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His videos weren’t deleted. I saw for example the videos of Emeneya at Japan and Adolphe Dominguez last week on his channel, but he reuploaded it today.


This was Nyoka Longo’s entrance, during the fara-fara against Wenge 4x4.

Lol, Eyi Nkissi Eyi Magie hahahaha. Mbula moko ya mystique. Those fara-fara’s weren’t a joke. I miss those era’s

I’m sure that Vieux Nyoch knew that Wenge 4x4 were preparing a big revenge against him at the parking, after losing against him at Salon Congo. I remember all those newspapers writing about Zaïko showing his supremacy during that fara-fara, mokolo aza kaka mokolo, etc.

It looks like Ingénieur will reupload all his videos
Thank God

Those videos are already on his channel. So I don’t understand why he’s keeping reuploading them.

I noticed that since 2015, a lot artists from Kinshasa are performing in Kolwezi. Looks like they have been performing more in Kolwezi then Lubumbashi, the last years. It’s a sign that alot of money is going there around these days.

It looks like Ingénieur will reupload all his videos

Congolese Music / Re: RIP Ben Nyamabo (founder of Choc Stars)
« on: December 04, 2019, 21:29 »
He gave leadership to Debaba after Defao's departure. The members of Choc Stars that passed away.

Monza 1er
Debaba Dieka Mbaki
Jerry Lema
Otis Edjudju

When did Otis Edjudju die? Or do you mean the one who used to be with Kester, Papa Wemba, Isifi and Yoka Lokole, who was called Otis Koyongonda "moto na libandi" who wrote the song Jamaica and invented the langila-language which Kester took over. Because you had two drummers who were called Otis.

Do you have the rare album Debaba made with Fatou La Gazelle, Chico Mundele and co ater Defao's departure ? The album is very rare, its more than 20 years that i'm looking for that album (the same for Wenge medley/remix album of Mulolo in 1990 called Wenge Live and Defao's first album with Big Stars which included the original version of Solange Lima, Albert Mulopwe and Aime K.). I wonder why they didn't re-release those albums on the market, because those albums are historical.

 Alot people don't know or forgot that Debaba, named Choc Stars as "Nouvelle Ecriture" when Defao left. There were even posters of Nouvelle Ecriture being written below Choc Stars.Sometimes I wonder if Bendoson didn't took the inspiration from there, to name Viva "aile Kin" Nouvelle Ecriture which was already used by Debaba.


Why did Sunda Bass (RIP) and Alba Accompagnero not have songs on Internet ? Wasn't it unfair ? Because guys like Jules Kibens, Chai Ngenge and Rio Kazadi had songs in that album, while back in 1998 they still PPU-members  on the moment that Sunda Bass and Alba Accompagnero were already accepted as official members of Wenge BCBG and already touring with Blaise Bula, Titina, Burkina, JB and co to African countries. Were they punished or what ?

Congolese Music / Re: RIP Ben Nyamabo (founder of Choc Stars)
« on: December 04, 2019, 16:53 »
I wonder how Adricha Tipo Tipo, who’s now in prison, feels about it. Because he beated him 2 months ago, when they were arguing about royalties of Socoda. Claming that Ben & Nyoman Longo were stealing money.

Congolese Music / RIP Ben Nyamabo (founder of Choc Stars)
« on: December 04, 2019, 16:47 »

He died today

« on: December 04, 2019, 09:32 »
Bro what’s going on?

she made a sextape

Wait Djo Nolo wrote songs for Koffi Olomide. Who got them to meet? Kester?

Djo Nolo wrote more songs to Bozi Boziana than that, I think.
Very true but I wonder how Djo Nolo met Koffi.

In this interview he said that the met each other in 1993 in Angola. Also in 1979 when he let Koffi Olomide record Elengi Ya Mbonda for free after still having some free hours left in the studio, after paying money for the studio to record his own song.

Times are going to fast. This was made in 2012. I remember watching this interview. In that era Anelka Ba Faussette used to work with Drigombaki.


from 15:34 min he said that he joined Blaise Bula.

from 17:02 min giving the reasons why he left Ponderation 8, saying that when they were about to perform he had always to hold clothes and Petit Reagan sending him to give water to the flowers (the way he said that was killing me). Also saying that he asked Reagan if he could borrow his shoes (aventurie hahaha) and Reagan then becoming mad and giving order to give water to the flowers.

Congolese Music / Re: Pepe Kalle & Empire Bakuba Poster
« on: December 03, 2019, 18:37 »
The concert and tour was cancelled, because Pepe Kalle didn't like the contract (It came from Kokar Masakuba if I remember well). Papy Tex ended up by going to Europe on his own (their conflict started from there) with Pepe Kalle then going to Mbandaka with Empire Bakuba, getting his first heart-attack there. Then some months later Papy Tex got that car-accident and some days after that accident, pepe Kalle died.

Why did they close your youtube-channel? Its not normal the way they are deleting Congolese youtube-channels.

Apparently I've uploaded some Bozi Boziana videos and Rigo Makengo reported it and the community guidelines said too many copyright strikes but it's horrible because that was hard work uploading those videos.

Is there a way to get your channel back ?

Why is Ingenieur re-uploading all his videos, he uploaded the last 2 years ?

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