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 right to be mad yes bro,although normally there can be deals for audio only or for clips too( in organized countries where people can have feat without getting any along where there are image rights and things like that),but not really right to attack somebody
their disagreement was over the fact ferre wanted the clip done in europe while vieux bozi wanted clip done asap and did not mind in kin and whenever ferre was in kin he was busy with his studio before going to continue in europe,i think we've criticized ferre here or clan wenge in general for their last minute u turns but sometimes it can be understandable
it reminds me of jb and papa wemba who could not do clip in paris for 2 years over clashing schedules and who were in perfect relationship still
but i get what you say its like lodia who had to interview ferre but he decided to cancel and focus on release of accoustic the same day (IMO knowing wenge also after hearing there was high chances comments would be full of fally fans asking questions to make him feel uncomfortable) and ever since calls ferre "artiste ya munene" instead of saying ferre,like mbuta likasu

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He says manda has had a problem with him for over a decade,and he was just telling him that as a big brother to their generation he did not need to play that petty game of because one did not pick your call maybe because he was busy you go and overpraise his rival,he has respect for manda as an elder and a great singer
he says manda has been hating on him since he was still in maison mere over the facts he had with him most of the big donors of ndjili and that its not his fault that ndjili donors had turned their back on manda because they were seeing him as impolite and arrogant( until today manda is not backed much by ndjili people in general) and manda was shouting at them that they are yumas who support a petit atalaku instead of him( in congolese music there are three people whose work name can be twisted easily in a humiliating way atalakus,mbonda players and ngongi players) and he called  manda to express how he did not appreciate manda ridiculing him  and later on they meet at some donors who was having campaign to become a deputy and he apologized to manda as a younger brother on demand of the donors but manda still kept the grudge of how he was privilieged compared to him
and celeo says he is starting to react like that because enough is enough,ferre is the leader of all maison mere clan and if some are cowards to let  people play with him like that using ferre's name to get favours with ferre's rivals he will stand up for the cause,ferre is like a brother to him,he considers ferre's mother like his since his parents both died long ago so he is feeling pain the way ferre has became people's punching ball to endear themselves to another artist
ferre is not a saint like any human but at some point enough with that system and if other guys are afraid to talk he will talk and she tried to tease him about the way people see him  as ungrateful and impolite against werra, and he challenged her to find a single time where he said werra did nothing for him or where he insulted  werra and he had a word for franck stemay calling him a hypocrite who fuels conflicts while acting on tv like a pastor and he says people need to understand that he replies to questions he is asked  and he has the right to be upset with some things and he has the right not to lie when asked questions,for example he cant lie that his departure from maison mere was smooth he will have to say the truth which is that they went with his passport to put him in trouble and they created problems which lead to a process with him almost having to lose his house he bought in maison mere if not for having strong lawyers with him so  how can he fake that he received a warm goodbye but until his last second on earth he will have respect for werra
and about manda he says its sad that a great artist like manda has to beg for a featuring that way,and that artist he wanted to endear himself to just after his interviews he went to the artist's house and the artist did not welcome him only gave some money to his guardians to give to manda and he asks whether manda is proud of having to be treated like that

So now this man has decided to come out his shell after God knows how many years. Something tells me he’s among those who are waiting for the release of BDM then he’s gonna go solo.

as surprising as it can sound given the domination of seguin's clan,jb literally shouts on musicians to go on tv  in reunions and rehearsals, i have seen myself jb at a palm beach studio session and  reunion tell them" thanks God today i can resist without giving interviews on tv for two years,i have worked hard to build jb mpiana,somebody very loved by some,very hated by others but constantly discussed,none of you is jb mpiana but if you grab your destiny into your hands you can even become bigger than me one day success will not find you sleeping in your bed
and in several interviews later he repeated  that he cant do roundup  of musicians house with fimbu to beat them to force them to go to tv,maybe they also fear seguin jdl and co doing 12 on them
werra also complained in his last interviews about the fact many of his musicians do not listen when he tells them they have a great platform in being next to a superstar they have to use it well or they will be jealous of guys who make those efforts in the group and are more appreciated

Missed and opportunity to sneak away with Abraham and do a duet solo together. I don't know what JB has done to these guys.

emooooooooooo welcome brother we missed you

Bro in this interview baby was not saying that he saw a nganga he said that the maison mere admins went to see a nganga and create a whole story with him as werra was about to hand  baby and ferre the right to bring contracts and get decent percentage,at their expense,which was 100000 per true,but then they convinced werra not to do it despite paperwork already done about that

djino joined the list lol  he has obtained a feat with fally and whenever an interviewer mentioned ferre he says humm or mutu olobi wana and passes it quick

my man ado is limited to salary,who was dating dancers,who was the leader...then hummm malgre la conjoncture il agit boss nani oyo bien de bonnes choses a toi

If i am not mistaken then zaire was still high on value so it was quite some money,into the thousands for sure


Here he is singing his balle de match song,one of his 3/4 leads

Congolese Music / Re: HAS LE QUADO LEFT BCBG
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lol shamala in the fb link you posted kibens seemed furious of his sudden move,that was literally his protegé,lived with him at the start,trained him to know the songs,forced the old guard  to accept him quickly in rotation,get many vocals in songs, so he feels betrayed
its like if josky zola leaves roger ngandu will be mad thats his artist

Breaking News! Mbuta Likasu, Vincent and Frank just had an orgasm during filming of their analyse show.

And fainted seeing innoss above  many anglophone lol thats why innoss never misses any opportunity to ridicule them :D :D

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