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Democracy and general elections should be forbidden in Congo until the intellectual level of he general population is back at a decent level.

that will take a long time Mobutu & Joseph Kabila have killed the education. Alot people in DR Congo can't read and write. Alot of master and bachelor certificates are bought. Girls can get easy pass classes by having sex with their teacher. Many graduates can't write a letter in French. They made alot documentaries about this all the 5 years and its getting worser and worser.

Advice for the young European-Congolese artist do not sign for Fally, not because he is Fally but because when you are a popular singer you don't have the time to stay behind everybody, Shesko should.go independent or go to knock the door of BKYE Kusik, anyway ye General Benkhoff, Denatora, and the others in Jessy Matador's selesao flopped hard compared to Keblack & NASA, but why that? They were waaaay before in the game and Jessy Matador did everything to spotlight them, maybe because Jesse is more of a dancer so they didn't have the right training? Who knows, any French guy who can help us?

That's it, Jessy Matador is more of a dancer and got a huge hit with "Shifted Gwada" that he released in 2008 so that despite being a singer he had a big popularity and so those who were close to him could benefit. Denatora is the only one who still has success thanks to his dance videos that he posts on Instagram and some singles that have several million views on Youtube. While the others did not seek to continue in this way and so were quickly forgotten

Yes he was a dancer. But later on he became a popular singer in France, the difference was that the white public was paying attention to his music. But to not lose his original fans who made him the guy he was, he was releasing some tracks on his skyrock-page (which was then very popular, facebook didn't exist) and making video's with the then new members of Selesao (2 of the 4 Original members left and went to form Les Jumo).

In the beginning he was a coupe-decale artist and was releasing then mixtapes and singles with some being huge hits on the then new Trace TV (Zot Ok, Attrapez Botcho & Decale Gwada, they were all remixed on his first album). He started then to do the first part of Magic System and other artists at concerts. His succes made the French-music label Wagram Music pay attention to him with him signing with them. He changed then his music-direction to have a bigger audience (Electro, Kuduro, Dancehall & other European musicstyle). He didn't really like it, but it made him get platina singles and his 2 first albums also being platina. He toured in France with his audience being white and performed at Bataclan. His succes made him be selected at the Eurovision Songfestival of 2010, representing France (only East-European countries are winning it lol). Then they also selected him for "La Nuit Africain" at Stade de France representing DR Congo along with Fally Ipupa and Werrason in 2011. He wanted to copy Papa Wemba by having to groups La Selesao and Air Force One, like Papa Wemba did with Nouvelle Ecriture and Viva La Musica. La Selesao was then more for his "roots" and Air Force One for his white audience. But later on he decided to dump La Selesao and focus only on Air Force One with those of La Seleao forming Shakalewa to prove him a point. From 2011 he wanted to have a base at Kinshasa and have a Congolese audience there. He went there to form a third group, but on the end the stopped with that, because he wasn't conviced. The only guy who convinced him was the famous Mapipo Yeyo. He made a documentary about it. He wanted then to record two albums for his white audience (Authentik) and another for his original public (Vemino Vedetao), but his label didn't want that album for his roots, which created a conflict. He started then to record that album which was then more a mix of different style, then his original vision for that album. He invited Awilo Longomba, his friend Fabregas Metis Noire, his group Air Force One, Hiro and Kila Predada  and made even a 100% congolese generique with atalaku's and Leny Bidens as guitarist. His label saboted the promotion of that album (4 years later they decided to delete everything from the digital platforms. You can't find that album anymore) delete.After that he released Authentik, but it didn't had the same impact like his 2 first albums. In 2014 he released a best-off album, which was the last album of his contract with Wagram Music. After that he dissapeard and became a reality-show actor, formed also his own musiclabel and started to manage artists with La Synesia being the main act. Now he's more active behind the scenes.

I also forgot back in 2011 he had a beef with DJ Arafat for calling Coupe-Decale a fake rhythm, during an interview with Congolese journliast Noella Madinga in Kinsasa. Not knowing that people of other countries follow that interview.

Advice for the young European-Congolese artist do not sign for Fally, not because he is Fally but because when you are a popular singer you don't have the time to stay behind everybody, Shesko should.go independent or go to knock the door of BKYE Kusik, anyway ye General Benkhoff, Denatora, and the others in Jessy Matador's selesao flopped hard compared to Keblack & NASA, but why that? They were waaaay before in the game and Jessy Matador did everything to spotlight them, maybe because Jesse is more of a dancer so they didn't have the right training? Who knows, any French guy who can help us?

