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« on: September 17, 2019, 11:29 »
So it means Lady Miyembe is back to Culture?

 he has never left,just that wazekwa had the plan of creating a complete europe cultura in case he has to perform without the kin guys so he allowed lady,pitshou concorde and a couple of other guys to stay in europe

Interesting, but how do they get income. Does that mean Wazekwa has been paying their salaries for this long?


Till today i just can’t believe he recorded this and even released this.... 4:40 was the biggest tease ever I honestly thought it would end with an explosive sebene. I remember after listening to this after it came out I said to my self “the guy is finished” and cindy made it worse, there’s no way this would’ve happened if Sam and co or even Fally and co were still around at the time. Skol must not have been happy with this song.

At this point I think when we write you gonna take us for mad people but this is one of the most famous work from Koffi in this part of the world. I mean you play it here and everyone goes Wow!! but again we are mad in this part of the world. not that am a Koffi fan but people just love this song here.

« on: September 17, 2019, 09:27 »
So it means Lady Miyembe is back to Culture?

Congolese Music / Re: Ali Mbonda is very sick and needs help
« on: September 12, 2019, 13:42 »
Just a few queries  on the same..
1. Do the musicians invest otherwise? I know someone like Ficcare has something on the side
2. How sustainable is it for a leader to support past and present musicians ? Why are they required to even support past musicians funeral?
3. Do they have retirement plans?
4. In post fame area female dancers seem to do better,why?

 1 yes some do,like ficarre who has several business on the side but most musicians prefer the show off lifestyle until they fall
2 technically this happens only because band members receive zero copyright,so except the odd salary here and there plus the song selling which anyways ends quite fast with family queuing up at your house when they heard you received 10K for a song and the combination of show off and trying to build a house
3 retirement plans do not really exist only exists the option of running away in europe and now doing music just for fun
4  as for female dancers its obvious,dancers who have slept with their leaders and who were the leaders favorites receive support until today even if some left 15 years ago,and most manage to find a husband who is not in the process of having a stable life which is why they dont look like struggleing as much as men

I would want to know what Ali Mbonda wasted his money on if he actually had a salary, coz this man knows no life, He doesn't dress past 10$ and seems not to like women. I don't know but can someone smoke his fortune away? please advice.

Congolese Music / Re: Ali Mbonda is very sick and needs help
« on: September 11, 2019, 14:29 »
Koffi who wouldn't even let Babia sing his songs even after Babia having to kneel and beg? What compassion is that?

Don't get emotional Mudala. Copyrighting is a totally different thing, you forgot that he left and was allowed back to QL at a time he needed a new life away from drugs. What we are talking about here is LIFE, Life of one of the most loyal and long serving employee of an orchestra.

Congolese Music / Re: Ali Mbonda is very sick and needs help
« on: September 11, 2019, 10:47 »
I heard he left Maison Mere and joined Heritier? Am a fan of both Heritier and Werrason equally so am not defending Werra and bashing Heritier. Now if he is sick, has he requested for help? Is it possible that he is already receiving help? Is there a possibility that Werrason, JB, Heritier, Ferre and other clan Wenge have already given him some help? Kindly someone answer these questions without bringing which side I am on. But if anyone needs to know which side am on, am on the side of REASON

I think it was a rumor because some months ago he came at Heritier's place of rehearshal

IF he is still a member of Maison Mere even if on suspension and IF he has requested for help and IF he has not received that help, then Werra needs to lead efforts to come to his rescue followed by other clan Wenge, then friends , family and finally wellwishers

But Owadwa, how do you call in well wishers when this guy has been an employee to one of the top leading bands in Africa? His leader is enjoying dinner with the sultans of Oman. The difference between Werra and other leaders is that Werra is Heartless. Whereas Koffi is evil he has a permanent soft heart when it comes some of the former major contributors to QL, JB we all know is a gentleman anytime and Wazekwa, a family man. If we were to write history of WMM where will Ali Mbona feature? a guess among top 5. It's not always about money but compassion from Werra at this time is paramount.

