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« on: August 16, 2018, 21:20 »
marchouse reacts to his continious "diss" of these days( on national tv's he made big allusion to ferre and diamba for exemple when praising fally's trip to kenya)

Happy birthday marchouse by the way

werra also does pay bro but not on strict monthly basis and ALL of them in groups do complain in private,whatever they get is never enough for the pressure they have on their shoulders,you can for example find a dancer of a group who pays scholarship of 6 brothers and you know the system in DRC if you dont bribe the guys and pay some pointless extra fees aswell as the normal fees,passing exams is almost a miracle
maison mere happens to be a very special group which has been built on the basis of building strong units to destroy rivals and that implies big egos aswell so outside leaving for money like in every group at some point when there are too much egos in the group it ends up in many leaving,you'll notice maison mere is quite and cool when there is a new cycle,then when that cycle starts to reach the next step things start,apart from the money issues which frustrate in any group
the coexisting is cool when they are all fighting for the same cause at the beginning and like zamunda rightfully said when advantage is still mutual then when musicians get confidence that they have evolved either ego turns against the leader or between themselves to dominate each other
like for example now,new cycle,you have the odd guy here and there leaving because kakol and makaba are not putting him on concert lists but without any big fuss but that it

he is a diamond businessman,his business blossomed in early 2000's,sometimes he was sharing up to a million in one two months,because also like most of them guys there was clean money and dirty money,from the departure of amida and their expensive divorce(i heard she got like 20 million which she did 50/50 with jb to win him back totally)his name started becoming less and less praised and him less and less associated with gigantic donation

Congolese Music / Re: WHO ARE THESE TWO GALS HERE?
« on: August 15, 2018, 23:18 »
dora nzinga and the other one i forgot they are sisters

Congolese Music / Re: WHO ARE THESE TWO GALS HERE?
« on: August 15, 2018, 20:23 »
its the female singers who used to work with papa wemba,jb ordered his whole group,to always let in or invite as often as possible anybody related to viva la musica in honour of his idol since he cant wake up and decide to control viva in itself


the roast machine is in the house lol the shorter the most deadly :D :D :D

« on: August 15, 2018, 12:26 »

i can see mocking comments coming in lol but somehow indeed them musicians have a lot of elite fans,so when they are not releasing they are also depriving them ,the first Lady for example is a great fan of jb and koffi


Pause at 7 34


from 14TH minute

« on: August 14, 2018, 21:53 »
 i meant return as a guest,he has started the group with the likes of reagan solo and some new guys

then the same wata got sent challengers in miel and deplick,when lacoste wanted to bring his cousin miel in maison mere  heritier was coming to see him a lot when he was rehearsing with miel in private and they already could not stand each other,then they managed to make them kinda become friends at first then once fully settled in maison mere  miel got coached to activate the plan,there started their beef,i believe deep down outside of unsettling it was also a tactic to push the guysto be on their A game,maybe if heritier did not see that much people presented as his rivals when they joined he would not get that motivation to aswell remain a clear step ahead overall

 i believe ferre also suspected 12 on him since heritier was promoted earlier than planned to "threaten" him,and baby who he was then put on open strategic conflict with ferre was the big brother to heritier,coaching him in everything to become a proper maison mere first team worth guy

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