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Zacle really changed when he returned back to DR Congo in 2003. Starting to talk alot like a Parrot, getting conflicts with every artist and journalist. I remember that back in 2003 he gave a meeting in Stade des Martyrs. To confirm his succes. He was already popular when made those VSS-show to promote new bands like Extra Musica, SVP La Gamme (of Lacoste, Shella Mputu, etc.), Attraction Babylone, Lavignora Esthetique, etc. Becoming after the split of Wenge the most popular journalist of Kinshasa with his show Bazar interviewing musicians, fans, fanclubs, bandleaders of BCBG, Maison Mere, Quartier Latin, Viva La Musica, Zaiko, etc., settling later in Brussels and working for television of that city and first and only Congolese journalist and on the same time presenting the big events of our artists at Madeleine, Forest National, Zenith, Bercy and Olympia. With people in Kinshasa waiting for interviews made in Brussels and  Paris with fanclubs, artists and bandleaders. I think that Zacle could do more with his journalist-carreer in Brussels, by working in the future in for a bigger Belgian tv-channel or radiostation. But in 2003 he prefered to return in DR Congo and signed a contract with Skol, having also the ambition to change the life of journalists in Kinshasa(which he didn't do on the end),wanted also to be every influent like Werrason & JB (what he already was) by filling Stade des Martyrs. I guess that during that time he contacted those nganga's of Kinshasa who had the key of Kinshasa. Ken Mpiana & Patcho RFI discovered trought Matadi Kibala that he all famous gospel-singer of Congo signed the pact with the devil and they were surprised to see that.

The famous debate of Francis Kalombo (ex'manager of Wenge EL Paris, who started to supported Wenge BCBG) against Claude Maluma who wasn't very known at that time (claiming like many other Maison-Mere fans at that time that he is a Wenge 4x4. that he doesn't support Maison Mere and starting the gossip campaign against BCBG). Claude Maluma became not long after that Wenge Maison Mere's manager.

The famous interview of Alain Mpela & Tutu Calugi made when they returned in Kinshasa after their Europe/USA-Canada/Africa tour and mocking Wenge Maison Mere. Calling Wenge BCBG, Wenge Socimat and the Maison Mere-camp being very hurt. Since that they had nothing at that moment.

Sankara de Nkuta's first interview ever. Who was then close with Adolphe Dominguez. He started to praise Maison Mere about the concert they made at Cabinda. He was sent by the Maison Mere camp to attack JB Mpiana. Claiming that Werrason is the voice of Wenge with argument that Wenge started follow Victoria Eleison's rhythm (where Emeneya who is a 2eme voix was doing the lead). While we all know that JB Mpiana was the voice of Wenge, because he was doing all lead vocals. They did this interview to get attention from the BCBG-camp, which also happened.  With made the Maison Mere vs BCBG-interviews getting started. JB Mpiana replied and complained about Sankara attacking him and said that Maison Mere isn't on the level to perform at GHK, Palais du Peuple, etc. and other places who were destined to the elite., where they used to perform when Wenge 4x4 was still together. With JB being misunderstood by his fans of Tshangu and other places and them switching camps becoming fans of Wenge Maison Mere, already before the release of Intervention Rapide. With Werrason performing there and understanding why Wenge EL Paris was beating them always in confrontations when he was in Wenge 4x4. Discovering that Wenge EL Paris didn't have real fans, but that they were supporting them, because that Wenge 4x4 was more close to the youngsters of the elite. Hence why he gives Tshangu alot of respect. Because they made the star who he is.

Ndombele (R.I.P.) died to early he knew alot about the history of Congo. I was liking his interviews alot.

