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Congolese Music / Re: Where was A La Lune:Mwalimu recorded at?
« on: September 20, 2018, 18:53 »
I always wonder how A La Une would sound with Bendoson,Pompom Miyake,Ramazani & Christian Na Nzenze.

I thought Adjani was older than that

Congolese Music / Re: Anya Star explaining why she left Maison Mere
« on: September 10, 2018, 11:35 »
of course,in a lot of groups leaders themselves send them to donors on mission and if you refuse you can lose your status of favorite,be erased from trip lists and things like that unless outside the leader/dancer relationship the leader also sees you like a bit of a little sister
the plan is that either its a donor they already know well and the donor liked the dancer and asked for her  so leaders kinda force them when they are reluctant,or when they hear there is somebody new who is mentioned for example ted tenday,they'll send the dancer to contact the guy and seduce him and when it works out they'll share the money 90 per cent for the boss 10 per cent for the dancer

Damn that's straight pimpin. I knew Papa Wemba used to do that with some of the Fioti's Fioti's in 2000. Did every leader do that. Those leaders man sometimes when I learn about their actions I ask myself if they are humans ?

Where was JDT ? Was he suspended. I don't see Héritier neither, he was already in the first team back then.

It seems like people were not paying attention to others albums except Le Carré Magique am I wrong ? By the way Film Ebaluki is a great album.


Papa Wemba first interview after his time in prison and Nouvelle Ecrita's concert at Grand Hotel as bonus. Viva La Musica and later Nouvelle Ecrita were so strong and popular and they were able to perform even without Wemba's presence. In 1984 they did 8 months without him and in 1979 he joined Tabu Ley's band for 6 months, leaving Viva in the hands of Emeneya. In 2003/04 Nouvelle Ecrita spent 16 months without Papa Wemba, but still performing in the area's of Kinshasa,in Brazzaville & Pointe Noire and pulling then big crowds. This all changed when Wemba wasn't motivated anymore with Alpatshino, Sampaio, etc. leaving Nouvelle Ecrita in 2006.

the lack of motivation from Wemba was it due to the fact he was going broke after the ngulu affair or the fact that Bazonkion EP flopped and Nouvelle Écriture was criticized ?

I guess Bendoson released his solo album in 2006 not long after everybody left. But some Nouvelle Écriture members like Apocalypse, Pacheco stayed until Wemba's death.

« on: September 04, 2018, 13:21 »
they have recorded a new album which is meant to be released this year they were trying to do at least half the clips along with album release since its auto production like everybody bar a couple of guys
lola also apparently will be recording another album

Are you talking about Mama Ya Siska (I don't know if I said it right) album ? Have they released something after Rencontres in 2007 ? I don't know if we can consider boh as an album

Baby Ndombe keep going to rehearsal despite being suspended ?

Where were Ferre,Adjani and Mabiala ? It seems like Adjani was not really present at concerts after Kibuisa am I wrong ? Even Mabiala before he went to jail.

Back in those days people weren't labeling Werrason as a faux chanteur. Even when Zacharie Bababaswe released that VHS which included the recordings of A La Que Leu Leu and the behind the scenes of Double Zenith. Back in the days of Wenge 4x4 they were labeling Werrason as the heir of King Kester Emeneya. People started to notice and call Werrason faux chanteur when the polemic between him and Koffi re-started in 2005 after that Ferre joinedQL. Koffi was calling himself then 'encadreur' and said  "you can't name yourself 'grand formateur' if you aren't able to sing a vocal of one of your bandmembers". From that day everybody started to label Werrason as a 'faux chanteur'.

Good for Werra, well done Koffi, puting Werra in his spot, the tollerance for that guy is under the zero after I knew about the treatment he was serving Celeo

Hahaha that’s nothing. All those bandleaders are the same (Koffi, Werra, JB, Wemba, Koffi, Kester, etc.). There are worser things than that of Celeo. Koffi did almost the same thing but then worser with Nono Diamant, Suzuki Luzubu & Skola Miel. They went all to jail. Emeneya wanted to do the same thing to Safro & Mongoley in London (1991).

Archos, mvulusi can y'all tell me what happened with Celeo in 2007. It seems like after Témoignage Werra wanted to 12 the members who seems to get old like Lacoste,Aimelia and Kabosé to susbstitute them with younger guys like Olivier,Miel,JR. Did he really left because of Brigade like Héritier,Kakol and co said back then ? (Maybe they said that to diminish him like they do with those who left as usual).

Did Roi David get 12-ed too ?

Congolese Music / Re: Does Ferre fear Heritier?
« on: August 26, 2018, 22:16 »
heritier was promoted partly to force ferre out or put him under mad pressure when he got his papers and was going to europe on his own and started becoming less of a yes man so he challenged ferre on every possible field
then when ferre left,he was again at the forefront of maison mere's attacks against ferre,on and off tv including that incident brigade refers to in the nightclub where heritier came and threw a open beer towards ferre( the old usual "affrontement")
but i am very cautious with the other parts coming from gloria,yes for sure heritier becoming werra's number 2 copied the whole "network" of werra which consisted in having any type of person around from ministers to the meanest shegues and he could intimidate a little bit back then ferre then fally with them guys but  gloria has maaaaaaad hard feelings towards heritier and ferre because they always preferred carine  instead of her so she'll always come up with whatever negative against them and between them
she's very strange,she has stories about every single musician she approached ever since she'll been following the likes of depitsho in quartier latin as a teenager,but this story will end nowhere i think,she did everything to be strongly backed by werra so even if ferre gets her in jail,maximum one day and she'll come back even more arrogant

Damn he threw a open beer toward Ferre i didn't know they had a fight after Ferre,Bill and co left. I also heard Kakol used to confront them when he saw them. Do you really think Werra wanted to get rid of Ferre back in 2003 ?
It makes think of Baby Ndombe interview with Marc Tabu in 2007 said that Adolphe told them that they gonna what they did to forced him out of the group would turned against them. And he said that Werra used to send people to diss him to make him feel uncomfortable. I was surprised  when i heard that because Baby and JDT were feared in Maison Mère back then.

If i'm not misktaken was it the first concert cancelled by the combattants ? Yeah I remember they cancel Fally's Zenith of March 2011 by threatening people who came to watch the show. Despite this Fally played his concert in front of a small crowd.

I start to understand why Hériter was saying "nga na kimisa mutu oyo nga na ye to yembi Nostalgie" "na botoli ye ceinture challenger na ye na beti champion". I never notice a sign of a eventual rivalry between Ferre and Héritier I always wonder why they sang Nostalgie together now it makes sense.

It's crazy. It means that those who were and are very popular in these groups did those type of crazy shit. I saw the interview of Baby Ndombe with Eti Kimbukusu and he said he didn't do witchcraft i was like "come on man how can we believe you ?" It's impossible to be a star without doing witchcraft is it ?

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