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Lol...How have you been my brother?

When musicians leave Werrason he is a bad manager. When they leave Ferre, Heritier.....They are ungrateful and impolite. When Heritier was with Werrason we heard how he had become a bad singer, irritating Heritier still has a good voice. The same voice ! When Arnake was with Ferre we were told how a fanstastic singer he was. In WMM we were told he was a bad copy cut. When he went to Heritier he became fantstic again.

Today WMM has a fine group with excellent musicians in every section. But as usual we hear how  bad the group is. We have the group holding concerts in Kenya, twice in Tanzania, Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Zimbabwe and a lot around Congo...We are told they only practice and don't perform?

Its like we have not moved on from the Wenge polemique days......Lol.

How have we ended up comparing Werrason to Fally? We should be talking about Ferre. Werrason and Fally are in diffeeent generations for God's sake. They have never been in direct competition and their relationship has been good. Sometimes I don't even understand how we end up comparing Werrason to Heritier and not comparing Herritier to Fabregas, Robinho etc.

He still has a very good line up. Better than most past groups. He however has other ways to chase money than line up a lot of small concerts. There is less money in concerts and CDs nowadays. He visited Angola, Equatorial guinea, Kenya and Tanzania in the past months. He has concerts lined up in Zambia and Zimbabwe. He has a concert coming up with Kamerhe as guest of honour. End last year and early this year he focused so much on elections. He came back and was working with the group behind closed doors. Lazamba only opened to the public recently. The past three weeks he has been doing concerts round Congo.

It terms of group quality, this crop has diversity. He basically has everything he needs. But he is not a kid anymore to get so excited for nothing. This is trend with everyone. Apart from the hype, there is no special song or album for Heritier we can talk about. Fabro had one good album but it is not a wow album either. Ferre really no longer has that energy he had in the early days. Same with wazekwa, fally... So it is not Werra, it is lack of big euro concerts that has seen a slump in congolese music.

Otherwise if we complain so much about Werra who has even given us Ingeta and 7 tujour dela semen in the past few years, then we can officially declare JB dead musically.

The guy who is being promoted a lot is Michigan. He is very talented. Miles better than Olivier and very active too. He can make vocals out of nothing.

The guy in a red cap is Dinarra. He is very good and comfortable.

Two guys can sing Ferre, Adjani and Heritier vocals.....the guy in question is Basele but Satellite can also do that.

I'm actually happy he lost. I want him to focus on music. Rebuild a new WMMM.

What stories around Daida?

« on: December 11, 2018, 10:24 »
If someone tells me Carine was not going out with one of the WMM bosses I will not agree. Her issues are more personal than musical and WMM guys seem a bit soft on her though they hit back. Sadly these attacks intensified when Suria Kahuma received a car as a birthday gift from WMM.

Archos, whom exactly was consuming Carine? 

« on: November 15, 2018, 10:54 »
He sounded like Chai Ngenge. Chai likes such songs

« on: November 15, 2018, 08:26 »
He can actually sing all voices for the previous and current WMM band members. He can animate like Bill, Tutu, Ekokota, Celeo, Brigade....

Apart from Formidable, Jamaique has a new dance which is taking Congo DR by storm.

By the Archos, is that song Cafe Roum sang at the parking lot for Paulo Bindu on the Formidable max single?

Archos, I also hope it does not spark polemique. I'm really tired of the polemique..

My only problem is surely we now don't care what happened decades ago. That's glory of the past and we want results from them now. No one is really hungry for such news and we have all accepted and moved on. If he is smart, he would keep quiet than start unnecessary polemic as he painted Werra all negative and JB all positive. Whether true or not, he should be old enough to know how supporters and people who surround Werra will react. He also knows the effect it will have on JB/ Werra relationship knowing Tutu is now in good books with JB. So, what does he lose if he just brushes the topic aside? We want albums from him and his former boss JB like Werra and his children are doing and not history lessons. We want music, music and music....let him spare us the polemic which is not needed. Ferre, Heriteir, Fabregas, Robinho, Deplick, Brigade, Lacoste, Bill Clinton, Kabose, Mulopwe.....are giving us music. Let Tutu focus on that other swinging from Europe to Kin, from petty europe session performances to rumours of rejoining BCBG and now to starting polemic which is clearly cooling down.

That's my take. I now want music and I'm not taking kindly any musician who is still buried in polemic of two decades ago.

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