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« on: February 16, 2020, 22:17 »

One of the first congolese djs to become stars in ivory coast,i would even say he is the pionner of the first change of tempo of coupe decale since its him introducing koyimbiko here which completely modified coupe decale until that wild version arafat brought when he got deported from france
rest in peace eric bosiki ngoy aka ericson le zoulou,he died from hepatitis and liver issues
his last musical collaboration i can remember is
with sam tshintu,by the way him like dj mareshal went to ivory coast after failing to join the two wenge's after split


he has been "allowed" to come back to europe and still is strongly denouncing and will still record the song,but i guess he'll change some parts,i was told it was a very hardcore song which when he played at rehearsal people were shocked and his security were against people filming

« on: February 16, 2020, 04:23 »
This is just childish.. He should concentrate on his non sense music he is making now then trying to roast someone who actually doesn't care about him. Koffi should seriously grow up and start mind his own freaking business.

Bro it’s not that serious. It’s just banter for his Mt Fluery neighbor

Yeah i am sure  where jb is he'll say "ehhhhh balingaka ngo,balingaka ngo makasi basalaka semblant" :D :D :D

« on: February 16, 2020, 03:12 »
lol i laughed so hard when i watched the show,i think koffi still admires jb a lot its very rare that he gets into allusions to musicians and omits jb even if he is not asked,whether is to say he has done nothing to jb or to throw a little shot lol
 i remember when jb released je ne te calcule pas koffi went on tv and said country should give him a medal because thanks to him some musicians who were not releasing anymore can sit at home and see for the first time their clip on trace tv(forgetting jb had mpunda there already)

guys did some of you also believed him and fally were related when he was in his group the way some people still believe omba is a hidden koffi children lol

« on: February 15, 2020, 21:20 »
lol jeffrey is so radical when its about fally, the same platnumz have not had anywhere near same continental buzz as yo pe in baba lao and co released after,even fally himself before they falled out was saying innoss would become a great star if he kept working hard

« on: February 15, 2020, 11:15 »
i was actually thinking about posting that i just saw innoss had now the record for kinshasa based artists but i anticipated reactions and i did not post lol


