened
bill then requested files of the generique so that he could make his friends and donors listen to their names being mentioned,and its him who leaked it and he reveals that behind his back bill tried to come back in studio and remove his name in the introduction part of generique and  bill does not know that he knew but he just let it go he did not want to react strongly when he heard it and he stayed focused in the project
and he says he believes ferre decides to switch around the volumes of dynastie and release first the one of his songs urban and a bit of rumba because he started with his experience sensing some things and he wanted to take a close look at it and give it time to see what would happen,and him celeo adds that he knows that bill's plan was that once his song is released he'd back out of the project and then abandon the responsability of clips and promotion to ferre while they received from their donors money good enough to handle all that,because of the hype they all took prices as if they were still at that moment artists that were on top of the game
most of them accepted that ferre decided to switch around the order of release but seemingly not bill and it worsened when ferre instead of releasing it on his label like planned,convinced universal music to also take that volume of the project into their plans,bill got salty and wanted to know how much ferre was paid by universal to sign with them,and he says he should have been patient,ferre already did what he should have done for them in allowing them full song and mabanga money and then he is sure that if they remained calm and loyal he would not hesitate to give them some extra money if they needed once album was out,as brothers,but technically they were already even with the way ferre funded everything and allowed them to take fully the 20 30 40 k in total each for their songs so he had no obligation to give them more money, the rest would depend of each of them's copyright affiliation
he also explained once again why he blanked bill,and said bill talked bad about him when he was meant to have his concert the day of efandjo's martyrs and to make it worse he was with petit fally on stage openly disrespecting him while he had his arm around petit fally and then he wanted to come and salute him like nothing happened while he did not behave as a brother

I hope people wake up, cause the last video of Bill interview got Warriors hyping him up saying that he have spoken really well and so on, anyway Bill is a bitch a little bitch who still doesn't realize that the Maison Mere days are over and that no one checks for his music

All that bootlicking / ass kissing to Fally gonna backfire

Congolese Music / Re: ZAPARO NEW RELEASE
« on: January 01, 2023, 16:44 »
No, he hasn't gone solo. I think he just decided to drop this song.


« on: December 31, 2022, 05:54 »

My favorite … the chorus is just marvelous
what is the name of the song or youtube channel, i cannot access?

It’s called Regis le normand

I’ll check it later

« on: December 29, 2022, 19:39 »
Yeah he just released a bonus track

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