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Congolese Music / Re: Mbilia Bel
« on: May 23, 2020, 03:28 »
In an Interview with Yondo.. she also admitted to dance for Tabu..

Seem they went through a similar path

Congolese Music / Nasreal - HELLO - AUDIO - Rumba
« on: May 22, 2020, 15:04 »

Please Support this Kid By Sharing.

Congolese Music / Re: These guys look so bored!
« on: May 10, 2020, 10:53 »
Beside the Song... Seems they were exhausted on Shooting Cause it looked like they made A number of Videos on the studio on the same Day.

Look at other Clips of the Same Album.


Please share the Link of Part One

i forgot to add that one said that maybe it his mupe thing which got him nowhere in the "actualité" and that if he revives the confident and agressive fabregas he will make proper headlines against like robinio is starting to do
yeah jv great observation he's now lost technically every of the writers of his group(adada,ibra,but na filet,mugler)and materazzi,10 ya match,boudchou,zanotti,thats quite a lot
mais ye pe asalaki vantard ya ki leader avannnnnt voila les consequences lol

How much are these writers paid

Congolese Music / Mr Money in the Bank - Mjengoni Classic
« on: April 02, 2020, 11:46 »

JV “Critic” Thank you.

To All Forum Members:-

His Artistic Name is Nasreal, coming from a back ground most us us (Africans) come from.

He is a close friend of mine, whom, me and my team have groomed him for a numbers of years (More than 5) in background.

This is his debut Track in his entire life.

He used to love Bongo Flavour and we had to do a strong job to make him feel and understand the value of Dance/Ndombolo/Rumba music, which in years he came to understand and he felt more welcomed yesterday from some of Rumba Fans in country.

Last year we felt like he is ready to move, hence we had shot the video NOT as a music video but an official Audio Release.

The Music has been produced by Digital Vibes (Team) a small recording studio (I being part of the studio) in my town (Morogoro - Tanzania - East Africa).

He has a number of tracks that will be released in course of time.


Please help share the track and to other platforms/forums/groups/whatsApp/sites etc (IF YOU FIND THE SONG NINE FOR OTHERS LISTENERS)

Also Connect to Nasreal on Social Networks :

HINT : LATER DURING THE DAY (TODAY) : If approved, you will find his other two (a total of three tracks) on music platforms.

Congolese Music / Nasreal - MTOTO WA SHEIKH (Official AUDIO)
« on: March 19, 2020, 16:39 »

Congolese Music / Re: SARA SOLO
« on: March 14, 2020, 05:22 »
Seems you don't follow WMM

What does this even mean? I asked because I don't know. If you knew, then answer the question. If you don't then let others who know the answer...and no, I don't follow...The things we do to ourselves...

I think it's an honest answer.

Otherwise he is asking for the Album review which I think was done long way back.

A WMM FAN knows the answer to this.

Werrason Topic:

[Werrason: Hugues Nzinga ...Black Panther...Dollar Rouge....Mvuandu....Esimbi]

Parfum d'Hiver:
Ma vie était sans toi comme un nuage gris...
J'étais seul souvent, mon coeur a sombri
Mais depuis que j'ai connu Hugues Nzinga dans ma vie, motema na nga ekoma temple ya bonheur
Angengaka nde lokola minzoto o likoloo
Lakissa nga nzela nalandaka yo.
Natambola pene na yoo sans m'éloigner d'un pas...
Bolingo na yo esilisa souci na nga

Duo [Werrason & Parfum d'Hiver]
Bolingo na yo e combla ntima na nga

Parfum d'Hiver:
Je n'ai pas assez de mots oyo ekoki kotalisa yo ndenge nalingaka yoo Hugues Nzinga ...
Une chose est vraie; pour toi je suis sincère

Duo [Werrason & Parfum d'Hiver]
Kitoko na yo terminus ya miso na nga

Parfum d'Hiver:
Elamba etunaka te moto alati ye
Nzambe akelaki yo pona nga ha

Tu es cette flamme... qui réchauffe mon âme,
cette lumière qui éclaire mon coeur.
Tu es le meilleur oyo a gagna motema na nga,

Po oza perfection que j'ai tjrs rêvé
Même si j'avais voulu fabriqué mon propre homme,
il n'aura pas été supérieur à toi hugues nzinga....

