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congrats to them, its an award  from where never heard about it

« on: November 20, 2017, 18:22 »

for those who do not know this woman monik tenday she was among the teachers of the generation of the likes of mirage,cindy,olivier tshimanga,patou solo and co at INA,she sings,plays instruments and is also an arranger


He starts interview about the sad situation in libya saying its a huge shame that in 2017 there are still cases of slavery and as a christian he hopes that everybody responsible of that including "black" african authorities will pay the price one day if they are one of the reasons behind such a drama
 then he talks about his book revealing that he has finished it after 10 months of writing and he presented it to editors and he is lucky to have had the best editor of france who was interested so he signed with them and he will wait for the release
 he says he has restarted studio sessions for next album and he will first release the tribute song to papa wemba which unlike other tributes is not a sad song because he wanted the tribute to be something people can relate to everyday and not just when anniversary arrives so he mixed one of the songs he gave to papa wemba and the rhythm of a papa wemba songs but with his own lyrics and he tried to replicate papa wemba voice at times in the song, he will release also a rumba in december to prove he can also do good rumbas as a lot of people think he is a guy who is only good on generiques but talking about generiques he says they will have 3 generiques for the first time and as usual people will appreciate
he said he owes his career to papa wemba because thanks to him he could learn a lot of things before becoming a musician as papa wemba was even taking him sometimes into his own deal negotiations and he learned while silently observing what was going on
he learned studio experience and thanks to his time with papa wemba he also learned leadership which required him to fight against his shyness ...
when he came back from europe he went at papa wemba's grave to pay tribute but insist he did not talk or ask for power or whatever because talking to dead people is nothing short of sorcery
 he is  asked whether it would be a good idea to bring "maisha park" reunions back and he says from his personal experience its a bad thing because some musicians can salute you and act like you have made peace but still attack you late in the night as their grudge is far from over and he reveals you could even see some musicians jealous of each other over cellphones or clothes or  some did it on purpose to arrive at reunion hide somewhere and be in touch with somebody who told them who has arrived and  when they heard everybody had arrived they'd then arrive the last to feel more powerful than the other ones
so all in all a lot of childish things happened at those reunions so he does not want to hear about it anymore but individually he has good relationship with most musicians and he says the day before interview  he was in touch with ferre on phone and franck asks him what does he think about the beef between ferre and koffi and he first jokes that he is delighted with it because somehow people like it and  they find it boring when everybody is friends and he says somehow polemic over houses or cars helped a lot of musicians to work hard to make sure they can cope with rivals on that field and he says his pal koffi has one "flaw" which is that he hides a lot of stuff and pops up with it when its time for polemic and gives his own example on how the day after his olympia show( and same later at zenith) koffi sent babia with similar gold outfit to attack him and franck hints that ferre disrespected koffi and he says if somebody attacks you and you reply its a "draw" as both parts are guilty and he asks whether he is supporting ferre and he says that beef started when he was not even back in kinshasa yet so he just watched it after and more seriously adds that he advised ferre to slow down a bit and be careful with women and money given how easily musicians go spiritual when they are not satisfied with the answer they gave you
franck asks him about when he said he'd never talk to koffi again but they called and talked to each other recently at their dad's funerals and he says he was misunderstood he meant that it was very very difficult to get them into the same relationship that in maisha park days (because of what happened on spiritual level) where it even happened that both spent a night at the other's house but he would never wish anything bad to koffi and if he saw koffi's children in trouble somewhere he'd step in and he hinted that he knew the real reason behind ferre's anger and that its much more serious than what ferre talked about but  he appreciated how out of respect for koffi ferre did not reveal it but says it might be revealed at some point if both camps do not calm down
and he regretted how koffi replied to ferre's video,for him as the legend he is and the older one he'd have set an example of maturity in ignoring ferre's video,he should know he is mopao one of the greatest artist we ever had and a very respected man but unfortunately  koffi still chooses to follow his ego and fight with people  he should not be fighting with because he hates not having the last word while he is well above that level for all he has done in his career
and frank jumps on that to ask what he thinks of people saying he is a koffi copycat and he answers that people will never give him due respect on that topic because koffi was already a star when he was still helping him behind the scenes so people believe the most popular person can only be the one who was copied but he believes even if its at 1 per cent he had some impact on koffi's music because he brought his style into koffi's  and compares his situation with late papa wemba  and jules masua who if you turned when they were talking would get you confused as they talked the same way but clearly says he'll never ever pretend he made koffi and wemba they were massive stars and would have still been massive star with or without him
he says he is not in any of the alleged camps of polemic(supposedly jb ferre heritier vs werra fally koffi) but he has good individual relationship with them
he briefly talks about europe based artists saying he regrets that they do nothing to help them break the ban they suffer from while they perform in total freedom
he is asked if like werra koffi and other artists he can say he has alumni who can defend his name in solo career he says it was about to happen but those guys (joss gabanna gessac) betrayed him and reveals while he was recently in europe one of them was caught by  guys in the street where him wazekwa leaves burying kindoki stuff in front of wazekwa's house and he says he did nothing to that stuff gesac buried(this is the second time gesac does it before releasing something) because he says to God " God i can only deal with natural problems,all what happens in supernatural i trust you to deal with them"and jokes that  papa wemba used to tell him "we other artists consider you like a pastor"
he finishes interview with legend that he had dead bodies in his car once and reveals that he came back to kin and at airport friends were telling him that somebody had been caught in that situation and he was surprised to hear few days after how the rumour started on his name and wonders if he took the alleged dead bodies from the plane since all the talk started from airport when back to perform at fikin and he adds that  if there are musicians who do that he has nothing to envy them since  without that he has comfortable life like them and in terms of money he'd rather respect a guy like dikembe mutombo who build one of the best african hospitals in our country than musicians politicians  and so on who boast about their wealth and do nothing special of common use
and that there is too much people who like to boast they are the first who did this or that in DRC while he still sees none of them on Guiness book so we should learn to be more humble  which he tries to remain everyday

