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Were those concerts at Stade des Martyrs lucrative like those of Europe or were the bandleaders performing there just for peanuts?

What was the reasons that the return of Wenge BCBG to Kinshasa was postponed every day in their last week ? Had it something to do with Didier Masela's lawsuit against them ?

I my opinion they had all to change the name of their bands instead of still using Wenge, because it wasn't the same Wenge of intellectuals. Guys like Marie Paul and Ricoco had difficulties with joining the band, because of having finished school. Sometimes I wonder what JB, Masela, Makaba and Werra feel about people coming the term "esprit wenge".


People weren't going to give him too much attention as being the co-founder of Wenge Musica, because he left not too long after the band was created. Didier Masela was there from Mulolo until Pentagone, before the 1997 split.

Aime Buanga already revealed in 1991 to be the original founder of Wenge in the interviews he made in 1991 with Manda Tchebwa and Disco Hit (which was in the 80s and 90s one of the most popular magazines in Zaire). It created alot of controverse and it became worser when his friend Belis Mfumu Luvutula (first president of Wenge) started to create Wenge Aile Paris fanclubs in all areas of Kinshasa which made Didier Masela, Werrason and co furious so they decided to arrest Belis and they filed a lawsuit against Wenge Aile Paris in Kinshasa to not use the name of Wenge again. The camp of Didier Masela won, hence why Marie Paul, JDT, Depitcho and co performed in 1992 as Wenge El Paris instead of Wenge Musica Aile Paris. Marie Paul and co were even assaulted by Wenge 4x4 fans at Intercontinental when they came. Between 1991-1993 there were alot of attacks between the two camps. Alain Mpela claiming to be real author of Marie Paul's songs, Manda Chante being furious against Adolphe because of him calling Manda petit, etc.

Things would have been very different if Aime Buanga went with them and accept Kongolo's offer to fill against Wenge 4x4 to let them forbad to use the name Wenge and being officialy recognized as real founder of Wenge Musica. People forgot his name very quickly after that because there was a ban against him after refusing Kongolo's offer in meantime he started to make his name as Soukous artist in Paris.

Congolese Music / Jordan Kusa's only song in Wenge Kumbela
« on: June 25, 2019, 18:11 »

I think that it was better for Aime Buanga to not switch from a bassplayer to a singer. Sometimes I thinks that it was better to him to start to produce those streetsbands in Bandal instead of looking a way to succeed with Wenge Kumbela in the difficult Kinshasa and forcing people to let him accept as real founder of Wenge Musica. Looks like he made Wenge Kumbela in Kinshasa just to prove Didier Masela a point. His career and history would have been very different if he accepted to go to Kinshasa with Wenge Aile Paris in 1992, maybe that the people would accept him easier as the real founder Wenge Musica with also the polemic between Wenge Aile Paris and Wenge 4x4 being very strong at that time.

It would have been interessting if Sam Mangwana talked about his time in Brazzaville as soldier with other Angolan people who came from Kinshsa to prepare the attack against the Portugese people on 4 January 1961 in Angola which went totally wrong . I can understand why he don't want to talk about it. I had an Angolan friend who used to fight for FLNA and tried to get with them the power in Luanda along with Zairian soldiers in 1975 which also went wrong. But he never talks about that because of traumatic memories.


Who else thinks that Ado Yuhe's is very limited as journalist when he interviews older artists of the 2nd and 3th generation ? He was pissing mr Mangwana Mayimona off without knowing it.

Little bit off topic from this. But man congolese are not productive. I can't Imagine seeing 2 congolese albums released in the same month nowadays. I just can't believe how the genre has gone downhill to be honest.

Back in the years 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998, etc. you would see 5,6 or 7 albums being released in the months november and december.


Was Ponderation 8 a success upon it's release? I remember hearing the generique was creating buzz because of the young atalaku Regean, but he disappeared without a proper tour or follow up album. Did he not have a good producer for the album?

