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We never know. Just wait what there will happen after 23 December 2018 if there will still be elections. If Felix Tshisekedi wins then im sure that the majority of combattans will stop with that, except those Apareco-supporters (Odon Mbo, etc.). Maybe also if Shadary wins, because some combattans say that it's better if Shadary wins then Felix Tshisekedi. There is some war of UDPS-supporters against those of Bemba/Katumbi/Ngbanda.

While Bill Clinton would still be the no.1 atalaku for the MM Dream Team Dream Band, I think Werra would've given Calugi a bit more space to animate than he did with Celeo until after Solola Bien.

hahaha, nobody knew Bill Clinton back in 1997 when Maison Mere started only some people who knew him for his animations in Royaume Lifaki. Tutu Calugi used to be the best atalaku of DRC in that era and don't forget that Bill was animating like Calugi before Intervention Rapide. The coaching of Werrason and his staff made him change his style. I don't even think that they would recruit Bill, if Calugi was around. They would have recruited someone who would do Ekokota's role. In Maison Mere they rejected all atalaku's who were animating like Calugi because of Bill in 1997 & 1998 (Bidjana, Gentamicine, etc.).

They can try but they absolutely have to avoid combattants

12 january is after 23 december 2018 when the new president will be voted. So it can change the mind of the combattans. But Kabila is smart he can kill Shadary to be still the president, create a war before the elections, or create another strategy. Because it's clear that Shadary will be the new president, they eliminated Katumbi, Muzito and Bemba. Now they are looking something to eliminate Felix Tshisekedi. Shadary is very dangerous he killed alot of people for Kabila, it can be that he will be worser than Kabila.

How can a president-candidate say something like that in public.


I see that they changed the capacity of Zenith de Paris. From 1984 until 2013 it used to have the capacity of 6.283, but since 2013 it has 9.000 and they changed the name of Zenith de Paris in Zenith Paris "La Villette" and also it's logo. It will be a new challenge to fill Zenith the same for Bercy which has now 20.300 spectators while in the past it used to have 17.000.

J3 didn't write Demi Tour. He just worked on the singing lines of the song and other songs of Temoinage who were written by Bourman & Chela (R.I.P.). Werrason started singing Demi Tour already along time ago before J3 joined. I remember him singing it in studio with Ferre when they were recording A La Que Leu Leu.

Congolese Music / Archive; (videoclip) Clan Wenge - Kuma Kukiele
« on: September 17, 2018, 18:51 »

I didn’t know that there was a VHS of this album on the market.

It could also be that they made like Celeo a mistake by writing 1969 instead of 1979


So Adolphe had already his project about recording his own solo album like Werrason who was preparing Kibuisa Mpimpa before Kibuisa ?

from 15:05 min

Yves Kambala asking Adolphe Dominguez about him rehearsing in private. Back then there were rumors that Adolphe was creating his own band called Verta Musica and preparing his own album Affaire Tonya Tonya. Because of not being happy that they fired him from the post of being financial director after being president for a short time.

He lives in Belgium. In 2015 he made a little comeback but working for Congodialogue, then went to Congomikili in 2016. With the most famous interview being the one with that prosititute who attacked Koffi & Wemba. Shortly after that he left. I thought that he would create his own site but it didn’t happen.

I think now that he was right about the configuration, after watching Werra & Koffi’s crowd quickly and comparing it with Maître Gims’s Bercy. But how could Koffi have then dreamed about performing at a 51.000 Seats Parc des Princes and JB Mpiana at Stade de France ? With Kassav having performed in 2009 at Stade de France do you think that it possible that a Congolese artist could fill  Stade de France these days ?

Yeah, I understand. So no one of Congo filled Bercy ? I remember JB-fans saying about Werra’s Bercy ”batiaki rideau na kati kati” hahahaha.

Is it true what he said about Werrason’s Bercy about half-feeling the stadium or is he just a pro-JB. Because I remember that the audience at Werrason’s Bercy became the record of that musichall, before that the capaticity went from 17.000 seats to 20.300 in 2015.

Its a old animation from Taking and his group Minzoto Wella Wella. Malembe Chante sung it during their fara fara against Viva La Musica in 1993. You will notice that Tchaku Libondas is a very old dance like Helicopter

From the start

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