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lol pomi na mbonda dances like roga roga


He says he is now in good form

fabro did a video on the plane it seems he noticed him and purposely started saying his "on ne complique pas les ignorants" thing

The type of things leaders hate lol,i know a leader who was absolutely fuming for a  decent part of the night that his former musician was in first class aswell

i think he's talking about kinshasa and paris diaspora type of promotion since its them who talk a lot,and not the fans from gabon cameroon and co
the thing is that sony are more into the digital promotion for him which on the other hand is going well,but it does not really affect much people's perception
until today there are people who will only listen to your album when there is huge noise on daily basis about your album and that you are performing week in week out,they need that influence to consider that the songs are good
this is what happened with heritier aswell,album started quietly calmly slowly,then he used but na filet trick of paying motorbike taxi drivers,paying a lot of bars to promote the songs which then influence other bars and now it has created the impression that album is a hit because you can hardly spend 5 hours in kinshasa bar tour without hearing the songs,also on tv level werra said something a lot of people did not pay attention to he told heritier" i'll sort out the tv blocus some people are putting on you" so he also became more promoted on tv
its not highlighted enough but today's congolese mediatic system is probably more split than in the days of people killing each other literally over musicians,some musicians have literally to negotiate with nightclubs to set a day in the club for another dj who will accept to play their songs,because now even dj's have strong camp choices or receive order from above to blacklist some artists
so i think the point on which ferre was not happy is that he was not given funds for the kinshasa market in order to be able to overcome all those new traps which have been created in the system
if you can notice well,the active 0G's are taking more time to release albums nowadays also because they want to make sure to be the least possible affected by the changes

Congolese Music / Re: NGOMA OR MBONDA?
« on: September 27, 2022, 18:16 »
both mean the same thing i think
for example here

roga starts saying to pitos the author of the song shika ngoma bantu batina or something like that(play the percussions so that people dance)

here at 4 50 somono says the same to passe kosse

yeah that album actually has a lot of congolese influence bonioma,some mbala folk,mutuashi,rumba...but just he did not sing everything in lingala  or it would just be a congolese artist settled in abidjan

yeah should be that it comes from the same person,certainly solbaka or an external writer

« on: September 27, 2022, 00:02 »
it is evolving into a maison mere+singers i want to sing with from drc thing to ferre
the fact heritier adjani lacoste made the project stall for so long changed the things,ferre actually wanted it released first then release the one he released as transition towards harmonie

 they approached him when he was in cultura already before they found adjani who was also from the same area ,but he had a short time in  didier masela's group when did left and he was surprisingly left at last minute at airport for cultura's first trip abroad

yes he actually was also taken to zaiko before that but faked belly pain to leave,then went to maison mere where werra found that he was too similar to his friend bill in terms of profile good looking voice type dancing so celeo complimented bill better, then quartier latin where he did not want to be either,he only wanted wenge
he actually did try to join 4X4 but mbutakiss tore his letter to apply along with many as there was way too much demand which were all ignored at the end anyways

 yes he talks a bit about it,he even was at an antichoc anniversary once just before performing with bcbg the same night
lol he really did not want to be in anti choc but in the end it helped him

« on: September 26, 2022, 17:05 »
But they were all agreeing that it will be a group only convened when there is a project and that each one gets to do his own thing with their respective groups. The remaining 3 wont last together because they are not being honest with each other.

i am sure people around told them "just transform it into a proper band,with the viva papa left being in "coma" you'll have many contracts"

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