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gessac could not speak french let alone read french,it was always joss or somebody else doing paperwork for him also the weather scared him,it was a strong winter and he first moved to UK but then again he feared english even more and to wazekwa's surprise few days after  gesac arrived at concert with nobody knowing he has arrived in kinshasa
joss was deported because of jealousy of one of his sidekicks,he went to buy a car in germany or holland with money given by another sidekick and the jealous one snitched to authorities and he got caught and could not even buy the car(he was already having arguments with wazekwa over that car,wazekwa was saying he'd  pay him the same car back in kinshasa with a more affordable price and no transport extra fee  while joss wanted his car coming from europe to show off from airport
I think Gessac blew a chance, may would've loved that opportunity. He should've learned French and English better, now look at his career. Why was Joss deported was he in the country illegally? That side chick should've stayed in her lane. And did Koffi get the jacket Wazekwa wore the day before so fast? He must've been really mad that Wazekwa got to play Olympia.

For those wondering it's @3:12

I watch this video sometimes, sebene was good.

Why did Gessac have trouble settling in Europe? And why was Joss deported? And it seems like artists have to get visas in secret (in case a rival wants to sabotage them) and then announce the concert. They should've booked the flight in advance, it would've been bad if they missed that flight. It was probably Koffi who sent all those weird stuff to their hotels and backstage of Olympia, good that Wazekwa and Zenth got to play at Olympia and Zenith(given the circumstances).

That haircut is ugly who told them to get that? I used to think Sandra was a girl until I seen him in a video when Chikito saw Koffi at his house and it was a dude.

La Zamba is dead, just a couple years ago it was the place to be always having packed crowds.  Wangila wasn't even singing that good for that type of reaction. When did Yannick Dindo join Maison Mere?

Say that on youtube and you will get multiples attacks from WMM fanatics lol. Werrason is finished, but he's lucky that Congolese music is down (people more being focused on politics and the young-generation on urban & foreign music) and that Fally Ipupa, Fabregas and Heritier Wantanabe aren't able to show their supremacy in Kinshasa otherwise they would already have buried Werrason.
Yeah Werra/Maison Mere don't like hearing the truth even when the evidence is right there. What do you mean by "show their supremacy" because Fally,Heritier and Fabregas perform in Kin often and the concerts are usually packed. It's just that Stade De Marty's should be opened up for artists again.

It's like Boussoke was given free reign while in Control, Fally restricted him for whatever reason.

La Zamba is dead, just a couple years ago it was the place to be always having packed crowds.  Wangila wasn't even singing that good for that type of reaction. When did Yannick Dindo join Maison Mere?

« on: May 18, 2019, 06:50 »
It's a good song but I expected more from Freddy Marchouse. Why are they putting replacements for the vocalists for not in the video (female singer part (Leticia Melody probably) and Chiko, just leave it as it is, and why didn't they have the vocilaists part with the main video it looks awkward. And Designer overdid it with the powder, he is not the that lightskin he looked like a ghost. 

Temoinage was a good bounceback album for Werra as many people thought he was finished when Les Marquis was formed hence Celeo's "ba kanisi toko sila"( they thought we are finished) animation. I still play songs like Temoinage, Conscience Bela, Loin De Toi,Wabelo.

Congolese Music / Teasers for two new songs by L Rice
« on: May 17, 2019, 02:48 »

Showing his dancing skills in the video, one of the ex-Quatier Latin singers is in the generique (forgot his name)

talking about exchanges,fally and jb met at an airport recently and fally was reluctant to go salute jb despite insistance of a famous donor who was there,then jb moved towards them and they saluted and talked a little bit (and that could be why for once in ages he mentioned jb in an interview,but still not like he'd say in the past grand pretre salvatorius de la patria and so on)
Why was Fally hesitant about saying hi to JB? Is he still salty about JB saying Ferre's the better singer in their generation?

I saw this couple days ago but stopped watching since it was in in French, I actually thought it was a positive story about meeting him. From the title here I thought it was a rape accusation, if true credit to her staying loyal to her man and most importantly staying true to her self since it's been stated that she's not that type of girl whereas many of girls would've loved to be in her position. 

He says his song is called Film ya ba Nigerien (film of Nigerians) and he says he was asked to put vocals in Charly Solo,Freddy Marchouse,Mabumba Bass,Vibration and Ya Mado's songs.....on a side note why is his lineup like that?

I've the feeling that the children who are born in Europe are more in Congolese music then those who lives in Kinshasa.
I think the same thing at times, from the outside looking in it seems the youth in Kin at least are more into non rhumba and sebene music whereas Congolese diaspora is the opposite, having artists,bands, concerts etc. 

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