It's all Guccima's fault his succes went above his head and he was a little bit fed to do that atalaku-role and wanted also to sing, but then solo. So he decided to leave a start his solo-career, which meant the end of Shakalewa. Denatora was furious and felt betrayed and made also a video about. But since Guccima started his solo-career he doesn't have that succes anymore with his video's not even getting 200.000 views and them being invited for smal parties. He released Zigida as first single. People started to pay attention to it, but it got deleted after a conflict with a boy who makes gospel-music (Stellone or something like that) about copyrights. Then Mukusa and more, but it all flopped. Its all karma. I think that its better for them to reunite. I found it very sad they disbanded. They started slowly to take the market over. They performed at Le Divan du Monde and La Cigale, who are small musichalls but with a big name, they went to Kinshasa and Canada. They were close to sign with Bomaye-Music and other big labels. If that happened they would take the French-music industry over like Hiro, Naza & Keblack. Hiro was the image of Bana C4, who were Shakalewa's concurrents, but look were he is now. He signed with Bomaye-music, released his solo album, which became gold in France with all girls liking him and is now signing with a bigger music-label. Same thing with Anges d'Afrik who decided to disband before the real things wanted to start.

I heard that Shesko l'Emeraude also left Fally's musiclabel and music collectiv F-Victeam. Is that true ?

Shesko is that guy of that new generation before Naza & Keblack, who had some succes in the African-Francophone diaspora in France, Belgium and the rest of Europe along with the group Shakalewa (ex'member of Jessy Matador's Selesao), which doesn't exist anymore.If they were more patient they could have been on the same level with Naza & Keblack. Can't find other songs of Shesko, smees that his ex'label Banger Studio deleted all his songs.

Who will follow him on the streets ? He doesn't have the charisma Marie Paul had back in the days when he was giving Wenge 4x4 on his own a hard time. Eeeh Marie Paul Roi Pele 1000 buts with his long hair and taking that soccer-ball  with him and then all those people following him in a bizarre way. Mann that was not normal anymore. So crazy how that power ended. Politicians and musicians were using him to fill stadiums and open-air places. Their a moment that concertpromoters didn't knew where to let peform him, because there were always to much people following. Back in 1998 when ADFL organised that "Tokufa pona Congo-meeting" at Stade des Martyrs, the stadium was already filled, but Marie Paul entering made the stadium being filled also on the field, on the moment that Werrason started already dancing on the generique of Intervention Rapide. All Wenge 4x4 musicans can say what Marie Paul did to them during that concert at Nsele back in 1993. Just to say how powerful Marie Paul was. Miel doesn't also have that charisma Le Phenomene had. Le Vieux l'An 200, Mbonge, Nkoy, pffff azo sakana. Don't also forget that Werrason semented a big fanbase during Wenge 4x4 and the time before Intervention Rapide.

Miel doesn't have a big fanbase or a song that had a huge succes before leaving Maison Mere, like Fally, Ferre and co did. That era of people following blindly pastors, traditional wrestlers, politicians and bandleaders who had/have that power is over. A big secret to that is that you have to convince Bana Tshangu, people living in Kisenso, Malueka, Barumbu, Kingabwa, Ngiri-Ngiri, Kasa-Vubu, Lingwala, Ngaba, Matete & Lemba and those dangerous gangs and the shegues, like Marie Paul & Werrason used to do to be more popular then their rivals (Wenge 4x4 & JB) who were more close to the elite. Papa Wemba had also the same tactic, hence why he was like the chief of those shegues, just before Werrason stole him that role. Sam Tshintu started also to  follow that path, by becoming close to those shegues and gangs, but that ngulu-affaire ruined everything. I don't think that Miel can convice those people. We are in the days that people in Kinshasa doesn't pay alot attention on music anymore, like they used to do with them following musicians for free. If you want to succeed easily in the Congolese music-scene, then you have to be close to girls and have them behind you. Ask Nyoka Longo, Koffi Olomide & Lita Bembo and they will explain it.

If that nkisi will work for Miel, then he has to profit from that occassion to release classic albums in those 10 years they gave him. Look at how people forgot Marie Paul, just because he didn't had the chance to release classic-albums and alot of unforgettable songs. He started to do that on the moment when his succes started to end. Werrason also. After Temoinage or let say after Alerte Generale he didn't gave 100% anymore like he used to do when Bill, Ferre were around with him more focusing in promoting the new singers instead of focusing on himself, releasing classic albums and classic songs, while he could have easily step his level as a legend up by releasing every 2 years unforgettle solo-albums, like his collegue Koffi used to do in the 90's and profiting from the succes he had, having masses of people following on the street and Bana Tshangu being behind him. If that concert-ban didn't take place in Europe, then I don't think that Werra's impact would have go down so quickly.