Congolese Music / Re: What did Fabregas say in this interview
« on: November 20, 2017, 10:31 »
in short he says he is the same guy that years ago but  people are jealous of him so they try to portray him as a bad guy and that he is  against polemic he is peaceful guy who just wants to talk about music but still in the same interview threw shots at koffi,fally,ferre,carine mokonzi,ibrator,robinio then still mentioned he is a fan of koffi ,fally and co
he is basically saying things and its opposite minutes after which is why many of the comments are saying he is the most hypocritical of our artists

Like wazekwa says "oh nga mutu na banda boye nga mutu na sala boye mais na guiness des records ozalaka te"

Congolese Music / Re: Koffi Olomide showing his house
« on: November 18, 2017, 13:56 »
Are you Guys trying to tell me/us that werra has not given back anything to the society?.?

 he sure did,but it would not be any bad for him and the other ones if they do better,as they still have time to(hopefully)

he was a close heritier friend since the days of just after les marquis or even before then like all that squad heritier had around for ages followed heritier in team wata
i heard in one of the videos that he suffered from blood pressure issues  and like it happens sometimes it can be deadly if not treated quickly,then the polemic side as usual which is that to people there is no natural death around musicians and people are also bringing into the discussion the fact patsho rfi said that  team wata were looking for people to sacrifice and how within a couple of days charly kongo "mobutu" and diego milito's mother died

Congolese Music / Re: Koffi Olomide showing his house
« on: November 17, 2017, 20:02 »
exactly matebu that is my point they did massive effort to become legends and they have every right to enjoy it but i feel for their own good and for the positive impact they can have on younger artists it would be wonderful if they can add to it something extra which will be stuck in people memories forever it saddened me a lot to hear people almost mocking wemba's death like "what the heck did he do for congolese people he brought only negative values and so on"

Congolese Music / Re: Koffi Olomide showing his house
« on: November 17, 2017, 19:34 »
Kipelekese ya 1er soin

lol 1 er soin ekomi viral,i was in chateau rouge chateau d eau and co to get african stuff and at least three 4 times i heard guys either joking or argueing for real and one saying "keba nakosala yo 1er soin " lool its funny how musicians can get us addicted to an expression so fast

Congolese Music / Re: Koffi Olomide showing his house
« on: November 17, 2017, 19:26 »
Koffi is missing ONE thing to extend even more his legendary status,doing stuff for other people
i think sports is the only field were people became legends basically doing thing for themselves, in all the rest some people became legends for doing things which had massive impact on people while koffi jb and werra who are the three remaining legends people easily identify themselves too are doing  almost nothing outside from themselves
so for the young artists succeeding in music has become getting wealthy and become arrogant and nothing more because of the model they have above( for most)

he does music as a session artist i think he participates in quite a lot of albums but i guess he also works aside of that and saves money to fund his own album like most of the europe based artists who came from kin

and you know fally with liking like his father quadra to use some things he does to rub it on your face that he is the best,so the target is a bercy with at very least around half of his "new fanbase"
Oh lord I can see it now fally will start talking a lot of noise if this happens lol especially on social media

 i even have in mind the way he'll possibly brag " j'ai beaucoup de respect pona ba vieux na biso lokola ba vieux nkoyi,ba salvatorius de la patria vieux na nga mopao mais nga mutu ya liboso na beti bercy na ba mindele ebele" :D :D :D :D

matebu according to what i hear warner are planning for him a bercy in "the format of a european artist with many of the guys he did feats with and  proper security and the proper advertising not the "bouche a l'oreille + facebook one" we have lol
 and you know fally with liking like his father quadra to use some things he does to rub it on your face that he is the best,so the target is a bercy with at very least around half of his "new fanbase"

 last i heard back then is that kibens made sure to send her to europe before they became ex-boyfriend and girlfriend

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