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exactly fally either you are 100000000000 per cent with him or you are against him until you become 10000000000000 per cent,i was reading somewhere that he is not taking  the internet journalists praising him seriously enough until they prove him its him and nobody else then they can properly enter the king's court(many artists also operate like that but fally is the one who strongly shows it with his concept of sicilian mafia)

she got roasted by the fally brigade and claimed it was not aimed towards fally and it was just a joke with a friend who is musician

even just three times in a row it would be the end of the world :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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it will simply depend on their maturity,technically if we are honest,the split can start from their very first major common interview,with interviewer asking who is the leader and how is he gonna lead known guys,if they lack wisdom meltdown is certain from that point,another point will be the fans' influence on each,and the staffs of each,then of cours if they pop up too much you can count on the occasional peace of elders to fight them
good luck to them anyways
the positive though is that they have japonais who can be their father  maybe he'll command some respect which will avoid leadership wars

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Congolese Music / Re: Forum Member News: I Got Married Saturday
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congratulations ndeko,i am really happy for you and wish you the best

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IT was finished few months ago but he is looking for a producer to release it

Congolese Music / Re: IS MIEL BACK OR HE NEVER LEFT WMMM...??
« on: October 18, 2018, 08:43 »
yeah thats not new miel is in europe at the moment finishing his album


Anita was in f victeam and recently left it,and this article says she posted  saying " when your husband cheats on you with the whole world then dedicates to you love songs coming from writers you dont even know and they just threw your name in at the end",sounds like an attack towards nana who is getting 2/3 songs on control

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he turned 48 today edging close to 50's lol

I still get mad when I see these clips some left way too soon after the zenith 2007 tour l( I hope one day that gets uplooaded) but at the same time something was missing in them in terms of charisma and so on compared to the fally generation and the sam generation

I think that that was also one if the reason which demotivated him to promote them. They missed something. With Koffi trying to lure  important musicians of Maison Mere & Wazekwa. But he couldn’t find a Fally in them. Back in 1999, Koffi was by Sam & Bouro’s departure, but Fally made him forget both guys quickly. Because of his work-ethic (which Sam had)and dancing skills (which made Koffi forget Bouro). Then in 2006 and 2007 he hoped to find someone like him, but it didn’t happen.

Actually he was tempted to give joss who fitted the most  the attributes of fally a chance but he kept taking a step back he was always telling jpk,bouboul and co what if i give him a chance and he goes solo like fally since joss only need that to be fair a little extra promotion to what he had in cultura to really reach that level of a  potential solo leader  and when he fell in love with cindy's voice and later.... kiekiekie... he said ok enough with men at least she wont grow desire to go solo like them and wont hurt me like them

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My man de la foret also pulling here his best voice,a classic

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In short they start with happy birthday to his twins who turned 18 and papy asks if it feels strange to have such old kids and ferre says he is getting used as the oldest is 20 already
 he says he is happy with the feedback over his album as people tell him they appreciate some songs of each cd but he admits he took a big gamble and made a bit of a mistake because there is also a lot of people who could not listen to whole album because 33 songs is too much
he is working on two albums already and thinks he will no more wait for several years to release a new album
about the feat with his children he says her mother sent him video of her singing and he liked it and always had that dream of having children who can sing so he took her to record and she already is able to sing on tune  so its positive but its will be up to her in the future to decide whether she wants to be a musician because it can also just be a childhood thing
papy asks if he has problems with any other musician,ferre says  not anymore but there are some who he wants to avoid,but its not that he has deep hate and if that person was in a situation where he needed him to save him he'd still do it
 he says he is not bothered at all with heritier getting bercy and would certainly not start beef with heritier over that,heritier already recruited kunzardo and he finds it normal and papy tries to trigger him asks ir heritier visited him and took bercy with him will he let bercy on the mic and he says of course and he says thats the things he wants to come back in our music visiting each other at concert,singing together(he's been saying it for years in interviews) and he politely refused to talk too much about vasco saying he did a decent job in the group but there are some situations where you have to be very strict
he says the only singer he "fears" is lokua kanza and papy goes on his usual game of asking about other musicians and says ferre should say ok if he thinks its a good artist and he says ok for fally fabregas heritier lacoste  and he says lacoste dissed him a little bit again but its all good all the ex maison mere guys are his brothers so even when something happens he does not take it too seriously
 he is asked about his problems with koffi and he says he does not really want to talk about it because it was a tough period for him because he had one of his kids stuck in hospital for a good while in that period( which can explain maybe a little bit that extra nervosity which lead to premier soin) and he does not want to talk too much about it,because despite everything koffi is like a father and him like a children given their ages, and papy asks if its possible for them to reconcile and he strongly says never ever but later on kinda calms down and says he did not expect to talk about that
he is asked about musicians being candidates  to elections as deputies but he says he did not know and papy starts to mention them and they have a bit of banter then he says its a good thing it shows musicians are also abel to be smart unlike the image people give them
somebody in the background shouts the name of seguin out of nowhere and ferre says seguin says seguin is a really close friend and papy being papy lol asks what about kakol and ferre says he is not my friend(surely due to kakol's repeated attacks and participating to that tilapia thing which still is used until today by maison mere fans ) and seguin him and savimpi were the youngest of 4X4 so they were together a lot,with kakol its different he was kakol's chef but regardless of the beefs maison mere still means a lot to him and he wants the group to keep existing and doing good
at the very end  papy asks which song of kabose he knows he says voiture sans moteur,and then papy asks which song of robinio he knows and he says you are asking about somebody i dont know

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