Congolese Music / Re: DID HE EVER MAKE IT
« on: July 20, 2018, 00:56 »
He was that young kid Werrason recruited as sololist in the band with him always playing Sous Sol in public concerts in 2007 & 2008. Then from 2009, Werrason started to use him seriously with him sharing the solist-role along with Kimbangu. Then Werrason brought him to Zenith 2010, but after the tour he decided to stay. It seems that he played some sebene or lines on Techno Malewa Suite & Fin, but that Werrason deleted it from the album, like he did to Bonbon Kojack's vocals who also left.

from 9:34 min him presenting Werrason

Congolese Music / Doudou Copa - Loba (Clips Officiel)
« on: July 20, 2018, 00:45 »

Congolese Music / Re: DID HE EVER MAKE IT
« on: July 19, 2018, 22:19 »
His name is Christan Airbag if I am not wrong, he played the lead in Mayi Ya Sika even appearing towards the end of the video on the "Na mutoki nde oko zwa"

He had some paper problems, and he could have gone back to Werra but her mother pressure him to stay in Europe for getting those documents.
He was asked by an interviewer if he would have gone back to MM but he denied saying he doesn't want to take jobs away lol, so he decided to stay in Europe and play Congolese gospel music he is still very good you can follow him on Instagram, even though he is way of a low key guy

he's talking about Bob Solo "Petit Poussin"

Congolese Music / Re: RENDEKITA!!!!
« on: July 19, 2018, 19:42 »
Blaise is actually taking the piss with this promotion I'm still sooo confused by this tactic

It’s not his tactic. Its the tactic of his manager, who wants to promote his album in Europe first, so that he can get money. Promotiong an album in Kinshasa is a waste of money. You will only lose, since that nobody will buy your cd only the piracy version which are sold by  Chinese, Indian, Lebanese and Nigerian people in Kinshasa and you got to pay “corrupt” all those tv channels, radio and journalist to let play your album with on the end not even receiving the money back trought those royalties of Socoda, since that those radio’s, musicbars and tv channels don’t pay those taxes. Hence why many don’t like to promote albums in Kinshasa. I will not be surpised if Blaise Bula will be in conflict with his manager after 3 or 6 months, like many other artists.

Werrason, JB Mpiana, Fally Ipupa, Ferre Gola & Koffi Olomide don’t have the same probleem, since that they have alot of money and also because they are friends with those tv-directors and even have the power to fire journalists of those channels and they pirate themselves to not be victims to that problem and to gain some money. Wemba denouced that, but was them sued by Koffi.

This is a sign that it isn't going well with Congolese music, everybody wants to quit music to become a politician, knowing that they will be paid well. I'm 100% sure they will not serve the Congolese population, but just be corrupt like those who were voted in 2006 & 2011, flirting underaged and young girls, sending kuluna's to beat people who are against them and build/buy villa's. The musicians of Wenge Maison Mere aren't the same anymore (except Nicodem), since that there aren't concerts anymore in Europe. They are all broke, while in the past they were throwing money, driving in expensive cars, stealing girls from other boys, making war with rivals of other bands by buying alot of champagne in the club (Heritier was the master in that back in 2010).

So we will never get the long awaited Arche de Noe, which he announced in 2006 as next solo album, but kept delaying it by releasing Malewa, Ingeta, 7 Jours de la Semaine as foretaste. 1 year ago Yanki Mpuy said that they will invite former Maison Mere-members of the dreamteam-era to record with them Arche de Noe.

Wow so now i understand partly why manda loves to say in some interviews "there are guys of wenge who lied about their date of birth and year of birth" :D :D
by the way this is going to be  the elections involving the most ever people in music if they are accept as candidates
 you have mosaka who was put on bolonia's party to boost campaign(which in the deep secret is almost a common party with jb but jb stays in the shadow),didier lacoste,fiston bokala bononge aka lobeso,bolonia also tried to get his friend genta(same age and former classmates) but genta declined
i also heard jean goubald is starting to have strong desire to enter the race(he is already a natural politician anyway if you watch his interviews)
there is also adolphe

lol adolphe wanted to beat Manda Chante for that kiekiekiekie.


Both JB & Fally-fans and cleboa want to create polemique by claiming that Fally wanted to say JB with Mbwa-Tatu.

I never heard it. what songs would y'all suggest to me, to listen to?

All songs. The album had only 5 songs beside the two generiques

Nzambe Aza Malamu,  Le Kallman de Soyo, Likambo, Motuka, Malewa Suite en Fin Automatique

Thats volume 2

Is this the same G7 Des As or Ferres G7 .The G7 i know was there before Ferre left WMMM

It was Ferre’s G7. G7 Des As was a band based in Brazzaville, who was active since the late 90’s.

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