Zacharie Bababaswe is a lulua. That tribe that lives in and around Kananga. Ndombele (R.I.P.) didn't like the way he attacked Bazombo (Angolan people), which made him call Zacle a Zambian to create confusion. At that time people in Congolese community were confused. Not knowing is who is who and the Congo being  invaded by neighbor  countries with the governement doing nothing against it. Angola who took some parts of Kahemba (in Bandundu), some islands in the Congo river next to Boma, a part of the Mayombe next to the border with Cabinda and oil from Banana. Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi who are already more than 20 years in the Congo. Zambia who took a part of Katanga, etc. The interview which Zacle made led to a conflict between Congolese and Angolan people with harsh attacks. Congolese people were also not appreciating the way Angolan soldiers were repressing Congolese people, alot being killed and many woman being raped by those soldiers. While DR Congo welcomed them since 1914 until their independece and also during the civil war, helped them with the war to get independece, etc. I remember people Kongo-Central wanting to do some revenge back in 2009/10 to people with Angolese roots who were there already since the 50's and 60's, but they made peace on the end, since that alot are in the politics and army now and fell more Congolese than Angolan, doesn't have family anymore there and made their brothers of Kongo-Central reminds them about their "kanda" (they are from the same tribe) which made them abandon to do that. With alot of people being 50% or 25% Angolan there.

Fantastic songs, both versions. Other great remixes that come to mind of Kin e Bouger remix & Mabala Commission (Version Coupe du Monde)20-

I was going ask you guys how you feel about the new Syllart Youtube page with their artists making new clips for 30 year old songs? And also how anything from their label was deleted if they didn't upload it. Even if the artist was signed to multiple labels, they're making it seem like they were just a Syllart artist. It seems the new management direction is playing catch-up for all the years they weren't on YouTube.

Tabu Ley made clips for his old 60's-70's songs back when he really needed the money.

I always respected the founder Ibrahima (RIP) for his innovation - first African with a successful international music label back when labels were run by Jewish or British executives. Now it seems like they're trying to profit as quickly as possible at the expense of established YouTube pages.

I fear Fils Lokome's channel is next to be deleted

I  wonder if the artists themselves are aware about that. They or/and the management or family of those artists must to open their official channel on youtube, collect all those rare videotapes and dvd of their concerts, rehearshals and interviews and upload them. It iritates my the way ADT Yanki took videos from Djomegadt channel, Megavisiontv (djomegadt's reserve channel) and uploaded them on Werrason's official youtube channel. Alot of songs doesn't even have a good sound and you can see the logo of those channels from were he took those video's. On his own he recently uploaded Werrason's bercy of Fils Lokombe and Werrason's concert at Palais du Peuple. This all is not professional. He's cloase to Werrason himself and all those influent fans why can't he just take dvd,VHS, etc. and upload them, instead of taking video's from other channels. The same with Fally Ipupa. He took some video's of a channel (I forget the name) who uploaded the cd-version of his zenith. But the sounds of those videos were very very bad and doesn't sound like the CD or Itunes-version. They also took video's from Seka Moke's channel who were the video's of his concerts at Hall the Gombe (where he invited Olivia) and the two concerts he made at the swimming pool of GHK in the summer of 2009 (inviting Krys, Kim & Meje 30) for the presentation of his album Arsenal des Belles Melodies. The funny thing is that they excatly copied the title which they wrote on the video "50 years of Congo" (those video's being uploaded in 2010 on Seka Moke's channel). Which made me wonder if Fally's staff undertstand english, know when those concerts when those concerts took place and buy/have his dvd's. Even some Droit Chemin songs on his official have a very bad sound.

btw what's the name of the girl dancer dancing on the left of Fally with braided hair ? Does she still dance with Fally ? Because doesn't see her anymore in his videoclips.

