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 yes there is ivory coast in summer ,mozambique and i think a couple of other just after


He says he did not appreciate how ferre called him petit,saying he recruited a singer coming group the group of his petit brigade because they are from the same generation just like ferre would not like somebody who is slightly older( for example the likes of caludji,baby ndombe and co) calling him petit in front of people
he says it was a great experience for him to go to ivory coast and collaborate with debordo leekunfa especially as he went through a very bad year with issues like poisoning,physical and spiritual attacks and that  a guy who happens to be the sorcerer of one of the other artists  called him to buy a song to his name to trick him and when they meet he was shocked to see  that while they were discussing there were a huge snake which popped out and many many more stuff like that which caused him releasing a couple of generiques with no tv appearance as he had to go for treatment of his poisoning and deal with all those things which happened to him and now he says he has decided to go for all possible protection so nobody will ever impress him anymore on that spiritual field and he is adamant that he will make a strong comeback with a new generique to be released next month

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Turned 52 today

yes they seemed more interested in making an impact in concerts it did them bad service on continental level with their "rivals"having several clips promoted even loi vs feux de l'amour is same story

Exactly wake up was exclusively koffi wemba(wemba's writers) papa wemba wanted  wazekwa to have two songs but the beefs had already started about his two customers lol
indeed makaba was 16 17 when he became father the first time so he was way ahead of the rest of his friends in terms of responsability to handle so he needed that album
guys like do akongo,yvon moumpala and co participated in the writing

Congolese Music / Re: FALLY'S NEW CLIP: POSA
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Fally seems to have lost something with clips these days,i remember in A2BM he seemed so in advance and now he seems to have dropped on that field,the best example being the feat with r kelly,although him not being anymore "the" r kelly you'd expect something WOW

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In short he says he has absolute respect for what fally is achieving but he notices that because he is that succesful people are treating him like a superhurman and that most guys of their generation fear telling him what he needs to be reminded of,and he is in the best position having known fally since primary school so unlike other people  who see fally as the king hustler and co he has another sight on fally which is fally the son of papa faustin and maman monique,and  he adds that he is strictly talking about music and some fally behaviour which are not good,for example few years ago,him celeo did a spot for milk or something like that using tokooss and fally sued that company where that word is not his property but rather was created by young guys of their hometown bandal,and he says he is grateful to fally for having helped him on first album while ferre turned him down but there again fally lied that he gave him 10000 dollars for recording and  fally tried to get him on list to first zenith but he could not get visa  and he did not appreciate how fally talked about it to people who should not know it,and he reminded fally that it happened that some membes of his group gave birth or mourned somebody and he still helped out despite their fallout while fally himself sometimes did not do anything
 he says people are saying he should not get involved into fally's controversial stuff and focus on his music because he is finished and he says yes he accepts being finished but if they are talking about focus then fally should waste time on little things sueing people left right and center because he will get criticized no matter what because all stars are he has to accept it  especially as he has people around him who insult other people aswell so he should not have double standard
and he adds that outside music they have links for ever their sisters being friends,their children being friends...but he does not think its that important for him to become close to him again but all he wants is fally not thinking he has become a superhuman

welleuuuhh its is ze hardest decision to make  because overall i have kept my composure and commitment with claude interrupting the conference " its time to gooooooooo" :D :D :D

 he had recorded a secular album which was almost finished(only mix of last generique was not done) and started making hints about God in some interviews along with talking about his political ambitions
this article talks a bit what happened behind the scenes and himself admitted indirectly that he was ruined with her not helping anymore and bralima firing him despite the intervention of jb werra and wazekwa and when trying a desperate attempt to get a visa again he got rejected
difficult to say its all due to that,but it was not even weeks after those events that the process of switch started
and its not the first time,long ago back when laviniora was one of the wenge rivals before wenge became a big group he shortly went religious after a story of one of the guys who was among the leaders before he became later the only leader who went for kindoki to become a big group and who lost his head so it scared him and the others and laviniora went idle a bit before returning in the early ndombolo era

like his pire vieux "ya anto" once famously said " moi je pete les plombs comme ca quoi" :D :D :D

over the decades,we've had a loooooot of popular dancers,i randomly say mukonyonyo,pomper kijection,madiaba,kwassa kwassa,mayeno,suabiwutu,ndombolo,kisanola,nkila mogrosso,boma liwanza,mutuka munene.... which one would you love to see some sort of remake again and go viral?


is that the new singer you are referring to?


producer jdk decor says part of papa's troubles with ngulu came from his blind trust to people around him to invite guests  on the list and those people were not honest and added ngulu's and  once in paris there was some people papa did not even know and him jdk neither

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