He says he did not know his father when he grew up because his mother could not stand unfaithfulness so if she discovered her husband cheated on her she'd live with his kids,and that she gave all her kids names from her family to break that memory of being cheated so his dad is not a nkongolo or madimba like his name states tresor nkongolo madimba
her mother originally named him jacob but his relatives and friends though it was a too old Bible name for a young guy so they called him tresor instead
and they grew up in nice conditions because their mother made sure they lacked nothing,they had everything a baby or a teen can aspire to have and were given strict religious education and when he started growing up he became a fan of wenge musica 4X4 and especially jb and was seeing actually wenge as jb's private group until he understood later that it was a group of admins and things like that and he was also a fan of alain mpela and tutu caludji
and when he was becoming an adult he meet fally's staff member tshiba tshibambalo as they were neighbors and he had a car he was stealing from elder brothers so he was taking tshiba who did not have a car to fally's rehearsals and one day they were at home and he saw alain nzambe who was then fally's spokesman on tv and he was telling to tshiba that he thought alain was not giving fally the due promotion for the level he was breaking into and he told tshiba he could do better and he started showing him what he could say to promote and defend fally's work and tshiba was impressed and brought the news to fally who was also not too satisfied and needed a young spokesmen to connect more with the fanbase he targets
 and he was then introduced to fally's main admin eddy badiata who told him to way for him that he'll present him to his then girlfriend now wife journalist nana boduga to test him and they were all impressed  that somebody with zero media experience could dodge tricky questions so easily
then one day he got taken to fally's house and introduced to him and fally asked arent you the guy i see sometimes with tshiba,and he replied this is the first time i am seeing you,which surprised fally who expected him to react differently,more like saying yes boss its me it is  a big dream to see you and so on
and he started working and was paid 100 dollars every month while he was paying from his own pocket sometimes 300 dollars or more everymonth(every single tv appareance of spokesmen appearance is paid unless you have some favor because your boss controls the whole company because he is the boss friend) and he urges leaders to take better care of spokesmen because they sacrifice a lot for them
so he made an impact in his work with fally but was not really getting rewarded,he was stealing his elder brothers and sisters cars to give image that he was becoming more stable,but he was hurt deep inside because people were sayinh oh wow fally is treating him well he bought him a car
 and he was asked when he joined whether his priority was having a salary of making trips and he said  salary and later he heard that  on trips they could earn via donors ten times more than salary so he regretted  not having said trips at the beginning,but still he believes fally could have decided himself to reward him but maybe fally was too sure that he would never leave him regardless of how he was treated because fally saw him like too big of a fan to be able to say no to him one day
and at some point they  recorded power and djino liaki called him to say listen fally gave you a shoutout on generique power 001 and that he actually reminded fally to give him shoutout  and he was not too happy especially as on another song fally gave shoutout to the whole staff except him so he felt excluded because as stupid as it can sound shoutout on rumba gets more attention and more respect in front of potential donors and also his friends were telling him it was not normal that with the hardwork he put in fally just gives him a half hearted shoutout on a super long generique
and what worsened his case is that he was sometimes coming to concerts and even some studio sessions with a friend who went to concerts of various artists but eddy who knew he was unhappy and started showing more and more his upset reported to fally that he was hanging out with a pire petit of ferre(while the guy is close to several artists including ferre)
and at the same time that friend started to convince him to join another group as he was seeing how he was not treated with due consideration and the friend approached ferre but ferre was reluctant not wanting to appear as having poached fally's spokesman for polemic but he insisted until ferre accepted and with ferre he has also given his best to do promotion and wanted to clear out something people expect staff around ferre to dictate to ferre  how he should do but they forget that music is like a government its never ministers who give instructions to president
so he adapts to ferre's vision and does what he is asked to,like when he came he was asked to promote the fact ferre wants to maintain old school hardcore rumba with deep lyrics and he put the emphasize on that when promoting ferre,not on lifestyle,not on featurings or whatever and leketchou who throughout the part when he joined ferre will constantly tease him about fally and belittle ferre  says but you looked so much like fally even physically and he says he has it in him that when he works with an artist he goes 100 per cent to extent that he ends up almost having the image of his artist and that nowadays people tell to him he looks more and more like ferre too
and he says people misunderstand ferre's opinion about featuring in the past,people though he was totally against it while fally was constantly talking about it,in reality what ferre wanted is to prove himself first  and cement his position as best rumba singer in DRC and that he did several feats in the past but its not something too natural for him to boast about it because the thing is the most proud of and interested about is proving how good a singer he is on his own first and conquer the world with his own vbice on his albums but the fans have been insisting so that he tries another approach to do things a bit more like the global conception of showbiz(feats,awards and so on) which is why he revived his project of "international album" and that he has good surprises lined up and unlike in the past where he'd abandon an idea because a rival or one of the challengers of congolese music in general did it before him he will still do what he had on mind,because thats common in congolese music that artists reveal ideas in interviews and that another exploits it quicker and they end up being ashamed to do what was their idea
also he said its not because people have established from the start fally as ferre's rival that he has to reproduce everything fally does  in order to stand competition to him,proof is even if they have different path,people automatically compare them even on the most random photos
he is asked about fally's bercy and says good luck to him but leketchou in his typical bothers him for long minutes about " its fally who will bring back music in france" and he tries defending himself until leketchou allows him to explain more calmly that its not a problem if fally starts its for the good of congolese music so good luck to him and also leketchou compared how they do not go to USA while fally goes every year and he says its because of the conditions,promoters want ferre to come himself first or with 5 musicians since it would be  his start there and he refuses it strongly,he wants to bring his whole band structure so it had stalled but they are working on solutions,and leketchou said but fally came with his group easily so ferre is weak in front of fally and he reminded him that fally came on his own for years before ever bringing his band there
he was asked about mampata's mother and he sends condolences and he says people should get between ferre and werra,they have history and love for each other,and with time people will see changes
and he says he feels he is in a great position to give a great assessment about ferre and fally being the only man of earth to have been actively with both so he knows both very well on all aspects
and he is asked to compare and he says ferre is a bit more open in relationship and wants people around him to be well,while fally is much more self centered but he has absolute respect and admiration for both of them as artists and they deserve the glory they have had,they have not stolen it,20 years ago already they were the elite artists of the young generation in groups of the big leaders so what they have achieved today is normal and he might write a book about them one day
 he was asked about innoss b and gave him praise and automatically leketchou asked about gaz mawete knowing people have already split camps between artists and gaz roots for fally and he says gaz is a good artist but struggled to remember his song which at first leketchou thought it was purely ignoring and belittling gaz and at some point after insisting over and over leketchou sings a bit of gaz song and tresor remembers and even adds that gaz was number of on trace tv hit at some point which reassures leketchou who thought he was just ignoring gaz and tresor adds  those young artists are good but some should remain humble and not let fame get to their head(alluding to gaz snubbing ferre on two occasions )while innoss respects and is openly cool with 99 per cent of older artists
he says he has entered politics,because thats what he is studying at university,and he feels he can play a role for the country his first main concern people struggleing to eat in a country with such a big potential it hurts him a lot and he will do his best to make voice of poor people heard so that politicians stop thinking only about their bank account and care about people

mopao le vieux migos lol

this and the changement in trop c'est trop  i remember i jumped off my chair :D :D :D gotta be the best 21st century solo performance by a brazza atalaku

« on: February 13, 2020, 18:37 »
Hopefully somebody did not die behind the scenes,because outside of musicians themselves looking for dark forces to cement their position on list,some are also visited by guys who convince them that if they sacrifice they'll be on list,while in reality they'd have be there with their performance


I don't think Extra Internationale will last long. Quentin just doesn't seem to have the required focus to sustain a band long term other than a huge sense of entitlement. The good thing from this is that Arafat is back & will easily end in NH. The Congo Brazza sebene has been missing his fire for a ver long time

yeah quentin seems like blaise bula,somebody who loves too much other things than music,so he is never able to fully focus on music
both use the argument that they have studied so they have to do what they have studied for

« on: February 13, 2020, 07:05 »
combattants are also actively wanting to block it apparently

Congolese Music / Re: KUNZARDO IN FERRE'S 1 2 3 REHEARSAL
« on: February 12, 2020, 17:46 »
The worst return audition ever in Congolese music, no buzz, dead crowd, failed crie, no energy...everything just feels cringy and awkward for him.

and this comes from the guy who says ferre would never have a good generique without him lol

« on: February 12, 2020, 08:44 »

Lol atalakus when they return to groups is very often funny the way they overexaggerate politeness

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