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yeah he used to post jb sometimes but ever since the rumours of fallout with fally he completely stopped :D :D

 LOL the letter is BS musicians have been pulling the trick just to look "smart",instead of the classic i am suspended,i leave or i am kicked out because none of them except a handful of quartier latin members in the past(ferre the wazekwa guys jitrois...) joined the group via a contract

about the outfit thing,another version says that ferre took one of matadien's clothes and matadien went to brag about it  and insult ferre in private to a girl to impress her and since our musicians have "spies" everywhere it went to ferre's ears quickly and ferre saw it like humiliation

 no its a story of a guy whose woman had a relationship with jf in the past,congopromo are one of the kings of extreme clickbait

Congolese Music / Re: Congolese Tracks To Spin at a Wedding?
« on: April 18, 2018, 17:16 »
wazekwa the two versions of fimbu

it always amazes me how quickly musicians change behaviour with little success, even robinio with tia nanu boye has changed towards people starting to let "ba mikala" answer people on phone or giving very rude answer to some journalists who have decided to blacklist him(until on some cases through fally he got the bosses of those journalists ordering them to interview him again or they are fired potentially)
knowing wata the answer will be lethal

a classic of weddings back then haha i remember it was getting us guys of the 20 30's pissed because we wanted  empire or wenge to dance boma liwanza :D :D :D and now the more i grow the more i love those songs,this one and fatimata for example
no pembe cherole the girlfriend of youtuber jaymax is from madagascar i guess its him who gave him that nickname i was thinking the same lol


 he was again in a similar mood to the famous rant because of what fally declines papy mboma's interviews but  a bit more "composed"

hhahahahaa bill was like celeo c'est mon frere then few moments after "tika to larguer ye ba yana" :D :D :D :D :D

jb and werra wanted to "protect" each other from the too dirty things during the split but they lost it on that occasion were nsone wanted to punch jb and jb angrily replied by them having to do tests to re join the group which is why the likes of blaise ali mbonda and co were doing the job

coincidence between  the most famous addicts of the recent years adjani,late babia and zulema all where very appreciated and welcomed by fans in europe,all lived in the hood once leaders allowed everybody to live where he wants and it all started from there
instead of boosting their life europe was the start of their downfall

Congolese Music / Re: WATA HERITIER
« on: April 17, 2018, 17:24 »
Exactly,his marketing is too affected with the beef with werra which goes against him somehow and how things are not kicking abroad as quick as fally with the same producer he is doing the opposite of ferre,ferre started kinda clean with nsone then recently there was that beef after the bralima concert
shame staffs of ferre werra heritier have such impact on them about their beef i remember being told that ferre saw werra once in brussels airport and once in paris and wanted to lift his luggage like he did when he meet koffi  in europe as a sign of humility/respect but staff convinced him not to approach where werra was because werra would ignore him

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