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« on: Today at 17:39 »

Haha marchouse' wife gave birth in kin just when they were arriving

Congolese Music / Re: NEW ALBUM BY BUT NA FILET
« on: Today at 15:42 »
yeah he does it intentionally lol he is a former gospel artist who got dragged back into  normal groups by caludji and later fabro
and he seems to want to have that as his identity even his generiques,no atalaku has ever brought a generique which was accepted and played like it was it is always his formula then you put some of your creations in the space you get

 lol werra played in easily half of the areas of kin,before wenge really became full established,when it was not yet their job
i often hear from friends who grew up in kimbanseke that werra left a good reputation there in groups before wenge in 79 80 81  until mulolo


A lot of interesting stories,like how ferre sang on franc congolais alone because werra was arrested for not having paid the full money for the money he had,how voyage was meant to be jb song and feux de l'amour was adolphe's choice and they swapped ,how omba was bought by koffi and one of his petits went to sell it to jb aswell,how werra became noel became werrason even before wenge when he was playing rhythm guitar in a group with his friend ficarre and motingia who was trained by ficarre to become a bassist and many more


lol no wonder for years guys went going on tour with those sexual boosters


He is doing a 100 per cent congo album and there is already  fally naza gaz mawete keblack i think who are on it

Congolese Music / Re: Interview of Mamie Ilela & Ferre Gola
« on: June 05, 2023, 19:25 »
lool i think its more due to werra telling him to slow down his beef with wata so he needed another target
haha i wont be surprised if he gets even more talkative after his guests appearances at ferre's concert and wazekwa's


He never wanted to admit it in the past maybe because pepe is one of his idols and now he revealed that he worked with him

Congolese Music / Re: Interview of Mamie Ilela & Ferre Gola
« on: June 05, 2023, 14:40 »
bro manzambi i think they modified their contract to make sony more involved for vol 2,they signed with ferre having vol 1 ready just needing mastering(until like two more songs got bought) so it was more of a distribution role
he seems to have learnt to be cautious lol because he never ever got it right in his career with album releases

I think ronsard there was an issue with a female dancer plus he started voicing his disagreement with payment issues(because sometimes the guys in charge of paying were chewing money) so he ended up leaving
i remember a week or something after he announced that he left he was in a nightclub by cambodge and he came after to a tv show with torn clothes
eric i think something about payment aswell which was reported to the chefs or to the boss himself(you know how it is to maintain trust the guys like to snitch a lot even if they have to completely create,it makes them look loyal and devoted) then his vocal in catafalque was remove during concerts first then in clip before he ended up leaving after he was physically manhandled by the bodyguards at a rehearsal and stopped coming to rehearsals after that for a while then tried to joined maison mere via his friend heritier

I think he was fought "ndenge ezalaka" either by koffi or whoever because as you know since forever its never easy to just come and succeed like that in front of elders some might "test " you and once you handle it you are ready for a long solo career
but the vieux around him surely advised him to go with such a big list so that they can all have ngulus in it
if he asked 20 for example or 15 he would not be under such pressure that they had to track every move of equa,ronsard,zagalo,konga,choumen,mijo synthe,kasangidi,tony,pitchou luzolo and if just one left the french authorities threatened to strip him off his papers
on an another field he was extremely smart in bringing his group a lot of times even just "pona ko creer kaka mua actualite" it has paid off with french authorities now having a lot of respect and confidence towards him and making him get 30 35 visas which is a lot by the post-ngulu standards

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