For me they are not better than the original version. I didn't like the remix of Vita-Imana. I was very angry when I heard the remix version hahahahaha.For Kalayi Boeing I prefer the orignal version. The remix was not bad, but not sound was not really sound. In the original version everything was top and the drumming, the way everybody sung in Kimbala (except JB Mpiana), the animation of Ekokota and I liked the start of the song how the way they did the chorus.  I Also didn't like Gros BB Stella. I was always skipping thatsong. I think that it's better for Koffi to not remix the songs he released from 1987 until 2008 or he have to call Philphe Guez to do the arrangements. Like the way he did a remix of Sens Inverse for Hugues Ngouelondélé's (ex'Major of Brazzaville) wedding. It seems that one of those Brazza-politicians paid Koffi to do a remix of Gros BB. Koffi was the man who opened the way to records songs for politicians (also their wives, daughters, sons and relatives) who support the Sassou-regime in his albums, instead of releasing them in private (Anissa, Ngouli & Eputsha) with then other artists following and making it a business selling those songs for alot of money. It came on the right moment, because on the same time Bana Londres, Bana Lunda and the generation of big drugdealers/chekula/sapeurs/thiefs from Paris & Brussels started to fall.

Congolese Music / Re: PAPA WEMBA 2 YEARS ALREADY...
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R.I.P. Le Vieux Python, Mwalimu, Kolo Histoire, Chef Coutumier du Village Molokai, Ekumani, Maitre d'Ecole, Formateur des idoles (Foridoles),.....


the original version of Dede from Jamais Sans Nous of 1991

The remix verison of Dede from Avis de Recherche of 1995

I see that Ibrahima Sylla's daugther Binetou Sylla (the new boss of Syllart Records) deleted all music-videos who were released under the name of her father's (R.I.P.) music label and re-uploaded them on the channel of Syllart Records. I think that see mistaked Dede (version original) for Dede sur Mesure. Which made that almost all video's of Dede (version original) are deleted. The same Binetou deleted all videoclips of Dede Sur Mesure, but forget to upload it on the channel of Syllart Records. Which made people not find the videoclip for months on youtube. Only the audio-version.

Btw I see that Wemba's family or mangement are working hard to deleted also all rare video's of Nouvelle Ecriture. I discovered that they deleted the rare videoclips of Recours & Couci Couca from the Dans 'L-album, which Seben Total uploaded along with the manquette-version of Cherie Maria recorded in Sec Bidens's studio. While Recours and Couci Couca aren't written or composed by Wemba and Wemba doesn't even sing on it or give a shoutout. Those songs belong to Dezay 'Na Accompa' and Pompom Miyake. All those ex'Viva La Musica and Nouvelle Ecriture need to sue Wemba's management and family for getting royalties on their name.

Modogo would have a hard time if he accepted to join Wenge. Because Mpela & Manda were figthing for the 4th mic, which they were sharing with Adolphe Dominguez. Other 3 mics were for JB, Werra & Blaise and never changed position

kiekiekiekie  asi  apengwa. He's stopped with doing gospel-music and is back with the so called "music ya mokili. Back in 2014 he made an interview where he attacked Wazekwa amd explained how he failed to succeed as solo artist in Kinshasa, etc.

Cellulaire (R.I.P.) of Wenge BCBG and Kilimandjaro (the brother of Bill Clinton) who went also to join BCBG, were also members of Damien Aziwa's band. They animated in Damien Aziwa's album Suprematie before joining PPU (BCBG's reserve band). But that album is deleted from YouTube. It had powerful sebenes and generics.


What happened with Kabose's featering with Flavour ? Because back in 2015 he made many interviews saying that he made an featering with Flavour in his album Voici l'Artiste.

Fula Ngenge was his only album in Nouvelle Ecriture. Having vocals in Fula Ngenge, Bibi Muana Shaba & Elongi Ya Jesus

Here singing with them

Alot of people don't know that Kinshasa (Leopoldville) used to have a side only for Whites (la zone urbaine) and a side for only backs (zone indigène) before the independence. It was a little bit like the Apartheid. The whited didn't also have the intention to leave Congo. Belgium plan was to give Congo his independence in 1980. But the riots of 4 january 1959 made it gave them earlier.


Quick question about the Wake Up polemic, are payments for shoutouts made before the music is recorded? And do you believe that Wemba was justified in his disagreement with Koffi over the money?

