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Congolese Music / Djino Equalizer is in Paris
« on: April 23, 2018, 06:47 »
His career was so promising with Monsoh but once Heritier got signed it all went down hill especially with all the attacks on Bcbg.

Album too soon, what about Olympia? Are then even going to play in other African countries besides DRC, Congo-Brazzaville and Angola?

« on: April 22, 2018, 20:47 »
Forgot about this dude.

If Ferre wouldn't like someone calling him that then why call Brigade that. Brigade has mentioned he was poisoned by someone but never said by who and said he might reveal it one day if the person still tries him. All that witchcraft stuff has to stop, I would've freaked out seeing a snake pop out of nowhere but then again he did go to meet with a soceror.

I think its really interesting that these guys knew each other since primary school. I wonder how many more guys go back to the sandbox. That musta been fun to go at it as far as competition knowing you actually know guys on the other team since kids. How big is Bandal? Seems like the chateau rouge of Kin or something. Everybody comes from there lol

No, not everybodyi is coming from there. It's just that people from Bandalungwa like to boost their area. While people from Lemba, Gombe, etc. are more quite about that. But people from the Tshangu-district (Masina,N'djili, Kimbanseke, etc.) are trying to boost their district but it's not really working, since that it has a bad reputation (being seen as most poorest part of Kinshasa). About people from Bandalungwa boosting their area very hard started when Wenge Musica had the fame, being the most popular band of Zaïre at that time, which made people from their area proud and starting bregging about it. When the staff of Maison Mere started recuiting musicians in the start, they were taking mostly musicians from Bandal (Flamme, Guylain Mpungi, Celeo, JDT, etc.), since that Wenge=Bandal, so they saw that they had to privilage people from their area more than the others, which made some other talented musicians getting rejected, since they weren't coming from there.
There was a time that alot of musicians were coming from N'djili. But nobody really succeed as bandleader. There was also a time that alot of artists were coming from Binza (a quarter of Ngaliema). Then you had a guy called Thythy Le Vallois who was a sapeur/donor. He wanted to boost his area Masina. Since that people were always mocking people who were coming from there. So he started a band called Tambour Le Vallois. Alot from Tambour were later recruited by Victoria Eleison in 1997 and Nouvelle Ecriture in 1996 and the years after that (Bendoson, Thierry Mogratana, etc.) But let say from the start of the Congolese music in the 40's until the split of Wenge, the most musicians were always coming from coming from Matonge (a quarter in the area of Kalamu), Kasa-Vubu and Ngiri-Ngiri. Matonge was the most known as being the most swinging area of Kinshasa from the start until the mid-2000's. Then Bandalungwa took it over. I think that it has to with the shegues, thiefs and kuluna's who are there and more and more growing insecurity. People are starting now going to Couloir Kimbuta, which is in N'djili.
Bandal is just an normal area like the other 23. The biggest area is Maluku followed by Nsele, then Mont Ngalufa, then you got Ngaliema, followed by Kimbanseke, then Masina and after Masina the rest. Kinshasa is overpopulated and people coming from Europe and with some money are buying ground in Maluku and Mont-Ngalufa. Their houses they are building are nice, but there is no water and elecricity, since that the governement doesn't care. And there more and more people from the province coming to Kinshasa to look for a better life. The area's and quarters they built after the independence were meant to settle wealthy people, but it all flopped (Mont Ngafula, N'djili, Masina, Binza, etc.) Those Chef Coutumiers creating chaos by selling all the ground they have in possession without a real planning.

Nice historical lesson.

 Fally is going to have to accept critiques which is something all public figures go through.

Thanks Mvulusi for the background info, those shots Maison Mere were throwing were just good in-bounds polemic material.

Anapipo....every song was a hit and well arranged and delivered
100% agree with this.

For me it would Kisanola and the dance that dance they did in Malewa, Bicarbonate and Ferre's QEDT. That Nkila Kizengi dance should never ever be brought back.
this is the dance I'm referring to if people weren't quite sure @6:33 in Bicarbonate. @1:21 in Malewa.

This man had done a lot for your club, have to show more respect.

For me it would Kisanola and the dance that dance they did in Malewa, Bicarbonate and Ferre's QEDT. That Nkila Kizengi dance should never ever be brought back.

What do you mean sticking true to his roots because a lot of African athletes who are millionaires still are very prideful of their culture.

Who is this Dakumuda guy. Only heard his name when he sung  in Koffi's Pomme Verte and when one of animators Baby Tangofort went to Fally and I listened to his generiques to hear Tangofort. That's interesting how Werra and JB both went to speak on his behalf but Primus still didn't keep him.

i am hearing two versions about it,one that ferre got mad at him because he came with a similar outfit and second that they have a common sidekick
but i dont believe both for me either he is fancying himself as a solo artist(artists are bloody quick to get big headed) or he is approached somewhere which unsettles him
The outfit rumor  is petty so what if someone else has a better outfit then you and Ferre isa married man who he and his artists shout out no need to be jealous over a side chick,

Yeah he needs to lose weight but he can move to give him credit.

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