I don't think people really accepted the reserve members of Wenge BCBG as the true replacements for the people who left after Zenith of 1999, because they none of them ever celebrated the same way Aimelia and Blaise Bula did at the hieght of their success in the group. People slowly started to shift their attention to Koffi when Titina left, people paid more attention to Werrason when he poached Burkina Faso, and nobody really paid Chay Ngenge, JDL, or Rio the same attention that Ferre Gola, JDT, or Baby Ndombe got when they were members of Masion Mere.

Ponderation 8 was a huge succes in Kinshasa in the beginning. It was produced by Editions Ndiaye and Blaise had also support from his friend Hamed Bakayoko who was the boss of Radio Nostalgie in Abidjan, nowadays Minister of Defense in Ivory Coast. But then suddenly someone financed Ndiaye to not promote Ponderation 8 anymore which killed the succes of the album. Some people say JB Mpiana was behind of that, because of seeing Ponderation 8 as a treat to his succes. After the succes of Ponderation 8, Blaise Bula went in 2001 on tour in Europe with his band, but didn't brought those who participated to his solo album. The tour wasn't succesfull and many tour-promoters ran away with Blaise deciding to stay in Europe with his band and later also bringing his family to Europe. He was forced to stop his music-career and work as electrician. While it was planned that he would record his second album and return to Kinshasa.

All people accepted Gentamicine (who went instead of Bidjana), Rio, Chay Ngenge and Kibens. The succes of their vocals on Papito during the Zenith-concert were so big  that they decided to record a remix-version of Papito to present the new Wenge BCBG-team. Nobody replaced Alain Makaba, only Blaise Bula was replaced with Kibens. But it was already planned that Rio, Chai and Kibens would become members of the first team one day when Blaise Bula was still around. Werrason was just lucky that he had a good team, there isn't a band in Clan Wenge that had bandmembers who had the same succes Bill, Ferre, Lacoste, Mabiala, etc. had. Marie Paul used to diss Werrason always about being lucky to have a good team. If JB Mpiana was like Werrason, then he could have quickly created already a dream-team with Armand Ngolo (RIP), Gessan Sakoko, Dolin Masengi, Djo Lockis, Didi Kalombo and Teka Diobanza in 2000. But JB Mpiana wanted Rio Kazadi, Chay Ngenge and Kibens to sement their positions in Wenge BCBG along with those who came from Europe (Richard Mukenda, Jean Didier Loko aka' JDL and Bikou Le Brun) . I'm sure that Wenge Maison Mere could have problems to have show their supermacy with their band if JB Mpiana decided to promote Armand Ngolo, Gessan, Djo Lockis and Dolin quickly.

The attention that people were paying to Koffi Olomide in 2002 was the same like that of 1995. Koffi Olomide was never that popular like JB Mpiana and Werrason in Kinshasa. It was just that Koffi's polemic against JB Mpiana started a little bit to kill the Werra-JB beef. Even Werrason wasn't happy with that and started to argue about that in private. With the people saying to him that Koffi was talking bad about him in private and not liking the way Werra, JB and Clan Wenge were controlling Kinshasa. JB Mpiana had still the same succes after Titina's departure. He set a record-attendence at Stade des Martyrs after Bercy. The problem is that JB Mpiana didn't release an album in 2002 while since 1995, Congolese artists were releasing albums every year. So being accept for one year or 2 could affect your career. He planned to release Chemin de Fer and Anti Terro (which was then called Anti Terroriste) at the end of 2002, but them not getting visa's made him postponed the release of both albums to 2003. Also JB Mpiana didn't start his Europe-tour of 2002 with a big concert and didn't had a event that could counter Werra's Double Zenith, He could have been the first African artist to perform at Palais des Congres of Paris, but he wasn't happy with the money of concert-promoter Felix Petit, so the event got cancelled.

