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I was talking about the 2009 what made Koffi sued Wemba suddenly ? because they were not on speaking terms before his death. Koffi planned to diss him in 13ème Apôtre. There is a video on YouTube where they sing together in that video we can see Wemba wasn't happy at all.

Oh so Papa Wemba and Adolphe Dominguez were guests. What ressurfaces the beef between Koffi and Papa Wemba because Koffi tried to send him in jail right ? I don't know when it was.

Koffi and QL in their prime. Just add in Somono and you have the dream team.  :)

2 falsetto atalaku's ? I don't think that, that it's a good combination. I remember when they were interrupting each other during a concert in 1995. In another concert at Zamba Playa it was so annoying. They didn't like each other.

Yeah there was a extract of that concert in Dailymotion i don't know if the video is still there. In this extract we can see Beevens didn't like him he was always interrupting. I think he saw him as a threat for his place.

what became of Rita Rigebelle Dembo?

She’s married and lives in Lubumbashi now.

Why Rita wasn't in the clips of Magie ?

Did people quickly forgot this album because Koffi and Quartier Latin released Magie not long after ? The success of Magie was massive.

Les Anges Adorables is Classic album by the way. It was a little bit similar to Kalayi Boeing in the sense that they didn't brought a new style like in Kin E Bouger and Kalayi Boeing.

It seems like their beef against Kester, Koffi and Pépé Kallé wasn't as serious as those which occured years later during the polemic era from 1998 till 2004-05 (JB vs Werra, Koffi vs Wemba, Koffi vs JB,Werrason) and those silly polemics of today. It was just competition back then wasn't it ?

Damn he beat him at the Christmas 2002 LSC concert in front of everyone ?? Wtf there's no way a boss has any right to beat his employee what part of the game is that ? I know Koffi did a lot of good for his artists but he did a lot of bad things to them.
Anyway that's typical with congolese musicians. This reminds of the departure of Deplik from Maison Mere.

Damn, been waiting for this one. Gotta watch in full when I get the time.

I'm already seeing Lola over-exaggerating his voice in the begining. Idk how he lasted in QL that long frankly, maybe it was symbolic to have him since his father (RIP) passed not to long before.

hahaha speaking of Lola archos,mvulusi can y'all tell me why he left Quartier Latin in June 2003 ? Was it really because of the song Silivi ? I heard he wrote the song.

It was rare to see Serge Mabiala with them in 2002. It's so sad that he can't come back to Kinshasa no more. Did he tried to come back since then ?

I didn't even recognize Suzuki in the first place hahaha. I think it would have been better for his career to stay in Academia after the release of Viagra. But maybe not because of the ngulu affair which made difficult to go to Europe for every group.

By the way guys do you think the ngulu affair marked the end of "le Carré Magique" era (the golden era for some people) or the rise of the 5th Generation (G5 Révolution) ?

donors can be crazy at times,lets be honest,many many of them donors are like musicians quite involved in sects and black magic so they have strange desires or is it orders to respect,back in those days were there were plenty of young dancers in big groups they were willing to pay 10 20 k to get them(which our greedy leaders obviously were accepting)
if i have to be completely honest even men went trough that pressure

What do you mean by "even men went trough that pressure" ?

I don't understand I thought Champion left to join BCBG. Did he made a brief come back to Quartier Latin ?

« on: June 04, 2018, 09:43 »
These stupids hardcore start to piss me off for real. By the way Happy Birthday JB.

It's weird that we don't hear that much about Didace Iboula Le Professeur he composed one of the best Ql's rumba Détresse in Magie. Mvulusi he left in 1995 right ? What he did after ?

That little shot of Suzuki towards Koffi Olomide, saying that had to be from Bandundu to fill the Stade des Martyrs-stadium (referring to Emeneya, Werrason & Marie Paul). Everybody humalited Koffi then. With Koffi in private that he would never ever perform at Stade des Martyrs or l'Esplanade de Palais du Peuple, since he isn't able to fill those places.

Suzuki revealed in this interview that he's the original songwriter of Zaintoin and Noblesse Oblige, who are just a few of the many songs he wrote for Koffi. He was scared to reveal more songs, since that know that Koffi would send those "maîtres" like ussally to beat him, like he used to do to people who were talking against him. I know that he also contributed to the little kimbala churchsong on the start of Andrada.

That was a big 12 from Koffi. Letting Suzuki think that he accepted to let him record a solo album after Loi and then two weeks before Olympia, saying that he had to stay in Africa because that he toured already to much with them, but having the visa his passort.
That was very nasty of Koffi to cut that visa for the Schengen-area out of Suzuki's passport. With Suzuki not knowing it and then being arrested in Cameroun for 3 days, it could have been longer if he wasn't a known singer. The moment that he returned was a really bad moment to return to Kinshasa, since that the war just started. If I remember well riots already started in Kinshasa with the population killing the rebels and people who were suspect by themselves on the street with fire, petrol and car tires.  Koffi had alot of guts to ask Suzuki to come back in Quartier Latin after the tour when he returned and Academia being created in Paris.

I remember that Somono, Kamono, Binda Bass & Modogo were in Kinshasa when Koffi and the rest were in Kenya. Koffi wasn't able to return because of the war. With them joining Quartier Latin later in Paris. Modogo didn't dance that during that intro of Olympia, but in the shows that followed he did. The same with Kamono who didn't dance with the girls in the intro. I think that Koffi left them behind for those problems who started in the band of musicians not being satisfied anymore with the money they were getting. Sam Tshintu revelead in a interview that they wanted to start Academia in Burkina Faso, but them abandon that project on the end. Saying they couldn't start a band in a country where it's 41 degrees celsuis. This all made me think that Koffi prepared that Olympia show abroad.

In this interview Suzukisaid the he would go to Europe in a few days, but it didn't happen. I guess that they refused to let him go to Europe, despite having a visa for the Schengen-area, what happened to many ex'musicians of Quartier Latin, Maison Mere, BCBG based in Kinshasa. Those bandleaders are to powerful. I wonder how Suzuki came in contact with JB Mpiana. You can feel that he chose JB's side in the JB vs Werra-rivalery which splitted the country in two, by singing the song Nicky D and then saying that he don't know to who that songs belong. While everybody know that it's Werrason's song.

Were people surprised when they learn Suzuki would not be at Olympia ? I guess they were since he was the "cachet" of Quartier Latin. Wow i didn't know Koffi asked him to return in Quartier Latin in 1999. He did well to refuse I don't see him along the team of Depitcho,Fally,Jordan,Soleil,Gipson ect.

I think suzuki should stayed in bcbg until TH, wich would gave him a plateform, visibility & popularity.
I also think, it was a bad idea to wanted to do an album after loi

I don't think he will fit in BCBG. His album was very good but it was impossible to succeed at that time with le Carré Magiqur dominating the congolese music scene. It's surprising that this album was not uploaded on YouTube or others platforms.

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