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The English say: Loyalty defines a man the way JB has been loyal to his crew that stood with him at his time of need. Many are times we have seen how vulnerable these icons are at a personal level. The only hope is that the crew don't take advantage his loyalty to them by being overly controlling of him.

That "650" dollars concert is it the one where Didier Masela fonduer appeared together with model lady Gillian Mupemba on Valentine's day at GHK?

 no that concert was not filmed or just if i recall well djo k had 30 minutes exclusivity it was very private,and even the first lady who appreciates jb's music a lot was there

Matebu the thing is that he was and is convinced that she'd be his amazone he'd spend all his life with and apart for that spiritually bcbg is/was both of them so she was very very vital

 haha yeah  be faithful which is the most safe option and the best or avoid strong characters like amida,amazone and co :D :D :D :D

 haha yeah  that style of animation is  zaiko's but in reality that's bana odeon rhythm,and nono doudou bebe and genta himself all went through that "school" which is why a lot of old school insist real animation is kikongo plus shaker
primus and skol had so much influence at times,they were capable of blocking an artist and making him invite kids to kin to maintain their rhythm of concerts or to force back one of them who was recording in europe to come back just for some "random" popular area concert or two of them

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for you bro the first part of valentines days concert with judol in the role of jb

After a flying start of new group/solo career prompted by various big concerts,jb mpiana will perform in september of 2001 and this concert will indirectly start a new era for him
in fact,while the group arrives with an unprecedented list of 90+ visas funded by the then associations of the biggest diamond businessmen of kasai and especially cardozo muamba, jb will be caught by amida shatur about his relationship with dancer nono and she threatens to leave with all the kids if she sees nono anywhere around bercy
from that moment will start a private war behind the scenes between him and amida,and he performs at bercy and releases group album internet but like with his solo albums clips will be released way after letting his main rivals werrason and koffi olomide take an edge over him
at the end of the year he will get an offer from another producer to do a remix of feux de l'amour but he is reluctant as he still has a deal with simon despite their open disagreement over clips
in 2002,bcbg will again have a strong year but at private level things will start to worsen with amida seemingly going for revenge by dating some of the "pires petits" of jb as to respond to him dating nono
in the same year he will receive an approach of producer jps who promises to do much better promotion for him and get him some trophies to boost his popularity but he will decline for two reasons the first is that simon threatens to sue him as they'd still have several years of contract him having signed  a 10 year contract without any particular awareness over how tricky such a contract could become
and the second being that he wants three times the amount he got from simon deal as he considers its jps who came for him so he has to pay the right price to get the star he is so the deal collapses
2003 will start positively with a lot of contracts and jb getting introduced to several presidents of countries and at private level with a bit of peace with his wife but one first even will affect his year with  burglars visiting him at home and stealing an important amount of money he just got from a private concert to one president but while he is advised to file a complaint and make the story public he takes a step back saying after all its money and he is sure he'll soon get much more than that
then shortly after another blow with visas being denied for a tour where the group is supposed to  record album anti terro fully in europe and even worse the group is hit with a 5 years of ban over several facts including the fact less than half of the mammoth bercy list returns to kinshasa and the nail of the coffin will be a very strong tension between him and her wife over their continuous relationships and one night stands outside their couple which will lead to her furiously leaving house with the kids and to add insult to injury will be now dating didi kinuani who is having a conflict with his now ex friend jb over a common side kick
jb will see this situation as supreme humiliation and will be very down,even at some point having suicide pills next to him only to his friend jules kibens secretly throwing it away
he will spend a whole week at his home surrounded by jules kibens,jdl trabendo and seguin who will advise him either to go to europe on his own to take a rest or to brazza  but alerted about the situation spiritual authorities of his hometown kananga will invite him  and will make him one of the traditional chiefs,as he actually comes from a family
in which some ancestors and grand parents had that role already and also to show him  he has his brothers behind him and he will make a promise to come several times in each year to visit them and thank them (which he will not respect leading to some of them threatening to make sure he dies the day he comes back)
a bit boosted by that he returns to kinshasa and while his sponsor bralima expresses concern over the impact his lack of europe tours will have on his buzz and popularity and the effet it might have on their sales,he promises to make extra efforts to make sure to compensate and one of the first major signs of it will be his second ever beer ad primus pelisa nguasuma also known as primus kindingu which will have a great success
in that same year of 2004 he will decide to take  the group to south africa to continue record of anti terro instead of studio meko were a quite below par from his admission later on programming was done and which will condition the final result but will use that album to express in several songs his deep feelings about his ex wife either aiming shots at her or asking her to come back  so that he gets his life back on track and he will be contacted to perform at zenith and a couple more of european concerts on his own with either the pipiyu who will be convinced to return to work with him or a makeshift band of session musicians and despite the good contracts he will decline the offer as he feels deeply grateful to his group and especially the core  of his friend kibens,his pire petit jdl and his "son" seguin aswell as the rest of the group who stood by him
meanwhile he will be  either spending hours in thedark mourning the departure of his wife or be taken by those friends into intense partying life  to try to forget about what is going on and it will longterm affect his voice known to be crisp clear and easy to hit high notes
and when he seems a bit in good mood they define a strategy in the group into order to remain relevant without europe tours as spokesmen and musicians of rival groups mock them on tv for being stuck in kinshasa
their plan will be at the same time to perform more in popular areas of kinshasa to break the image some people have of an arrogant group only interested in VIP concerts in kinshasa,and at the same times organize more VIP concerts
and once again a primus generique will come to boost things with the generique bongolowayi which the "bcbg presenter" djo k kabengele will heavily praise on tv and label it a thunderbolt or a landslide to allude to the instant impact even before official release
another positive event will be the fikin showdown vs his rival werrason for arguably the longest concert ever involving only two groups but unfortunately the concert ends with controversy as the concert ends with gun shots injuring some bcbg members in the same year he will be dealt another personal blow with official wedding of amida with didi kinuani and presence of his rival but friend werrason and this will lead with him getting again in intensive partying and moments of deep sadness which he tries to hide once he is on stage or on tv
and one night he starts contacting press to announce a future press conference in which he secretly ponders in the heat of the moment to announce he retires for music or takes a good break
and as the group is nominated at kora awards,he is so disinterested that he only sends his spokesman blanchard mosaka and kisindjora to represent him and the group's album arrives second or third behind les marquis
in 2006 thanks to some lawyers he manages to get a short contract in france but with the condition that should any of the member leave the ban would become 3 years longer
and the group performs at dock eiffell and once back in kinshasa another album is planned with several dances starting to gain popularity in concerts but as we are in a deep polemic era,spokesmen of maison mere especially sankara dekunta mocks the concert saying they did not have right to perform and had to end concert in panic as police arrived and jb claimed he was a photographer and despite jb ordering employees not to reply secretary mbuta kiss will storm on tv claiming to have papers proving that two rival groups were behind the group's ban by providing further information and false information but his intervention will be censored as he is very upset and has very strong words
in the same year still with that strategy of VIP concerts jb will have probably the most expensive ever concert so far at one of the restaurants of grand hotel with tickets sold 650 dollars and audience full of the biggest donors of the group
in 2007 album kipe ya yo is out and there is success with the dance lopele and in private jb and amida start talking a bit thanks to kids
in 2008 after the 5 years of ban are official over the group returns to europe with maxi single quel est ton probleme and especially the songs zadio and liberez which are already very popular in congo
few months after that,jb is informed of the official breakup of amida and kinuani and does his best to get her back and in early 2009 he will have a big scare after a concert,while he has arrived home after 9 hours almost of concert he starts having strange seizure and heart beating anormally fast and will fall but thanks to quick intervention of his "crew" he is quickly sent to hospital and afterwards it will lead to  two months almost without a concert as jb goes to france for treatment and makes sure news does not go viral with only the story of a heated argument with boguys bompema at rehearsal that week being revealed by newspapers
This event will make his love for his "crew" like he calls it grow a lot as he genuinely believes he owes them a lot for their quick reaction and to pay them back  he will completely ignore all the pressure from fans to remove them and will go further to stop public rehearsals in order to protect them as some too passionate fans physically challenge them
And when he is back he looks rejuvenated and more confident and cuts his long dreadlocks to revert to his look of zenith 1999 and rumours start to spread that amida is back home and his 42nd birthday in june of that year will confirm the news as he officially presents her at concert saying,half of me was gone now that half is back ladies and gentlemen  a round of applause for madam mpiana the special guest of this concert
and from then he decides spending a lot more time taking care about himself,his private life,his private business and enjoying life,not anymore putting some aspects of his career as his absolute priority as he is eager to keep his family united this time and decides he will no longer do anything related to music under pressure because he has something much more important than that which is his life as a human being and will add to bcbg's program several holidays which never happened when music was his absolute priority and he was on top of his game
the other side of his decision to chill and do things when he feels it and not because of competition is his ego still sending him the message that no matter what he has cemented for himself a career many would dream about so he has no reason to keep being obsessed about proving a point

