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 from what i heard papa lutumba gave it to manda because manda was already coming very often to his concerts and rehearsals and he thought the group liked him and since he is a bigger name that them all he thought it would be easy to let him become the leader,while musicians being how they are  all of a sudden pulled their yankee side which never existed when manda was visiting
and i also heard that his other choice was reddy but reddy's temper made him prefer manda who is a little bit calmer

tv roundups,there is 60 or so tv channels in kinshasa alone,plus now the hundred of internet sites as the leader can not give interviews everyday so they do it instead and use it also to promote themselves,and of course they are sent to the frontline when there are conflicts between artists


its an old interview of 4 5 years ago,and bompema was talking about his time in street groups until viva and bcbg and there was a part where he stopped and went back to singing in church after struggleing with his own street group and at 26th minute the journalist said  after his group collapsed due to lack of funds he could have joined groups like  eden musica, or vastoria esthetique of baby ndombe and his brother didier or in la geneva toronto where werra and ficarre spent some time earlier on and to their surprise he went to a big group like viva

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Yeah shamala some have a lot of houses and fancy cars and are smart enough to look like normal people in public,they go sometimes at concert and if somebody does not tell you look this is  for exemple ocean djandjo or mala radjabu or maitre ali,junior mala issa who abraham mentioned in that coup d envoi generique ordering him to do his magic and whoever else you wont think it could be that type of guys

lol dont worry the buzz will start very quick with vincent,manicke,ken, la-mama.... and i can already see the  " ferre,heritier watanambwa,papa sans cherie mpiana bako se suicider"

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 Roi david was into that world aswell,if you watch his interview with ado he said indirectly he went to sorcerers before alerte,then in hos two years at times he felt threatened so he was going back to consult and came back strong to still exist in the group

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Congolese Music / Re: Archive; Madilu & Josky Kiambukuta 1989
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 Yeah its a sad situation, imagine even the most random members of group are in a position of asking to sleep with them girls before giving them a interview and then  offering them a pair of baskets or something like that
but that situation is very deep most of the rare ones who studied for it in kinshasa were already relying on 4 5 guys to pay their school fees,their hair and so on so they already had that spirit of giving their body easily in hope for something and the other ones some where literally working in the streets if you see what i mean and were given a mic because they looked attractive and confident

I guess he does it to try to get response from bcbg and build buzz from it,if you see his remontada generique there is that fat fella in the animation "okolala awa tokolamusa yo te" as to say his departure will make jb collapse and he wont revive him,as confirmed by his "journalist" of then also he is upset that metro who left his group after avoiding to be humiliated in public became close again to jb to extent that jb funds his album,while he believes he should be the one close to jb forever because jb called him abraham like his own son but his contact with jb is blocked a bit due to some of his interviews

It was bcbg ficarre,zygal benj bass and blaise bebeto

hehehe so is Benji Bass  now with Mignon since leaving BCBG.

no that generique was done in 2013


Here in 45th minute former maison mere,laviniora and quartier latin atalaku dvd mokonzi talks about how he missed out on alerte generale because somebody had stolen his lucky charms which would have made his voice attractive and popol said and he cried as if he lost a parent which he did not deny which is why he did abracadabra generique with a lot of anger and determination(although tresor nzinga did it on final version)
and still about witchcraft earlier in interview he talked about one time  away from kinshasa where ordinateur forgot his stuff at hotel and he could easily dominate him on stage and until today he does not understand where that guy who stole his chain which had his lucky charm came from and that guy pretty much killed his time in maison mere whereas werra had faith in him it happened at the third session of generique and if it was not that roi david was strong also in that world he would have done the generique on his own almost as werra told him to rehearse most of the animation which were brought to the table

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