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I don't understand a word but that "love scene" had me in tears ;D ;D ;D ;D


You got that far....damn you’re patient lol

I wanted to see how it would pan out... lol the thumbnail is lying to us, that time he did not even "kiss" her, maybe he signed one of those clauses where you cant be intimate for respect to your spouse.

I don't understand a word but that "love scene" had me in tears ;D ;D ;D ;D


ohhhh mannnn!! soooo awkward

Oh, Fally is now dabbling Acting as well?

Maybe I am ignorant, but do Congolese Singers also dabble in the acting world?

what became of Rita Rigebelle Dembo?

Congolese Music / Re: A VERY Flexible Baby Ndombe.......
« on: June 12, 2018, 18:47 »
I cannot refrain from laughing when I hear "cultivons la haine"  ;D ;D ;D ;D

what does that mean?

For me, only 2 songs in this album work for me,

This one and Belle Fille

Can someone please translate Monica's part?

This must have been taken the day they shot Suivez le Guide for Effrakata?

I also just saw this one ... damn Bouro's voice was dying

The quality of the picture posted is also suspect, don't you think?

Congolese Music / Re: RENDEKITA IS OUT GUYS
« on: May 20, 2018, 19:20 »
It is out. Check Tidal or Spotify.

balle de match???/

I found some boring. Alot of 1999 & 2001, 2002 and  2003 were also fanatastic sometimes many times also better of 1992-2008. Back in the days didn't like Koffi's concert. I started to like it from 1994 when Lebou Kabuya came with the rock-guitar style mode. But after he restarted to find Koffi concerts boring (except Abidjan '97). It's from Loi that I started really to like Koffi concerts. I remember back in the days how peoples used to complain that Koffi & Quartier Latin were not good it giving concerts, it changed from 2001.

I feel like Koffi's old female dancers were more on the sensual part of things.
They were not "rough"/"tough" dancers like the WMM dancers.

What a great concert! 35:35 for the 1st version of dessin animé
Great team : beevens, babia, willy bula, suzuki & aladji. Unfortunately no jean louis manzugidi (who was waaaaay better than beevens). Koffi was such a good dancer.
The combo « poussa ambiance poussa », « bareko », « moto, moto » in koffi’s concerts in 93-94 >>>>, sad its never appeared in no cd.
Mireille konde, what a beautiful lady.

Listen to the Noblesse-Oblige album (cd-version) from the start till the end and you will hear all those cries.

Dessin Anime was already finished back in 1994 and sung Skola herself. In 1997 Koffi just added some vocals to let it look like a duet and Ondoma added some sounds to the song. Hahaha the way that belt moved which Suzuki whore that day.

So sad how Mireille Konde died (R.I.P.)

Yeah but it sounds different than concerts because it was performed by koffi, but when beevans & manzugidi make thoses cries, its a jam.
How did she passed?

She felt in love with a guy living in Paris. But then the guy didn't let hear anything about him so she went with another guy in Kinshasa. Then she became pregnant and suddenly the guy called her and said that he would arrive in Kinshasa to get her and bring her in Paris. Which shocked her and she wanted to remove the baby so that she could go to Paris. But it was very dangerous, since that the pregnancy was already avanced. She then took the risk and died because of that. Alot of people don't know that story and are claiming that Koffi sacrified her including JF Ifonge, which is not true.

I prefere Beevans above Manzuigidi. Beevans is fire compare his animations of Magie to those of Pas-de-Faux. In Magie they animated together, but Manzuigidi just had one crie.

Daaamn i didnt knew about this, r.i.p

The whole time, from reading about her, it was reported that she died of the pandemic, or was it Marie Mboyo?

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