man those letters are too funny,the guys try so hard to write good french over silly things
i guess they do it as to say "look we are professional"

Kakol like his best friend seguin says and deeply thinks that hell be with werra(and jb) until the end he (they) even said in some interviews that if it happens that the boss retires from music, they'll follow him in whatever he does aswell
both paths look so similar aswell both started wayyyy down like 7th 8th favourite  or even further down and  suddenly at some point in two three years became number 1 and ever since are thinking they are eternal in their groups and position

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also magie coincided with when sam was getting his licence or something at university,and until he toured with quartier latin for the first time and realised music can be a proper job he was still a bit undecided whether he goes for his dream to be a journalist or something related to what he studied,economy

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that he was known to be a great sex addict especially with them  journalists with his bokoko stuff

« on: February 23, 2018, 17:30 »
lobeso lol soki oza na mobali te soki tosilisi emission toke sala emission mosusu pembeni hahahaha
so what i heard about him must be true

Congolese Music / Re: Archos Please check your PM
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 i replied bro


he has been teasing fans with those extracts from studio tokooos and in concerts


AHAHAHA clan wenge 12 na 12
in short kakol says  does not agree with the album  and miel gets pissed and says he wont do album anymore since he has noticed the whole group seems to be against him and some were hypocrites like they agreed and its kakol who told him werra had the plan to give him an album and him kakol would add three songs to it and he had no problem with it
when he called cafe roum to work on a song kakol started shouting at cafe roum

hahaha nsone's facial expressions,decades but i still am not used to it :D :D :D :D

most of abracadabra is his animation but tresor nzinga interpreted a lot of his animation in studio because he was the one who "handled the burden" lol

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