I feel like it is Wemba's fault as to why he didn't get paid, because (to my knowledge) it's common practice for patrons to pay for shoutouts on songs and concerts, why would Wemba ever agree to do this for free? Why should Koffi feel compelled to pay Wemba? I feel like Wemba's anger was misguided in this context

the payments for shoutouts are normally made before the music is recorded. But since 1999 with the Wenge's (BCBG & Maison Mere) touring in Europe people start to pay musicians in the studio. That  are mostly fans, sapeur, etc.  people who wanted to be known and close to the musicians. While in the past you had really to close to the artist. This all made random people famous. You will then hear a song dedicated to a guy, or a big shout-out with yourself thinking that it is a rich men, but on the end discovering that it's a ramdom guy from Aubervilliers/Saint Denis and/or a girl/man who's steeling clohts for musicians and living in a small house.

In my opinion it's Wemba's his own fault. But we weren't present the way they agreed every detail of Wake Up, so he could maybe be right.

If Bendoson left then it was because of the bad manangement of Wemba's staff. The whole bad was feeling comfortable. Nouvelle Ecriture didn't have electric instruments to rehearse on it like Quartier Latin, Maison Mere & Wenge BCBG. So they asked them and Wemba if they could buy it for them with them refusing. Saying that they have to buy it with their own money the next Europe, which they also did. After Fula Ngenge, Bogus Bompemba left because of Wemba staff. after his departure they gave Bendoson a huge suspension. Koffi who felt himself humilated because of the many attacks Wemba did in Fula Ngenge sended Do Akongo to get him in Quartier Latin. This all to prove Wemba a point, Bendoson didn't really feel to join Quartier Latin, but he hadn't a choice, because he had to feed his family, being already weeks unemployed. Wemba who was in Europe was furious on his staff when he heard it and sended Amazone to get Bendoson back in Nouvelle Ecriture. But things were not getting better. Then when they performed in Adis Abeba the conflict was so big that Bendoson stole Wemba's passeport and convinced Ramazani,Pompom Miyake and Christian na Nzenze to form a rebellion-band "Nouvelle Ecriture de l'An 2000". Others wanted also to join, but they were doubting. They were blessed by King Kester Emeneya who was like their mentor, started to have big croweded concerts in Kinshasa and started recording a album with help from Rigo Makengo who was their producer. Nouvelle Ecriture of Wemba was unbalanced getting attacks from Bendo's side and attacks from Koffi's side with people starting doubting if his second zenith would be succeed. Bendoson's succes took really his head and he decided then to sue Papa Wemba saying that he to change name, name of his band. Since that the name Nouvelle Ecriture came from him and that doesn't have the right to use that name. Bendoson won the lawsuit, which forced Wemba to change the name of his band in Nouvelle Ecrita. Wemba was very angry saying that how his pure petit could do that to him. So he cursed them. It didn't even take long and problems started between the guys with Pompom Miyake leaving as first and trying to return to Wemba, but Wemba who was touring Europe said to his staff in Kinshasa that he didn't want him back. Because of the way he was shocked the way Pompom attacked him. With Pompom staying 1 year long at home and on the end being recruited by Victoria Eleison. Their crowds started to be smaller smaller and not long after that Ramazani and Christian decided to leave and joined Quartier Latin, when came back from their Bercy and Europe-tour. Bendoson was so furious that he started to attack Koffi in many interviews. When the VHS of Wemba live at Zenith was released, people started to mock him. Because of the way Jean Apocalyps was dissing him in the song Maria. Bendoson started to have problems everywhere, journalists and people started to mock him. Others said to him that it was better to return in Nouvelle Ecriture with him replying that he could never do that, because he a leader, etc. Then there came a moment that he was broke. So he decided with Babia to join Jolino, but the collaboration didn't work. He didn't know what to do and throwed his pride away and rejoined Papa Wemba in 2002.

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Happy B-day to l'Ingenieur "Le Vainqeur de tous les dangers"

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