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He of his drugs-addiction, they taught that he was on the good way in 2006, but he didn't change. Then somewhere in 2008 he left Maison Mere to form his band, with journalists asking if he would succeed and not return Maison Mere later on and he saying no. But the band didn't even last 4 months and his own musicians fired him for not being serious. Then he returned to Maison Mere. Werrason was thinking about giving him and song on Techno Malewa volume 1 along with Eboa Lotin who stayed behind in Kinshasa, but he changed his mind on the last minute.

from 8:04 min Werrason humilating Adjani

Congolese Music / Papy Cocaine was sometimes else
« on: March 24, 2019, 22:45 »

Sometimes I was seeing him as a mix of Tutu Kaludji & Robert Ekokota. It have been nice if he also participated to the Fara-fara series and the Primus-battle. But Zaiko was then either in Kinshasa or Europe


How come Bill Clinton never toured in Europe? He had some great records after going solo and a sponsorship from Skol. The fact that he is not as big as Fally Ipupa and Ferre really surprises me, given his impact as an atalaku and the impressive work he did outside animation with his songs for Les Marquis de Masion Mere.

Because his succes was only local (DR Congo, Angola, Congo Brazzaville) it was not going outside. If you ask people in the Congolese diaspora about generiques he made after his departure from Les Marquis, they will say no. Only those who are/were going often to DR Congo each year would say yes. All his solo albums flopped, it were only generiques of SKOL who were having succes and members of Wenge Maison Mere (Prince, Sankara & Kakol) were mocking him for that on tv and that he was always drunk if he wanted to get money from his sponsor (akomi musicien yaba publicite, pe avant azua mbongo il faut akoma na kwiti, etc.). His concert at FIKIN and areas like Masina, Bandalungwa, etc (2005-2010) had always big crowds. That's why I was wondering if he would be able to fill Bataclan back in 2007, because he was making alot of noise about it. But that event got cancelled. Then he performed at Mangrove (a little bar/restaurant in Paris) with his little brother Kilimandjaro and some musicians based in Paris.

Yes, he's in Europe now after being in Maroc for months.


Both events got cancelled because of the concert-promoter, not being able to pay the rent of the music-hall

first thing which blocked celeo's rise is that he was unable to promote his work in europe because he was denied visas on influence of....then he started having personal problems and sponsors letting him down under pressure, so he had to sell a lot of things to fund another album and from then he was turned into a topic of mockery,mockery is something very difficult to turn around these days in our music,as soon as a stereotype of your bad situation is stuck in people's minds its very hard to change it no matter what you do

Yeah, Celeo could have been far in his solo-career if he had European papers. He was close to all those guys who were doing Coupe Decale and those Congolese singers and rappers who were born here and having succes in France & Belgium. He could have take alot of profit from it, more than Fally who became close to them because of David Monsoh.

Alot of people felt sorry for Celeo, for the way he was forced out the band with alot of bandleaders, collegues of G5 and journalists (Yves Abdallah, Mamy Ilela, etc.) supporting his solo-career. But it changed quickly changed when he became broke 2009-10 and it became worser when his conflict started with Fally Ipupa, Sankara Dekunta and Bil Clinton who claimed that his children were handicapped which isn't even true, but people believing it. With Celeo more becoming a polemique-guy because of responding them, instead of putting his energy on his solo a career.

Nzoto na Nzoto was a huge succes and they were inviting him for big festivals and events in Europe, but everytime they were refusing to give him visas. He wasn't even able to go to Brazzaville,where he was inviting for a big event organised by Claudia Sassou. His producer Kiki Toure made alot of money with that album, but Celeo didn't knew his rights.

After a year, he started slowly to sell his cars, clothes, etc. and people started to mock him, claiming that he became broke and Maison Mere taking advangtage of it to attack him (Heritier, Sankara & Kakol). Then in 2010, he had a chance to get French papers, when he came to mix Yes We Can in France. (He came with help from his ex'manager Mpova Music who was then close to Kabila). But he refused, saying that he couldn't betray his country and he was eager to prove Maison Mere, Bill Clinton, etc. a point.Thinking that Yes We Can would be a succes like Nzoto Na Nzoto. In meantime guys like Jessy Matador (who used to be his fan) were inviting to their concerts and Les Jumo went to collaborate with him.

Then when he returned his sitituation became more worser, a conflict started between him and Koffi Olomide, He felt out with Mpova Music (who weren't promoting his album well), Fally's staff and Maison Mere spreading false stories, that he was sleeping in a restaurant and stuff like that.


This topic made me think about this concert.

The public being happy with the PPU and not wanting JDL, Kibens, Chai (1:13) and JB Mpiana attacking Tutu Calugi (4:05)

I don't see those interviews as anti-koffi. They are just relating what there went wrong when they were in Quartier Latin. I'ts not a Sankara, Carine Mokonzi, Niama Corps interview.


Was Simeon Werrason's song or that of Adjani with Werra credited it to his name like he used to do later often with the Mayi Ya Sika-generation.


The way musicians of G5 (Ferre, Fally, Lacoste, Celeo, JDT, Bill, Soleil, etc.) were thinking that they would do better than Werrason, JB Mpiana and Koffi Olomide, when the G5 Revolution just started.

I used to like the animation from 3:21 min, Celeo was animating it sometimes in concerts back in 2006 and 2007 in Maison Mere. I was surprised when I heard Brigade animating it in Temps Present. I wonder how his song Egypto would have been in Maison Mere.


from 12:12 min

He made me remind Petit Reagan of Blaise Bula. 

Congolese Music / Did Aliane & Stephanie knew each other ?
« on: March 23, 2019, 16:50 »

Lol the way Koffi put the names of them next to each other. Looks like dancer Claudine AC Milan was his third wife.

If I was Ilunga Mwana Mbute, then I wouldn't be happy that way he made that mistake....

That's not true. In Congolese Music, women are the strongest fanbase. Many legends made it in their career because of girls, Papa Wemba, Tabu Ley, Franco, Koffi Olomide, Nyoka Longo, Lita Bembo, the list is long. Also those of the 5th generation Fally Ipupa, JDT, Ferre Gola, Heritier Wantanabe... Girls bring important donors to the artists, they can be send on mission to eliminate rivals which happened to many of the 3th generation, bring money to those artists (most Congolese musicians are like gigolo, even bandleaders), etc. You will notice that if a Congolese singer start a solo career, try always to come close to "Les Grandes Dames de Paris, Bruxelles & Londres". 

Koffi Olomide, Papa Wemba, Lita Bembo & Nyoka Longo often said that the bigesst nkisi in Congolese music is girls. If you have them, than you can go very far in your career.

One of the reasons that Wenge EL Paris had alot of difficulties, is because they hadn't girls in their fanbase. While Wenge 4x4 had alot.

*Pepe Felly Manuaku who lived in Switserland came as guest.


I noticed that performing in Genève (Switserland), doesn’t have the same impact like it had in the 90s & 80s and DVD’s & VHS’s of concerts after 2000 are very rare to find on the market. Does it come because of the Congolese community in London getting bigger tHan them ? Back in the 80s and early 90s, Congolese artists were often bragging about performing in Genève and some dreaming about running away there. Because back in those years it was easier to get papers there than in France & Belgium.

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