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Haha don't let Freddy Marchouse see this. Fally really got humbled right there Kosa Leka.

Ahhh Kabuya mawa, so Fally took him off Controle?

Him, Josky and Nono Fudji are the only singers I rate highly in BCBG.

Good, they neee to start performing outside of Congo and Angola already. (They would've done that already last summer but those idiots messed it all up)

Congolese Music / Re: Archive; Making of Chaise Electrique
« on: July 13, 2018, 00:14 »
Fally did good on this song, this was an actual R&B song with Lingala lyrics. Another reason as to why Congolese music is a very unappreciated genre across the world.

Apparently Carine Mokonzi told Heritier that Prince sang Rice's vocal from Panzi Likolo and that's what got him out for group (very stupid reason if true).

I really like the scenes were they were dancing in the rain it looked cool. And I finally figured who the guy from Brigade's group is it's the guy who was in Masion Mere reserve and was used to sing Ferre's parts.

Remember he hasn't left Ferre he's on a "break" from the group. And he's been doing interviews before this one.

you know its a well elaborate work,they'll tease you for a while saying look at x or y you dont want to be like him,trust us we'll give you cars money success dont believe people who say you gonna lose your parents or this like that
they'll even send you women at times to attract you,i know a musician who refused to sign with them and followed a girl thinking its just the normal sidekicks they have once at  her room a sorcerer is sat with a little monkey on his back and they locked the door and tried to convince him at all costs  he ran away through toilet window
or they'll come at you and offer you something as a test,for example wazekwa was approached and told you wanna really get in the absolute top,we can offer you a packed martyrs stadium at the condition that you sign with us after it happens and wazekwa said he prefers to take a century if needed to do it on his own strength
then there are cases of staff putting pressure in partnership with sorcerers,many of the guys you see around musicians have three main roles bring spiritual people in,bring women in and do whatever the boss asks including sleeping in cemetery in his place if he wants then standing on podium to transfer power to him and stuff like that
or cases  of some having success but missing something, i wont give a name but there is a young artist  who had a huge hit in recent years but was pulling very small crowds they put so much pressure  on him to upgrade his power and solve that and he accepted those ceremonies before every concert to have crowds like x or y and since they are so desperate of making some history they almost always fall into it
i once saw an artist telling boguys bompema ah yaya ba nzembo kitoko musique ya kilo mais oza polele il faut osimba,even artists try to influence colleagues thats its the only way to succeed
Wow those sorcerers can't take no for an answer? If someone doesn't want to give their life to satan then let them be then again that's how the devil he wants to take everyone to hell with him before his time is up.

Sounded better live in concerts, so Ferre dosen't have beef with Koffi or Fally anymore since the animations attacking them aren't on this version and even changed the name of the generique.

Wow Fabregas aza na motema mabe, why didn't he let Cedric go record the video with Hiro. Since there isn't no Europe concerts at the moment it would've been a good opportunity for someone in the group to to Europe and give a boost to Fabregas and Light Music that someone in the group did an outside featuring. And who is Fabregas from stopping two grown people from seeing each other. Good for Cedric, stand up for yourself.

jdog from inside info,album is finished but he still has a couple of things to complete on spiritual level and  also his spiritual men advised him to look for feats with some people who are more advanced in that game,so he will be flying soon to abidjan for a feat with serge beynaud and will surely wait  on fally to be available in kin or koffi as plan b which is  why he postponed and will release yet again that maxi single instead
Wow so he's gone into the satanism world, I taught Fally would've done the featuring already since he was in Kin for a while and was pictured with Robinio in the studio.

like i said above you'll be left with almost no choice with the pressure you'll get,
So the musicians don't have the mentality to just say, they are easily that persuaded? Like Manzambi said all this witchcraft for little success at times as this video only has 50,000 views.

This guy was with Robinio @2:23

« on: July 02, 2018, 23:28 »
Good stuff by Nono Fudji and Quado. Judoka surprised me with how soft and sung I was really expecting a bigger voice then that. Atshuda sounded like an animator at one point, Seguin really looks like a dyke.

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