Car tu es unique, tu me plais....

[Parfum] Le plus beau cadeau que j'ai reçu dans ma vie,
[Tous] C'est toi mon amour...
[Werrason] Un être exceptionnel
[Tous] Hugues Nzinga...
[Werrason] O nabengaka yo ee
[Tous] Mon chocolat
[Werrason] Hugues Nzinga na nga
[Tous] Mon rêve le plus beau oooh hugues nzinga

Parfum d'Hiver:
Vrai amour esengaka renouvellement ya affection pona éternité ya amour na biso oh Président Dom na Lille ee
Naboyi kozala égoïste. Nasengi na nzambe même deux siècles plus tard obotama lisusu hugues nzinga ee
Obotama lisusu na ba koko na ngai ee
Po bayeba ozalaki bel homme de mon époque...

[Parfum] Le plus beau cadeau que j'ai reçu dans ma vie,
[Tous] C'est toi mon amour...
[Werrason] Un être exceptionnel
[Tous] Hugues Nzinga...
[Werrason] O nabengaka yo ee
[Tous] Mon chocolat
[Werrason] Hugues Nzinga na nga
[Tous] Mon rêve le plus beau oooh hugues nzinga

Parfum d'Hiver:
Parfum d'hiver a transmettre message ango na loyembo oh
Comme regard na yo ekoma synonyme y'amour,
ata miso emoni te, affection ezua nzela ya koleka na makila na ngai
Hugues nzinga zala chewing-gum, kozala shimboki te,
Duo [Werrason & Parfum d'Hiver]
Naliya ngo nga moko ebandeli tii na suka

naboyi ozala chimbok; ndambu namela, trésor kilongo amela,
Duo [Werrason & Parfum d'Hiver]
mopepe eyiba nga ndambu,
Bolingo bassombaka te, bakabaka te jacques ilunga .....

kobosana ngai te Tosta Seke...
Shaïeur alukaka client naye na sifflet po azua lomeya,
Ebongo ngaio nakolukelo wapi bebe essi omessana na motema Gento Cigalo. Moto akueyissi eloko nde alukaka essika abungisselaki eloko naye,
Kasi molokoti nde abossanaka te essika azuelaki bonheur bebe.
Naboyi nakoma référence ya ne veux pas que ma joie soit expiré...

Duo [Werrason & Parfum d'Hiver]
Nazalaki na ngai terrain inexploité
Oye nde kolonela ngai nzete ya lolango
Depuis namona yo coup de foudre ya mapendo..
Ozali mobali ya ngeli ngeli bapambola neti ebale...
Mvuandou hugues nzinga

{Jonas Mbese le Pape des Bambala}
Mbetu ebongaka il faut balela...yaka kolala eeh
Kiti ebongaka il faut bavandela... Yako vanda eee....
Elubu yangoyo oza na nzala yakoliaee...
Sentiment bolingo a nzoto ekomissi nga mokusa yako kwanza bebe...
Oza elengi lokola lisala soso na litoyi .....

[Sarah Solo]

GOD... Where are we headed to..??

Like title says,a member of a group has been forced by an influent member in front of leader who did nothing
i'll let you guess who are the three people involved lol i will answer tomorrow

@Archos .It is already tomorrow and ????????????

May be for him its not yet Tomorrow... hahahaaaaaa

BTW : Why people think of Maison Mere Only...

He said a group not Band Guys...


I think Werra might have been forced out of Maison Mere... LOL

It seems that Sarah Solo is disappeared I really didn't paid attention to it, but it seems that after that Dubai and Oman concert Saah solo really is not present in Wenge lile hefore. Knpwimg Maisom Mere it is normal since they have the policy to treat you like a king once you arrived and then give you hard time to stay, but with all the hype and free publicity Sarah gave Wenge I am surprised that she didn't even got a shoutout om the new album wht happened?

You clearly haven't listened to the new album well

You don't need Rocket Science to know who are true Maison Mere Fans, Who are True Music Lovers, Who Just Push Tracks and Who Listen to each Note of Music/Song.

Let's Not Limit AT ALL.

One can have 3 releases from 3 different artists and over 8 news and new topics.. Limiting will just imply their posts are No value hence discouraging them..

I have noticed at some instances Archos stating he wanted to posted something that someone else just posted... this shows us that people want us to have latest news..

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