Why don't big perform artists anymore at YMCA like they used to do in the late 90s and early 2000s ? If it was in Europe it would be come monument or they would build statues there, because its YMCA that made the riots of 4 January 1959 which scared the Belgians and gave us the idenpendence 1 year later. But Congolese don't really care about those stories.


This was Wenge Tonya Tonya's first official concert (March 2001). Without Didier Lacoste who was then still in Europe with Wenge Maison Mere.


I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it. But I ended up by being dissapoined. I taught that they uploaded the cd-version of this concert, but they just took the video-versionof youtube. On the intro you won't hear anything for 10 min long on the end. They did the same thing with Wenge 4x4's concert of Aquaboulevard by just uploading the sound of youtube, adding to the title that it was Wenge's last concert before the split mtsshp. Now they are making some money of it on Deezer, Spotify,etc.

That's why I always say that Africans don't know what to do on youtube.

Do you guys feel like the original BCBG vs Maison Mère beef ended too early with it being focused on Jb vs Werra? I personally think it would’ve been more interesting with jb blaise makaba and the rest of afande aimelia caludji and the new ppu’s of then (Kibens chai rio genta) vs werra adolphe masela and the rest of the golden team.

Blaise and Makaba left way too early.

Its because of the press and the public who made it a jb vs werra while Makaba, Masela, Blaise and Adolphe were still around. Also the desire of Werrason and JB wanting to record solo albums killed it and that of Blaise Bula (Ponderation 8  )and Adolphe Dominugez (Affaire Tonya Tonya) which precipitated the departures of the two guys.  I wonder how it would be if Adolphe would release Affaire Tonya Tonya in Wenge Maison Mere and Blaise Bula releasing Ponderation 8 with help of Burkina Faso, Calugi, Titina and co. I found it always a strange look to not see Blaise Bula in concerts of Wenge BCBG until the release of T.H. Because he got very used to see him next to JB Mpiana. The same for Adolphe Dominguez. After  Tata's departure, I wasn't liking Maison Mere on the same way like I used to like them when Adolphe was around until Double Zenith.

There wasn't an Adolphe anymore who would start the concert with Ferre, Baby and co, taking his clothes off, jumping in the public, headbutting the musicians, messing the chorus up, doing those funny shot-out by claiming that he's the best sapeur and the most handsome man of the world, adding that all girls would die if he wasn't there, pissing Werrason off by doing unnessecary shot-outs while Ferre is about to do his vocal. Adolphe was Maison Mere. Double Zenith made me finally accept a Wenge Maison Mere without Adolphe.

1:09min (hahahahaha) 5:05 min "Tata, Tata, Tata, Tata"!!!!!!!! He was so funny.

« on: June 23, 2019, 23:00 »
Isn't Celeo going to far by using Fally's dad name (Faustin) who's already deceased a long time in every interview just to describe Fally as Faustin Lolendo ?

The polemic of the concerts at l'Esplanade de Palais du Peuple helped Wenge Maison Mere even more. JB Mpiana decided to plan a big concert there to thank all his fans for the way the welcomed him in Kinshasa 8 months earlier after touring in Europe. The concert was a huge succes with a big crowd being, all lighting up candles when they sung Omba. Then Godart Motemona and co influenced Werrason to plan there also a concert, by saying that he can't let JB Mpiana go like that and they had to prove that they are succesfuller then him. So they made quickly a funny ad with Adolphe, announcing their concert at Palais du Peuple. Wasenga Kipungi (RIP) gave then Werrason the idea to come with horses. So 2 weeks after JB's concert  they performed with a much bigger crowd and from then the polemic starting about "ba pleins" and who did "mpiaka". Werrason's event eclipsed JB's event with the official VHS getting sold as hot sandwiches. I don't remember JB's concert getting also an official VHS. I saw JB's concert trought that compilation-video "de Kinshasa a Paris".

from9:27 min those images shocked everybody.

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