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I like it but i wish he used a little bit more of his power,here its a bit too" mellow " for me

 last i heard is that sifa is pregnant and djino wanted to  witness the birth and use it for papers...about his situation last i heard is that he is at some greek island waiting to get into "europe"(france and co)


He is saying he'll be releasing soon a song with or without werra and while  werra will go to states with kakol and nicodem he'll go to australia but apparently without any authorization
he kept making several hints about the "time" factor also lol i did not know seguin was older he looks older than seguin but he just called seguin here "ya blaise"

he said he returned to maison mere rehearsals already thanks to kakol

So the fun loving Christian, Fabrice was doing human sacrifice??  :o This guy is marries and wanted to date his dancers? And he failed even though he is the boss  ;D ;D that's a big L. You don't play with Koffi that is a legend right there, and the thing about Koffi wanting to finish Fally is true even though their relationship is better now.

not koffi, according to merveille fabregas was claiming he'd "kill" fally's career(encouraged in that way by carine mokonzi who kept similar strategy with heritier)

That guy is an actor who has been sticking to that"role" since he saw that it had some buzz


He says fabregas is ungrateful because when he was coming back to kin after amour amour he barely had clothes and was living at an average hotel and koffi bought him clothes and gave him big money to rent an house long term,bought him an expensive car ,produced him at two concerts even though halls were almost empty
 he adds that him merveille  and fabregas used to almost act like employees at koffi's house and it pisses him off that the same fabregas dares koffi now
he says fabregas was talking bad of werra to koffi that he even did human sacrifices for the group but was not getting due advantages and that he wanted to attack werra on tv but its koffi who restricted him from that
then when koffi restarted talking with fally and praising him on tv it pissed fabregas off and complained saying that  he did not find it normal that koffi praises fally while he wants to finish fally and merveille says fabregas must know fally is miles ahead and no matter what is koffi's artistic children
 then fabregas got pissed again because  of dancers merveille and deborah who he wanted to date but failed and merveille was adada's girlfriend so out of jealousy he suspended adada and now he is with merveille  and offered her a new car and pays her house  so its funny that he tries to take the piss  of koffi about dancers while himself  is obsessed with dancers and that he thinks he is a  big star while he is not

« on: May 25, 2017, 18:27 »
 HAHAHA  thats got to be the quickest return ever, last week he was boasting that he had a great song on their album and that their projevt was no joke

« on: May 25, 2017, 15:37 »


from 5 15,lol jb jumping like his idol when he is impressed by a singer

 Jb changed mind after doing feat with bokul i think he only wanted one feat on album so when papa wemba accepted he gave priority to him obviously as his idol he proposed feux de l'amour and cavalier solitaire and papa "felt" cavalier more

« on: May 24, 2017, 20:01 »
you'll see that the situation will change when there will be more guys like him and heritier(lets not forget werra who always kind of claim he is the man who saved and will save congolese music against west african music
 :D :D :D :D hummmmm sssss boko sentiiiiiiirr na 7 jours de la semaine toko recuperer monde  ;D ;D ;D)or more guys winning trophies like ferre
by the way out of topic i heard from various sources that fally and ferre have restarted talking to each other a bit in private

« on: May 24, 2017, 19:46 »
Well well what a surprise this is what you get from Mr international fans, they quickly forget how their star is always looking for places to go to pretend like he is the one and when someone else does it they are so quick to come out with stories to intoxicate others to believe that this person is fake but you go back to the beginning of mr international solo carrier, Monsoh took him to loads of these places which they all said was for international stars but with Heritier they are all putting comments which is hilarious and so childish you aks yourself are these people for real?

If this was mr international no one would have said its fake or blah blah just last month we had mr international pretending to be one of the stars of the new fast and furious taking pictures but it was ok when some of them even suggested he is the biggest star since congo started kie kie kie kie if you depressed that day just go on their comments and you will feel better because they do come out with words which me and you know but would not say as we keep it real

Heritier do your thing and let Monsoh take you wherever (be careful of course) because mr international fans know that you are going on the same path.

Mr internationl did say if Monsoh is the one that took him to all these places he should the same to another artist and this is the beginning put on your seat belt and enjoy the ride cause Monsoh is going to do all to bring Heritier to that level

 you really love mr international with deep passion bro :D :D :D
anyways to sum it up,all in all that this is  monsoh's way of operating which matched  huge "american dream" of both fally and heritier,simple as that and which djino could not get as he could not get to europe and maybe was not that promising to monsoh and jb who had too much aura and ego already to be taken there and there for sake of image
then again all the fuss depends on how talkative/arrogant can be or how people can consider that one has an inferiority complex
while basically the guys are just fulfilling some dreams

 i dont think anybody on this earth except die hard fans of groups who are getting attacked by him often,its so obvious that the guy knows his stuff as a guitarist,but he gets that stick because probably never in history of our music a guitarist has been that controversial
its simply that other wise a guy who was trained in a line up of him,coreen,paty bass can not be the passenger he is made out to be purely because of how hard he attacks

 Yeah i think he did a mistake in starting  in the "groupe d'accompagnement" form,it lasted too long until departures of equaliseur and kanza  which created some buzz and people discovering kabuya,maybe if he treated his group like a a proper band the way ferre did from the first concert in brazzaville things could be different for them

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