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Congolese Music / Metro Matondo Efface pays tribute to JB Mpiana
« on: September 17, 2019, 11:08 »
Hello everyone?! Long time...JB Mpiana fan number 1 is back!???????? Archos, where are you at my brother?!????
Am currently playing "Bon Homme" by Metro Matondo, on repeat, a dedication to JB Mpiana
 What's your your take on this one guys??!

This is crap...bullshit!! I mean Koffi had all the time in the world to make peace with Papa but he did'nt!! This is just one of those moves he makes to attract some attention to hell with Koffi with his chick Cindy

« on: June 12, 2016, 02:04 »
Metrau Matondo is currently the best "player" on the "pitch" now in BCBG..listen how he combines well with Achuda on Correction....super!!

This boy Padache messed up his chance of being a big Frenchie has grabbed the opportunity with both hands! Frenchie is shining!!

« on: June 09, 2016, 00:07 »
Metrau Matondo Ngoma...the best player in the team as at form!! hope he comes to lusaka...

Am happy finally people are realising the need to keep members the way Papa Cheri does...i have always defended JB on this issue as i emphasised that there are things we as fans dont know in terms of contribution to the group.we might not like some members but the leaders know their imput though it might not always be visible to us as fans. JB is very professional while Werra is too abruptive...departures are not always good.its understandable when a member who commands a large fan base goes solo..the fan base goes with them plus new fans as well. But most of these guys are better off working under a team.

Congolese Music / Re: HMMMMM BANA BCBG!!!!!!!!!!
« on: June 03, 2016, 00:36 »
Guys guys guys...while we are talking of Balle De Match,  lets be mindful that JB has opted to do things differently by focussing more on live shows because according to him, there is poor copyright protection hence an artiste might work for nothing if not careful.....questions; why dont the members leave BCBG?...why are young promising artistes choosing to join BCBG if its a group of lazy guys? Is BCBG making losses in finances?...if so why is the group still intact?....why is BCBG still touring? ...if BCBG is still making profit, of which it is apparently, through touring why are you stressing about albums when you can look for videos of recent shows and enjoy new songs and dances? Am a die hard BCBG fan and i believe there is a reason why JB and crew keep us waiting for albums while they are touring! Lets spare JB from all the attacks, its about coming to understand they have their way of doing things...JB is not Ferre...JB is not Fally...JB is JB!! ...i will die defending my star!!


« on: May 25, 2016, 13:35 »
Hey people !! am back!! Its been is everybody doing??
What?!...Emo who?!...
Emo you have ditched us at BCBG?? from your name i notice you are now at Fally's house?!!...Emooooo!! How could you?!!....kikikikiki....

Kindoki nabo Nzambe! kati na Nkolo... JB is JB and will always be JB!! He can stay quiet without an album for sometime but when he releases everyone will know he is JB! He is a natural artist is perfect, i mean he has his own imperfections but he is JB and will always be JB!

« on: March 15, 2016, 10:35 »
Hello wondeful people! back!! Missed you guys...been following everything from a distance kikikikikiiki....
I dont like Koffi's immaturity...a man of his calibre was supposed to be a pioneer of Congolese music but...! He is easily swayed by outside forces hence thirst to imitate and try to do better than the imitation!! I have not listened to his latest !13eme apotre coz  first of all i consider him a rival! he fought with my favourite star JB Mpiana! secondly am not ready to strat listening to 38 tracks of someone i really despise these days!...his ego affects him badly and he finds himself jumping from one statement to another and back again ...contradiction! Though Emo does not like JB's style of keeping same people, it has its own advantages...and yes its disadvantages. Koffi hardly keeps a team together for 4 years, they would differ and they would desert him! In my book he is not a leader, he is an individual star. snd he will never stop changing coulors like a chameleon! 

Like I said before on this forum, I don't have a problem with Chai and Rio leaving but I would have a problem with JDL and Professeur Mulongeshi leaving. Why I say this coz among the mikulis, I think these two are key members in the sense that JDL has good vocal chords and he is generally active. He can dance very well he is charismatic. Coming to Mulongeshi, I think he has done a good job as since taking up the Artistic Director position. If am not mistaken, every album under his direction has an award winning track or tracks. In 2010, BCBG was the best groupe in DRC. This for me is a good record. He might not have the best vocal chords and he is not as charismatique and flamboyant but I admire his experience and expertise in music. In my opinion, he should not be sidelined but kept in the background to give chance to the young ones.
Another thing is that in music, just like in any other field of work, it is good to have experienced people around. Imagine a company or a football team or a music group with young people only, it would be very unstable and inconsistent in performance. It is the experience of such people as Kibens that were key to JB's intriguing performance at Stade de Martys recently. But if there is someone who can hold that Kibens' key position and has potential or proven experience in music direction, I don't have a problem with him leaving.

Archos my man, honestly after watching this video, I got this inner assurance that Ball de Match will win gold! Bana boma are scotching hot especially the guy that sings Bompema's stanza...he is a great signing for us BCBG Fans. Kindly tell me who is who in this video, I wanna know each one of them please......kitoko makaaaaaasi!

Congolese Music / Reply To: BCBG favourite track of all time
« on: August 01, 2013, 01:21 »
Archos, you are the man! Thanks for the data. I like the balance of older guys and younger guys though the younger guys must be accorded more time. You have mentioned heritier, which heritier is this ?? Obama is working to get a Baccalaureate, which level of education is this?? Lastly, Chaila Ngenge said he left BCBG coz of the "two weights, two measures" policy by JB, what does this mean??
Too bad for Me the, I really feel for him. I thought he had changed after getting suspended prior to the release of SS. On Obama, am with JB. Nothing beats a good education, at least to a certain level it makes a big diferrence.

Congolese Music / Reply To: BCBG favourite track of all time
« on: July 31, 2013, 01:34 »
Archos, you are correct. That is why JB needs to start using the younger ones more because they are hungry for glory, they want to prove something. I can't wait for Balle De Match. Is Benjamin Obama going to sing in this album? What is the other latest Intel you have about BCBG??

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