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Itshari, ahhhh, so sad old man, RIP.

Congolese Music / Re: ZIGIDA EN LIVE
« on: May 25, 2017, 09:56 »
Great show. That bassist and the rhythm guitarist Jonathan Likompa are on another level!!!

Kiekiekiekie,it's one of them shows where you Souvé is drinking on stage and he gets too excited,look how he was jumping again when Abel was sounding like Mutu Nguba. ;D ;D ;D ;D

i dont think anybody on this earth except die hard fans of groups who are getting attacked by him often,its so obvious that the guy knows his stuff as a guitarist,but he gets that stick because probably never in history of our music a guitarist has been that controversial
its simply that other wise a guy who was trained in a line up of him,coreen,paty bass can not be the passenger he is made out to be purely because of how hard he attacks
Voila, it is Maison Mere and Quartier Latin fans who are undenial and it looks like Marchouse himself is not really bothered,he only answered once on how music is recorded and finalised in Europe and any other places.

Sly, thanks bro and what was the result of the songs he played on Fleche Ingeta?  Tshimanga is not on the level that people put him because only 2 artist that use him and produce good music Papa Wemba and Ferre you know why, they know which road they are taking not relying on him.
Indeed. Fleche Ingeta was basically a flop,no song was exceptional and you could not even hear any trace of Tshimanga.
In Maison Mere, the only song that Tshimanga's impact was felt was the song Likambo on the older album Techno Malewa Sans Suite

This is a typical tshimangologie arrangement and don't get me wrong,he is an excellent guitarist,composer and arranger

I think one thing most people including the music critics and bloggers don't understand about this issue is that Marchouse is the main rhythm guitarist and artistic director,he directs the flow of the music and he is the one who sets the base that is the original rhythm that the mi-soloists and solists have to play along to and it is the rhythm Marchouse initially records at the Kinshasa studios like Ndiaye,RTNC etc that the singers  add their vocals to and finally when Ferre goes abroad, other session musicians add their own works for instance, Olivier Tshimanga and Mbetenge,both settled abroad add their acoustic lead lines over what has already been recorded in Kin by Markhouse. For Ferre,rhythm guitar is the base of his music not lead which Olivier and Mbetenge specialise in. On some songs,Ferre has used keyboards as the base for instance the song Panzi Likolo otherwise most of Ferre's music is acoustic rhythm and lead so in effect, it's Charly Solo and Hadji Solo who are usually substituted for Tshimanga and Mbentenge when Ferre takes the music for finalisation abroad.

It is only on the album Fleche Ingeta that we saw that Tshimanga had to travel to Kin and recorded from the source studio so he actually set and played the rhythm on a number of songs instead of playing over what was recorded by Coreen. Lofombo also played bass in studio on the same Ingeta.

Hehehehe,Mopao is in trouble,Karmapa is also about to release his album which has that diss about Cindy ;D ;D

I didn't know there was even a vp role.
Yeah,started with Titina Alcapone who became Veep and Chef du Orchestre,work became too much but his pay remained the same and that was one reason he said he had to start his own solo career.

Congolese Music / Re: 7 JOURS VS KIBUISA MPIMPA
« on: May 22, 2017, 14:15 »
Can't tell the future but i don't think it's possible or maybe i say far-fetched dream even for Werra himself. At the time of making Kibuisa,Werra had the most solid band comprising excellent singers who worked well together and not forgetting the arrangement work of people like Al Nzimbi, Japonais, Kapaya and others.

mukusa has returned with koffi to replace tresor nzinga
They don't need him Ordinateur is already in the group.
Ordinateur and Nzinga cannot match Mukusa. The work is already there to see. Ordinateur and Nzinga have not made anything popular for Koffi just the standard animation. Koffi wants excitement.

indeed tutu wanted or wants to come back to bcbg but what blocks the move is seguin not accepting to give away chef role,jb has a rule that should a chef d'orchestre return he has to take back his role  and seguin does not want to lose all the advantages and go back to  smaller role otherwise the whole group would love to get tutu back as he has that "warrior" mentality which would make bcbg's promotion better
Tutu or Afande cannot make any difference to BCBG if they rejoined for as long as JB Mpiana himself doesn't change his business model.

Where show bizz and marketing is concerned, JB,his managers and his band are all asleep. Without clips showing what the band is making, fans will not pay attention. Crap instagram clips of JB going about his daily life will be popular for a day but that's not what music fans want, it will get their attention but BCBG fails to keep the attention of the fans by showing them what they want to say, music! JB eating pizza with his kids or him going to Gucci in Paris will not make the band popular again neithed will rekindling polemique with Werra, BCBG just needs to produce more quality music and do lots of concerts and televise them,rehearsals as well.

But can Tutu leave leave Europe to come and join retirees in BCBG who once in a decade when pressured would produce an album. Iam sure we have all heard of reports that he has been trying to get back to BCBG.
Retirees or not, BCBG manage to release classics not one week wonders Wenge MM release. Why do you think you those rumours you have brought have come about, Werra wants to reorganise his band because even when he has literally over four bands,his whole group is ineffective hence the need to reform and bring in semi-retirees to help revive the band.

Of all places, i do not think Tutu would join Maison Mere unless he is really dull.

I can't believe most of these funny rumours. I cannot imagine Tutu Kaludji or Olivier Tshimanga leaving Europe to go and join a finished Wenge Maison Mere.

This is the real shiznit!!!!!!! Loving that bass and synthe!!!
Light Music et Fabro 3 vs Mutu Nguba 0

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