Ken to be fair to innos,this is the remix of a song which was already gone viral,while for fally it was a full new song
but i do agree with all you said,i never took diamond too seriously but i can now see how big he is

Master I agree, Innos has done well. Same to me here I ignored Diamond for a long time but this man controls his generation. because of Inama, he made Samuel Eto'o to visit him in Tanzania. To me his collaboration with Congolese artistes is a good thing because he's opening for them a space that they have struggled in (Internet)

Pesa bango TENSION kk  ; it

Secondly, I see Innos B scratching Fally's back in two years time. He has a big chance of pulling the youths all over Africa.

Nothing!! Something is not being said here. Diamond is single handedly promoting Congolese artistes. Anything he touches simply goes viral. Look at Inama that to me is better than this, in under 8 months has 20M views, through Instagram tagging he gave Fally near 1M followers around the globe. Though I agree with Emo, The likes of Werra and JB are not made for these kinds of Collabo and they will suffer for it. I see Koffi do Collabo with diamond next.

Saw Souley Soulemane and Zakle as well. Koffi and Zakle though!!!

« on: August 16, 2019, 06:03 »
Has she finished school?

« on: August 15, 2019, 09:25 »
At this point I feel like he’s putting out music just to put out music. There’s nothing special about this song. The same guitar licks from Nyaquatance and that “Mboka ezalaka boye” chant is unoriginal. Plus, I’m having difficulty taking a 60+ year old man prancing around with his pants hanging off his ass seriously.

If he is fine with his pants sagging to his knees, I think he does not give a fuck what you think Sir. It is his pants, It is his ass and he is okay with it so why not look for 60-year-old men with their pants up to their armpits and be okay with.....its a free world bruh

Pole Pole Baba, Hapana Malisa.

« on: August 15, 2019, 09:22 »
Guys. Koffi like JB and Werra amd many old guys doesn't need ti proif anything to anyone. Between the three Koffi is the most "IDGAF" so he will keep posting this style of generique. I don't think he is doing it fir the Congolese fans but for Ivoirians and especially Zambians, Kenyans and Zimbabweans who love this "new" style of Koffi. I mean this guy have written Loi album and gave back to back to back to back classics. Youare asking a Washington Wizards's Michael Jordan to win another threepeat give him a break.

You have a point. Someone in here a while back can't remember who that was, said that Koffi is a businessman and I said that's true. Koffi understands the need and demands of this generation. Aparently speaking of Kenya, more of Koffi's recent songs dominate airwaves. He understands that the era of puting too much into a song is gone and even when you put much there is no price to it. He understands that this is the era of DJ Arafat that admitted on live TV that he sings what he doesn't know. Bula,Reddy,Karmapa,Ibrator and few others have tried to remain original to the essence of rhumba but they struggle to get to the big stage. When everyone else played Koyimbi Ko was it monotonous? Let him promote this partition because people love it.

« on: August 13, 2019, 08:40 »
Guys lets have this discussion.

1.How should a good Rhumba be played? what should it entail?

2. How should a good generic be played? what should it entail?

You may give your response and support it with a sample clip.

Thanks in advance.

« on: August 13, 2019, 08:35 »
As I said before, most people of my age don't know or appreciate music one bit. That is truth.

Actually it is a very good song but the only issue is the lack of solo guitar but the old Koffi is coming back slowly and gradually. Just be happy that he finally listened to his fans.

Next generique needs more solo guitar like Jour de Joie had with its sebene.

So what he repeats the rhythm. I prefer a artist to stay to his sound than do rubbish. Like I said, most people especially my generation don't know what music actually is.

I am dancing. Koffi, keep going, you are going into the Koffi we actually appreciate. Also, he used less autotune which is a good sign.

Thank you for this writing.

« on: August 13, 2019, 05:34 »
Watched the video in utter disbelief, Oo God!! at some point the way he pushed someone, his life has been just chaotic. RIP

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